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    1. 2021-08-31 Epic! Neighbor woman saga, firepit outside CH window, hamsters, coal train car, concert

      by , 08-31-2021 at 08:51 AM
      One of those fabulous "overflow" dreaming nights -- hard to remember it all, including a long, vivid, epic non-lucid! My first since my return to full-on practice, and a really big motivation boost!

      ~100ml champagne brut before bed
      2 ice cream bars (1 of them an it's-it style cookie ice cream sandwich)
      No supplements, sniffed some lavender essential oil

      bedtime ~23:00
      final waking: 09:23

      + giving a shot to my (fiance?)

      [mid ]
      + in my bedroom in CH at night, standing at the windows, there is a fire burning in a "fire pit" placed outside the windows on the side of the house, I see the flames, the smoke is entering the room though cracks in the old wooden window frames. My mother is lying on the bed closer to the door, I ask her about the cost of installing the fire pit, she answers "1 12." I say that "I don't know what that means, does that mean 1/12th the cost of a 'normal installation?' Did it cost $100,000? $50,000? $20,000?"

      + [epic, long, vivid] Saga of the neighbor woman:
      I'm lying on (my?) lawn outdoors on a suburban street with my head facing the sidewalk which runs left to right (with a friend to the left?). Daytime (not very bright but not night). A woman with a small child/boy walk from left to right by us. Then (I think) the same woman with the boy walks from right to left heading in front of us again, and I mention to my friend, "Oh, there's that boy again." Right away, the woman gets down right in front of my face and asks very aggressively, "What do you mean, 'there's that boy...again'!?!?" I'm a bit flustered by her aggression and try to explain I just meant that I recognized the boy from earlier.

      We're walking with this woman to her house which is up the street a little ways. As we approach the entrance, I study the architecture of the house, note the dark stained wooden shingles lining the walls, and recognize this as a feature of many houses in B, and mention this. I'm describing all the feature of the house as we enter. There seems to be a party going on, the house is full of people. I say that this is another typical feature, that these houses are full of hippies smoking marijuana. The guys look very hippy-ish with long bushy beards, they're all young, in their early 20's. I see the guy who I think is the husband of the woman.

      We're in a room with the husband, his friends, and we're playing music. I'm thinking about singing something [details forgotten].

      Wandering around the house, I notice a guy entering a room from a small courtyard, and I think this is a bathroom and the house has the bathroom entrance from the outside.

      Inside a large living room of the house, it's night, and everyone is preparing to go to sleep. The room is fully of the young hippy people, men and women. There are no real beds, but everybody is gathering blankets (plaid?) and pillows and settling down on the ground and on couches for the night. The woman is one of the people on the bed, and (the protagonist, who is no longer me?) is shuffling the people trying to get in to position to lie next to her. Everybody on that long couch is lying parallel to each other, packed really tightly.

      I'm up on the roof of the house. All the roofs of neighboring houses are all located back to back next to each other, heading off into the horizon. They are colored light pastels: pinks, blues. People are in hot tubs on the top of the house, and they're talking very aggressively towards me [DS, I guess!]. I threaten them that I will pour the hot tub water down into their houses if they don't back off. This doesn't work and the kids from the hot tubs pursue me. I get back to the ground level and the kids are ganging up on me, throwing what looks like large Pop-Tarts at me. I am wondering if I should pick these things up and eat them!

      I'm on the street corner down at the end of the street. I'm doing tricks on a long skateboard with multiple trucks on it. It's raining. There's another guy on the other corner also doing tricks, and he sort of gets in my way.

      In a courtyard amongst buildings outside the woman's house, there is a big show, a young man is unveiling a massive (cubic meter sized) drone/robot/missile/thing made out of legos. He takes the thing take off and it looks like a missile, but it rapidly is transforming its shape as it swoops up and down and flies all around us at high speed, it is very impressive. Then the guy, since he's "against me" [DS], as a grand finale, flies the drone right at me and it hits me square in the face, since it's made of lego it doesn't hurt, it all falls to the ground in pieces around me. To show my disdain for this attack, I stomp on the pieces of the drone, completely breaking it so it can never fly again.

      In a pool outside the house, like a community pool. It is packed with people, and it is night/dark outside. In the distance, up a hill, I see the neighbor woman sitting on a chair. I sense and see that there are some guards (female) who are looking at me suspiciously from around a corner. I'm trying to avoid them seeing me [DS], I think they know that I'm not allowed to be here since I'm not a resident. There is a small boy pressing closely up against me from the right. His face is right up against mine, the view of his face is a bit out of focus, he's saying something (which I didn't understand?) and I detect the strong smell of alcohol coming from his mouth. The pool if very shallow (like a wading pool) and I'm moving about trying to stay out of view of the guards.

      Back in the hippy/woman house, the woman is there, me, and a few guys. I'm looking intently at the walls and ceiling of the house, which in almost every room has been stripped to the wall boards. I think that this is a tradition in this house: since the levels between the floors are so thick with so much material, the residents periodically strip down the walls /ceilings to the boards then add their decorations. In this case, the protagonist (not me, not here with us now) is planning to make a massive mural of the Great Wall of China all throughout the house (as a tribute to the woman?). I'm wondering and say, this will probably take many years, and you guys here with me, and the woman, may have already long graduated and left by the time the mural is finished. I can see the details of the wall boards and ceiling, and am studying these intently from room to room.

      [after recalling for about 10-15 minutes, time is 05:23]


      + Standing with others (late wife? PaZi?) observing the hamsters (guinea pigs?) in their cage. The animals themselves are not seen. I notice the galvanized colored wire fencing that runs floor to ceiling around the cage. The openings in the fencing are about 1/2-inch squares. I notice the grey concrete floor of the cage, and notice that the poops have been neatly swept to one corner. The owner goes to throw in the food to feed the animals, using a long pole. I'm disappointed because I was hoping she'd open the fencing and we'd be able to interact with the animals. But I see they're very aggressive, they are a dark blur as they vigorously attack the pile of food.

      I notice that I've feeling something in my pants. I realized I've pooped in my pants, and I'm in a panic about this. I don't understand how this could have happened without me knowing. I wonder if the others can smell it (I don't)? I quickly move down the hallways on my way to the bathroom. I'm going to have to strip and wash everything and put it back on.

      I'm turning corners at right angles, always turning left. I enter a large-ish room there there is an Audi car parked. The driver is in the car and is moving to exit the room out of the entrance from which I entered. There is a wall/divider in the middle of the room, and I am moving to keep myself on the other side of the divider from the car and the driver, so he does not see me [DS]. As the car moves forwards, I change my position to remain unseen across the divider. I enter a long corridor on the way to the bathroom, and encounter a lot of (my? ours) clothes strewn about the floor very messily. I'm picking up pants, shirts, etc. as I go. I think about the notion of always wanting your kids to return home at any time to do laundry, etc. even when they're grown up.


      + Outside, near a train, out group is getting ready for a trip. I move to the back of the train but the way is blocked because the train is backed up completely against (a car?) behind it. I push the train, hoping to get it to move enough to let me get past, and am a bit surprised that it moves, I think there must have been some "slack" between the cars of the train or I never would have been able to move it. I open the high back window of the end of the train car to check the coal levels -- I discover that the coal compartment is not fully loaded up to the ceiling, like it should be. A group gathers to discuss this situation. I'm wondering how we're going to get this compartment filled -- will we have to order a coal cart to some here and shovel it in ourselves? I reach in and pick up a piece of the hard, black, rough-edged coal, about the size of a BBQ charcoal briquette, and put it back in.


      + arrive to pick up my instrument from the storage locker while the concert is beginning, the storage area has a clear door [DS](?). I think I've picked up a delivery just previously to this one from a storage container. I reach in and pick up my instrument case, and take it out, showing it to the people around. I look down and see a red-colored case through the case cover, and then I see that the case is opened and what I'm seeing is the red wood coloring of my instrument. I put the case carefully down on the ground and make sure that all the pieces are there and not falling out. I wonder if I am going to need to grab a fold-up music stand as well to use for the concert. The orchestra is already playing while I'm still setting up.

      I move to a closet (with white pillows/linens?) with a percussionist. He's talking about how he's going to know where his entrances are. I try repeatedly to say "you just need to learn the *context* of your entrances from the rehearsals", but every time I try to say something he keeps butting in and interrupting me. He eventually says what I wanted to say all along.

      Back in the chamber (darkened) with the musicians, they're announcing recognition awards. They announce my name, badly mispronouncing the final syllable of my last name. I say "What!?" and think the conductor very well knows the proper pronunciation of my name. I go to sit among the musicians, and sit there a while where more musicians are recognized. The ones called move through a curtain behind the orchestra. I'm sitting there a while then someone says I should go there, too, to be with the other recognized musicians. I move through the curtain. A group of the young musicians are mulling around, I'm wondering what we're supposed to do next. Some of them are lying on the ground at my feet to my right. A young lying (woman?) reaches up and takes my right hand in hers. I keep the contact, holding her hand, and looking down at her as I move a few steps forwards.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 2020-10-14 nearly lucid, ultra vivid & present dream: cloud, flying, superman suit, clay people

      by , 10-14-2020 at 09:19 AM
      I have no idea where the asterisks are all coming from below. RC.

