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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Fragment: Monstorous Transformation

      by , 02-10-2014 at 09:09 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am outside, It feels like I am in a parking lot and the school is on some kind of field trip.where a mirror was set up looking at myself. I have very small eyes and a large, mushroom shaped head that is completely bald. Some dream characters are laughing at me and calling me a freak.

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    2. Well...

      by , 02-01-2014 at 02:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was reading in english class. The text on the pages of the book was very vivid, and I could easily make out the characters. The book we were reading was something like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" in that it had cartoons drawn in it by the narrator, and the book was about going through school, but the book was written about my life.

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    3. More dreams

      by , 01-13-2014 at 05:24 AM (Lucid Time!)

      The king of England sent me $200, A $25 gift card to amazon com, and a collection of postage stamps. I was opening the envelope while standing in the meadow outside of whiterun (skyrim)


      I found a pen with a laser pointer on the end of it. I wanted to use it to play with my cat.

      The Cat Shelter

      I was walking near the seamless tubing factory a couple blocks from my subdivision. This young girl approached me and asked me about helping her to start a cat shelter for a group of stray cats that were living next to the factory.
      After she tells me that a number of cats emerge out of a segment on concrete pipe sitting on the ground. One of them cats has bright blue fir.
      "HOLY CRAP A CAT WITH BRIGHT BLUE FIR! I thought that was only a myth!"
      "Nope, no reason to reality check. Nothing strange here."
      "Nah, I don't feel like starting a cat shelter with you."

      I wake up.

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    4. Much Dream. So Lucid. Such Dreamguide. Wow. (LD #71)

      by , 01-10-2014 at 08:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was somewhat lucid, and I was practicing my maneuvering skills. I was in third person, but couldn't seem to control my perspective. But no matter, this allowed me to better see what I was doing and where I was.
      I was out over the ocean. There were these high tech towers with platforms out on the sides of them, set up in a long row. Supposedly this was some kind of course that was set up for lucid dreamers to practice their abilities. Beyond the towers were a couple of tropical islands about a mile away.
      So there, I was just jumping from tower to tower. I was doing very well with... this and sometimes was even able to skip a platform or two and glide past them.
      I get to the end of the course, and there is my dream-guide. I go back into first person mode. We sit on the last tower and start talking about... heck I don't recall now. (I woke up and wrote down not enough of the key points about this lucid dream at 2:00am by the light of my toy redstone lamp.) But the important part of our discussion was the part that I remembered. She started talking about teaching me "Jumping the Dream". (Is that the new Jumping the Shark?! I don't know. The dream is trying to make some bad joke here, but I don't get it.) I had two interpretations of that phrase. One was literal. Like what I had been just doing. Jumping in a dream. The other one was that it was shared dreaming, as in you were jumping to other people's dreams.
      Okay, I don't remember learning squat about "jumping the dream". So I told her that.
      And here's where the dream gets weird. After saying to her, "I don't recall learning this" she... er well she did something and I suddenly recalled two more lucid dreams. They felt like they were from the past two days. And here be the creepy part. When she helped me to remember them, It felt like she was the one who had done something to make me forget them.

      Forgotten Lucid #1: was where we had talked about "Jumping the Dream". The only imagery I can recall is sitting with her somewhere discussing just that.

      Forgotten Lucid #2: supposedly consisted of some kind of practice for "Jumping the dream" I can't recall any imagery.

      Hang on. Am I missing something? So you taught me how to "Jump the dream" whatever the heck that means. You spent three nights now where I was lucid dreaming and for the first two nights you bother explain and teach this stuff to me only to do some dream guide hocus pocus and make me forget the dreams, then on the third night remind me of these other lucid dreams that I may or may not have actually had, and make me think that you taught me about something that I have no idea what it is.

      What the heck?
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    5. Illegal Music

      by , 01-09-2014 at 10:49 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was riding on the school bus with C. I should probably note that the bus was not on its usual route. She was telling me about how she had gotten her hands on some "illegal music" and wanted me to hear it. She got out a CD case as well as a CD player (way to go oldschool.)
      We both put on headphones and began listening. The music turned out to be really innocent sounding guitar and piano pieces with no vocals. I asked her why the music was illegal, but she did not respond.

