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    1. 2023-06-30 some decent dreaming, faded

      by , 06-30-2023 at 01:58 PM
      I had to get up in a hurry this morning for an appointment, so didn't get a chance to jot down any notes.

      + pumping a shotgun, firing it. I see the shells in the "chamber", and know that's how you know that it's loaded. Firing a "pistol" at some guy but it fires a heavy blunt bullet that just thumps the guy in the chest and sort of stuns him

      + attack/invasion into the enemy base.. [Little detail remains]. Moving through rooms. In a shower room?

      + playing water polo in one lane of a pool. JnErt and some other woman have the ball and are charging, I am defending. I'm showing off how quickly and easily I can swim, I switch to the side stroke for a few strokes and shoot in front. Discussion with them that they can't foul me because I am not touching the ball. Think about making a shot by dunking the ball, having it pop up, then butting it with my wrist (or was already awake when thinking this?)

      + [f] in a locker room, I have a lock, and a bunch of small knickknacks like buttons, etc.

      + [f] at work office, some talk about our projects
    2. 2023-06-28 hotel pool leak into room / lower floor

      by , 06-28-2023 at 10:41 AM
      + [long, vivid] I'm in my (rooms, apartment/hotel rom?) and I notice some water on the floor. At first I think that it was from son S2 who is sloppy and just didn't dry off properly after leaving the shower. Then I think this might be a water leak from the apartment above us. I look up at the ceiling and I definitely see some dark/wet spots. As I'm looking, a large quantity of water falls through the ceiling down onto my floor. I think there must be a leak in the upstairs apartment, maybe the people have gone, I have to go up there to investigate. I leave my room and try to orient myself, I see the position of my room relative to the elevators, and keep this in mind as I go to the next floor up, and try to figure out which rooms are the ones that are above my rooms. (I think the room is "# 31"). It doesn't look like a residence door, more like a service door.

      Man speaking English teaching a foreign language to one student in a classroom setting. He's standing at a board. I'm amazed that I hear someone speaking English. (He has a large-ish afro?)

      Back in room, getting ready to eat a piece of meat that is (redacted). I think about slicing it and taking a bite. There is a woman there with me. I leave the apartment and observe again the leaking out in the hallway, there are drainage grates outside the front doors of the neighboring rooms and water is rushing down the grates.

      I go in to a neighboring apartment which is it turns out a doctor's office. They're also experiencing the leaks from the upper floor, (I tell them I think it's coming from the pool complex, either the pools themselves or the tubes deep inside where the water flows around).

      I'm walking around the 5th floor trying to determine the layout of the building, the building is multi-part, and here the different major parts are visible. There is a large, fancy pool complex here. I go to the staff members, who are Korean, I think I remember them from (company). I'm trying to get their attention. I do, and tell them about the leak, and they promptly call to all the people in the pool to get out. There were people playing there. (Something about hot dogs?)

      Walking around outside a fence on the pool level I hear my son S1 there talking with his friends, the sons of wife E's old friends whom he (S1) grew up with. I anticipate arriving there and seeing them. I arrive and see a group of old friend's of wife E's are there, the parents of S1's friends, they haven't seen me in a long time, they're not noticing me, I approach and am trying to get their attention, as I start to climb over the fence they notice me. I think they'll notice how slim I've become, since I've lost so much weight since the last time we met. One of them, AnAru does see me and I think is complimenting me on being so slim now. I see that the people who were playing in the pool are leaving, and I feel bad about making the complaint about the that caused the staff to kick them out of the pool.
    3. 2023-06-25 couple of scenes, also from 06-24

      by , 06-25-2023 at 01:14 PM
      + I'm a racer in a 1-on-1 quadracycle snow race. We take off. Soon we are without our vehicles and are just running/skating with our feet on the snow. My opponent is taking cheap shots and cutting me off several times. We're moving at some point really fast uphill despite being on foot. Then I'm at the top of the mountain peak, looking around, it's dark, and in every direction is only super steep slopes, far too dangerous to try to (ski?) down. My opponent is there and mentions some direction but I say "no way, too steep." To show how high we are, I look up and notice the peak of "The Matterhorn" at eye level in the distance. As I'm looking for a path, I hear some rhythmic bumping sound [IWL perhaps dog wagging his tail wacking it on the floor!], and look down and discover a (trap door?) and see that there is a wide level path cut into the side of the mountain just about 10 feet below me, with people easily walking on it, I'm relieved that there's an easy path down and move to go there.