      + company parking lot [DS], thinking about parking. There is a path up and to the right.
      Later (different dream?) I'm standing at the top of a steep set of stairs, looking down into the parking area below. I realize I'm standing on the other side of the area where I was earlier (from my car) looking at and up the hill. I'm very careful selecting my footing as I begin to descend the stairway.

      + at work, with JoWei [company 3, B and N colleague], we're going to have lunch. At the counter, there is a choice between different colored aspics. The "chef" brings out different trays containing these aspics, colored brightly: purple, red, blue. They do not look very appetizing.

      + with [deceased] wife, we're walking in a mall (?) outside in the parking area, she says how, since I'm not around any more and don't visit her, she has had to ask BrZim (old lawyer friend who loved her) to come visit her. This makes me really sad. I think I should not be close to her or try to caress or kiss her since this would be inappropriate since we're not together any more [This led to dozing/waking? thoughts of sadness about our sometimes troubled relationship, and how I should have perhaps done more to be better]

      + (ultra-vivid/present, nearly lucid)
      It may have started within an office setting, I'm not sure of that.* *
      But where it really picked up, was: I'm sitting on a bench in a courtyard outside.* Bright sunshine, balmy California day.* * This area is the yard for a company where I do not work and where I do not know the people, yet I'm still hanging out with them.* *Across from me in a shady circle clearing two people (gender unclear) are playing pickup-jacks.* I watch the little ball bounce, I count along with them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.* I don't see any jacks, though.* *One of them has a string attached to their hand.* * I am very content and comfortable.* I think I would really like to work here, because*it is so close to where I live, I would have a trivial commute.* *I'm looking around the fringe of the courtyard to the*surrounding buildings in the area as I think this.* There are people sitting to my left and right, I sense their heads in my peripheral vision, but don't look at them closely.* *I have* a feeling of serene happiness.* *I look up at the sky, it is bright and blue without a cloud.**

      Then entering from the left, an inky black roiling cloud blotting out the entire sky is moving rapidly towards us, from left to right.* *I stand up and make some comment (or it's a thought), about how I have to go now and don't want to stick around for that cloud, and with a thought about wondering what they think about my flying away, I do a superman take off and start flying to the right, to stay ahead of the cloud.

      I'm flying right* on the wavefront of the cloud, I'm partially within it, I look at it and see bits of things swirling about violently, wisps of cloud, rain perhaps.* *I will myself to fly faster to stay ahead of it.* I really focus on flying faster and faster to stay ahead of it.* I want to fly 2x, 3x faster.* * I turn around and continue flying away from the cloud (back-first) while I'm looking at it.* *I think if superman's suit was made to be water-repellant (meaning it reacts like a magnet to water, pushing the wearer away from the water), he could be able to effortlessly fly faster than any persuing*cloud, because the water vapor in the cloud would repel him away.

      Then I'm standing in a long featureless corridor.* I think (or someone says?) that if this were true, people could then manipulate and control superman by moving water around him to repel him into a place of their choosing.* I look down on the floor and there is a flat image of a smashed-up superman, presumably who suffered from this feature of his water-repelling suit.

      I move into an adjoining room.* *The visual quality sharpens and is super vivid.* *There are two (female-like) characters here.* *The substance of the room (walls & floors) and the people themselves are like clay models.* *But they're moving.* * Very sharp and vivid.* *The colors are: black, brown, deep red.* They both have black hair, but their bodies seem to be sculpted out of clay as well.* *Strange faces.* * I have a fleeting thought about sexual engagement with them since I detected their female-ness but did not pursue this.* I hear a man's voice from an adjoining room.* I enter the room (wondering if the* women are guards and will follow me), and there is another clay man there with similar features to the women, black hair, he's (training a young person?).* *There's a (clay?) bear?* *

      That's all I remember, I think I woke at that point.
    3. 2020-10-05

      by , 10-05-2020 at 12:20 PM
      Big dreaming night, and pretty good sleep. No extended insomnia.

      Got very tipsy, two large-ish glasses of wine.
      Ate fresh apple cake, two ice creams, bowl of chips.
      Had a happy attitude all evening.
      Watched videos before bed.
      Read a little bit before bed.
      bedtime ~23:30

      Taking a more relaxed attitude is everything.


      + floating in ocean, attacked by giant whale shark fish like thing, roll around to avoid its mouth getting eaten, it swims off eventually

      + guard at the doorway, I present my key to prove my right to be here, enter apt. see son S1? guard follows, the apartment has colorful but peeling walls, I'm a bit ashamed of the apartment


      + attending some big conference, (outside, preparing to go in)

      + playing wilderness golf?

      + car broken into and emptied. (after a meeting?) I go out to my car parked on the street. It's in the middle of an intersection? The blue ford fiesta? I see that it has been broken into, and completely stripped. It looks like there is nothing left inside. I am panicked and upset, I walk around the car looking for anything, but it's completely stripped. Even my registration is gone, totally empty. Even the jack has been stolen. Looking more, I see there is a door pocket/panel opened on the left side passenger door with some stuff left inside it, I wonder why they didn't take it. There's a police patrol car right next to me, and I'm blocking them and they're trying to get by, I stop them and tell them my car's been broken into.

      + scooter turned donkey ride! [very vivid, feelings of acceleration and gravity!]
      The best/most vivid dream of the night is probably the scooter-donkey ride. I was very closely inspecting [inspecting objects, thinking about them and how they work, especially with a close up view, is a sure DREAM SIGN for me. Very often this is door knob/gate locking mechanisms, and sink faucets] "my" scooter. I very clearly saw the gas in the trasparent gas tank sloshing around, interestingly, it seemed to be getting *fuller* rather than leaking out. I looked around back and found that it was leaking, and so I manipulated some things to close the container to stop the leak. I move around to the back of the scooter and inspect the various components that are hanging by their wires attached to the main corpus of the scooter. I line up one on the right hand side and attach it, using guide arrows, and do the same for another component, but on the left side of the scooter. Now a circular grey-scale display lights up with a control and gague system for the scooter and I start touching things to configure it. (There is some woman nearby who comments on something? Forgot...). My attention moves to the handlebars, and the left handlebar front brake control, which seems non-functional. It seems not attached to anything and just flapping there, I try manipulating it buy I get the sense it's not attached to anything. I look down to the front wheel as I'm doing this. I wonder about the maximum speed of this scooter, and the figure 35 MPH pops into my head. I imagine riding it and pushing on the handles to turn (like on a motorcycle, push left to go left, push right to go right). I mount the scooter, which now inexplicably has transformed into a small donkey! There is still a central circular display/handle and I now hold on to this and we take off. It is outside in daylight on a hilly country road setting with no trees. I "turn" the donkey to a side road that heads upwards, fairly rough gravelly/rocky terrain, and wonder if this thing has the strength to go long with me on it, and how well it will go uphill. The response is that it energetically sprints up the hill, very quickly, and *accelerates*! I feel the gravity and the acceleration as I strengthen my grip to hold on! We lurch forwards up the hill, turning towards the right. Now it seems that we are in some multi-townhouse division with a paved roadway/driveway, still hilly, still heading uphill. There are two men working in the road ahead, and I'm somewhat concerned about encountering them. As I pass them they do not seem threatening but are amused at my passage. Then something about turning downhill and giving a little girl a flower, but that is less clear.

      + walking through office with g/f L, we're in the printer room, there are large printer/copier devices there, they have colorful declas on the side, we kiss briefly in printer room, look at oddly colored and logoed printer/copiers, walk to cube, lots of people in close space close cubes, drinks cooler on ice on desk full of bottles of cold beverages, many of them motel-sized small drink bottles, many of them alcoholic, the manager there warns that some of those are very potent, I enter my cube, there's a team of young IT guys dismantaling routers there, wires are everywhere, they're asking me questions
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 2020-09-29 LDLD #256 girl at party, tunnel/stormtrooper, gathering, sleepless night

      by , 09-29-2020 at 10:52 AM
      bedtime, ~10:15pm, yay! finally!
      g/f (reading in bed on her phone) woke me mistakenly with sound on phone, boo, this put me off for the whole night. boooo!!!!
      around midnight, fell asleep again?
      2am woke
      awake until 7am!!!!! Up out of bed sitting in other room from 5-6am or so
      Felt like my ability to fall asleep was completely broken. I felt the "jerk" of approaching sleep many times but each time I jerked awake. I think this is hyper-alertness from a lot of day work and strong intent. It felt like the time I tried to WILD for 5 nights in a row and eventually lost the ability to fall asleep, with that same sensation of approaching sleep causing an "AHA! DREAM approaching!" reaction, preventing sleep.

      + girl at party, young for me, but I'm close with her, look at her face closely, odd-ish face, not exactly attractive, but I think I'd kiss her. Then she goes around to my back and hugs me from the back, and whispers into my left ear, "I like you....". I answer, "I like you too!" Her father (?) is in the room so I'm inhibited. She's in front of me again and I place my hands on her torso, feel her ribs, she seems a bit scrawny & overly thin.

