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    1. 2022-08-01 [vivid] very emotional mtg deceased wife; visiting the hood; garden; pillows; insomnia

      by , 08-01-2022 at 07:55 AM
      bedtime: 22:20

      Probably my most emotional, direct, confrontational encounter with my deceased wife these many years after her passing.
      I've had many dreams where she "returns" as if from a business trip, and I'm already with my new wife (usually before we were married), and I have a huge dilemma about whom I will stay with. But this time I remembered...

      ~ 03:555

      + [vivid] I'm driving in a car with my 1st [deceased] wife. She's in the driver's seat driving the car, I'm sitting in the right hand side of the back seat. We are not in good relations, she's upset with me, like our relationship is ruined. Music is playing, and a Billy Joel song begins (seems like "Rosalinda's eyes", the musical climax portion of the chorus), it was "our song" [false, that was Natalie Cole songs], and my wife becomes emotional and says she still loves me. (She cries? I cry?) I reach out and stroke her shoulder to comfort her.

      I'm standing outside in the sunlight in an open area. I look at my hands [I've been working on "I find/see my hands in dreams and realize I'm dreaming"], both of my [true in waking] rings are in place [First time that's happened!], the silver one and the wedding ring, one each on their proper hands ring fingers. I realize I'm married to my new wife now. It's the [familiar] dilemma -- what shall I do? I have no intention of leaving my new wife. I decide to remove my wedding ring for the meanwhile to hide it from my 1st wife. I'm a bit concerned about losing it rolling around loose in my pocket. I notice that the ring has left very noticeable impressions on my ring finger, from the protrusions it has on the inside face [false, this is day residue from viewing pictures of the Oura sleep tracking ring in the day, which has electronics on the inner side of the ring]. I think she still may see these markings and suspect something, I rub my finger where the ring sat in hopes that they'll smooth out and become not so visible.

      My first wife is consulting a lawyer about a divorce. She is reviewing some papers and reading some excerpts from them.

      I'm thinking about what I can do -- I'm married to two women at the same time. This is bigamy and I know it's against the law. I could end up in prison for 10 years. This has me very upset. I'm thinking and thinking what to do. I get the feeling that the marriage to my 1st wife should be annullable for some reason. This thought sticks with me. Then I get the notion that the first marriage ended because she died, so we're not married any more.

      Inside our home. I walk into the boys's room and I see that on their computer screen they're looking at with some colorful image (some game) instead of working on the assignment they're supposed to be working on.

      Inside our CA home, we're there with our two young sons (5-7 yrs aged in the dream). I tell her the truth: "You're dead, you died from cancer several years ago." She moves (sort of aggressively/possessively) towards my two sons (me and my sons are standing with our backs against a wall?), and I intervene myself between them to keep her from scaring them. She seems to realize the truth and she backs off. She knows she has to go.

      In any amazingly touching moment, my younger son reaches up to a bulletin board on the wall in front of us where some of their children's artwork are displayed, and takes down one of his works, and gives it to her so she can have it with her for comfort for all eternity.

      In our final confrontation, my wife and I we are standing facing each other, close, looking in to each other's eyes. She asks me: "Do you think there is life after death? Or do we just disappear into the Chaos?" I say "oh, you can still come and visit from time to time," trying to comfort her. She seems very doubtful, and (maybe says) "really?" (in a very doubtful voice). Then her eyes begin to change: there are (spirals? Like little galaxies) in the center, then they start to flash to pure white (no pupil no irirs) back and forth to the spiral eyes, and eventually remain all white, very freaky/dead looking.

      I wake up, I'm really shaken and have all-body goose bumps. I get the feeling this was a really significant dream and perhaps a real visitation.
      I spend some time fixing the key moments from the dream to memory.

      It takes a long time to calm down, eventually I sleep more and dream some more....

      + in the hood: I'm visiting some people inside their house. Outside the window across the street a large force of (police?) are gathering, they are all armed and I can see the pistols in their hands. They're preparing to storm the house directly across the street. There is a window in that house across, it is dark but with some blue and red lights (like neon lights or LED lights). I think this is not a safe place for us to be, I say "hey everybody, let's move farther inside the house," I don't want us to be hit by any stray bullets.