      Collection of fragments:

      -I was riding the school bus (may have been the same dream) but I was standing ontop of the school bus. I got to see a third person view of myself. I was wearing a black jacket.

      -Something to do with seeing a black energy orb with a white band across it.

      -Something to do with a tropical location, had a beach and some palm trees.

      -Something to do with a baby.

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    6. Comedy of Invasion

      by , 01-06-2014 at 05:03 PM (Lucid Time!)
      It's not really that funny. I promise.

      Part one:

      I am watching some move about a man who is in the military. He is asleep in the barracks, which looks pretty typical of military barracks. He wakes up from a dream/nightmare and decides to call his family over the phone.
      He begins talking with his wife, who apparently has just recently had a baby. But then the other men in the barracks (who are trying to sleep and are getting annoyed by this man talking) begin shooting some kind of tranquilizer darts from their beds to make him go back to sleep. Apparently this is some kind of rule in the barracks that if somebody is keeping you from sleep your allowed to tranquilize them.
      Despite being hit with over 20 of these darts the man actually keeps talking for a few minutes before the poison is actually able to knock him out. There is some rabble amongst the other men in the barracks and eventually they all just go back to sleep.
      The thing about this scene was that it was supposed to be funny somehow, but to me, I sort of felt bad for the man.
      My "camera" flies down to the end of the barracks and I end up in my own body. (Great, so I'm one of the soldiers now.) Also time goes by very fast while the camera moves. It is now about 5:50 in the morning and everyone is supposed to wake up at six.
      Knowing I don't want to be tranquilized like that other poor sap a few hours earlier, I just decide to lay in bed, and enjoy the feeling, not let anyone know that I am awake.
      Eventually 6:00 am rolled around and your stereotypical grumpy drill sergeant came in, woke everyone up and had us do jumping jacks to prepare for the day.

      Part two:

      I am in my town, but it looks like summertime rather than wintertime. (Here, In Michigan, it is the dead of winter.) I am making my way down the main street of our town when I see about a dozen spherical flying robots pass over me. All of the robots are white with a trio of glowing red eyes aligned horizontally across the front. On the sides there are two circular panels that can extend out and reveal a machine gun on either side of the robot.
      So the robots reveal their machine guns, break their formation, and begin terrorizing the town. Another dream character instructs me to run to the train depot. (Even though we don't have a train depot in our town in RL.)
      The other dream character explains to me that these robots are of alien origin. He says he know how to stop however. He takes out a communicator device and calls up his "superhero friends".
      His two superheroes show up. The first one is a man who seems to have super strength and flying ability. I see him fly into the air and grab one of the robots, then crush it. The second one is a woman who has martial arts abilities. She jumps in the air and kicks one of the robots so hard that it actually breaks in half.
      The superheroes get busy fighting, there are over 20 robots attacking my town. The man is continuing to explain something to me, but I am losing interest.

      Part Three:

      I am in the car with my mother. She is telling me that because there are alien robots attacking earth now, that militarized forces were offering some handsome financial benefits for anyone who joins.
      I sort of circle the idea of joining the army, listing mostly cons as my mom tries to convince me. We arrive at my house, but continue discussing this.
      Eventually my mom confesses that she already signed me up for a one-day "trial" for the army that is sort of like boot camp for a day. She says that if I like it, I can choose to stay in the army, but if not, I'm welcome to drop out after the first day and we can forget the whole thing happened. We both sorta know already that I'm not going to enjoy it and drop out after the first day.
      But then came the thing we couldn't decide on. In RL, I keep my hair long (though I'm a guy), and It's just my signature look. And in the army you have to shave. Er... no. I am not getting shaved if I am only going to be in the army for one day. And this is what we get into our big argument about. We fight about it for a few minutes and the dream ends.


      I was at school, in the cafeteria.

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    7. Lucid Dream 70; Best Experience in awhile

      by , 01-02-2014 at 12:19 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: City Map

      Somebody was showing me a map of a city built on a couple of islands. They were in fact showing me two different versions that were a couple decades apart and showing me how the city had grown over the years.