      + LD #256 In a large, high-ceilinged, dimly lit, white room (more like an empty building with white walls), I'm lookin over my shoulder to the wall to the left of me, I quickly sense dreaming/dream location, not entirely sure yet, but I get up on top of the low solid white wall (it's like stucco) in front of me (like I'm in a loft or higher area above a lower area in front of me) I feel light and "feel like I can fly" so I lean forwards and glide ahead and to the right, and knew I was dreaming. fly through series of crystal-cave like narrow tunnels (little more than body width in diameter) that keep extending into the distance. Fly through areas that keep extending 3-4 times. The visuals are dark gray-scale coloring. lucidity fairly high. play with colors, I declare the "next area will be green" and colors appear in the distance (blue/green). Visuals fade, I expect them to return, and they quickly do, see something in the distance, and approach an area like in a Star Wars game, a section of dark corridor in front of me opening into a small round-ish brightly lit room with equipment, an automated turret or other machinery on the ceiling, that becomes a droid or a stormtrooper as I approach. I pull my lightsaber from my belt (always works! It's always there) and ignite it, get a good solid lightsaber sound, but no visuals [as always]. I will it to be solid and bright, I say or think "be BRIGHTER!" "be BRIGHTER" several times and I get a weak transparent green cylinder to appear. The robot/ trooper approaches, and I wave the lightsaber about to attack, as if I'm slicing it, but it's like a flashlight, no inertia or weight, and I think it's not doing anything. I'm past the trooper and I'm inspecting the surroundings, very detailed and bright, numerous objects are lying about, I move on through this room into an adjoining room, where 3-4 people are sitting / reclining on low chairs or chaise lounges. Some are female and I get the idea for "a bit of fun" (but I want to keep it short and quickly move on, to avoid waking). Visuals are very clear and crisp.
      Spoiler for light sexy-time:
      and I wake up.

      + [vivid, mostly forgotten due to abrupt awakening] another gathering, fairly long, party book, photos & sheets printed, cousin?
      lucid , memorable
    5. 2020-09-20 LDLD #254 #255 -- motorcycle ride, cabbage basketball, first day at work

      by , 09-20-2020 at 10:03 AM
      bedtime: 23:00-30?
      waking: 01?
      waking: 03?
      shocked awake 03:30 neighbor cutting firewood
      Not making progress falling asleep , get up & sit in other room.
      final waking 08?
      Long time recalling dreams
      get up: 09?
      Fairly tipsy at dinner time, several glasses of wine. Steak & salad for dinner, plus remainder of our desserts (cheesecake and a chocolate cake thing), then our apple pie while watching a video
      Watched video before bed


      + motorcycle ride on highway, turn right onto highway, a guy riding a fast (black) motorcycle streaks by me, weaving in and of traffic. I'm riding along and I come up on a guy riding a standard, I like the standard style and think about this. I think it's a Honda, and I'm weaving left and right of him to get a look at the model name on the gas tank but can't quite see it, but I think it's a Honda. The highway veers off to the left and I take the off-ramp to the right, I think I'm heading to city "A" (next to home city of B), the landscape is empty low hills. As I come to a stop sign I try to remember where the breaks are, on the left or the right handle. I remember the right handle, and squeeze the right handle bar break lever and push the right food lever. As I come to a stop I remember at the last minute that I need to downshift to first and quickly push down my left foot on the shift lever and click it a bunch of times to get to first gear. I start again and go slowly, this is not a powerful bike, but I feel like I'm holding up traffic and pull back on the throttle and speed up. The road goes up and to the right, then heads down, these are tight turns, very twisty, and I get the impression this road is not heading to a city but out into the wilderness. I have a feeling that I won't be able to make it back if I continue (I forget I'm on a motorcycle? I'm worried about the uphill portions on the return trip). I stop on a landing and look around, and a guy on a bike zooms approaching from the other direction up the hill, not visible because of the sharp elevation change, and jumps into my vision in the air and continues off, from my right to my left. I look around and see vague collections of orange-ish blurry dots in the distance. All around, spread out among the hills all around me, I think these are camp fires.

      + I'm playing basketball. I can't make a shot, and even layups won't go in. I'm playing with a cabbage instead of a basketball? I can't even make a simple layup. My opponents are goaltending and just blocking all my shots, really dominating me. The cabbate is in a large bucket of water/brine and a big leaf separates from the head and floats in the water.

      + [epic, long, vivid, fairly present, two lucid moments]: I arrive to a new job at company N, I'm really happy and proud to be here. I'm walking in the corridor between cubicles in a large indoor office space. I show off my new badge on my right hip one of those id badge roller things. It is a sort of brownish mottled looking design without a picture, I think it's just a temporary badge. I soon come to a cubicle where a young guy is, blonde hair, (name of "Claus?"), I have a long technical conversation with him about the C model he's been working on (for 3 years?), he's finishing up this work.

      I walk about some more, I see boyhood best friend MR and my mom approaching me down a corridor between offices (the wall) on the left and cubes on the right, there are people in front of them and I try to catch their eyes from a distance. I feel like MR meets my eyes and that we will have a mutual recognition, but it will be a surprise for him. My mom comforts a woman in front of her, a widower who lost her husband recently, my mom hugs her from the back but the woman doesn't want the comfort and shakes her off, the woman has a very pinched, bird-like face, it's an old, wrinkled face, 80+ years old. Her husband, someones [narrator?] says [or I remember?], was the man who saved Ev.McW.'s father [boy scout friend] [false].

      Walking among the cubes, I see a tray of cookies, and I pick one up and take it with me and eat it. It is a medium size, circular, with a moist chocolate filling center, and surrounded by a ring (about 1/4 inch) of sprinkled seeds like sesame seeds.
      I come across a guy and see his face clearly. At first I think it is RoWh, but Rob was fairly fat and this guy is thin. He's standing facing me, and I'm looking close at his face trying to place him. I say "I'm sure I've worked with you before." He and some other woman comment on the "tatoo" on my lip and this confuses me. They're talking about the cookie crumbles on my face and I'm a bit ashamed of this. Standing among the cubes, these people are now in their cubes and are wearing masks. I say that "I've been away from the workplace so long that I forgot that people wear masks now," and I'm concerned about the fact that I forgot to bring a mask and wonder where I'll get one.

      I'm wondering now about the day's schedule, and if there will be an orientation. I find (or she finds me) my HR person managing my first day and she hands me a schedule. I look at it and see a number of hand written notes, and think the first entry is about 2pm, and I feel relief that I haven't missed anything because it must be far from 2pm still.

      The HR lady brings me to a demonstration that a team is putting on on an open floor area. There are tons of little lego pieces spread evenly out over about a 1-square meter area. I step over this and try to avoid stepping on any of the pieces. The word "minefield" is spoken by somebody behind me. The demonstration begins, and little active "AI" pieces that look like flies, with ltitle moving legs, are gathering all the loose pieces together into a single flat area/pile so that there is no space left. This is using AI technology. That's the whole point: to gather up the pieces and bring them all together into an area with no space between them. The HR lady is also watching, she's wearing a white tank top and shorts, and she squats with with her knees out widely to watch the AI presentation.

      + [different scene?] I'm in mall walking among stores. I'm nose pinching to determine if I'm dreaming. The air seems blocked, but not completely. I can't tell if I'm dreaming or not. I keep repeating the nose pinch 3, 4, 5 times. Each time it seems like some air gets out but it's not flowing easily like it should. I concentrate on the feeling of my fingers on my nose, and it feels completely solid like a waking nose. I know that the nose pinch in a dream should feel like my airway is not connected to my dream body nose, but it seems in this case that it is. Unclear results of the RC [but I'm counting this!]

      + [back to the work dream] It's time for lunch now for the new hires, mingling with the employees. Standing in some corridor among the cubes, leaning up against a wall on a corner between hallways. The cost of lunch is $1.75. I'm not sure if the new hires are supposed to pay or not. I bring out my wallet and prepare three $1 bills. I'm trying to be coy about this and get somebody to say "no no new hires don't need to pay." A very large (tall and wide) screen across the open area on a far wall is displaying the two major lunch groups, with the names of long-time employees [so we can decide which group we want to be in?]. I go in. I see meet a guy I think I may know. He shakes my hand. He makes a gesture like "woah, your hand used to be all the way out here when you shaked before, you've lost a lot of weight." And then Ne.McK. (grad school friend) is there, I recognize him, he pulls up his shirt to show his abdomen, that he's lost weight, too.

      I'm now thinking about someone else I knew, Jo.Sa. from high school. I can imagine his face, but have forgotten his last name. I think he's a colleague here, too. I'm wracking my brains trying to remember his first name, even though I know he worked at company A [true], he works at this company N now I think? I finally "remember" his last name, "PUSHKIN!" I exclaim. I ask the guys "hey, does he have Russian roots?" They say yes, "his family were landholders." I am excited to learn this information, and pump my first in the air and exclaim "Yes!"

      + I'm standing [still at work] at a printer(?) station. There is a young woman there, and a colorful scene/patch of sky across from me even though there's no window, and I'm looking at the quality of the colors and the clarity of her face, because I know it's a dream, and I want to examine how things look and feel in a dream.