      (This family I'm visiting is African American?)

      One of the family members (a woman) is sitting in a doorway and is holding a small pistol in her hand. I move a bit back from her.

      +[f] some short scenes:

      I pick up my two arm support pillows and am walking with them to some other room, I'm looking at them and asking someone, "are these my pillows?"

      Some woman is talking to me about what I need to do at work. I'm taking a business trip? I know I need to be up at 7, I think the jet lag from the trip will really mess up my new sleep timing and I'll miss more sleep.

      There are some people outside, there is a corridor/walking below me. On the left are some gym-style exercise machines (some people are using them?). I think there is a lat training machine there, and that I should use it.

      Some woman is inside a large indoor area like a greenhouse, she is tending to things embedded in the floor. It's some sort of (sexual?) performance art / entertainment area, where customers will come later. The woman then prepares to be a customer (?), and along the edge is a bunch of "living" greenery that transforms, and part of it becomes adult male genitalia with curly pubic hair.

      Drifting in an out of sleep, trying to rest, alarm goes off at 07:00
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare
    2. 2015-01-17 epic nightmare, rushing to bus, daring exposure with woman at mirror

      by , 01-17-2015 at 11:07 AM
      Details to follow later.

      One of the most unpleasant situations in my life has resulted in one of my most memorable dreams (albeit nightmare basically):

      + (epic) struggle against me and my wife at work: theft of our precious silver, confrontation, race to the police, return to work, locked in, weird visuals of the process of manipulation of clay into various faces, drive through suburban cityscape with hills of golden maple and pink cherry trees, view of massive mall/movie theater complex to the right

      I'm in a workplace with my wife, there are long hallways and clusters of desks spread around. ("We" means wife and I were basically together the entire dream). We go to a different group in a cluster of desks/cubes, they're hostile to us. Their manager is also hostile to us. A guy there doesn't like me wife because he thinks that she is always giving them tasks to do with out any effort spent herself.

      I see down a long hallway that this guy is standing at the cabinet that houses our precious silver tableware. The top drawer of the cabinet is open, and this guy has a plastic bag spread out on top and is unloading the tableware into the bag. I run up to him and yell at him and shove him away angrily. I speak to my wife that we need to lock the cabinet in the hallway, I imagine a key inserted into a lock and turning, engaging a lock. I return to the cabinet and open the top drawer, and it is empty, we've been robbed!

      We're again with the hostile group, sitting down leaning against the desks, and I get a vibe that the guy is going to attack us, he stands up and starts backing away, I think he's trying to get proper distance to launch some attack, so I quickly run up to him and close the distance, he keeps backing away and I keep coming up right next to him. I look down and see that he has a revolver tucked into the front of his jeans, I immediately grab for it and take it into my left hand, start to walk away and call for my wife to join me urgently, we must get out of here and call the police. The pistol is small, but deadly, he could have shot us. I right away open the cylinder and empty the (somewhat colorful) rounds into my right hand, and place the rounds into my right pocket and the now unloaded revolver into my left pocket.

      We're exiting the building in haste, we must call the police, it's important to get our story registered first, the hostiles will try to get their story first. Should we go to the PA police department or the CU police department? The PA does not deal with cases outside of their jurisdiction I think / my wife says, OK, let's go to the CU then.

      Outside in a parking lot looking for our car, the spot is empty, "They've stolen our car!" my wife exclaims. No, we "remember" quickly that we simply moved our car ourselves far away, we'll have to go and get it.

      Driving now through rolling suburban hills with businesses around. To the left I notice a striking hillside covered with shining golden maple trees. I look closer and the trees seem to be pink Japanese cherry trees. I look to the right and down a steep hill I see a massive mall complex below, it's also a giant movie theater, and as we drive past I think what sorts of movies play there, I see some large (actors?) faces on a marque, maybe I should go to this mall to check it out.

      Back in the work place, it's empty, I think they could come and lock us in.