      + [f] There is some competition going on and we have to (guess numbers?) The MC is pushing me for my answer as time is running out. I'm waiting for the results from the web site ("URL cheaters") (or something like that) and my "screen" or "paper" in front of me is all washed out and unreadable. The MC says I can't change my answer from what the site says and I answer "I know that very well!". The number is (25? or 45?)

      + Walking up some sort of narrow staircase, there are serving utensils and other things on the wall. On of them is a fancy Victorian silver plate serving fork/pie server, with a wide surface, like mom had. I say "This is silverplate!"

      + [vivid] I'm in a house of (friends?), standing around the kitchen table and the man of the house is sitting there reading a newspaper (I have a rolled up newspaper in my hands?). I start walking with the kids of the house towards the upstairs. On the first landing which is only a 1/2 flight up there is a bedroom/living room, I think (or someone says?) "yeah this room took a long time to finish." Keep walking around / up the stairs and looking in to all the various bedrooms. ("Someone says 'This is grandma's'?). The rooms are all dark. Really feels like I'm there.
    4. 2023-06-19 some fairly vivid dreams

      by , 06-19-2023 at 07:17 AM
      + soccer field at the corner of the field by the goal, the goalies are practicing doing lock kicks back in to the field. Someone is also training with me and kicking some balls for me to block, I see those goalies are really good at doing very long kicks. There's a small-sized woman there and I take her up into my arms and am amorously caressing her. Then I think this is not a good idea and I put her down. She wants to continue, comes up and looks up at me with big eyes and says "hug!" So I pick her up for a hug and then I notice photographers off to the side snapping pictures. They're probably going to blackmail me.

      + discussing presidential history, bad president, room, sit with [deceased] wife E, call out to her to remember our visit to that temporary president, to connect with her but I feel we are distant, she stands up and moves away from me

      walking outside, girl says "I lost my bracelet" [IWL wife asked me to bring her her Fitbit that she left downstairs], "the one with the crystals/stones" [IWL wife L has such a thing], I'm looking around and around a corner I see a small cache of items, there's a small corded bracelet hanging on a (nail?) that has two large roughly cut crystals on it, I pick it up and hand it to her, "here it is!". I think there is a group of thieves working this area, and how easy it is to steal things from someone who's unsuspecting, just sitting there and the thief comes up behind them and snatches their things away while the victim is not looking.

      + I find illegal invasive pests in the back corner of a local store, a crate of tick-like insects and a crate of very fat, plump juicy wormy things, they're all squiggling around, I want to call the cops because I know these are illegal and if released in to the local ecosystem will spread and destroy the vegetation/crops, I decide to take a picture of them but as I start to do this some guys from the store come up to me, ask me "What are you doing here? There's nothing to take pictures of here, just regular products." It's true that around the area is just plain uninteresting things like bottles of ketchup. They are very threatening. I decide to get out of there, I get in to my car outside, and the people (wife E?) with me are also getting in, I'm yelling "hurry up! We have to go!" and I take off in the car. The streets are very narrow and there is an oncoming very large truck heading at me. Because I need to get away I do not stop but keep driving hoping he will yield. Because the divers of such trucks are very rude he doesn't stop and keeps barreling right at me. I try to maneuver between the truck and the parked cars but it's too narrow, we side-swipe each other as we collide and I have an image of a car/truck that has had it's entire roof/upper section ripped off.

      + [f] driving a car with no brakes control [DS!!]. I'm pushing hard on the brake pedal at times but it's barely responding. Twilight/night time.

      + With [deceased] wife E at a border crossing to a small country where people go to vacation. They ask my wife her name and she gives a fake name, they look at her passport and pass her. I'm surprised that she gave a fake name and think she must have a falsified passport. They ask me my name and I give my full correct name (in a foreign language) and present my passport, the border guard takes it and says "there must be a mistake in your passport because here it says (some name completely different from my own), I'm going to need to detain you" and goes off to discuss what to do with me with the officials. I tell my wife "You should have told me ahead of time that we had fake passports with fake names!!!". I'm standing there dreading the consequences of this.
    5. competition night #11, #12 2023-06-12/13 : DILD #287, #288

      by , 06-18-2023 at 07:39 PM
      DILD #287
      + I'm walking through some area and decide to open a door, I see a bunch of people in a room and go in, there is a pretty young woman with a sort of "vest blouse" that is fully open exposing her breasts with pasties covering the nipples. I go up to here and realize I'm dreaming, and "interact" with her, and to confirm, I say out loud, "I'm dreaming!". Then I lead her towards the back of the room, saying "Your name is Claire!" and the dream ends