      + I'm in a vague indoor area with slanted floors on different levels. I'm carrying something and I put in in a shopping cart to bring it along with me. My old boss from comany P (in NY) is there, riffing on a guitar. He's quite good and the music is interesting. I think he's going to come with me on my walk through these rooms and he'll keep playing his guitar.
      lucid , memorable
    6. 2020-02-05 selected dreams from the last weeks

      by , 02-05-2020 at 06:41 PM
      + [long, vivid, near epic level] at home with the Gl gaggle in their huge new house, exploring inside, outside, breakfast, meeting with them in different rooms, life in the outdoor pond (fish, crabs, crayfish)

      Outside a home among the pines, I'm with AmGlsn talking to her, (I'm congratulating her on the home purchase?) It's located along a main road (heading to lake Tahoe?). I see the house -- it is very large, maybe two-story building with blue tinted glass windows. I think I recognize the building as being built on the site of a gas station I remembered my family would stop at on the way to Tahoe [false]. I walk up to the building and see what used to be a central gas pumping island (dark army green?). Then I'm inside the home looking around. One of the rooms is a tiny-closet sized barely large enough to walk into and turn around. I think this is strange room. Outside, people are sitting down on a terrace and eating breakfast, there are several groups of people. I look out beyond to the lush vegetation beyond the terrace. [I see an alligator?]

      I go walking through the plants and come to a large pond area surrounded by a tall concrete fence. JsGlsn [father] is there doing some work inside a small door opening into the concrete fence, and I imagine he's going to be crawling through this tunnel. Then JsGlsn and I are standing on a board floating in the pond. I look down through the completely clear/transparent water and see creatures/fish there [DREAM SIGN]. I think I see a crayfish. Then the board moves and reveals a very large collection of crayfish, fish, and other creatures crawling around.

      I'm back in the house sitting at a table with AmGlsn and some of the kids. I see her face, it is quite odd with strange teeth. The kids are playing some games or doing some crafts. Later, I'm sitting at a piano and playing some pieces I know.

      + our car is pranked on Ced st. in B by the large groups of Halloween pranksters. We're driving towards Shtk away from the hills. They are throwing water balloons, and a water balloon ends up going through the sunroof and into our car. I'm FURIOUS and yell at the pranksters; friend MkRb sniffs the privates of the knitted animal; cousins on the way back up Ced; our car is driving on high sidewalks on Spr st., heading towards GrzPk, I'm concerned about the car being on the sidewalk. We reach a dead end which is a tiny cul-de-sac with very high (15 feet) concrete walls all around -- we can ago no further. I climb the fence and look over it to see how we can continue. A guard dog races towards me and morphs into an attack woman. I'm walking on the other side of the block moving on and the woman morphs to small girl and we walk in to a Chinese restaurant. We are seated at the table, and the girl across from me finds a fly in her milkshake, the waiter comes by, and she shows it to him, it's fairly larage. The waiter then gives us a demonstration of a freezer at the table, he is messing around with stuff inside it showing it to us.

      + The Tale of "Mair Baku" -- a Welsh aristocracy party: inside a super swanky castle environment, I decide to go to the billiards room. There is a large pitcher of a beverage on a table insdie. I watch the game on the odd billiard table: when a ball is struck, it doesn't roll, but instead the entire felt of the table scrolls and pulls the ball along with it, I think this is an interesting way for a pool table to work. The balls themselves are misshapen ceramic lumps (kind of like raw unwashed beets).

      There is a hall where a young woman is dressed in a wedding gown and a photographer is taking her picture. The whole scene is very fancy and I imagine that this is all taking place in a story called "The Tale of Mair Baku" where "Mair" means some Welsh land-holding and "Baku" is its name. I see this text (on the wall? floating in the air?) written in very swoopy ornate cursive.

      Outside there is a large courtyard with farm-like stalls (with animals?) there are various rooms in the building across the courtyard with various diversions but I decide not to get involved in any of them.

      I'm outside the castle moving around and looking at the castle from outside -- it is very large with a high wall with a walkway on top. I imagine that a burglar could move along that walkway and perhaps kidnap a child from within the castle.

      I have a sort of overhead map now of the area and I'm heading for a break in the building and moving towards what looks like a coast/beach with a river. It seems to be a very steep slope up to (down from?) the sand to the water. Walking along the water's edge among tall palm trees, I look back to see a man with a dog is walking behind me, they walk past me without taking notice.

      I decide to take off flying. I want to gain altitude, but I'm hovering and not going very far up. The sky above me is a clear, pure blue. I think of flying iron-man-style (with rocket propulsion coming out of my feet and hands), and eventually this takes root and I gain a lot of altitude quickly. I think "there, it finally worked."

      From the sky, in the distance, I see a public swimming facility. I imagine there may be some nice bikini-watching opportunities so I fly down there. I land in the water and engage briefly with a young woman there, then wake up.

      + swamp escape: [Disembodied Observer] following flight of young man through a swampy river. He runs away into the river to get away from somebody/thing, the water is a bright green. He makes some comment [Forgotten] about there being vegetation in the water and I look and see that he's talking about a very large, dense collection of seaweed-like plants there that he must get through. Moving down the waterway, there are living spaces placed on top of huge (several meters in diameter) old ancient tree stumps that are about 15 feet high: I look at one as I drift by and see an informal hut-style home build there. Some people are pounding on large dead logs of fallen trees in the middle of the river, I think they use these for their building materials.

      [super vivid/present, alternate life level immersion]
      Spoiler for some light sexy-time:

      I look around the room and see that there are a lot of people here and think/say this. There are too many and I want privacy. I get up from the bed and walk into the center of the room where most of the people are standing around a tall round-ish table with food on top of it (a buffet). I'm thinking I want to go to a hotel with the girl and will invite her to do so.

      Standing at the table looking at the food I feel something under my right elbow and look down an see a little girl with medium long hair has put her head under my elbow, she is funny/cute and I (muss her hair?) and move my attention back to the table. I see and pick up a small Indian pakora of some kind and eat it, it has a bitter taste.

      I walk around the table clockwise to the left and notice the room has tall windows and bright sunlight is streaming in and lighting up the (women?) who are sitting on chairs right in front of the window and between the table and the window. I'm thinking about a class and a reading assignment, I think I should be doing the reading.

      My attention is squarely on the table now and I'm trying to find the tasty stuff. There are various hot dishes (rice, other unknown things) in covered dishes/trays. I move back to the right and have to walk around a rather fat woman and her large butt, she is leaned over the table also looking for tasty things. I spontaneously start singing Arthur's Theme (Christopher Cross) and hear the piece playing. The woman (and some of the others?) starts to sing along and I find this amusing, then wake up...
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. 2020-02-01 vivid, longer dreams: B Burglary, Animal Man, Fired, Peaches, Skiing/Pteradactyl Tree

      by , 02-01-2020 at 05:28 PM
      @~4 hours?
      + B Burglary: I'm walking down my driveway at CH and see the garage door is ajar, I go in and through the door from the garage into the house. Did I leave the doors open? We may have been robbed! On the top of the stairs I look in and my fears are realized: where the washer and dryer used to be in the back porch (before they were moved in WL to the garage), there are only two large vacant squares on the ground. I move through the first floor of the house and all the large items (chests of drawers) are all gone -- some burglar has cleaned us out! I call the police from the hallway intersection between the back porch/dining room/front entry, something about it's pointless? I see a large pitcher of orange juice?

      Then I'm (sitting on the floor) in the dining room (on the deck side of the dining table) facing the kitchen, a portly cop is standing by the entrance to the kitchen, and my BF MkRbk is sitting at the table. I see one of the burglars hiding behind some curtains immediately next to the cop, and a second burglar is behind a chest of drawers on my left. I start frantically miming to the cop and pointing without wanting to say anything to give away the fact that I see the burglars, trying to get him to see them. The burglar to my left is now standing by MR right by the cop, M slowly (too slowly for my taste) grabs him, I yell at him "grab him around the neck!". Both burglars have very large knives (switch-blades?), the left burglar in his hand, and the right one on his belt at his hip. I reach for the knife of the left burglar hoping to grab it before he can use it on the cop. I take it (it's large, about a foot long) and hand it to the cop.

      The burglars have been apprehended and I'm standing looking closely at the face of the right one, he's quite young. I say SL "It's easy to go around looking for houses that have been left open, eh?" He doesn't really answer but makes some sort of grunt in response.

      @~6 hrs
      + (f) Animal man: [part of story forgotten?) There is a guy who raises sheep, chickens, etc. I see the animals, it's an outdoor scene, (the animals are walking around between abandoned cars?)

      @~8 hrs, final waking:
      + Hired&Fired: I'm doing (something?), I'm called in to my manager's office (sort of a tiny little separate house), he's my friend CrgLe from college, and there's some other guy there (his assistant?). C tells me I've been summoned to HR/management.
      I'm then sitting in a chair with HR and management. They're already firing me, after just having recently hired me. They hand me a folder with the severance package in it. I open it and see a dark/black hard-to-read document with some numbers written on it, compensation for the firing. Executive says (something)? [Dialogue forgotten]. This meeting lasts a while.
      I'm wondering if I'll be able to sell all the stock I was promised, or if I'm going to lose it. I think I might be able to still sell it. I'm go back to my manager's little house office. He is alone there. I ask him about the stock. He says "you should get out of here, before [the executive] sees you!" He fired all these people and doesn't want to see any of them.