      Talking with some guy at work, his job over the years has been to create a system for transforming lumps of clay into faces. I see a lump of clay up close, there is a narration about the different parts of it, and soon it is getting pushed and pulled and formed into a series of about 5-6 different heads/faces with open mouths, mostly sort of monster looking. I'm thinking this has taken a long time and seems sort of like a wasted effort.

      (Waking from this dream was a relief, the sense of dread and forboding was constant throughout the whole thing. I quickly realized though that as a dream it was fairly awesome in terms of "present" experience, continuity, length/coherence, and visuals.)

      + pushing through crowds crossing the street to get to the buses

      A crowd of people is standing at a crosswalk waiting for the signal to light, some are "beeping" behind us telling us to go. We wait for the signal, and cross the street, and we're in a sort of bus station. Buses and coming and going, our bus is full and leaving, there are so many buses around that we can probably catch another one.

      Move into a group of (woman?) talking/laughing about something?

      + (semi/almost lucid) getting sexually daring with a woman and in front of a mirror

      I'm in a bedroom, I'm following around a black woman, not terribly attractive but I'm still following her around. We're standing in front of a mirror her attention is not on me, but I get an idea and want to start exposing myself so that I can see myself and the woman in the mirror but so that she doesn't see me. I'm doing this on and off stopping when she looks? Then I take her aside to the bed and pull out my (ahem) to show her, and the dream ends….

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , side notes
    3. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-26 LDs #56, 57, epic long multi-waking dream, bunch of shorter dreams after

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:27 AM
      22:30 1 scoop UYM protein powder with cup of milk
      22:57 pre-bedtime: day memory review, set intention for recall and lucidity
      23:17 bedtime
      00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-26

      05:19 epic multi-waking(?) long continuous dream of previous adult home, 2 lucid dreams within the mostly non-lucid content

      I'm outside my old adult home watering a patch of grass. I look down to see what sort of grass is there because I want to change the grass of my current-day home lawn because it's too thin. I look down and chuckle: it's not just one kind of grass, but several different types all closely blended together: there's a patch of light-green thick-bladed grass, and next to it are other patches of 2-3 different kinds of grasses of varying shades of green and blade thickness. I stand on the big front sloping lawn and continue to water it a while.

      I move to the left side of the front lawn facing the house where there is a strip of succulents my wife planted, and see them and tell her "your succulents are doing great, they really enjoy the heat" and I see some other plants that are not doing so well in the heat, they look sort of wilted.

      We suddenly hear a sound, voices, coming from the open living room windows, it sounds like my wife's voice and kids voices? Is someone in there, or is it a recording playing? We run inside and there's a party going on, my son S2 is very young and sitting on a couch, it's (his birthday party?) there are friends there. My wife asks me what moment that was and I tell her "don't you remember? That was S2's birthday party".

      I'm standing at the front door, heading outside, I look into the empty living room and see the beautiful wood floors, I want to always remember this place, and wonder if the memory of that room would fade in time. I look again and the floors are now dark brown, seemingly covered in the same granite tiles as the small entryway is. That's not right, I think, it wasn't that way before (WTF #1).

      I'm lying on the couch (my head to the left facing the big window), busty milf IJ is near my feet, crawling on the ground on all 4s moving up towards my head, I see a mirror on the entertainment center is reflecting some part of her but it doesn't match her position. At some point in there I get lucid and
      Spoiler for NSFW, explicit, 18+:

      the dream ends / transitions.

      + back in the same house, it's night-time I'm walking around closing up for the night. I'm there alone. I go out the kitchen door to the garage, the garage is empty and dark, I look to the right of the door and the washing machine/dryer are gone, how will I wash clothes? I think that the light from inside the house will be visible from the street shining out underneath the bottom of the garage door, I close the door and slide the dead-bolt.
      Moving into the dining area I notice something strange: the high window (false memory) has been removed and there are only some thin transparent sections that I slide around and move left/right, I see the screen has been cut (WTF #2)! Someone in our absence has removed this window to gain access to the house! I think of turning on the house alarm and hope that the motion sensors will catch them if they try to come in. I'm going to have to spend time replacing these windows calling a window place, how long will that take?

      I hear the jingling sound of my old dog's collar when he moves but I don't see him.

