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    2022-11-12 [morning of]

    by , 11-12-2022 at 10:33 AM (48 Views)

    + I'm the featured soloist in a singing concert, the audience seems very skeptical, I lean out the window and psych myself up by yelling encouragement to the orchestra and conductor below, to really show the audience that I mean business and will really kick ass in the concert

    + in a parking lot, cars are driving, I have some things lying on the ground in the way of one car that wants to drive through so I run to them to pick them up and move them. Walking back the other way, another large squarish (like 1970's cadillac) car is coming towards me, at first it seems that there are two large rolls of toilet paper in the way and I move to the car to remove them to help out the driver, but as I approach I see that they are actually attached to the bumper of the car as a feature, two large white rolls right next to each other. I stand still to let the car drive by me, it passes me very close, just a few inches away. Then some people and I are talking about some liquids on the ground, some are saying they hope it's not caustic chemicals, I think/say that in children's birthday parties they typically only use 3: ?, ?, and carbon monoxide (to which they add an oxygen to make carbon dioxide?), and are not dangerous. We're sort of kicking at the pools of chemicals for a while with our feet. Then I got an stand in line with a shopping cart with some other people for something


    + baseball scene, the shortstop is standing in a bad place between 1st and 2nd base right on the line between the bases, and the 2nd baseman is standing directly on the base instead of back from it a bit. I have some small black puck in my hand, like a hockey puck, that I toss into the air and which firmly sticks to the side of a tall metal pole growing out of 2nd base, I think that it must be highly magnetic. I also think that I should try a bite of the black puck, since they're mine after all, and have something else puck-shaped some food like thing in my hand, which should be sampled.

    + guy with salads/foods in pumpkins, throwing them down over the deck railing into the back yard (like in CH)

    + work scene, walking between buildings on the work campus, see other employees walking around, am a bit surprised at how many are there because it's a Saturday

    + in work cube/office scene, I pick up my pile of binders full of work info

    + take a customer service call while sitting in the back seat of a car, I'm a bit annoyed to be taking the call (being a developer not a customer service rep), but am still polite, I can't understand what the caller is saying/asking, something about "2 G.I.S."

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