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    Attempting to meet Madmonkey

    by , 06-17-2023 at 10:15 AM (182 Views)
    Dream starts out, I think I am riding my bike through my old hometown somewhere. I think a scene may have taken place at my father’s parent’s house.

    I go to visit an apartment and the dream shifts to a fully otd scene. I am sitting at a counter made of bamboo or some kind of wood and it is shaped to look like a surfboard. There is a small glass jar with bamboo growing in it. I have come to discuss lucid dreaming with him and I am waiting for him to get us drinks.

    I say to myself
    “Okay, I am not stupid, I know enough to properly get lucid here.” And while I was properly lucid this go around, I was still not the most clear minded or focused throughout the dream.

    I then notice that the apartment is empty. I walk through a sort of living room area with high ceiling and a big light gray curved couch. I tell myself that when I go through, Manei will be on the other side.

    I am now in a different apartment or condo, though it feels like a similar location. I come through to new apartment. This one seems to have plants everywhere and be on the beach, though the design of it is still very fuzzy. There is a tall DF who due to the general instability of the dream seems to be rapidly cycling through different appearances. I kid you not while I looked at them and heard slot machine sounds while they morphed rapidly through different appearances like someone who kept pressing ‘randomize’ on a video game character creator. Their height is the only consistent feature.

    “Are you Manei? You’re tall enough to be her.”

    The dream figure settles on a form that looks sort of like her base form. Though it appears to be middle aged and appears somewhat pallad and sickly. Regardless I sense that it is her and we embrace and kiss then walk over to the window. The scene outside seems unstable. Directly outside I see a road runs paralell to the ocean and perpendicular along the side of the apartment building. I see the road is below sea level and the sea/ocean is spilling over a small waterfall on the coast, about the meter and flowing down the road. I see a large cumulus cloud (or volcanic ash plume) and small debris raining down from it.

    “I see small debris raining down and we’re below sea level. What do you see?”

    Manei is now a large bipedial/humanoid grayish tabby cat. She is silent.

    We then arrive outside in a canoe, riding down the water which spills over from the sea and runs down the street. I see a police SUV get in the street and turn down, driving through the water my canoe is floating in. The water is maybe 10-15cm deep, barely deep enough for my canoe to float but also shallow enough for the police car to drive in. Cat-Manei is in the canoe but vanishes after I look away from her too many times. I am worried the dream police will stop me but they just go around me.

    I am thinking about how I am somewhat lucid but not really. I remember something from robert waggoner's book about how a dream should in theory like to interact with a lucid consciousness over a non lucid one.

    I get out of the canoe, wade through the water and go back into the apartment complex. I pick a random apartment and say to myself that “This is Mr. Monkey and Juliana’s apartment. I will meet them in there.”

    I go inside. A small white robot with a square head leads me to another apartment door and I am back in the room with the gray couch and the odd high ceiling. I see two dream figures and intuitively know they are Monkey and Juliana. I also see that the high ceiling apartment/condominium has a staircase and a balcony that overlooks the main living space with a sort of firemans pole. I climb the stairs and slide down the firemans pole while I am having diaolouge. As I do, I call out for Manei again.

    “Manei, can you please come in here to meet Mr. Monkey and Juliana.” I say. I am trying to arrange a dream scene with all four of us present even though I don’t really have an end goal in mind.

    “In a minute I’m taking a picture!” I hear her voice very clearly project from another room. I intuitvely know its a bathroom and that she is getting ready.

    Intuitively I know this is her saying “I’m trying to get my form right this time.”

    “Hurry up, stop posting to dreamstangram!”

    Which has the double meaning of “I don’t care if its not perfect, just come.”

    I then pause and for some reason think of ‘dream’ the Minecraft youtuber, and say to myself. “Whoops that had a double meaning, sorry.”

    I look at Monkey and Juliana sitting on the big gray couch together. Monkey seems fuzzy but he looks to be wearing a blue bathrobe and white breifs and nothing else. He has large mutton chops and a monkey tail and is sitting on the couch eating chips or cheez-its or something out of a plastic bowl and drinking a beer. Juliana is wearing a tank top that says on her chest “witch bitch” and has short black hair in a sort of pixie cut, and panties. When I look at her she chugs an entire bottle of beer distressingly fast, belches, and then laughs at something on the TV.

    I look at the TV and see some kind of old school cartoon, like tom and jerry or something. The actual TV imagery is fuzzy but I hear “whoops” and “clangs” and other stock old school cartoon sound effects. I then notice a 3x5 cardboard case of beer bottles (mostly empty with bottles scattered around on the floor between them.)

    I somehow interpret this as symbolic “this is a shared dream on some level, but they are nonlucid, just passive observers who are mentally inebriated and passively going along with a stupid dream plot. I need to help them get lucid. Then I can do my sparring goal with Monkey but in my dream.” I also make the connection to some of our visualization exercises where they are comfortable with drinking and we are not.

    But the dream ends and I wake up instead.


    Some dream where I am in a survival situation with my mom. There is an ice age or snow storm and we are alternating between traveling through towns and cities buried in ice and camping out in various buildings finding food and supplies.

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    1. Oneirin's Avatar
      Very cool! The canoe ride sounds like fun lol.
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    2. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Yay! We are making progress on shared dreaming! Also 'witch bitch' is Jay's new catch phrase!
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