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    The Most Strange Series of Events...

    by , 01-08-2014 at 01:53 AM (609 Views)
    This dream was very different and random. There were several points of transition of which I don't recall, so none of the events can connect at all, but it was still an interesting series of events.

    The first dream I briefly recall being inside my grandparents' home. I believe I'm all alone here, that is until I begin investigating the area. I go upstairs and look around for awhile until coming across my grandma's room(which is in a different room than in real life), and I see she is sitting on her bed. I go in to see what she is doing and she informs me she is leaving to go somewhere. I say okay and she leaves. I'm very confused however, as she said she plans on driving, and she doesn't drive.

    I don't recall the transition, but the next part of the dream I find myself leaving a building with my family. They all enter the car with the exception of my brother and I and drive off. I'm very upset that they'd leave us here like this, so I pull out a MK3A1 Jackhammer automatic shotgun and fire off a full magazine at the car and then reload it.

    They don't come back, so I decide to do what is (not) best. I now aim the shotgun at an approaching car and the driver stops. A woman probably in her mid-twenties steps out with her hands up and runs away screaming. My brother and I get in and I strap in.
    "Don't tell Dad about this." I say.
    I rest my hand on the gear shift, ready to put the car into drive when I feel a sudden guilt. I tell my brother to get out of the car and we both exit. We begin to run off into the woods near by and come out into a large field. Near by there are some line trees and the street is about fifty yards away. I now hear a sound that would normally not affect me, but right now it is the last thing I want to hear: police sirens. My brother begins running towards the street without me and he runs into the cops immediately. I run to the pine trees to try and get away. The cops are coming from everywhere! There is no escape. I now notice a pine bush and I jump down and try to use it to hide. The dark sky will aid me since I'm wearing a black jacket as well. A few heavily armed policemen now walk by and search around, but to my surprise they cannot find me and move along. I take this opportunity and make a run for it. I find myself on a street under the lights. The road is empty minus a single woman who is standing topless in the road for some reason. Upon seeing me she puts her bra on. I'm hopelessly confused right now, I'm not sure when exactly, but around this time I become lucid. A man now comes by and he begins to have sex with the woman. Feeling slightly uncomfortable I move on and think about what I should do, and then I remember the task of the month. I need to go somewhere I shouldn't be while being invisible. I find a door in the middle of the road. It seems like a pointless door, but I can make it a portal. I now snap my finger and attempt to look at myself. There is only a very thin black outline of myself. I go through the door where there are many women and one man, and they all begin to talk about taking their clothes off. Oh God, yeah I'm definitely out of place. I now walk into the middle of where they're all sitting and they manage to notice me. I see I'm now visible again and I run back outside. I don't recall much more afterwards until I
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    1. imrossed's Avatar
      Ha I love how you just happened to find yourself in a place you shouldn't be! This made for quite the interesting read!
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