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    2017-01-08 some dreams starting to return

    by , 01-08-2017 at 07:52 PM (423 Views)
    Unfortunately I recently suffered a major loss in my life. Needless to say it's put a damper on my dreaming. The dreams are returning, though, the last several nights have seen an increase in count and vividness/presence.

    Over the last several nights:

    + playing basketball with an undersized ball, going up for layups, passing to teammates, making a 3-point shot

    + playing tennis with a girl who's way better than me. My guy friend and I call out to two girls and I offer to play them doubles.

    + outdoors a guy is making multiple half-court basketball shots in a row

    + sitting outdoors with friends on a picnic blanket on a slanted hill (sand?), a man in a blue shirt sits down very close by and blocks my view of the main attraction, I keep telling him to move, eventually he sits down RIGHT in front of me, and I yell at him "WOULD IT KILL YOU TO MOVE TWO FEET TO THE SIDE?"

    + I bring a violin [I don't play it] and begin playing

    + sitting on the long side at the end of a picnic-table-like table, people are offering me chocolate. I'm asking for the darkest chocolate possible. I break off a piece and eat it.

    + I'm on the street just outside CH: some utility workers are up in the wires overhead, I crouch down and do a big jump into the air and hover there. Then I'm hovering at the ceiling inside my CH living room, mom and dad are at the table, and also a guy who I know knows about dreaming, he's commenting on things. I summon a small multicolored ball of energy into my hand and manipulate it around a bit with TK. Then I summon a small fireball into my hand. The guy is talking to my parents about the Objective-C programming language, about the object-method calling syntax, I'm pretty sure they won't understand.

    + On the street outside CH, there are utility tunnels [FALSE] running under the ground, there's a wide opening by me and there's a worker down there, I (or someone?) hop down into the opening.

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    1. Azaleaj's Avatar
      I lost my mom September 3 rd and thought it would be a long time before I focused on lucid dreaming again. I stopped all LD, meditation practices at that point.
      Five days later I had the longest, clearest LD I had ever had with huge amounts of rain, wind, and stormy seas. It was amazing and I was so grateful for it. I started practicing soon after as it gave me something meaningful to work on. I even had a LD where I hugged my mom and told her how grateful I was for her being my mom.
      I feel having LDing to focus on has helped me so much through this. Best of luck moving forward and I wish you well.
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    2. Serene's Avatar
      So sorry about your loss. Glad to see you back.
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