      + Peaches: outdoor picnic-type table scene with people. I see a group in front of me. RbWhlr has brought a platter piled high (1 foot at least) with thick slices of peaches. These look good and even though I'm not really part of the group, I lean forwards and take a thick slice off of the plate. RW says ST. I look at the slice -- it's not just a peach, it's more an amalgam of dried fruit and chopped nuts.

      + Skiing/Pteradactyl Tree: I'm at the top of a ski run on a snowy mountain, I'm skiing with (EW?). A ski resort employee off to the left says something. We start skiing down the hill. We are carving left and right on a relatively wide, flat slope. EW demonstrates how, if you're not careful, you might accidentally spin 180 and start skiing backwards, out of control, she does this. We're progressing down the slope. It's important (she says, or I think?) not to let your skiis go straight, or you will pick up dangerous speed very rapidly. This happens to me, but I get it under control. There are steep cliffs on either side of us. The slope levels out to a flatter area and I say "Hey it's good that it's more level here". We ski up to drop-offs but avoid them. There is another really big cliff coming up, it is marked with a sign, and there is a resort employee sitting there, too. There is some strange object, like a bunch of iron-man-style ski boots stacked up on the ground with sharp, angular protrusions. I notice a stone stairway leading down the hill, and I imagine that skiiers use this to climb up to the cliff area. The stairway has no snow on it.

      I look around and take notice that the ski resort stone structures on the ground look artificial -- it's like the entirely mountain we're skiing on (which now seems to be mostly lacking in snow) has been modified by man to make it a better skiing mountain. I raise my gaze up and look at the surrounding (natural) mountains in the distance, which have patches of snow on them. I'm looking up at a nearby neighboring really tall peak and am searching for signs of the "Pteradactyl Tree," I see some very large trees, but at the top of that peak I finally see the Pteradactyl tree itself with a large man-made stone foundation at its base.

      My view of the PT is closer, and I see two circling pteradactyls flying in the air -- they are artificial (like stuffed animals) and I think very furry. I'm pointing these out to my mother, (dialogue forgotten). I'm in an elevator with my sister, and she makes a comment about wanting chips and I think about melted nacho cheese. There is a PT staff member man there in the elevator.

      Then there's a scene of a musical performance put on by the staff: that man, and a woman are the star perfomers. The woman is singing (not all that well) a song and doing a dance, moving towards me then away from me, and she is trying to hit a high note in the song that is normally sung by the man, she's trying to give a demonstration of how well she can sing, but I think the has done a pretty bad job of it.

      Then I'm in an after-show-party area, with a variety of long tables set with large cocktail glasses (white tablecloth?). They are starting to serve the cocktails, something fruity with ice in the classes. I surreptitiously drink one cocktail down completely and am thinking how I'm going to get even more from the serving, as if I had not drunk at all. At that point an old work colleague Matt (last name?) comes in and they head to a side table and they've managed to acquire a bunch of the pizza and drinks the staff were going to serve. He comes over to me and he starts to roll up and stuff this very large pizza into my very large cocktail glass. But then he (or a person next to me) says "people who like pizza like it flat, not all rolled up."
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. 2019-03-01 night full of vivid & present dreams

      by , 03-01-2019 at 02:01 PM
      + guy standing under a tree with a car up in the branches which falls and hits the ground near him, and I laugh saying "you have to learn how to pay attention!" and I show him how to pay attention to what's around me and I see lots of little baby owls up on a ledge on a wall nearby

      + standing in home looking outside at the street through a window and I see a brigade of foreign-looking workers arrive and set up what I think is a fake construction project. I think it's a front for burglary. I panic and knew I should have kept the phone number of the security team nearby for exactly such a circumstance, I'm so nervous I can't figure out where it is or how to call them. Later walking outside along a road in between fenced properties.

      + at the river (with wife), is that a stone sticking up out the water? no, it's a fish fin, large round ball-shaped fish, jumps out, swallows my hand, it deflates like an empty plastic bag. There's another one in the water swimming near the shore. See more fish swimming in the river, like trout. I'm holding a fishing rod and I realize I've caught a beaver! I try to reel it in. Then it's on the bank with me and I call to (my wife?) to say how we could study the beaver's habits like how it builds dams.

      + at dinner (restaurant) table sitting next to Mr. R--d (scoutmaster), who concludes "...and so that's why prison is the best environment for me." The food he orders comes... it's chicken wings and onion rings and I'm disappointed. I want to order something. I'm trying to describe a food I want to order like a chicken pot pie.

      + flying DO (with wife?) over houses, looking down on them, see that the residents are not there and that there are open doors I think we could enter that property. Flying on the way back there's an open refrigerator with food particles strewn all about, "what a mess" I think.

      + a bunch of guys in superman costumes standing on a sort of ledge suffering through an unpleasant outdoor group exercise program led by a hot young woman. They all misunderstood because the title of the exercise class had the word "sex" in it. I save the day and encourage everyone to continue and the instructor's mood picks up and continues the class.

      + There are large/funny groundhogs popping up out of holes. Something about an old car? I see a bow-hunting warrior princess and I try to run away from her down a side road but she comes after and chases me. I pull out a knife on her and she laughs because it's so small. I join in and laugh with her about the knife being really puny. Then I pull out a nice long blade and whack it against her bicycle tires.

      + standing in my home looking out a window at the road, and I realize with surprise that I'm seeing a large school yard across the road full of young students playing. I think that I'm only seeing this for the first time because we just recently cut down all the trees lining my property and now the schoolyard is exposed. There is a particularly well-developed young woman in the group walking from right to left and I'm trying to check her out but something is getting in the way.

      + at a home, with kids and wife, the kids are going somewhere with wife, and wife chastises me saying "you have to help cleaning up". "Of course," I answer, and look forlornly around at the tremendous mess in the house, mostly large piles of Lego pieces strewn all over the place.
      memorable , non-lucid
    9. 2017-12-12 some vivid and present dreams!

      by , 12-12-2017 at 06:48 AM
      + pondering fruit (apples in particular), on trees, pear,pick it, need to wash it, outside CH, pull the water hose to me with TK, wash stuff, the big pile of money on the neighbor's fence gets wet and knocked down, I goto mom asking hey can you keep this who's is it?

      + in old CA home, S1's room, S1 small is there, room is rearranged, I take him on my lap and I ask him if he likes his new room and he says yes. There are pencil drawings on the floor near the wall. In hallway bathroom I look around a long time. It is filthy. Dirt and grime everywhere. I say I need to clean it. Head down on the floor, there are piles of dirt everywhere. I see two hamsters who have come to live there, then 4 hamsters, then a couple of hedgehogs. [visually vivid, present]

      + in bed with [deceased] wife, she was just away for the summer. How will I explain this to my g/f? This means I won't ever see g/f again, or it will be very rare, I certainly won't be able to stay overnight. Wife starts yelling at me about something and I get up and leave the room. I try to remember how I met g/f then finally remember [emotionally vivid, present]

      + in some back yard playing with model planes with g/f, she flies it expertly and I take a turn at the controls and it barely moves for me, I'm ecstatic when I get it to the elevation of a table top . The engine sounds like a gas lawnmower. [present](edited)
      + at a flea market, I'm at a table and a man instructs me to purchase the cover to Ronald Reagan's diary. In another moment of deja vu I think this is the 2nd time I'm seeing the cover but the first time was black and white and this time it's in color. I'm searching for his signature on the front of the cover, and finally find it. There are many other signatures on the cover, I think these are from his relatives and teachers, couselors, etc. I note it is indeed an empty hardback cover: there is no diary inside, and that it was taken out because it was much more valuable than the cover. I'm thinking the objects that I've purchased I intend to resell, but I'm not sure how much I can get for them.

      + [DO - disembodied observer] it is a deathmatch race, a huge red truck is coming down the hill and making a turn, and does something so that the surrounding cars all to flips and explode, but a small red race car makes it through the pack and slams into the big truck, I see metal fenders on both vehicles are getting crumpled, then a guy in an "iron man" suit jumps out of the big truck and directly challenges the little car, grabbing it by the front and s
      + at some competition. I'm raiding an enemy team, I forcibly take the (vinly record?) from them, but it turns out to have been a redirection and they have made a move for the record player. I get there in time before they can turn it on to play the record. I keep it in my hand and encounter the referee of the match and he tells me to (throw it down to the ground?) I then float over my team's table where we're assembling intricate electronic components.

      + sitting down at the table of a group dinner party. This is a room separate from the others, everyone at the table is a stranger except my g/f is sitting next to me (to my left). I have a moment of deja vu as I see the woman to her left sitting down and think "that's the time when she sat there," and I think that the people here at the table do want to sit close, so as to be able to join in the conversation . I say to the table about how we have our own private room. Then it comes time to go outside (in our swim suits?), and my g/f appears standing next to me in skimpy underwear, the guys's eyes at the table bug out looking at her. Someone comments "she's naked, she doesn't have a swim suit!" Outside peope are also sitting at tables and a young boy complains to me that he got put at the old folks' table, and he's going to be bored.
      pretty good night, woke a lot
    10. 2017-04-15 super vivid & present / alternate life, multiple semi-epics

      by , 04-15-2017 at 12:26 PM
      bedtime finally not atrocious: head hit the pillow at 00:40. Some intention setting and affirmations before bed.