      Late For Class,Forgotten PowerPoint,In my Underwear

      You know, I've gotten so attuned to the "typical" dreams of being late for class, forgetting homework, and being in those sorts of embarrassing situations, that I was legitimately surprised that I didn't get lucid here.

      I was running to get to my social studies class, and the bell rang. It was just down the hall, and the teacher was standing outside the class, he just sort of gave me a scolding look and went into the classroom. For some reason, my walk was real clumsy, and I sort of staggered down the hallway to the classroom.
      When I got into the classroom, I noticed that I was hot. I had a jacket on over a hoodie and a t-shirt. I also had on two pairs of pants. I took off both the hoodie and the jacket. I then tried to take off one of the pairs of pants, but accidentally took off both and was in my underwear.
      The teacher facepalmed appropriately and everyone in the class was laughing at me.
      All of the lights were off and the projector was on (one of those digital projectors that can project a computer screen.) The teacher asked me if I had my PowerPoint ready.
      "What PowerPoint?! I don't know what your talking about."
      And he tells me that before break he assigned us a big project that we have to make a PowerPoint. He says I can turn it in tomorrow but if I don't I get no points in the gradebook.
      The dream ended with me putting my head down onto my desk thinking about how the heck I am supposed to do this project in one night.

      Lucid Dream #70: Good Practice

      This was an overall good lucid dream. I liked that it felt more stable than some of my previous lucid dreams.

      I feel like I just sort of get "plopped" into my school's gymnasium, and my mind was sort of blank. This was similar to the first time I was lucid dreaming, as I got to see the dream begin. So this might have been as I was entering REM sleep.
      The gym was ultimately empty, and it actually seemed different than my schools gymnasium, but it sort of had the feel of my school. I stabilized the dream by rubbing my hands together and decided to try out some dream control.
      And let me just say that this dream felt way more vivid and stable than my last few lucid dreams.
      I had no real plans, so I just wanted to have fun. I jumped, and managed to go fifteen or twenty feet into the air. But I wanted to go higher, so I focused on the metal support beams in the roof of the gym. From there, I was able to start flying in a very slow controlled way and began soaring around the gym.
      A bunch of other dream characters began filtering in, but none of them familiar. There was this one boy who was also able to jump relativily high, but not fly as I was. But he kept on jumping up in-front of me, and I would hit him. It almost seemed like he was doing this on purpose. Each time I hit him, I would sort of have to hold him and lower him back to the ground slowly. I apologized and let him continue. But this was getting annoying. We eventually decided to each stick to our own sides of the gym for our activities.
      I eventually stopped flying and grabbed onto one of the metal support beams. There was enough room for me to stand on a horizontal beam and hold onto a vertical beam with one of my hands. Viewing the gymnasium from the roof was a rather odd experience.
      There was this floating platform that came into the gym with this girl who was trying to look all attractive for me. But for whatever reason I thought to myself that I didn't want to try sexy things with dream characters right now.
      I opened a telepathic communication with her and told her that perhaps in a future lucid dream she could visit me again. But for now, no.
      After that, I took off flying again, did one more circle around the gymnasium. As I started to lose the dream, I was taken into a third person view of myself flying. The view was from behind and above me, and I was flying forward, kindof like superman. But I had a long black cape and hood on, and had no way of getting a look at my dreaming self.

      Side note: I've been trying to figure out what my "dream self" looks like for some artwork I've been planning on doing. Black cloak and hood is a start.

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    8. Theiving Levels 1 and 2, Lucid I can't remebmer

      by , 01-02-2014 at 01:15 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Lucid fragment.

      I know that I had a lucid dream, but I have no idea what happened in it. All I can rember was that is boasted some similarities to my last two lucid dreams... just with the general feel of the dreams.

