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    Halo Reach 2, Exploding eggs.

    by , 07-30-2017 at 05:04 PM (546 Views)
    I am a spartan (Like from Halo). I am in this war screen where I can select a mission and I select one at random; not being given any actual information about what the mission entails. When I arrive at the mission I am in an abandoned city and it is snowing. Small children start coming out of the derelict buildings. Some have small guns, others have sharp objects. One kid has a baseball bat with nails in it. I take him to be the leader. They start attacking me and draining my shield; but I decide that I'm not killing children so I run into a corner and throw a grenade at the ground to kill myself.

    The grenade explodes but doesn't kill me. I go flying comically high and land in a forested park just a few blocks from where I was. I see some kind of fight between two battle mechs and escape in a banshee.

    I get assigned to another mission. This time, I must go with Noble team from Halo Reach. Though this time I don't think all the characters are there. The mission starts with Emile sitting on the toilet and I walked in on him by accident. When I did he said "Do you mind, I'm attempting to deliver an explosive payload?"

    Kat, Carter and Jun then said we had to get going. We walked through a soccer field then some forests, then stole a small motorboat and crossed a large lake. We then got onto a military transport and started driving towards our destination. I remember getting annoyed and yelling to the rest of the team and saying that I was going to give the game a bad review for not having any real action sequences in it.


    My mom wanted to give me a half birthday present. One of her friends was here and had a video recorder. She showed me medium-sized pyramid of presents in the driveway sitting on a blanket on a card table. I opened one of the presents and it was a carton of 36 strange looking oblong eggs. They then began shaking and bouncing everywhere and one of them flew in my face and exploded into yellow-green goo that smelled really bad.

    My mom wouldn't explain it and was just laughing while her friend looked at the recording.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Never played Halo but i never imagined there would be Spartans in it. Lol and I guess the egg a prank birthday gift. XD