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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Trinary processor.

      by , 11-14-2012 at 01:16 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I can remember something about meeting the man from my AI theft dream. He had come back to show me something new that he had created. He told me that it was a trinary processor chip.
      He explained to me about how computers do code in one's and zeros (binary code) but this new computer chip could process weak electrical signals and strong electrical signals where a "strong" signal counted as a number two. So the computer chip could process a 0,1, or 2. (trinary code)

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    2. random frag and dream

      by , 11-13-2012 at 04:59 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was out-of-body, flying around. There was some story about a tribe of people living in a post apocalyptic world. The were all walking though the desert past this industrial complex. This sniper shot a woman. Then someone told me that there was an evil tribe that wanted to end chances for re-population of the earth by killing all of the women.

      I was in a park, or meadow type setting. Talking with Lia, my dream guide again. Eventually she left, walked away into the sun, and a bunch of family members and other random people started showing up and they were all bringing with them little kids.
      The little kids were playful and they gathered up and tackled me and we were wrestling around on the ground for awhile. At first it was fun, but after awhile I wanted them to get off of me because they were biting me and scratching me with their fingernails.
      Eventually I kicked this one kid pretty hard because I was angry/annoyed. He started crying and his father came over. He was really angry at me for kicking his son.

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    3. Frags

      by , 11-05-2012 at 11:54 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in a large outdoor pool complex. It was wintertime and snowing. I walked to the very end of it and began relaxing in this hot tub. This girl that I knew in my freshman year of high school came over and started flirting with me me. It was kind of annoying.

      I can remember being in this boy-scout troop type thing. It was cold and rainy. This one boy was going fishing by a river. I can remember the river being wide with a lot of rapids and turbulent water.
      The boy stated that he was trying to catch a catfish. When he reeled in the fish and held it up, it was this very long eel-like creature whos head looked sort of like a cats'. I can remember it having whiskers and catlike eyes.
      The boy then walked over by a tall wooden fence and released the catfish into a very small, shallow pond.

      I had a false awakening in my bedroom. I decided that I wanted to draw a picture of Lia (My dream guide) But it was really dark in my room.
      I started going around turning on all of the lights in my room. (I have three lamps, a light in the fan and a desk light) But for some reason all of the lights were dim. I began drawing anyway.
      After awhile I looked over my drawing and was disappointed with the quality of the drawing. She looked ugly.

      I was having a dream about playing minecraft with a bunch of my friends. We were mining some diamonds deep down in this cave. We started to head back up, but the floor of the cave started to collapse into pools of lava. I can remember running and dodging falling objects.
      Eventually, the minecraft style dream morphed into a more realistic style. We had reached a large cavern. We all stopped and looked around for a second. It was silent.
      This man in a robot suit dropped down. But the suit was not fancy technology, it was more like a steampunk mech suit. I know that's difficult to understand, but this guy had this armor made out of this copper-colored metal, and he had all of these pistons and gears moving around in very intricate ways to make this man move.
      The man lowered himself onto the floor with this big chain. He then summoned a bunch of attack dogs to me and my friends. We all drew swords and fought off the dogs.
      When we turned to the man with the mech-suit he opened these canvas and wood bat wings on his suit and started to slowly fly out of the cave on a jet of steam, screaming all the while. We ran after him, and reached the surface.
      We could see him streaking ahead, gaining speed. We tried to chase him, but it was difficult because we were running though a forest and there were alot of fallen trees on the ground.

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    4. Fragments

      by , 11-03-2012 at 04:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Some dream about minecraft that was very stable and vivid. I can't really remember much more than digging around in this cave and finding a bunch of diamonds.
      Eventually I came back to the surface and the minecraft appearance of the dream changed to realistic. I was in a swamp.

      Something about Lia Manei (My dream guide) appearing agian.

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    5. Alot of fragments

      by , 10-29-2012 at 02:27 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I think these connected into dreams, but I had such a lazy weekend, that I didn't even care to write down my dreams. I can't remember these dreams being particularly interesting, anyway.

      I was in the bathrooms at my tech school. All of the toilet stalls were very dirty. I was trying to find a stall so that I could go poop. I ended up barging in on this guy who was. [Clears Throat] Doodling with his Wong, if you know what I mean.

      A fragment that fairly accurately played out the scene from the scene from the last star wars movie where Obi-Wan and Anikin are fighting on the lava planet. I was Anikin for awhile then I flew out of his body and watched Obi-Wan cut my arms and legs off.

      Something where someone handed me a plastic shopping bag with a woman's breast in it. There was some other stuff in the bag too. I was really grossed out and wanted to get rid of it.

      Something about building a huge sort of Roman/Greek looking city that involved all of these stone bridges going though these mountains. It became this video game like Minecraft after awhile.