      Thieving levels 1 and 2

      I had been taken by some thieving group that had to steal these ancient relics that were owned by different people. (And of course, they want me to do the dirty work and actually steal each relic.) Each one was with a different person at a different location and each location was going to be more difficult to steal from than the last. I have no idea how many of these there are in total.
      Location one felt like my own neighborhood by the design and spacing of the houses and streets. The other thieves gave to me this Bluetooth type headset so that they could communicate with me.
      The first house we were going to steal from, we were going to steal from it in broad daylight while the residents were home. (Yea real bright idea, thieves.) To do this, I had to quietly open a side door on their garage and then open a trapdoor on the floor of their garage.
      From there, I had to crawl through a dirt ventilation shaft (if that makes any sense) about two stories underground into this dungeon like basement that they had. The basement was filled to the top with boxes of stuff, and was difficult to navigate, but I eventually found the relic that I was looking for. It just looked like a golden cube about two inches on edge with a sort of circuit board pattern to it.
      As I was holding it, I paid attention to the activities going on upstairs. I could hear dishes clanking and people talking. I thought that it might be dinnertime in this household.
      I crawled back out of the dirt vent and up through the garage out of the house.

      The second relic was stored in the barn of a paranoid middle-aged farmer. The farm was actually behind these rows of houses in a different subdivision in a different area. The area had a sort of arid feel to it, as though we were in a hot, dry climate.
      The other thieves had a plan that I would look like an innocent jogger who would sneak into his barn, grab the relic, then run away.
      I came jogging along the trail that led by his barn. There were a couple of large pastures for cows and horses. The barn itself, well it didn't look like a classic barn being panted red and white. This one was bare wood, and had a low slanted roof.
      I took two quick looks in either direction to make sure nobody was coming. Then went off the trail, through one of the cow pastures into the barn. When I got inside, I was met with a surprise, there were cowbells hanging from strings everywhere. Through my headset the other thieves told me that the farmer would hear these if I accidentally hit them.
      I make my way through the barn and up to the second level. I find the relic on a pile of hay and get ready to make my way back when I accidentally trip one of the cowbells. I hear the door of the farmhouse open.
      I just say screw it and run out to the field, tripping a bunch more cowbells as I get out of the barn. He hasn't seen me yet. I get back to the path and try to pull the whole "harmless jogger" routine to trick the farmer. The thieves explain to me that once I get off his property, I'm safe, and he's not allowed to come after me anymore.
      A shogun blast comes from behind and destroys a fencepost. The farmer grabs me. I'm caught, and the farmer takes his relic back.

      The dream had two endings somehow.

      Ending #1.
      After the farmer caught me he just got really angry and began yelling at me. There wasn't really much else he could do besides scold me for trying to steal his relic.

      Ending #2.
      The farmer had some tradition that every time someone tried to steal from him, they would have to fight his three sons. I had to face them in this small coliseum like location made out of scrap wood and metal with dozens of other farmers watching.
      I was fighting his sons, mostly kicking them to keep them away.

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    9. Lucid dreams #67, 68

      by , 12-31-2013 at 03:24 PM (Lucid Time!)

      Something to do with superman fighting a number of Tanks in a downtown/city area.

      Lucid Dreams

      I count these as two lucid dreams since in some respects they were separate dreams and I actually got lucid, lost it, then got lucid again.

