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    1. 2024-04-10 spring comp night #12 LLUCID #297

      by , 04-11-2024 at 09:14 AM
      * [04:12 am] basketball, playing vs. <my uni> team, they're all black and super tall, I think how I'll play against them. Coming on to the court someone says "you realize the basket is higher [in college ball] than normal? I look at it and it seems higher, I decide to impress them with my layup abilities and try a reverse layup and miss quite badly. Later in a room with a (coach?) who's very fat and I get a strong whiff of body odor [first time in a dream]. There is a long line of store-processed turkeys leading off into the distance and there is something about this being a refrigerator room. On the court an older guy is lying on the ground, passed out and barfed, I say/think he over exerted
      * [???] a team of us is doing industrial espionage [?] I realize I've left some of my things with my name <my name> written on them, including my backpack, they may be able to find me out from this. We leave through a major door and I look back at it and it is multi-part including a swinging metal frame, and someone says something like "Suz Hash [grad] is pregnant".
      * <forgot>hanging out with a group of people.
      * [LD #297] It was after I had been riding around in the park in my childhood home's neighborhood TVP on an electric motorbike, I was trying to figure out how to flip on the engine, eventually I did, when I had flicked the right switch I saw a battery level indicator light up, then I started up the engine and revved the throttle and rode up to the street level , I get to the top and I see a car that is like my old car parked in front of me with the rear end facing me I see the license plate it is standard CA blue background and gold lettering and even "recognize" it (6SUB...?) . I know I need to get my motorbike into the back of this car but I'm not sure it will fit, I go up to the trunk and look in and there is a small person (child?) hunched there in the back storage area on the left, which is I can see far too small for my bike because the back seat of the car is right there practically against the window. And I get the strong impression this is my old (first) car. I go around the left side and I see there are some pretty girls in the back seat. As I walk around I notice some curly strands of black pit hair hanging out the sleeves. So I lean through the window, and kiss the girl seated there. I see her face and eyes briefly and kiss her again. I realize I'm dreaming and I decide not to get pulled in to "girl stuff" and want to go about some dream goals, so I decide to declare out loud "I'm dreaming!" and stand up and go somewhere else and do some things for the current dreamviews LD competition, and instead I find that I've half-sat up in bed and said "I'm dreaming" out loud! Oops. I felt sort of dreamy after that and only later realized I had not done a state test to see if it wasn't a false awakening/transition. It was instant and not a fade, so it may have been a FA!