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    2023-08-04 LUCIDD LD #291 Chinese rest., avoid shooter, lost the dogs/memory wipe, cost of tacos

    by , 08-04-2023 at 06:29 PM (136 Views)

    Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
    [comment from waking] in angle brackets
    (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
    Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

    Summary of the Night
    • BT: ~23:19, OOB: ~09:41, fitbit score: 81 (8:41 asleep, 1:41 awake, 1:45 deep, 1:23 REM), med right before bed
    • Wakings:
      1. 00:58 b/r, no recall
      2. 03:25, b/r, no recall, basically awake until about 06:00?
      3. 06:30(?) woke from LD #191! brief but fairly clear and a bit amusing
      4. 09:41 final waking
    • Drank a glass of wine in the evening with dinner. Definitely impacted sleep negatively. Long waking period, several hours, maybe dozed a bit here and there.
    • all content from memory, no notes taken during the night or morning, written 20:00 the evening. Some of the details of the long near-epic have faded.

    W3: LUCIDD LD #191 Chinese Restaurant
    I'm outside on a city sidewalk with a small group of colleagues, we're going to lunch, and several of them enter in to a restaurant. I follow them. Inside is a medium/large room filled with tables and people sitting at the tables eating. It is a Chinese restaurant. I'm looking for evidence that they have my favorite dishes. I'm looking at the plates on the tables, I see my colleagues sitting and eating. The food is all chopped sauteed meat with various sauces, notably red sauces. I'm walking among the tables, and I decide that the cuisine is not to my taste and I want to leave back to outside. I turn around, but there are people sitting at tables all around me, and there is no path back through the room. I'm blocked [DS!]. I try several times to squeeze past in between the chairs but there's just not room. I try several different paths and I can't find a way out. I move to the side of the room (left side with back to street entrance) along the wall where there's a couch. (I ask the staff to help me clear a path?). I half climb on the couch and I see on the ground where have to step next, two bathroom scales on top of each other. I think then that people will be able to see how much I weight and I'm a bit hesitant. I step on them and look down, one of them shows nothing notable, but the other one displays my correct waking name (slightly misspelled with graphics and rectangles in place of some letters), and I'm really surprised by this, how could this scale know my name? I get the idea it may be a dream, I do a nose pinch, and get lucid.
    I'm very amused that the scale knew my name!
    and then I fade to awake in the same pose I fell asleep, with my arms around my wife. [Short lucid period, but I'm very strict about counting my lucids, there must be an explicit affirmation or firm knowledge of recognizing the dream state, so, "lucid is lucid!", and I'm counting it]

    W4: Long near epic
    Escape from shooter
    Outdoors, it's some sort of adventure/thriller plot, there are (3?) of us rushing through a city park-like walkway with some trees on it, we're in a rush, I feel semi-lucid, but I decide to go along with the plot. Half-realizing it's a dream, and hearing the sound of a helicopter flying nearby, I tell one of my cohorts to "call <some guy> in the helicopter to meet us and pick us up!". Then I'm alone and trying to dodge/avoid providing a free shot from a shooter who's stationed on about the 6th floor of a large/long ~10 story building. I move quickly to the base of a large building opposite his position, all the while hoping he won't shoot me. I make my way around the back of the building on the site away from the shooter, and am on a higher level now, on sort of a platform. I do the Clark Kent action "pull open your shirt with two hands to show the Superman Logo" and decide to take off flying and attack the shooter (?).

    Ordering Food in the Stadium
    [these mini-scenes may be out of dream order]. I'm in a steep stadium seating area, open rows are all around with people sitting down, with a central stairway leading down. At some point I place an order for food: tacos, pad thai, and something else [This is from an incubated plan to eat these things when lucid!]. Then later, I'm walking down the stairway, and I have the order in hand in a brown paper bag. I open the bag and look down into it: I see what looks like an order of nachos (tortilla chips with melted cheese), and some blob of food that I think is the pad thai. (I'm surprised they were able to fulfill the order?). Back down at our seating area, I think something may be missing from the order that I've already paid for. I ask a waiter to explain the bill to me. He mumbles something incoherently and walks away from me. I'm still confused about the order and follow him, calling out "Hey! Answer my question. HEY, WAITER!!!" he is not responding to me and I'm getting very upset. He doesn't want to deal with me, being a "problem customer." Then, I'm wanting to walk back up the stairway, but I have to first enter through a kind of turnstyle and take a different path.

    Lose the dogs, memory wipe
    I'm meeting my wife L, (she asks?) where are the dogs? I was walking them, and they're not here! I have absolutely no memory whatsoever of having walked them, and I'm very upset that I've both lost the dogs and have a totally blank memory about the situation. This goes on for a while with me being totally astounded and concerned at the blank period of memory. Then somebody holds up a mobile phone for me to see, it's playing a video that shows a man bouncing crazily out of control off of walls on buildings, and I can see that this is me! I have no memory of doing this. I'm very concerned. In another scene (?), I'm indoors and there's something about a game console (?). I think perhaps that there were people who used a device against me to wipe a portion of my memory? And got me to do something?

    Pulling up to CD on the street
    I'm driving in a car with a guy in the front passenger seat, and I see that ChrDw (company 3) is standing on the side of the road, at a point where parking is allowed again, but his car is in the way, and so I'm waiting for him to move his car so I can park there. But my passenger then gets out of the car and moves to CD and starts talking with him. I think that CD doesn't want to talk to me [hasn't for many years in waking], so I'm hesitant about this course of action. (I think CD may be involved in the plot that wiped a portion of my memory?
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