      All of a sudden I notice it is bright daylight outside (WTF #3), I'm really confused by this, wasn't it just 3am? How could this be? I look out the window and see bright blue daytime sky, I go outside and look at the sky and look for an artificial light source or some reason for this, (I see a faint 'morning moon' in the sky?).

      I'm indoors it's (time for bed?) I'm on my laptop and all sorts of videos start playing, my wife is nearby, they're not necessarily NSFW but I panic at their appearance, and start quickly pounding on the ESC key, trying to hit alt-F4, the videos keep popping up, I finally press and hold firmly the power button and the laptop eventually turns off.

      I'm standing in the family room it's dark, I'm looking out the glass door and see a reflection of something moving on the futon to my right, I get scared/startled (WTF #4), I turn and look at the real futon and see a pile of clothes there but nothing's moving. I look back into the glass door and notice (movement again?) from the futon, I go there and see some chip bags, one is open, it's cheetos, I look inside and a fly flies out of the bag, there are cheetos (and pieces of paper?) in there.

      I see my wife lying on the futon, her head towards the kitchen, she has a mischevious expression on her face and she says slowly/seductively "I saw over your shoulder, I know...what...you..were... doing...on...your... laptop!" this is very out of character for her and I recognize this is a dream. I'm not nervous at all about being "discovered" since this is clearly a dream.
      Spoiler for NSFW, explicit, 18+:

      I wake up.

      Heading back to sleep, I'm awake, didn't make it back into the dream, so I decided to get up and get a snack: piece of wheat bread with a small slice of cheese, a medium banana, and a cup of milk with another scoop of UYM protein powder, I always wanted to try it in a WBTB scenario, I have at least 3-hours of bedtime left so I decide I have time for more dreaming and want more lucids. After snack head back to bed and it takes a while but I eventually sleep. Did SSILD and relaxation and MILD.

      + I'm heading to McD's, I see my friend MR drive off from the drive-through. I'm heading towards the front door, step up on to the curb from the parking lot, a young black guy is standing there and he kicks my shin a few times, rapidly. I'm annoyed by this and stop and look at him and say, "Really!?" 2 more young black guys appear and I don't want to be bothered by them and head inside, but I turn back and say, "How old are you anyway, 13? You should be working in your community to make it a better place," at this I see some black girls who were sitting down stand up and prepare to leave, but one of the young guys says "give me your wallet!" and grabs for it in my waist bag. I'm holding my bag and struggling with them and trying to look to see if they got my wallet or my passport.

      + I'm standing in a house looking out a window at neighboring houses. The houses are built on a hill all right next to each other, wall-to-wall with no gaps. The entrances to the houses are up the hill, the body of the houses down the hill, so I'm looking up the hill into the windows of neighboring houses. I think I've been up there and remember the view looking down to the patio outside the window where I'm standing (false memory). I then see some girls in bikinis going out the front door of the other house and try to get a good peek. Then people are going out of and entering the front door of my house. A topless young person with longish hair and dark nipples comes in, is it a girl? It turns out to be a guy, yuck. Another blonde young surfer dude comes in following the other guy and gives me a "what are you looking at?" look, I feel a bit embarassed. I walk by a woman in close quarters and say "excuse me" to get by, she says "We've claimed the landing!" (?), I realize this house and the neighboring houses share a common elevated front door area and a common living room area. The walls are right next to each other with no space in between (so you can hear the neighbor noise?)

      + I'm playing cards with two other people. I check out my hand, I see a bunch of Aces and 2's, I think I've got a good hand, the player across from me plays the two of clubs, I wonder if I can play a trump to start getting rid of my cards, I'm arranging my cards in my hand, my cards suddenly fly out on to the table, I'm concerned about the other players seeing my hand, I gather them up, my hand seems MUCH thicker than it was before, I say "hey you guys added cards to my hand!!"

      + I'm playing a side-scoller video game, the game view fills my vision, I have some trouble controlling the character, I move him around, try to avoid a monster, have him fly/move up and to the left, there's a treasure on the ground I try to remember how to pick things up, maybe if you just move over it, there's a door to the right and I know inside the door is a chest with a book that raises your magical ability, I plan to go in there and get it.