      Lots of dreams. Probably more that noted here, no recording until final waking, and epics tend to obliterate earlier dreams. 18 minutes of voice notes!


      Quick notes:

      + rental car, mustang, white doors closing, keys (could steal), dealer, "not too overpowered", (shakes his head), I think I could gun it later.

      + [semi-epic] at guy's house, dog holding ear, nanny & girl (?), in house alone, semis entering his garage, police come, "he was going to murder you in one hour"

      + police on streets on hill: look down, swanky party busted by cops; indoors, leading regent gives speech, appoints new chancellor of University: JH (boy scouts, frizzy hair): grizzled, old, red eyes, he can barely talk, he makes no sense, I feel sorry for him

      + DO: watching video of ME at (high school graduation?): who filmed me? View fully zoomed and centered on my face: tears are streaming down my eyes. I'm singing along with the other students: (national anthem?) no sound: my eyes are doing weird things, like rolling back in my head, I'm really embarrassed, I didn't know that I was being filmed.

      + football scrimmage, "C vs. C" overhead view: lots of laterals, tackling.


      + [semi-epic] in my "kitchen": burger meal on plate, big crowd of guests appear, can't eat now, make tea for everyone, boil water, girl talks about helping her learn how to catch balls, back in kitchen burger is still on plate, but fries/side dishes are gone burger is alone, I sneak a quick, big bite of it stuffing it into my mouth, guy friend walks up just then, great I think, just as I bite, I look for tea in the cabinets, open cabinet and many colorful packages, take out two fancy tea packs: one on right has white flakes in it, lots of dried fruit?, pack on left is dark red/brown pieces of tea like roiboos.

      + [semi-epic] at the theater: I'm in balcony, leaning over railing to the right and talking to a girl and a guy on ground floor, discussion of school, I start to say "enjoy your final years of school" but realize I don't know how many years she has left or is graduating, girl says something like "(help me?) and I'll give her to you (girl sitting behind me?) the play begins I decline I lift my left arm and put it around my (date? wife?) on my left she leans in puts her head against mine, attention moves to the stage:

      Guy from former work [N] has thinning hair is acting on stage, he's with another guy, there's a fight, one guy really slugs the other one on the back/shoulder and the hit guy's body tremors. One guy produces bills ($50 / $100 / $200) the $200 one (close up) I know is fake, it has some random guy's picture on it, it's pretty funny though. Then the guy and girl I was talking to earlier are on center stage and the guy produces some blue windex-looking stuff

      + On U lake in boat, wind, calm behind Rt island, I think I haven't been here a long time and want to next time take the boats to the island, study Rt island closely, it is not quite right, too many trees and there are other little rocks in the water
    11. 2017-03-27 LUCIDD 229 long night of vivid dreams, also earlier nights

      by , 03-27-2017 at 07:52 PM
      Horrendous bed-time but I could sleep in. WBTB when son called from school in the morning and needed me to help him with something. That was about 6 hrs into the night. At 7 hrs I was really drowsy and decided to try for BTS and a WILD attempt. Early vivid dreams, too, around 4-5 hours probably.

      + playing concert, girls who are mocking me and following me, I take off my shirt and know that people have come to see me. I'm looking at my sheet music and I see the notes but it's not the piece I wanted to play. Back in "our house" with family I get a paper that my contributions have raised $12,000 for the organization, people really love to come and see me play.

      + I'm walking up to "my house" (PTL), there is a small trickle of water running down the street that is a "T" meeting the one I'm walking along. Two guys in boats, one in a canoe, and another in a boat, are some how travelling in their boats in this small trickle. I "know" them. I tell them "oh man, if I knew that I could ride a canoe here, I would have".
      Inside the garage in the home we're preparing for some work by a contractor/construction guy. The guy is middle-aged and is not wearing a shirt. He's talking about how hard his job is and he's carrying a heavy (door?) on his back. I'm on the landing/steps down from the kitchen into the garage and I move something out of the way (a rug?) and lift up one of the top steps, it's made of wood and seems worn away (rotted?) I'm looking at it and thinking it needs to be replaced, I'm wondering if the contractor can do it.

      WBTB - about 1 hour

      WILD attempt on my back. For a while I play with visualizing the letters of the alphabet: I find that I can see them when I focus on them!

      +(f) I get a short dreamlet/dream that I'm in deep ocean water near a whale (no visuals really), and I'm wondering if I should touch the whale's tail fin, or if that would shock it and would cause it to turn to me and attack/grown me.

      +(f) short scene: young Squidward (?) meets old Squidward. Old Squidward is lying in a bed under blankets. He takes off the blankets and it's seen he's wrapped in a bandage in his whole body and he has age-related sores all over the place.

      Wake briefly and turn to my right side and fall asleep.

      + (vivid, long) I am visiting HF (local friend) in his house (which is G's house next door neighbors to CH). I'm sitting on the ground, talking with H and a girl is there, I reach out to her playfully but H says that she had an "accident" (day residue) and needs to clean her. I move on to the living room. I look back and notice that H (father) is bottomless and I see his (ahem) briefly, I do a double take on this but think no more about it. An older girl is there in the living room and I'm thinking about (how I can get her to her room?). I say something and we move down the hallway. In this hallway I recognize the architectural layout of the house and realize it is the "G"'s house next to my CH. There is a room there and we go in, now it's a group of young people. I see many objects inside, there are food dishes stored on lit shelves. I remember a glass/dish of small bell peppers (red/yellow/orange). I comment that "this display looks like the dairy section of a grocery store!" and it does.

      + LUCIDD 229 LD#229. I'm (riding in a bus?) with young people, I'm quite happy to find myself surrounded by beautiful girls. (A brief thought of dreaming?). We arrive at our destination. I'm trying to get the attention of/ go with one girl in particular? We're walking up steps cut into the side of a steep hill (earthen). Approaching a right-angle turn in the path leading to the right I notice what appear to be large spider webs on the side (and straight ahead) of the path. I feel that I've walked into a strong strand of spider web I feel it on my forehead, I reach up to break through it but it's pretty strong, this happens a few times. Then I remember that spiders are a dream sign and I reach up for a nose pinch. Result ambiguous, I'm not giving it my full attention. I do it again and there is some leakage of air but I'm not yet convinced. I turn around and face the steep hill going down and decide to test my state by launching myself forwards down the hill and trying to fly. I do this and I'm a bit afraid that I may just be falling. But then I'm sure I'm flying and I'm lucid. I fly down the hill and there's the road at the bottom and I turn to the right and follow the road, flying about 15 feet above it. I'm looking for a girl. I see an unattractive woman below and ignore her. Then I see a young hot jogger heading in the same direction as I'm flying. I try to speed up to reach her, but she's pretty fast. I will myself to fly faster and thrust my fist forwards for speed and I reach her. I land [but don't remember our interaction].

      Then I'm in conflict (fight?) with some guy. I don't want to deal with him. I make a gesture to force throw/TK him away. He is unaffected. I turn to him and do it again, again it fails. I think "Oh, great, what is this guy, is he going to hijack my dream?" I turn my back on him and ignore him and move forwards.

      On my right side is a tall stone/brick wall. I'm approaching a corner and I form expectation that I'll find a hot girl around the corner. I turn the corner holding this expectation and see one. I see a tall, short-haired, blonde woman (taller than my preference) who is talking on a phone. I move to her immediately and she looks a bit taken aback and I take her in my arms. I notice that her body feels completely solid. She is wearing some white suit. I start kissing her. She has really excellent soft ample lips. I pull back and say "I love you." Some more kissing. I ask her "I want to hear you say it !". She doesn't say anything. I notice her fair is very high def and clear. Move on to sexy time.

      Spoiler for sexy time:
      I wake after that and fall back asleep.

      + (fairly long, vivid) I'm in a dorm room of some sort very very wide with a lot of beds in it but not very deep. I'm on my bed which is against one of the side walls of the room. Agirl comes in with a boy and I know she's there to buy drug from him. I wonder at this and think "they're hooking them earlier and earlier." The girl is quite pretty with dark hair. The drug is a sort of lip gloss. I look at her lips and there is a bright, colorful pattern there perhaps like a checkerboard. I want to kiss her to taste the gloss but think I may get in trouble. There is another boy/girl pair like them nearby? Another guy comes in and his hands are covered with the gloss/drug material.

      I realize I'm sitting on my bed with lots of young friends, guys and gals, leaning against me and we're all lying in a pile. It's very comfy . I see through the open door some people in the hallway are looking in and I think disapproving. I call out "Hey, this is *my* room and I'm on *my* bed, so I will do a I like!"

      A stern matronly woman enters the room. She's not happy that I'm there I believe. The furniture starts getting rearranged (by itself), a bed is removed and a large grey/black couch shift into position next to me. Another piece of furniture arrives. I think she's trying to get rid of me. Then she declared "WHO'S IN CHARGE OF THIS GROUP!?" I know she's talking about me because I'm the oldest here but I do not answer. "GROUP #6 [another group] <is so great, they're doing wonderful..., etc.>".