      I was at some apartment with S. Supposedly this was in the near future where we had graduated high school and started living on our own. (I'm graduating this spring.)
      I can remember getting lucid through the old nose pinch reality check, stabilizing the dream a little, telling S that he was a dream character.
      It was at that point that I picked up a ball that was lying around the room. I began to use dream control to do this trick where I would change the color of the ball by closing it in my hands, looking away, then opening my hands and the ball would be a different color.
      The other dream characters didn't really seem to care, and for some reason I wanted to entertain them. I thought about a daydream that I'd had yesterday where I picked up a handful of dirt and closed my hand, when I opened it a bunch of butterflies flew out.
      I wanted to try the same trick with this ball, it was the perfect sort of thing to try in a lucid dream. I closed my hands around the ball and thought about what would happen when I opened them. I thought I felt something crawling on my hand. It was ready I opened it.
      No fantastic butterflies. All I managed to do was change the ball from plastic into putty. I wasn't disappointed however and began experimenting with the putty; how it felt and looked in the dream world. I could tell I was losing the dream and going to wake up
      False awakening, I'm in my own basement. It looks really realistic, but I decide to do a reality check because this looks like a false awakening.
      I do the nose pinch again, but for some reason I did it for a really long time, like 10 or 15 seconds.
      Okay, I'm still dreaming. I decide I want to go outside and practice some more advanced dream control. (I don't get why I didn't just teleport by dream spinning, I seem to forget that I can do that...)
      That said I begin making my way upstairs and paying attention to the fact that this dream, unlike the apartment dream beforehand seemed to be much more vivid. I was excited by how I could make out the patterns on the wood paneling we have in our basement.
      I get upstairs, and decide to summon some dream characters, or maybe my dream guide for help. I think that the best way to summon someone would be to call them on the phone. I look at the phone list on the refrigerator and all of my waking life friends are there. I can't seem to find any unusual numbers that I would want to call, so I decide to go outside.
      S is back and he has pulled up in his car. I decide to get in with him and a bunch of random DCs. We all pile into the back of his car and drive off. After a minute I realize that this was a stupid idea and now I'm stuck in this car, and can't really move, and I'm going to lose the dream. I wake up.

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    10. Another Alien Invasion Dream, LD #66 (sort of)

      by , 12-29-2013 at 04:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Alien invasion dream (in fragments)

      I looked outside and noticed dozens of aircraft moving around in seemingly random directions in the sky. A few moments later they all stopped and had arranged themselves in a perfect grid. I thought to go get my camera, but realized that if I did, they would vanish. I decided rather to just watch and see what happened next.

      C was in my garage, working. She told me that she had sensed that this was happening and had prepared. She had started building some weapon that would be the only thing that was effective against the aliens. She told me that she needed me to run to the hardware store before the aliens landed and get her a metal pipe: any size, any length.

      I was looking online at the pictures and news coverage of the aliens. One of them showed the aliens in a grid like I had seen earlier. The other one showed a picture of the alien ships. They looked something like this. [/COLOR]

      do blind men have lucids?-alien-ship.jpg

      Badly drawn alien ship. The brown/tan parts were not wood, but rather metal painted in that color.

      Fragment: Lucid Driving

      My dad had just crashed his car into the road. I told him it was OK because I was actually just lucid dreaming. I immediately woke up.

      Fragment: False Awakening

      I false awoke into my room, got up, and logged onto this website in order to begin my DJing.

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    11. Random bits

      by , 12-29-2013 at 02:52 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with skyscrapers and tall buildings being built everywhere.

      Been getting alot of that lately. I did spend a good deal of my middle-school years playing Simcity. Most of the time when I dream about Skyscrapers, it does have the simcity feel to it.

      I was spending the summer at some huge Victorian mansion with some other people. There was an old man who was the butler, and a boy about three years older than me. These two were both really nice. There was a girl who lived there that was about two years younger than me.
      The reason I was staying here was the girl was having trouble getting along with her older brother, and through the course of the summer, I was supposed to help the brother and the sister get along.
      Half the summer passed and I had made little progress. I began hearing a voice in the back of my head and learned that I was in fact a character in a novel and I would eventually fall in love with the sister.
      I didn't want to fall in love with her because... well she was a jerk. So, I decided to kill her instead. I murdered her and the dream ended.

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    12. Fake shared dreaming (LD #62)

      by , 12-13-2013 at 12:29 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragments (Don't really care for 'em)

      I was climbing a water-slide made out of sand. I don't know how that works either. The water-slide was in the woods behind my neighborhood.

      My subdivision had been replaced with some sort of beach area. There was a river running where the road used to be. The beach had a lot of broken glass on it, but all of it had been eroded by the waves and made into round stones. (Y'know beach glass.)
      Different areas had different colors of beach grass. A dream character was explaining to me that the different colors can symbolize different things.

      I was in the hunger games universe. (Agian?! I don't even like the hunger games.) And there was this tradition that if you light a lot of candles the night before the tributes are picked, you won't get picked for your district. We had this big chandelier thing covered in lit candles so that I wouldn't be picked as tribute tomorrow.

