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    2020-10-07 scooters again, parking, traffic, quests, unpleasant relationships

    by , 10-07-2020 at 07:47 AM (114 Views)
    late bedtime, ~midnight or later. Fall asleep slowly, L reading on phone, takes a while to fall asleep

    no early recall first couple of wakings
    2nd/3rd waking set stronger intention for dreaming/lucidity
    took longer to get back to sleep after this
    a lot of wakings, shoulder bothering

    up out of bed ~08:00

    later, lots of scenes/fragments

    + in apartment, some old g/f (wife?) has returned, at first I'm happy, but the she starts nit-picking me endlessly and I'm crestfallen, and think being alone may have been better

    + romantically together with an older, unattractive woman, she mentions "we need to talk" (about our relationship), and I think about responding "well, one option is not talking" but I don't say anything because that will probably not be received well.

    Sitting close (holding her in my arms, we're sitting on a couch/bench, her back is to me), she makes a pun/joke, I get it, I laugh, and say was a good one, she laughs to and is proud of her clever pun


    + (f) I need to satisfy some quest or set of requirements, I think I have time, but others say no I have to finish all the tasks today

    + (f) at some point I'm wearing shorts, and I wonder about how approprite this is?

    + parking scooter [DS!] on a curving curb, I'm looking closely at the curb painting, there's a red zone there, a crosswalk just ahead, and I'm trying to remember the parking rules. There's a car in a spot ahead that looks like it's not marked, and there is enough room for the scooter to park so I want to move ahead to that spot. Where I'm looking at parking right now is just in front of a crosswalk, and is too close to be legal, I know.

    Walking on (back along the sidewalk the other way from how I approached on the scooter) is a building (and an outdoor mailbox where I pick up the mail?), it is dark/twilight outside, and I see lights inside the building in a basement complex. I "recognize" the building and the apartment within (think it's where students live, or where I lived?).

    I'm in a room, and suddenly I see Rb. Mlls (company R) leaning in from an open window to the outside, and I jump with shock at seeing him because he wasn't there before. He comes in an gives me tasks to do? With some fat young woman whom I don't like?

    + maneuvering in traffic at an intersection, I join a flow with some cars to my left, I realize I'm cutting off one of the cars but keep merging left, we're turning left, then I enter some storefront. Inside is a gaming parlor and the view switches to a video game screen . I'm using a joystick as the game control. The joystick has a yaw input (twisting the stick instead of just rotating it) and I'm experimenting with this as well. The game is played on a circular "board" with different icons/images and the point is to make a full circle of your chosen icon, while others are trying to do the same. No matter how fast I manipulate the controls and replace my icons, the other players keep placing theirs, and I can't make any progress.

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