      This last one was actually more of a dream. My dad was really upset that some guy at his work was better at math than he was, and he had spent the entire night trying to figure out these equations. I looked at it, and told him that the math was really easy.
      He handed it over to me, and then I realized that I couldn't figure it out. I went and got math notes from my backpack, and a calculator. I spent a few minutes looking over the equations by myself, but couldn't figure it out.
      Also know that I didn't actually see anything on the paper and the equations because it was a dream.
      I asked him what the math was for; what I was calculating. He showed me where the math was, it was a trivia question on the back of a cereal box.

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    6. Stopping a tank shell (LD #19)

      by , 10-22-2012 at 10:52 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This was actually a fragment related to Saturday night's lucid dream. I only remembered this portion of the dream today at school.

      I was lucid, and in the desert town, with sandstone/mud buildings. I was looking down a street that was a T-intersection. A tank comes in from the right, and fires at me, only once.
      I was lucid, and held my hand up. The bullet hit right in my hand and I did not feel anything in my hand. There was a little bit of wind from the blast, but all of the fire and smoke was directed away from me.

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    7. The last two nights-nonlucid fragments and dreams

      by , 09-15-2012 at 12:20 AM (Lucid Time!)
      These dreams were rather unstable and blurry, and don't seem to have much meaning. I have come to find these sorts of dreams rather boring. Not only that, they are awkward to describe in DJ entries.

      Fragment (Last Night)

      All I can remember is looking in the mirror and having short white hair. I did not appear aged at all, though my hair was bleached. I closed my eyes and opened them, and my hair was black. I think my hair went though several more transformations. I wish I could remember more of the dream.

      Fragment (Wednesday night)

      I was hanging out in the basement with one of my friends. I think it was S or A. I looked under the large couch in our basement. There was a large clearance of a foot or two between the underside of the couch and the floor. And there was all of this garbage arranged/organized under the couch.
      After looking for awhile, I told my friend that I was going to clean out the garbage. I started taking a load of pop cans upstairs to recycle them, but my recall fades out.

      The Skyrim house (Wednesday Night)

      I hate dreams that relate to video games that I play. Especially when they make no sense, like this.

      I was dreaming of being in the game Skyrim. I had just bought this DLC that added some new group to the game, and I was checking out their base.
      It turned out to be this very small, modern looking house. It was made almost entirely out of these brick-red wooden boards, aside from a glass wall on the front. When I went inside there were three slots with walls in between them. The one on the left had an enchanting table, the one in the middle, a chest, and the one on the right, an alchemy table.
      Then some sort of elevator in the floor that took me down into a much larger setting.
      There was a very long room, made of the same reddish wood. The walls were on a 45 degree angle, and angled as though you were in the attic of a large house. There were support beams going down this large hall (Think like ribs on an old wooden ship)
      The middle part of the hall was a sort of sunk in walkway, and along the edges were various stations. I can remember numerous DCs producing resources, foraging weapons, brewing potions, etc etc...
      By this point someone started giving me a tour of the place. He was an old man, and apparently the leader of this faction. We walked for a long time and he was just talking about his plans.

      Party Crashers (Also Wednesday night)

      Save the best for last, as they say. None of these dreams interest me much, but this one the most for its plot and humor.

      I can remember being in some sort of theme park. It wasn't a really big ticket place, and I wasn't with anyone. I can remember it being a hot, dry day.
      This discreet looking man came up to me and asked me to do him a big favor. He was tall, thin, and short black hair. He said that there was a party for the rich and well connected taking place in that tower. (He gestured to a small, cylindrical glass skyscraper) And apparently he wanted them all dead.
      He gave me four or five brick-sized explosives. They were just plastic black boxes with a red LED in one corner, and a detonator remote with a key in it. He explained to me that I should go into the party and hide the explosives around the room. Then turn the detonator remote, and I would have a minute and a half to get away.
      I went to the small skyscraper and got into the elevator. The elevator turned out to be one of the rides at the amusement park. I had to get into a seat and put on a rigid shoulder support.
      The elevator moved really fast and went up and down a couple times until I arrived on the party floor. The elevator let out into a medium sized dining room all prepared for the party. There were dream characters sitting at the table, but I hopped up on the table, and began duct-taping the explosive charges to the ceiling. They were completely oblivious...
      After that, I hid one in a vase, and went into the observation room that gave me a view of the dreamworld. The dream was blurry and boring, so I set the last explosive in there, and started to head back though the dining room.
      By this point the dream characters at the party had begun taking the explosives off the wall and trying to figure out what they were. I thought that if I could get out before they realized and got rid of them.
      I turned the key on the detonation remote, and was ready to get on the elevator when the man who had given me the assignment showed up. He created some sort of portal on the wall and enticed me to walk though it.
      From there, there was some sort of apocalyptic city, all charred and destroyed. I must have slipped out of the dream or woke up, because it sort of ends there.

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