      DILD #288
      + dream begins and I find myself in a sort of house/room looking outside and I immediately realize I'm dreaming. I look to my right and see my wife L standing at a table but I decide not to interact with her. I turn towards a wall and stick my hand through it, it goes through effortlessly. I really enjoy this, so I stick my other hand through the wall, too, along with the first one. Then I stick my left leg up to the knee through the wall. I think about putting my head through the wall but am concerned this may destabilize the dream or cause a transition to I just decide to go do something else and turn away from the wall and walk through the rooms/halls in the house. There is a hallway with a wood floor and I reach down and feel it with my hands. It feels totally like a waking wood floor, with full touch sensitivity in my fingers/hands. I get down on the floor and rub myself on it, I fully feel the pressure point on my stomach and hips, I feel my weight as I press down in to the floor. I try humping the floor because I recall someone recommending doing that at one point but felt nothing special and decided that was a bust so I stood up. I wanted to do more tasks and start walking towards another room (kitchen?) and think about pocket summoning a bottle of beer to drink it and do my 3-step #2, but I wake up.
    6. 2023-06-07 comp night #6, LDs #281-#286 (DILD + 4 DEILD chain)

      by , 06-07-2023 at 07:47 AM
      First LD in about 6 months, and first DEILD chain in about 8 years, the DV comp has worked its magic yet once more!

      A terrible night of sleep, bedtime around 00:00, woke several times, and about 04:30 I was just up, so I decided to use this as a time for relaxation and perhaps to get a WILD/DILD

      WBTB: [2]

      At some point around 06:30 my wife & dog left the room and I was able to more fully relax. It took a lot of diligence to keep relaxing. as I was very alert.

      After a while, I started seeing images coming in to focus, very bright clear focus, like a room or a corridor. I could see my blankets through my closed eyes. I started thinking about how I might enter the dream more fully. Images of objects came in to bright, clear focus, like a bowl or a teapot/flowerpot, and it was rotating around its axes so I could get a clear look at it. It came into super sharp focus, and I just enjoyed the visualization, things like that are rare for me. I manipulated it a bit, adding flowers. Later after it vanished it occurred to me that it may have been a dream, a "light WILD," but then again it could have just been super vivid hypnogogic imagery. But I don't think so, my hypnogogic images are all just vague colorful blobs, and this was a fully realized visual scene.

      + NLD [1]: in BIL's house. There I am in a room in a house, a guy is sitting at a piano, it is my Brother-In-Law M. I see the notes appear on a piece of paper in front of me as he plays, and I hear them together with seeing them appear on the paper. Then I realize it's M, and he's playing on an electronic piano, some sort of cool digital piano where the notes appear on a remote screen as you play them on the keyboard. The sound is very electronic and imitation, not like a digital piano at all, and I think this is odd because he and my sister are both musically inclined. I say "hey you changed your piano," the used to have an upright analog piano, and again I think this is weird that they replaced that awesome piano with for this tinny sounding electronic thing. He crosses the room and vigorously pours himself a glass of wine, sloshing it messily into the glass and some spills to the floor.

      Things fade and I realize I'm looking at a computer screen with characters on it. Scene changes to a library (?) looking at a computer.

      + I am outside a building on a 2nd floor balcony/landing with an external entrance door, and I open a door and look in to a short, empty hallway. This is my place, I realize, [false], where my renter lives, and I realize that I shouldn't just barge in on him without prior notice, so I close the hallway door and turn around. I'm standing on a high balcony over a bare courtyard below, get the urge to lean out and fly, realize this means

      I'm dreaming [10], and I lean out, spread my arms and begin to fly [5]. I'm moving slowly, and I will myself to move faster, I reach behind me with my right arm, and imagine I have an "Iron Man" flight gauntlet on and will it to propel me forwards faster. I fly around a corner still with tall buildings around me, zig zagging right then left, and I see a large open area in front of me with a bunch of people walking around on the ground. I land and the scene fades and I feel myself awake in bed...

      I remain clam and quiet and a scene returns (DEILD #1 [2]). I'm standing outdoors in daylight in an area similar to where I was before, and there is a sign of some sort, like an advertising banner, a couple of yards square, in front of me, and I will my dream arms to appear and reach out and pound my hands on the sign as a form of stabilization [1]. I feel my arms are a bit heavy/unresponsive and not "real" but pounding on this sign helps bring me more fully into the dream scene.

      A woman walks by, and I "interact" with her [2]. Scene fades....

      I figure I'm on a roll, and that the dream will soon return if I'm patient, and it does...