      (Some time awake, back to sleep)

      + I'm on stage at a sad memorial, I start to make a speech, I move towards the podium and a big black woman to my side knees the back of my knee to make me move a bit forwards and kneel down, I speak in a slow, tearful, sad voice and say "I realize that there are things you can change.....and things you can't change...." and I realize I may never see this big black woman and her famliy again and this makes me sad, I see a plane/helicopter, and say "... and I realize that it's hard to track a plane via radar from a helicopter"...I'm DO viewing the helicopter/plane chase, a missile is fired at the plane, the pilot ejects before being hit but he needs to wait before deploying his chute or the missile may target him instead.

      + I'm in a strength competition doing pull-ups. They think I won't do many, I'll show them. I need to decide on my grip: palms facing away or towards me? Towards is easier, will they comment on it? I choose facing me. It's hard to get the first pullup but I make it, the pull-up bar is too close to the doorjamb top and I hit my head slightly at the top of the pullup. I do more and more, counting higher and higher, then it gets easier. At one point I start falling from my position on the bar, I was using white athletic socks for grip under my hands, but they're torn now and streching and I'm holding on to the socks and falling from the bar, I reach up and get a new grip and keep going and counting. A young man with a young woman come and the young man starts competing. I'm then inside a gym's weight room (the pullups were done on the door entering into this room) and I'm doing pushups on a bar, continuing to count, up to around 30, the bar mechanism falls apart, and two women comment on my progress. A body-buidler shows up and asks is it OK for him to strap himself into position, and I say that's OK with me as long as it's OK with him that I take a break to repair my equipment since it fell apart.

      I'm then going pushups immediately to his left, and I see a magazine/comic book on the ground. The dream transitions to seeing faces like the cover of the comic book, in expressions of shock, and one "wipes" his face it's very wet. At the end I see some image of a celebrity walking with a small dog like a dachshund.

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    4. 00:00 Friday 2014-03-21 competition #17 night #14 LDs #27, #28, FA fight with an orc

      by , 03-21-2014 at 09:04 AM
      23:18 bedtime. Yay!

      00:00 Friday 2014-03-21 competition #17 night #14 LDs #27, #28, FA fight with an orc


      5) scene over the ocean high on a cliff/hill by a house. I'm just standing there observing. There is a little house to the left in front of me. There is a planter there on the ground near me to the front and left. I look at this planter and think about it. There is a table at the end of a ramp also in front of me, I think this is for the house owner since I "know" he's in a wheelchair. You can't see the ocean (out to the front and right) because of the fog. I know my brother-in-law has told me about this spot and recommends climbing down the path to the ocean that is to the front and right of me.. There is also a road off to the left through the trees.

      6) I'm outside old college house, I see NI friend there, there's a row of computers, 80's style PCs, I'm looking for mine but can't see it. NI is using a computer. I think I have returned to the house after a long absence but my room should still be available.

      7) Keeper of the amber. I'm in a room with big huge slugs of amber. I know that we can forge these slugs of amber into powerful swords. I imagine that we can also imprints the names of people allowed to use these swords on to a stone. People knock at the door trying to come in, only the people on our team are let in, I'm guarding the door.

      8) bizarre star paths in the sky. There were lines of stars in the skies following paths, and you could follow them walking underneath. The stars were moving along these paths, it was very beautiful.

      Takes a little while to get back to sleep, perhaps the dark chocolate bar in the afternoon was kicking in to nudge me alert. It may have helped with the lucid: (!)

