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    Winter Comp 2024 18.01

    by , 01-19-2024 at 12:07 AM (90 Views)
    NLD #1
    I was a ally of Polish Underground State and went somewhere via train. I was in transporter wagon and I had bag with me (probably documents was inside). The train stopped on station. Via illuminator or other hole I saw other train.
    -That's perfect - I said.
    From inside I quickly opened gate and I jump from the wagon. My new train started so I catch metal railing that was attached to last wagon of the new train. I tried to pull up myself but I was to weak. Nazi soldiers spotted me and they opened fire from MP-40 to me.
    Suddenly dream scenario changed (maybe I died ). I was in middle of forest somewhere in south poland. This time I had friend or guide with me. The forest was very dense - like jungle but more important - very beautiful. The guide led me to river bank.
    -Now we need to jump in and swim to another bank.
    I looked on the river. The water has natural green color and inside I saw a lot of orange fishes. They were big (40-50cm long).
    -Are you sure there is no other way? - I asked
    -Yes, but it will take few days. This is big shortcut.
    -Okay, not big deal - I jumped into the river.
    The water had neutral tempeture. I felt a little bit wet but it doesn't bother me.
    -"Hopfully I put my radio transceiver into plastic bag" - I thought.
    This time I had no bag with documents but big military backpack with radio transceiver. I was suprised that I have no problem with swimming. The backpack was heavy but maybe air inside made perfect ballance. Anyway I swim to another river bank.
    The scenario has changed - Now I was in village. I was searching a place to put my radio transceiver. Also I wished to change my wet clothes but nobody was in the village.
    The memory about rest part of dream was blurred. I remember that I wanted to go back to home. Also somewhere I had fight with alien boss.

    DF #1
    I was a teenager and I come to new school. I remember that most people disliked me for some reason
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