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    2017-03-04 LUCIDD 227 fly to top of mountain; adventure; misunderstanding

    by , 03-04-2017 at 08:04 AM (455 Views)
    +(f) adventure, fairly long, mostly forgotten, involving a group of teens, and some place that is off-limits and I suggest we should go there. I (fight?) with one young guy

    + I'm walking on the sidewalk and I see my wife and I'm glad because I realize I've been looking for her for a while and haven't seen her. She is mad and slaps me across the face with the back of a hairbrush (more of a push, doesn't hurt, it's meant more to show her displeasure than to hurt me), she says "You left with a girl! A (S2) told me he saw you Monday leave with her!" I understand now why she's been gone, it's all a misunderstanding, and I "remember" I was indeed with ex-gf SB, but it was just a friends, and I say "it was just a friend!"

    + LUCIDD 227 LD#227
    At some point I realize I'm dreaming. I'm standing outside at night near a large body of water and some woods. I'm on a small arched bridge. It's pretty dark and murky about, I decide I want to take off and fly towards the mountain across the lake. A take a few steps back and do a short super-man style takeoff, a I do I realize there's a (family?) nearby and a kid remarks about what I'm doing, I ignore and look ahead. It's pretty dark and murky but I know the mountain is up ahead, and I will myself to fly faster. Then I'm flying up the side of the mountain and will the process to go faster and reach the top, then I reach the top and I'm hovering about 30-50 feet above the top of the mountain. There is a collection of tightly-packed medium-height buildings there, like a research facility. I see a few guards on the ground. It is snowing, very large baseball-sized (but light and fluffy) balls of snow are thickly falling all around. I think I want to tell (fogelbise?) about this. I want to land so I point to the ground and will myself down there and I slowly float and gently land. I note the temperature is moderate to even a bit warm and think it should be colder if it's snowing, and I get a slight impression of a chillier temperature for a bit.

    I walk a short distance to a cage-like area, there are a lot of closely-spaced vertical bars here, and inside is seated a team of young military types (guards? watchers?). It is a mix of guys and girls, all 20-something, mostly guys there. They're holding on to the bars for stability, as there is a precipitous drop right below them. I get a slight bit of vertigo and ask them if they don't get scared of the heights. I ask them their names, all the answers are like "Major Xyz.." and I keep thinking "Major Major, they're all named Major Major." I think about leaning over and kissing one of the girls but decide quickly not to since that could mess up the flow of the dream. I leave this area and come to a raised place nearby where there is a (lunch buffet?).

    I lose lucidity at some point around here and the dream continues, the team from the cage has gone to lunch in the local cafeteria (should I join them?) and the large, fat guy is having a heart attack because he was a hog and ate too quickly, the food he's eaten is slowly coming up and out of his mouth, he's saying "I just ate too quickly."
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Congratulations on the lucid FryingMan!..and happy to see I may have been a part of your thoughts during it. It sounds like it was a decent length.