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    2015-05-05 LD #110, flying, attempted conversation, caveman binge, fairly bizarre night

    by , 05-05-2015 at 09:36 AM (435 Views)
    17:00 very tired, head in for "quick nap" but don't set alarm
    21:00 final wake up, oops! Must have been underslept


    Only mental journaling all night. Almost forgot one dream at final waking, late dream details vague, LD quite clear & vivid. I'm pretty happy with my developing ability to accumulate and remember dreams across multiple sleep cycles.

    01:00 (?) bedtime. Not very tired, take 200mg valerian tab, 1mg melatonin tab
    02:00 fall asleep?

    07:00 (?)

    + I'm with my wife in a very dark outdoors open area. It's so dark that at times I completely lose the sense of all vision entirely and I vaguely think this is dreamlike but don't get lucid. We approach a school building which we're supposed to go through, our usual route, but I say no, it's too dark and scary, so we go by it. We're now at a street which goes down, so we hop on a bicycle and start coasting down. We're then in daylight and cars are coming the other way on the road we need to avoid them. Then I realize my wife is in front of me on the bicycle and she is naked, I have my arms around her and am holding a breast in each hand, covering her up, I think about her nakedness a bit and that this could distract oncoming cars.

    + I'm in a room, talking with somebody, I see that on the walls (projected?) are animated screens displaying a computer graphics program, it looks like a view of a floor from the game "DOOM" or "quake." I look at these screens and inspect the colors. I'm then starting to play the game: first I select the difficulty (choice is from 1-3, I chose 3: max difficulty), which I know will mean less armor and ammunition available, and then there is a choice (1-3) of starting location which I think is a bit strange, I don't remember this from the game.

    I start playing and "know" immediately that I must pick up a backpack of ammo/weapons and see one, I'm spinning around a bit out of control. I encounter monsters and select the shotgun weapon and shoot several. I hear monster sounds and see in front of me a DOOM-lizard thing (that breaths fireballs) and I shoot it. I'm a bit out of control and say something about that. At some point I encounter some wise giant slug thing with an imp handler, kill them both, don't remember them as part of the game later, think killing may have been a mistake, that part seemed more "lifelike" than part of the video game.

    + (lucid LD #110) I'm having sex with ex-GF SB on the ground in a room, I'm on top of her, feel it a bit, she says "but this means we're not NOT dating", I reply s.l. "who cares about not NOT dating," I see to the left and beyond us 3 guys enter the room, I quickly reach up behind me with my left arm and "pull over" a sheet covering us. I watch through the sheet their feet and I hope they will just move past us but they've seen us so they stop to watch. SB and I are not moving and are quiet. The man says "come on, keep going". I reply s.l. "hit the road, get out", this makes man gets angry, he thinks I want to steal another guy's skateboard, they push the skateboard to me in an offering, I think they've misunderstood, and push it back to them slowly along with other stuff and make a motion for them to leave the area. They don't leave so I stand up and take SB with me out of the room.

    We're on a ledge of a house outdoors at night, it's fairly dark, I without hesitation tell SB to "jump on!" and take off flying, I'm now lucid. I'm swooping and enjoying the scenery of flying over suburban houses among hills. I right away talk to SB who I still feel holding on to my back, things like "Hey, do you know this is a dream? This is a dream! How do you like it?" But I get no answer from her. I get impatient & annoyed because I really want to hold a conversation with her DC. I say "HELLO! S! Do know this is a dream!?" And I anticipate her answer and recall her real voice and think what it would sound like. SB-DC answers a weak sounding "yes" once or twice. I'm disappointed in her voice, it's totally not accurate, in fact it sounds like a guy faking a girl's voice using falsetto. I reach up behind me and pull her face in front of mine for a quick kiss, this destabilizes the dream a bit and makes my flight wobbly, I think I should avoid that and just concentrate on flying to keep the dream but it soon transitions.

    Spoiler for caveman, 18+, NSFW, explicit:

    Someone says we need to do something in the back part of the store.
    Lucidity pretty much gone at this point. Go back towards the back of the store and now there's a whole new section beyond where the back wall used to be. I see two guys with their faces pressed up against a book shelve, I think they're trying to hide while they kiss each other.

    Moving back to the front of the store a young man starts talking about economics, about how to determine when to buy and when to sell, I think we've just made a huge purchase (a new house?) and that this guy is implying we made a big mistake. My wife is sitting by him and misunderstanding what he's saying and she's confused and is asking me a question about only somewhat-related things.

    awake a while reviewing dreams, BTS


    + party, multi-group, large area, (water balloon fights?), entrance area (toll booth?), others say no, we don't clean up

    +(f) arrive to building, up stairs, suitcase, open door, person there upset to see us, go down stairs, should I go back up?

    +(f) with groups of big guys outside

    +(f) guys getting into car in garage, I push shut driver's door with foot, old guy getting in right side passenger

    +(f) in library w/wife and group, yes, go downstairs, there is slide reading area, trying to choose a table with enough chairs, there is another group already using a table, but several are free.

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