      I can't remember how I got lucid, but I was in the baseball diamond at the front of my neighborhood. I think the house that was closest to it was a little odd. The other thing that I recall was that there were dark storm clouds overhead.
      S was there. He told me this was a shared dream. We decided we wanted to have a flying competition.
      I did my old method of flying that worked surprisingly. (Not focus flying.) I held out both of my hands and jets of fire formed in my hands. (Though it was a red fire, not a blue one.)
      S mimicked me. He held out his hands and started flying too. I was ascending slowly, but he was going even slower. Once he realized I was winning, he somehow changed the flames in his hand to a green color and started going about three times as fast, he passed me in altitude.
      I turned my flames green. I started moving up faster than him again, and started catching up.
      He started changing his flames slowly from green to blue to purple, and continued accelerating. I changed mine to purple and caught up with him. We were in the grey storm clouds now, but we still had a general idea of where the ground was.
      He was getting frustrated, and turned himself into a ball of purple fire. He began to loop around and head back toward the ground. I too turned myself into a ball of purple fire and looped toward the ground.
      We dived twoard the ground, and we both pulled up before hitting it, only to see that there were a pair of large trees blocking each of our paths. S hit his first, landing with his stomach and he slid down it sort of like when a cartoon character hits a glass wall.
      I was somehow able to phase through the tree I was about to hit.

      I had an FA from the shared dream. S was asleep in a sleeping bag on my bedroom floor. I was in my bed.
      I went to wake him up and ask him if he had the shared ream with me. He held out his phone and started snapping pictures of me. I tried to stop him, but he still took quite a few photos.
      He then actually got out of the sleeping bag, and was really angry. He was taking the photos because he had some app on his phone that would take famous scenes from movies and replace the faces of the characters with the faces of whoever you took pictures of. And all of mine looked really bad because I flinched away from the camera. The movie theme was star wars.
      I asked him about the shared dream and he said that he had experienced everything the same as me. He told me I won the flying completion because he didn't know how to phase through the tree.

      That day I asked S if he had recalled the other end of the dream. He said no.

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    13. Brraaiinnss

      by , 12-11-2013 at 09:51 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I am riding the school bus. I know S is there but everyone else is unfamiliar. We are going on a field trip to look for art references of all things. I think I got mildly lucid and was looking for my dream guide as an art reference.

      Fragment: Minecraft

      I am in a rainforest biome. I jump off a mountain into the water.


      I am in my tech school class and the room looks pretty normal save for there is a door in the corner of the room where we have the green-screen set up. The greenscreen has been replaced with a marker board and the remaining camera equipment has been pushed aside.
      I am on my computer... doing whatever when the teacher calls us over by the door. He begins by drawing a brain on the board. (Given this is an art class, I think we are learning about... how to draw brains...?) So I expect he will experiment with drawing the brain from different angles and what not.
      No, the dream goes a different route. The teacher is actually going to lecture us on the different regions of the brain and what their functions are. (Again, this is an art/computer animation class)
      The first thing he does is draw a small circle in the middle of the brain. He makes a joke by saying that this is how much of his brain is actually functional. A few people laugh, including me. He then erases the circle and begins talking seriously about the lesson.

      I get bored almost immediately and begin to think about how this lesson COULD actually intrest me. I think about the only brain related topic that I'm actually interested in, in hopes that maybe I could bring it up in the class discussion. (Obviously that topic is dreaming.)
      Hmm...Dreaming. Lucid dreaming. I should do a reality check.
      I don't even finish my thought when a dream character bursts through the door and shoots me with a gun. I wake up.

      Well screw you too, random dream character.

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    14. Frags and Lucid Nightmare (LD 61)

      by , 12-11-2013 at 03:46 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: Football.

      I am playing football. (Strange b/c I don't even know the rules of football in RL.) We are about to score a touchdown when the other team starts cheating. I don't see how they are cheating at first, but then realize that some of the players on the other team are "football robots".

      Fragment: Random

      I am feeding ducks cheese bugles. (SERIOUSLY, BRAIN, WHAT THE HECK!?!?!!?) One of the ducks tries to fly away, but I think gets shot by a hunter. The other one starts barfing the cheese bugles back up next to me. They are much bigger and covered in ... duck spit? I don't want to eat them, even though the duck seems to be offering them to me.

