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    2022-09-21 decent variety

    by , 09-21-2022 at 06:16 PM (82 Views)
    Variety pretty good across a number of different wakings
    Starting to scratch down quick notes in the dark before returning to sleep, even a word or two helps remember the dream (but not all the detail, alas)

    + Halloween decorations at my childhood home, including a "joke" bottle-through-the-window that I laughed at and asid "oh I get it", also there were a ton of large inflatable ghost balloons all over the place, I tried to move one from my room to my parent's room, but the entrance to their room was blocked by the things, so I put it in my sister's room, where my son was now staying, and I wondered what he thought of that.

    + beach map show where 's good to swim, [deceased] 1st wife shows where they were, I show where I was, where it's good to swim, and that I happened to go along that route searching for the place that she said was good

    + lion room the large male squeezes through to next room where our dog is, Lena goes there to save him, leaving me in the lion rom, I'm standing against the wall and hope they won't eat me

    + meat party, I smell the meat, I say "smells delicious", the womean like this their men usually don't giv ecomplements, slicing the eat, see the fat and lean, they show how to separate it, "if you eat this you'll never get hungry"

    + "get the (bike?) from the car" means from the way back under the floor board, some man smiles and shakes my hand?

    Ken (actor Seth Rogen) from Freaks & Geeks eats my little green habanero from my plant, I sday "uh, that's a habanero" then I see the plant see the peppers up close they're starting to shievl I don't know if that means if they're dying or getting ripe, notice that most of thesoil is out of the pot, need to add it back
    Then I see the ripe peppers and try them , brown chilinders, taste like chocolate, there are orange parts too, I run to other part of room to tell peopel that my peppers are raedy and taste like chocolate!

    In a room with some late teen boys, one is playing with lego, he is reluctant to go to school (universyity) because it means leaving home, I tell him "it's ok, it's only like 2 blocks away, and yo'll have fund there, learn neat things, and meet girls, and can always come back to see your lego

    final: group of kids loading up, the "cool" group wants to stay togethem

    you can't serve fresh halloween candy to kids these days, I tsk tsk and quietly think to myself, as the (mom?) shows a tray of fresh hallooween candy that she plans to serve to the kids

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