      05:18 LD #27

      9) I'm in my parent's bedroom of my childhood home, it's dark night, vision is grainy/faint in the room. I'm sitting in a recliner chair next to the bed, my younger son at a younger age is lying in the bed. I'm looking at him in the bed, his eyes are creepy/wrong and watching me, it's hard to tell in the dark for sure, then I think he's not looking at me. He's holding something in his hand, I take it out of his hands, it's a little box, I open it, I see on the left side under the lid his passport and the rest is a bunch of his favorite small toys, I give the box back to him. I say "that's OK." His eyes are looking at me and they're really creepy, I'm kind of freaked out, I do a nose pinch and I'm lucid. I'm a bit surprised but not very much, I forget my "son" and feel no fear. I'm downstairs now walking from the dining room to the living room. My vision feels clouded. I recalled a technique of imaging veils in front your eyes and pulling them away, I do this and I see the veils and I easily pull them aside resulting in super HD clarity. I'm in the well-lit living room, I'm amazed at the clarity. I see books on a bookshelf and I can clearly see the writing on their spines: different colors of text. I wonder how realistic things will feel: I reach and look down and inspect "the equipment" and yep, things look and feel realistic. I don't read them (and not sure if they're letters or not) but I could have they were so clear. I go out on the deck, it's night still outside, and take off flying over the trees. I sense my wife has come out on the deck behind me and I don't want her to see me, so I urge myself to fly faster to get into the cover of the trees, "come on! faster!". I keep flying and remember my goal of really wanting to see myself flying, and look down and see trees and houses with lights on passing underneath me. Then I "wake up"

      ...and my alarm is going off. It's not my alarm ringtone but I don't catch that. I get up from bed in a white room (dream sign, common in FAs), my wife and I are captives, I'm thinking about how to save us, I ask her for some advice and she makes a snide remark about solving problems myself, I then see an Orc in the room with us he's holding a long but kind of dull-looking sword. I engage with him, I have no weapons, I avoid the blade and close in and manage to twist the blade out of its hands and I stab the orc, my wife is impressed. I then go to the next room, there is an orange large evil orc/caterpillar/snake thing there with a little head on top of a long neck, I run at it and make a two-handed overhead strong blow with the sword with intention to decapitate / smash its head but my sword bounces right off.

      This raises an alarm, the beasts are gathering, I head outside and I pass by an area where there are lots of human captives, I see them and they are very cartoony-looking, like hasty/rough drawings of cavemen with scraggly beards. Then I'm at some sort of bus station with the beginnings of a resistance, about 8 young strong men are gathered, and more come to our group, I name them as they arrive. I think we've avoided discovery because of all the activity at the bus station with lots of prisoners. They're all lifelike at this point.

      Takes a while to get back to sleep

      07:08 LD #28

      10) I get lucid walking down the steps from my childhood home's garage down to the back porch. I stop on the stairs, feel like I have to "hold" the dream, I rub my hands, and recite my name and state that I'm dreaming competitively (nod to StephL for this idea). But I "can't hold it" and the dream fades.

      07:40 alarm for breakfast duty. No one's actually getting up today, eat breakfast myself and head back to bed for some more dreaming and to make up for the extra awake time.

      08:30 (?) back to sleep

      Daydreaming, looks like I got an incubation effect given the next dream. Finally got a handle on myself and forced myself to head for relaxation, and eventually slept.


      Spoiler for sexy time, somewhat explicit:

      2) buying a gift at a gift store, the guy asks all kinds of questions, I"m not sure why he's asking them so I answer. It turns out the questions were so he could engrave the answers on the pressent, but because of this misunderstanding of the questions and their purpose the present was engraved with the wrong name of the recipient and the wrong information, I'm quite puzzled as to how this could have happened.

      3) I'm lying outside in a sort of tall tent outdoors, daytime. My dad is talking to some guy he called a "communist hippy freak." We're in some sort of park, but the hippy dude is part of a project to plant vegetables/food in public places, we're trying to figure out what his plan is, when they get enough food growing in public they will send some sort of signal and the people will arise and be free.

      F1) And older woman is walking looking for an older man for romantic actions and finds him.

      F2) Weird face masks, one young boy has a mask and a wasp is walking across his upper lip giving his mask some sort of power. Another boy is highlighting his eyebrow and sewing some thread into his skin on the eyebrow as a decoration. Then I'm swimming up the sidewalk outside my adult home and come upon a big wasp floating in the water and think it's 'dream residue' from the boy's face mask, and splash it off to the bushes.

      F3) some friends and their kids are playing video games in a house, they have to earn their time in the video game room.