      Lucid Nightmare: Dentist in math class

      I am in my math class. At least two other kids are talking about an assignment, and the teacher is pestering me about something. Eventually she stops and I get ready to sit down, but a dentist comes in and tells me I must have a dental operation.
      A large dentist chair complete with instruments appears at the front of the class. The dentist sort of forces me to lay down and leather restraints go onto my arms. The dentist explains that I must have my braces augmented then he will use a laser to kill germs on my teeth.
      We cut straight to the laser part. The laser comes down from the ceiling on this robotic arm. The projector is a chrome cone like device. (Another cool sci-fi design) The laser beam itself was actually a purple color. I get to somehow watch as the dentist uses the laser to clean cavities on the inside of my own mouth. But he seems to be making mistakes and having the laser hit my gums. This hurts. A lot.
      Eventually, he gets done with the laser. He says he is going to start pulling bad teeth out. He gets a rather intimidating set of pliers and pulls out one or two teeth. This hurts. Even more. He keeps pulling teeth out, and I can feel the inside of my mouth. I'm trying to figure out what teeth he's pulling.

      Okay, this has gone far enough. Somehow one of my hands gets free of the restraints and i do a nose plug RC.
      I'm lucid, but the dream is really unstable. Heck, I can feel my arm in two places at once, pinching my nose, and sitting by the side of my body under a blanket.
      Nevertheless, this dentist doesn't seem to like the fact I've become lucid. He begins to wake me up by casting a magical spell from his hand. I want him to stop (for obvious reasons), I feel for the tray by the side of my chair and grab a handful of dental tools. I'm ready to stab him when I wake up completely.

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    15. Random Short Dreams

      by , 12-01-2013 at 08:42 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at school. A pair of boys were sitting around holding large Scrantons. (You know those insidious things the school system creates with millions of tedious bubbles that you must fill in with a number 2 pencil.) Anyways, they were talking, something about a pilot's test and passing/failing it.
      I was in my math class, the last class I have before the end of the day. I began walking out of the school, but my route was rather weird, and I ended up going out through the gymnasium.
      While I was walking through there, I encountered this overweight boy. He was acting like he wanted to fight me. I told him that I didn't want to fight (out of character for me!)

      I was re-watching the footage from a presidential inauguration when I realized there were female gunmen wearing black shirts and these big sunglasses scattered through the crowd. Somebody was explaining to me that it was a good thing they never attacked.

      I was in this baseball stadium, with my mother. We were the only two there. It was nighttime, and a beautiful clear night. There were these fireworks going off in the sky, but they were silent, and seemed to be very high up. They were actually some weird kind of space fireworks.
      From there I turned into what felt like some kind of ball of energy and got transported to the moon. From there, I got a brief view of earth from the moon.
      I got transported again to this beautiful remote portion of the earth that had large grass covered mountains over ocean. There were rock faces exposed on the mountains. A DC began explaining to me that the mountains were once part of an ancient forest. I walked up to a rocky outcropping and broke off a piece, realizing it was actually thousand year old wood.
      The forest converted to a laboratory type area. The dream character continued by saying they were trying to revive some of the unique species of plants and even animals. The lab was full of these strange grasses and bushes growing in rows on the tables. (Sounds like a drug hideout, I know.)
      They had revived these two cat-like creatures that had used to live in said ancient forest. I got to watch them do a short mating ritual. The dream character explained that it was a good thing they were mating, for it meant they could one day repopulate the forest.

      I was with some family. My parents, as well as my aunt, uncle and cousins. We were racing through the airport, trying to get to... gate B25 I think it was. We ran down a long aisle in a big rush before eventually reaching it.
      Once we got there, we discovered that we actually had a long waiting period until the plane actually arrived. Some members of our group complained that they were hungry. So I and my aunt got out a portable stove top and began preparing a pot of noodles for the group. I did notice that whatever airport we were at was lacking rows of fast-food restaurants built into the walls.

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