      + a scene materializes before me, I realize I'm looking at a night time cityscape looking off into the distance. There is a lit, beautiful church in the distance and I see some other shape on the hills in the distance. These are places we're going. I call out to my two male companions that I see the first structure in the shape of a church cross.
      lucid , memorable
    12. 2016-11-25 another big night; CH, pizza; weird things; snow; major vivid ST to wrap up the night

      by , 11-25-2016 at 02:20 PM
      Lots of dreams all night long.

      + fighting on a river with a bad guy lobbing "magic?" balls at me

      + yoda overpowers bad thing and traps it in a rock structure and starts crushing the rocks, he stops because he feels bad. I see the (alligator?) evil thing emerge from the rocks

      + little odd beasts rolling on the floor, kicking a tiny "ball" around, for them this invents soccer, I think

      + ping pong [DREAM SIGN] tournament: the net is too high/tall, it's specialized, they are playing with strong spin. I think if I practice this I could play with strong spin, too, and surprise the people who used to beat me

      + in a cage/cell, there are evil black dogs there pulling people out. The dogs or the people when pulled out start to come uravelled like they're made from stacked frames of metal. If you refuse to go out with the dogs, the alternative is that you will have your feet impaled with long iron hot spikes and it will hurt a lot.

      + in the back of a car with girls travelling up the hills to CH, I'm having semi-lucid thoughts, thoughts about dreaming [faceplant!]. Arrive home, there's lots of pizza [DREAM SIGN] around to eat, my wife takes a bite with my fork, I pull my fork back a bit too forcefully/impatiently from her and I think she'll get mad but doesn't.

      + driving on snowy roads, pulling into a forest clearing where a party is happening, rough/tough guys are gathered around and are toasting someone with lots of shots.

      + [fully vivid (awareness, visuals, tactile), long, stable] Walking through corridors with oddly slanted floors, around corners. End up in a room with a girl in bed and ST ensues. She's naked & lying on the bed, I'm kneeling at her head, and I start a long, slow, stable, erotic oral trip from her head and slowly work my way down to her (ahem) and spend some time there. Then I notice that the door to the room is open and there's a girl in the next bedroom (white/blonde hair) just staring at us. I say "I'm sorry, I need to get up and close the door". The peeping Jane doesn't want the door to close, she opens it and now she's sitting at a desk just outside the door to the room. I get angry and go speak to her firmly saying "I'll come talk to you when we're done, but for now LEAVE US ALONE!" and return to the ST girl. She's now fully dressed and wants me to continue, I want to protest and say "but the view is part of the fun!". I say it's time for me to get some attention. The ST girl goes to take a shower. I realize I can't recall taking a shower, I may have a stinky butt & (ahem) so I'd better go take a shower, too. On my way out of the room I spy my things strewn about on the floor and I realize I can't remember where my instrument case is, do I need to go find it? I walk through the oddly slanting and narrow corridors, but all the bathrooms are busy. I come to one room and there's an odd woman there I open the door look in it's not a traditional shower more of a sauna and I go in with quick views of that woman again and I'm trying to wash my butt and I'm digging around in there and I pull out chunks of the typical stuff there and it's really sticky and I'm trying to wash it off of my hands and I'm having a hard time doing that. In the meanwhile there are two girls outside the door which has a window in it not providing for any privacy and I'm now trying to wash my (ahem) but it feels really odd like it's swollen in a strange/bad way and I look down and it does not look or feel familiar: some parts are too large and some parts are too small.

      I'm trying to get back to the room and the ST girl so we can continue. I can't find the way back. I'm back outside again in a snowy environment and now I'm walking on top of a snowy hill and I see dad's with kids and the dad's are working with shovels to shape the really hard-packed icy snow into a nice trail for their kids to sled down. I walk around the lip of this hill and find myself drifting backwards through the air, I expect at any moment to hit a tree. Some kids are talking with their dad asking "Will the snow still be here when we get back from Paris?". I'm then standing/climbing up a mountain of toys (hockey games?) which are slipping out from under me as I climb, I catch a glimpse and I realize I'm at a particular intersection of streets a few miles from my CH, I catch a brief glipmse of a park [FALSE] below me down the street. There are some girls here lying down and I goose them a bit and lie on them but I'm focusing on getting back to my beloved original ST girl.

      Back in the ST girl hallway again there are people walking past me. One of them I think is her, I can't tell for sure, I look at her face and it's partially familiar, she notices me but walks past me, I take hold of her right arm and turn her towards me and ask, "is it you?" She indicates yes, but says (as means of explanation of why we can't be together), something like "(there is?) a husband". I say "Oh," disappointed, and let her go. I look at her hands as she leaves and I don't see a ring. I realize she probably is referring to the fact that I'm married and I feel a bit guilty.
    13. 2016-11-19 awesome night of dreams many semi-lucids; lots of romance; lots of CH; flying adventures

      by , 11-19-2016 at 10:30 AM
      + semi-lucid or low-level lucid: on deck of CH with (younger) kids: I'm doing nose pinch after nose pinch and don't understand why I can breathe. I want to fly [DREAM SIGN]. I'm trying to line up enough "runway" on the deck to do a running superman flying take-off. I get arranged but my kids keep getting in my way. I run and take off flying and turn around behind me to look back and see what they think of this, don't remember the rest.

      + Young love: she's lying on top of me with her back to me, our heads are nuzzling, my arms are around her, I remember and say "Oh! I forgot to invite you to Thanksgiving! I don't want to go without you!" She agrees. I'm looking into a closet at an oddly-shaped (pretzel?) hanger.

      + [super vivid] in CH living doom with GF I see through the blinds a rare and beautiful view of Mt. T. covered in snow. I go outside to the deck for a better view but it's blocked by trees, so I put my arms around my GF and prepare to take off flying to get us a better view, but she stops me because she doesn't want me to reveal my ability to fly [DREAM SIGN]. We're saying goodbye inside, and there's a guy friend there too who likes her, and he moves to hug & kiss her, this is not appropriate. I then hug and kiss her for real, it's a very tender moment.

      + I'm naked superman showering (dry with soap) in neighbor's house (garage area of CH) trying to avoid detection, put the soap up on the wooden frame up high and find other bars there, I've apparently done this before. Looking for garden hose to rinse off, I see hoses and faucets but can't find the way to get the water going, see neighbor's hoses go there, up to the street beautiful bright sunny view through the trees, I want to see it better so I take off flying, clear view, (wolf?) shaped green hills/flying mass/cloud(?) in the distance, a bit of air swimming, then willing to fly fast, then try vision-zoom-teleport, doesn't work, but fast flying starts working. Rolling green hills, beautiful views. Land and there are people nearby talking. There are little strange objects like living origami metal Christmas ornaments on the ground, they sort of hop around when I get near them and flip over. I'm concerned my feet in the sand are kicking things?

      + on street outside CH the GF and the male friend are there, there seems to be a beautiful view and I want to take off flying to see it and I take both of them by the hand one in each hand and take off flying into the air. There is a stunning view soon: a church in the distance across some water with golden domes glistening in the sunlight, I practically gasp and say "look at that!". Right below us there is a building: also a church but the domes seem to all be sideways. I land and look down and see a sort of porthole/sunroof circular port that leads into the building and we slide down inside and I know inside is a sort of chamber of horrors with things like freaky skeletons in glass cases and I point these out to the friends. I am holding a "Reepicheep" gauge that measures something (life?). The little Reepicheep on the dial sometimes comes to life and tries to bite the hands of people nearby, it's very vicious. Two guys arrive from the security team of this building, shooting something like but nerf rifles but they recognize me. My friends are running all around the place and the GF comes to me and lies down and asks me something and I give a kind of sexy-nuanced answer while touching her tenderly and she smiles at this.

      + fencing: I'm keeping my sword outstretched with a staight arm and am practicing parrying and riposting but I feel like my ripostes don't have enough reach.

      + meet wife's father as a young man, he's an Imam with an odd mohawk-like hairstyle. He's a very important person here and is directing parking. He grills me: "who gave you the intvitation? Have you finished university? Do you have work?" I answer acceptably and he approves of me. I shake his hand vigorously and say "very nice to meet you!" [in FL]. Lying with people near some stairs I'm in a mummy-bag and stretch my feet and am concerned I knocked something over.

      + on the bus, then flying fast into home I can see from a distance to bed with GF sleeping. I arrive on to bed which is neatly made (with mom?) and wonder if my GF is still here. She wakes up and has bleary slightly bloodshot eyes but is smiling at me. We're in love. I'm so happy to see her, I apologize for being away for so long, she's lying slightly on her side still face down, stretching, I put my arms around her and notice also her well-shaped butt and feel turned on. I ask her "did you have a chance to finish your homework?" She says yes, I'm happy. I ask her "are you going to stay here tonight?" she smiles and says yes and I answer "yay!". My mom has given us some touring materials, and I think about people who like to read these materials, and those who just like to go out and see the places.
    14. 2016-10-23 SSC16#9 epic: "The Titanic Crashes in Point, Nevada", semi-lucid nap dreams

      by , 10-23-2016 at 04:17 PM
      Took a big swig of Valerian at bed time. Super tired over a week of little sleep. Didn't recall much throughout the night, until the final dreams of the morning before the (fairly early) alarm hit: a loooooooong epic that just kept going. Fewer points but I like the continuity!