      4) I'm entering a store looking for a hardware store that has been taken over by some oppressive company. I go in and someone tells me this has happened. I turn to the right and enter that area, a store within a store. I look around and think this is not want I want. I leave then go back and say the heck with it if they're evil I need to buy <something>

      In the far corner of the store my mom and dad are doing something. My dad is installing some new room there and carrying walls/windows.

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    5. 00:00 Thursday 2014-03-13 competition #17 night #6, LD #23, long ND

      by , 03-13-2014 at 08:42 AM
      23:30-ish bedtime, yay!

      00:00 Thursday 2014-03-13 competition #17 night #6, LD #23


      1) I'm in my parent's bathroom, it's night, I know I'm sleeping in my sister's old bedroom right next door. I'm looking out through the window slats I see across the fence in the neighbor's yard two beautiful shining blonde people (BB: ageless, I think!). I think they're the neighbors, I don't want them to see me (DS). I slink back from the window and lie down on the floor with my head away from the window against the cupboard wall my head up against the door. I hear/sense them approaching, I think they must be climbing up the roof (this room is on the 2nd floor). They open the windows and look at me and I look at them, and think/say I could be in the next room, trying to make up some lame excuse.

      2) It's the end of the world, and the waters are swirling everywhere. The magic "U" of power is floating in the water and I have to jump for it, I reach it and hold on to it and I'm on dry land. I'm going to be the keeper of the "U".

      3) I'm in a bright daytime colorful fairy garden, with colorful magical plants and beings/animals all around. I have a magical ring/disc (like a frisbie but open center and 2-inch thick ring) I gesture / jerk it with my left hand and shoot out a magical force ring that flies off at high speed going forwards and to the right/up. Strange funny creatures and animals and worms come up to me.

      F1) in a building getting out other people pushing on buttons in the floor with feet, goo oozes up from the floor when I step on the button.

      F2) an outdoor bouncy slide, someone was guided by a force that said they'd never seen anything like that (me), how I was chosen.

      F3) a scene of an outdoor movie theater starting to watch some show I'm floating over the top as a DO

      4) I'm on a boat in the waters, I look behind me and in the distance I see PT approaching, his son G is already on the boat. I know my children are on board down and to the right.

      Get up, bathroom, sit on bed thinking about dreams for a bit, set some intention, then BTB.


      5) ultra long multi-themed dream culminating as lucid. Themes:
      A) SB old grad school serious girlfriend
      B) NM grad school friend
      C) pizza
      D) garden hose invention
      E) musical competitions, son's playing piano
      F) riding a boat with an impressive security system
      G) ghost/burglars breaking in to house, get lucid in shock

      I'm sitting at a counter in a restaurant, finishing eathing something (pizza I think). My (wife?) calls and is annoyed that I'm not home. I'm looking at a glossy brochure and I realize that it is a proposal for a date evening from my old grad school girlfriend, SB. She has prepared this dazzling brochure describing the evening she has planned. Including the meal, the wine/drinks, and I "recognize" a picture of one my own bottles of wine that she's going to use and I think one of my own glasses/mugs.

      I see my grad school friend NM. He is absolutely 100% soaking drenched from the rain outside, he is dripping all over the place. He's inviting me (and SB?) to join him and friends for pizza later, he gives me some phone number to call to meet them.

      I'm outside in a garden there are people there including my sister i'm noticing that a part of the garden is really wet and I realize that I've left on a hose. I turn off the hose and get the brilliant idea for an invention: an automatic timer that notifies you when your garden hose has been turned on for too long so you can go and turn it off. I'm amazed that nobody has thought of this, I think this is going to be a revolutionary invention.

      Entering a musical competition, my son is entering as the piano player in a piano/string quartet group. I think how can he possibly do this he doesn't really play any more. I see a line of judges , I'm walking by them, some are children, they have distorted faces, I think some of them are friends of my son from grade school days. I hear my son playing, he's fantastic, I can't believe how well he's playing. The judges nod at me when I look at them to indicate their approval, I think they don't really look much like my sons's old friends (the M's). I think my son shouldn't show off so much and should let the string players also participate more. I look at him and he's not even facing the keyboard, he's hunched over a calculator (calculating how to play the piece?) and has a small child on his lap as well, the main judge looks and is amazed at all the things my son is doing there. My son moves to put the child in a bed which I pull down the covers for. I think I see an old boy scout friend (VL) in the bed then.