      I'm back in the large outdoor area with people walking by [(DEILD #2 [2]). There is a particularly hot, built, middle-Eastern looking woman approaching me, wearing a white evening dress, I think she's perhaps a waitress at a fancy restaurant, and I walk up to her, and "interact" with her for a moment , but not giving her much attention, making up some BS talking points like I'm asking her to get some order in order to "fit in" to the scene, and quickly leave her and move forwards. It is sort of like an outdoor restaurant, there is a tall counter with a female and male bartender standing there, I grab a flute of champagne and drink it [5]. There is not much flavor and the glass itself seems really light like it's empty. I walk a bit further along the bar and reach for another glass while saying "fix me a drink!" and it also, too, feels weightless. A bit further on towards the right-end of the counter/bar is a really tall barman, looking very dour/serious, and I ask him if his name wasn't "xxx" (forgot). "No," he answers, and mutters "Robin." "Ah, sorry" I say, and tell him he's really tall (he is) [DS] and I do a RC (score?) nose pinch and of course can breathe. I sit at the bar there is a group of women sitting there all clumped close together, I reach out and "interact" with one for a while, who turns out to be older but hey it's all good, and ask her to "interact" with me a bit, she starts and the scene fades...

      Figuring this is one of those once-every-many-years massive awesome DEILD chain, all I have to do is wait and think about the scene and it will continue, and sure enough....it does.

      I'm standing in a small office / hallway. [(DEILD #3 [2]), I move forwards. There is a low/narrow door / gate in front of me and with a gesture and a thought I blow it open with TK. [5]. I move forwards past this and the office opens into a room with a lot of comforters and chais and sofas to the left. I turn to the left into the area looking for more DCs, and as I turn and move, the area extends further and further into the distance right in front of my eyes. It is now a sort of outdoor area with a bunch of DCs milling around, and I move forwards into this area. There are a number of DCs here and I'm trying to figure out which one to "interact" with and decide on one woman. We move to an area with a bunch of doors that lead to "privacy" areas, and we enter the last one and close the door. The door has a glass window on it so I want to move farther back for more privacy, it's a narrow corridor that opens into a tiny bathroom with a toilet. I remove some of her clothing, get a quick peek, but the scene then fades...

      Being somewhat displeased at the loss of the dream, I resolve to remain still and return and continue. In a moment, I'm back in the toilet area in the "privacy hall" [(DEILD #4 [2]) but the woman has transformed into a man who is "ready for action" and some other dirty, sort of shifty looking guy is approaching down the corridor, asking "What are you doing with that guy?!". Thankfully, the scene quickly fades....

      Figuring that I want to quickly jot down some notes about these dreams before I forgot them, I opened my eyes, got up, and did so, and started the day.

      One of the night things about being a LD practitioner, is that those unpleasant long bouts of insomnia can sometimes have a silver lining!
      lucid , memorable
    7. 2023-06-03 00:00 competition night #2

      by , 06-03-2023 at 05:59 AM
      + sliding down a tarp/roadway that is draped over a bridge's towers, so it's super steep. Avoiding cars and chunks of concrete

      + walking through some underground underpass, meet some guy, climbing a tower which is build around a spiral staircase, need to escape, with group of people, trying to exit through hatches in the floor, the whole tower starts to bend, trying to get off

      + walking through a huge box store like Costco, thinking about the ventilation and temperature control, I stand at a corner of the building (then I'm at a different corner a bit later, sort of deja vu), I'm observing the huge ventilation tubes, I stand there in the blast of incoming fresh air, it is fairly cold, I'm thinking this is both how fresh air gets in to the building, and also it is the air conditioning system, I feel the blasts of air and feel the coolness of the air on my skin

      + working with some electronic devices in a room with people. We're rigging up something to high power systems. We turn it on and there is instantly a huge electrical POP!, and we're inspecting the device to see what has blown, it's probably something that's going to be hard to repair
    8. 2023-06-02 summer comp night #1

      by , 06-02-2023 at 02:13 PM
      + working out in a gym, bench pressing (and overhead) strange barbells, trying to keep balance

      + walking naked through the house, woman there (the owner), I get modest and hide behind the door to my room when she comes to talk to me, see myself in mirror, my butt looks bit but otherwise don't look bad. I think it'd be a good idea if I put on some underwear

      + standing with crowd of people outside, doing pushups on a curb then sort of falling off, people start to leave, then we're walking around inside a stadium

      + long series of scenes including climbing in/out of a window with difficulty, checking my reservation with an airlines and realizing I have almost no time to get my stuff and make it to the airport, trying to access a very important object in a safe in a wall, where a tall sacred stick is needed as part of the protocol to open the safe, and then I have a strong feeling of deja vu that this has all happened before

      + getting really angry with some guy who's criticizing me about something to do with the bells in a bell tower chiming