      + dancing competition in class, I do ice skating

      + epic [long, vivid] "The Titanic Crashes in Point, Nevada"
      I'm driving a car on the freeway in Nevada with my wife. I point out to here, "see, the hills start here, it looks totally like the moon!" Like I always say with this view:

      I come upon a light turning red as I pass through, my wife says "careful!" (we don't want to get a ticket). While driving I switch to an overhead map view, and I get a call from my parents. They say that they have reserved a place for us in Point. I google for it on the map and all I see is a small place marked "Pt." on the map, I think this is a common search term. My mom tells me that it is about the same distance from us that Santa Barbara is from San Diego. I think, wait, that's really far, I don't want to go that far. Then I see an overheat of Point, with a large resort called "Point". It's like I'm now looking at a scale model, and something slips out of place and an old guy puts it back.

      Then I'm inside the resort in the dining room. There are people about and we're trying to find the best food. There are pastries on tables. Moving about from room to room, something about a crash?

      In airplane-style seating. I have my seat at the right edge of the row against the wall. It's very important to have a seat (or you won't be saved?). I'm thinking a lot about my seat and the # and my ticket. G28? I have a nametag on my shirt with my seat number. A small black boy comes by, he says he's the ticket guy, I'm dubious, I won't want to hand him my ticket because I don't want to lose my seat. I want to just show him a piece of paper from the seat. But then it turns out that I'm in the wrong seat, that I need to switch with some guy a few aisles down, I see that his seat is worse than mine, in the middle of a row. He's happy to improve his seat. In the end he sits back down and there is a liquid chugging sound and it turns out he's on drugs which are hooked up to tube delivery system on the back of his chair, now facing its back to me.

      Some people had rushed me earlier, and I think they may have switched my seat number tag. I look down at it and it now says "D30".

      Now two pretty girls approach us and want to sit with us even though they don't have tickets for our row. They sit very close, basically on my lap
      Spoiler for sexual encounter:

      Then I'm moving through the ship, we're trying to get out (it has crashed?) the rooms are all at a funny angle, I move past the bridge and the captain's chair out a door to the outside. A senior crew member says something.

      Then I'm standing on a hilltop in a desolate area outside, in the distance to the right there is a very high hill, I ask an old guy who's standing there, if it gets snow in the winter, he indicates yes, several feet, and it's good for skiing. Then I see a mountain in front of me to the left of the hill, it's close, huge, craggy, with a tall overhang near the top, and the entire left side is like a vertical jagged razor-sharp edge. I say/think "hah I bet it's impossible to climb that thing!" and then I look and see a trail of climbers on the mountain. They're connected using a buckle to a wire-line placed on the mountain. I/the guy says something about not trusting your life to a buckle.

      Standing out in the desolate area, the guy is giving advice about how to survive the cold: you have to just go and find somebody to hook up with and huddle together for warmth. I think I'd much rather find a girl to huddle with but I may need to find a guy.

      Then there's an alien sort of bounty/prize hunter there with a Krull-like-glaive "starfish" blade living familiar-thing that he throws at some victim guy.

      The victim guy catches it and throws it back at the hunter. The living glaive stops in mid-air, reverses direction back towards the initial victim, and is exposing its teeth how and hits the victim.

      Up for about 3 hours.

      Nap, "Empty mind" meditation, fall asleep

      + [semi-lucid feeling] strange house. I'm observing a house with strange things in it. I'm simultaneously outside and inside the house, I see that bags/(sheep?) have been piled up against the windows. I'm trying to identify all the weird stuff inside. I eventually go inside an distinctly notice an "animal" smell like this is a room where a pet has stayed for many years. There are DCs here and I'm feeling frisky so I whip it out and wonder which one to approach for some attention, dream fades.

      + son S2 burns the burgers and slops soy sauce all over the floor in a large puddle. I do a double take on the large puddle in the middle of the room. Then I notice the lower oven storage shelf is pulled out and there are 3-4 burnt-looking burgers sizzling there in a sauce that is overflowing the aluminum foil and that's what's causing the puddle on the floor. I say something to son S2 about this mess and he quips a response.

      + [semi-lucid feeling] flying around my CH trying to avoid being seen by a visitor who's just behind me I wonder if I should take off flying, if I can get up over the roof of the house and the tall bushes before he comes around the corner, I decide to do it and I notice that on the street a large truck has parked on our property, completely parked on top of the juniper bushes off of the road, that's quite rude I think, I settle down on my back in the bushes as the guy following me heads for his truck then I think it's not his truck, then he's shining a light down on to me and I think he's found me. Then we're at the neighbor's house right there inspecting some new construction, it's a little work shed, I see inside there is a table with some tools on it, and I see the door which is slightly ajar has a fancy motion detector on it. I'm working with a big glass window to the little work room, there is an odd ball-and-socket connector that I just can't get to snap, the socket keeps pushing away when I press the ball connector into it, and I think that despite having a lot of experience [FALSE] with this connector, it's funny that I can't get it to snap in place. I look to my left and I see the neighbor friend of mine and some unknown girl in between us, dark hair, I look away from her. I hear the voices of the neighbor family talking, I'm thinking that the now-grown children may have moved back home to take care of their mother.
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. 2016-10-15 SSC16 night 1

      by , 10-15-2016 at 08:48 AM
      ~ 5 hrs

      1st half:

      + personal library cabinet, with (girl?), she makes her books appear, than I make my journals appear, I show them off to her, then I see a picture of ex-GF having sex with a black guy the picture is fuzzy, I see this guy sitting on a couch live action, I'm upset about that situation

      + coming up on a raid from behind, it's a raid on us so my move is daring, pretending to become one of the raiders, under a table, then push through, I see that the raiders are zapping our field, and burning all the people in them, totally ruining them. I run through the blockade up the steep hill, see flowers on the ground and signs of mowing, there is movement in the trees I go under trees, a guy says there is a collander hidden in a tree stump and you can use it and it means "termites for dinner!" I imagine catching termites in that thing. I find my old boy scout sierra cup, then another on a well, and I clean off the rust and see my old name tag on the bottom and see an engraving indicating something about brass players and french horns? I drink from the water anticipating a clean, cold fresh water but it has a distinctly unpleasant mineral/salty taste. There is a boy and girl, brother and sister, I want to see them the girl comes to me and says "buenos noches!" and I say it back assuming with an accent, I wonder if I"ll understand her if she keeps speaking Spanish, but she says s.l. "oh your're an american", then I see her mother who looks like her, and something about the mother's boyfriend.

      + coming up on an apartment with a sliding glass door on a street, there is a bustling university to my right with students moving around, in the apartment I'm trying to decide to keep my little stack of 5 grey books on the table there or take it with me, I talk to the guys inside and I'm telling them my plans to return after class, they're upset that it's later than I said before (7? 8?) but I say it will take time for me to get there and return in my car. There is a loud bang and they all freak out and I tease them for being afraid of just a sound.

      ~ 10 hours

      2nd half:

      + club/girl/sidewalk/grieving hot woman, addict stairs halfway house with shivering addicts and socks messy, guy doing better his stack gets knocked over by leader ,guy swears, "ocean 11" presentatation, up on stairwell over pool, watch plane take off then crash on purpose, 2nd guy saw it too, girl's fist hurt dive into pool ot help, say I saw it, CC asks about how to draw a normal curve, we all try to draw one

      + get into SUV, shall I fill tank, yes, so out have to siphon it in, back in see tank is more full, take off road up hill full of bikers pedestrians, going slow, falling over on purpose, get to top start going down, pass two hot girls speaking [foreign language], see another buxom one grab her go down start sex get to bottom she says "time to play nurse" and takes control, puts me on stomach and I look arond to watch she says "no peeking!" and puts something in my butt, I'm upset at the loss of control and conerned that she may break off a thermometer and give me mercury poisoning, her intentions may not be good (upset at me grabbing her?)

      +(f) wake in hospital bed to nurse asking about my side, I say it's fine I don't feel anything any more I could turn

      +(f) dance competition outside, dancers on left, judges on right, a small girl is trying but dancing poorly

      + sting at the car dealer, criminal boss is caught, undercover agent upset that is cover was blown

      + guy's tv is broken he's furious and starts breaking another guy's flat screen, the stripper girl is preparing "to go upside down and embarass her self in front of (us guys). I'm one of the few guys who will be watching and feel uncomfortable that there are a bunch of other women around who will be watching

      + sick girl, sit her on my lap, he mom near, she has painful varicose veins in leg, feet, "can you walk?", riding in car, her cheeks turn blue/purple, but she says she wants more cold, her nose starts bleeding, we arrive at "stripper park?" it's outside cold, snowy, one dancer goes off to see about getting a ride, girls walking around, one mother playing with her kids, mother is attending to sick girl, kids in doctor cabinets, the mother is the doctor to the sick girl, a boy in another room, a girl in another across teh way, I see a doctor present the findings on a screen, walk down the prominade to a showe area, turn on shower, find soap, start taking shower, noice naked girl on other side of wall, get bold and take a good look at her, get bolder and walk around squeezing through a narrow place get to her,
      Spoiler for sexual encounter:
      , wake.
      non-lucid , memorable
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