      I'm on a boat it's dark, we're driving in the water, the boat staff are talking about the security system which is to keep invaders off of the boat: I see it, it's a wire that leads from the back of the boat connected to a tall pole, leading all the way back to the dock. They demonstrate it and a bright powerful purple burst of electricity zips down the wire. There's something nearby my head and I don't want to hit my head, and I don't want to get zapped accidently by that security system.

      I'm back in the house with the garden hose invention, I continue thinking about it, there could be a wifi transmitter that communicates with a wrist-band display that you carry, and each hose can tell you when it is done so you can see "front lawn finished", etc. My sister is giving me some music but only as a loan.

      I'm standing out side the door of another music competition, I look up and see the sign. We're entering and standing at the elevator, I know my son is absolutely not ready for this one, it's a (Chopin?) competition, some other people want him to play anyway, they go up, I hear the piano sounds then, it's an absolute disaster, he's just pounding on the keys randomly it doesn't sound like anything at all.

      I'm in an indoor area, large, open, with lots of cupboards and beds like a giant dormitory room. I'm there with former girlfriend SB. We're arguing, I'm trying to suggest something that she may like to do as a job, she doesn't want to do anything I'm suggesting. I say "Do you want to just stay at home and let me do all the work supporting us?!" and she indicates she does, I leave.

      I'm returning to this room. I'm outside it, I see the corner of the room, SB is resting, she has rigged a way to hold the curtains closed, the walls of the room are glass from floor to ceiling but with beams periodically placed horizontally and vertically. In the corner there are two vertical beams close together and she has jammed some water bottles into the crevice there to hold the curtains closed, I know she's resting.

      I'm inside the room see her lying on a bed, her head's on my left, I see a dark black wet spot near her mouth, I ask what that is she says something, I suppose she's been drooling, she's not feeling well.

      I'm standing somewhere with SB and I decide to call NM up and go meet him for pizza. I can't remember his number! I come up with 7 or 8 digits and I'm just not sure, but AHA, All I have to do is look in my phone, start typing in the numbers and it will automatically find the number then I can call NM, and


      I'm severely startled out of my thoughts of calling NM by a loud sound to my right. It sounds like something really big banged up against something else really big. I look to my right and see I'm standing in the back porch of my parent's house, and I'm looking down the hallway to the front door which is standing widely open (the wrong way I think) and there's a large green garbage dumpster there at the front door full of garbage. WTF?!

      SB and I are now standing at the front door looking in to the living room. She inhales quickly with a loud gasp and clasps her hand to her mouth in shock. I look in to the room AND ALL THE WINDOWS ARE OPEN. The room only has 2 windows that open but there are at least 10 open windows in this room. The furniture looks like it's been tossed around. I feel shivers of fright/shock.

      Spoiler for profanity warning, LD here:

      I lie awake for some while calming down from shock at the dream end and in awe at the amount of recall I have, easily 20-30 minutes worth or more, it seemed to go on forever. I get up to record it, then come back to bed and think about it some more and sleep some more. Should have set an alarm at this point because I overslept my out of bed target by 1.5 hours. I was astonished that all that time, all the things i was doing, all the places I was, was all a dream, and I felt that astonishment when I got lucid, sort of like a brief "life flashing before your eyes" moment.


      6) football fake out play. I'm DO watching the overhead cam view of a pass, a long bomb towards the end zone. A huge pack of red-uniformed defenders are all running after the ball, I think it may be intercepted, they do a running leap in the end zone but the ball goes through the arms of one of the guys, incomplete pass. Then the team coach comes to me, at first I think he wants to pass to me next, but then I realize and say "Oh, you want the other team to *think* they're going to pass to me, but you're NOT!" and he says "SHHH!!!!!", he's going to pass to some other guy after all the defenders cover me because the other team saw the coach talking to me.

      F4) something about going around with a group of women/girls and ice cream.

      There's more there but forgot.

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