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    1. Nooo!

      by , 12-29-2014 at 11:37 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a lucid dream last night, but I lost it. It was early in the night, and I woke up and fell back asleep a bunch of times and forgot what it was about. I even remember thinking about it, it was a long one, too.

      You know what it feels like. It feels like taking a test and getting everything right, then when you go to copy your answers into the bubble sheet you skip the first one and the whole thing is shifted down by one so every answer is wrong.

      It is now 5:30am. For some reason I am up and at e'm.

      I'm thinking my new year's resolution might be centered around more consistent LD attempts. Something like a bedtime of 10:00pm every night. Or require myself to do half an hour of daily meditation. To be honest, my energy would probably be a lot better spent if applied consistently. Last week I paid no mind to LDing and these past two days I've put in a lot of effort in comparison.

      Of course whenever I do get on a roll with consistent practice I get one of those week-long mini dryspells that is just long enough to completely demotivate me.
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    2. Too normal for lucidity (LD #148)

      by , 12-27-2014 at 04:19 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I seem to, ever so slowly be getting back on my game. My recall was sour last night, but in terms of lucidity, I was right on the money.

      I started to become lucid when I looked at myself in the mirror. I seemed to have the saggy, wrinkled body of an old person. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I looked away and looked back. I looked mostly normal but had little star stickers all over my body.

      I questioned if I might be dreaming and did a nose pinch RC. Yeah, I could breathe, but not very well. I decided to look around for other clues to the state of reality that I was in. I walked around the house, everything was normal, not a hair out of place. My mom was the only other one home, and she asked me if I had recently seen her car keys.

      I was still tackling the puzzle of my reality. I went outside and saw a green 50's pickup truck and a very odd orange sports car in our drive. This didn't seem too weird or dreamlike. There weren't any huge planets or multiple suns, though leaves on the tree in the front yard should have been a dead giveaway. I repeated the nose pinch RC. Still confusing results. I thought that maybe I wasn't pinching hard enough. I pinched as tight as I could, and I could still breathe a little.

      I made my way back inside, and looked down at myself. I was still shirtless and covered in star stickers. My mom was still looking around for her keys. There was a green truck in our drive.
      I finally came to and became lucid. I manifested a white tank and thought to remove all the stickers and started to head outside. My mom asked where I was going. I told her that I was dreaming, and that I had to go. She followed out the door and yelled to me that the last time that I said I was dreaming, I had left her alone. She said that she needed her car keys and a hair tie, and she seemed sort of irritated.

      "Okay, Look! This is my dream. You don't seem to get that." I put my hand behind my back then held it out with a black hair tie in it. "Here's your hair tie." I put my hand behind my back and thought of car keys. I held out a key in my hand. "Here are your keys." I then put my hand behind my back a third time. "And here's a book, I heard it's a good long read that will keep you busy for awhile." I handed her a thick beige paperback novel with a blue rectangle on the cover. She seemed really happy to receive these items.

      Yeesh. Dream characters can be so annoying.

      I got down to business. I thought that I should perhaps find Manei and talk to her. I got some good lucidity going. Then I got the dream ending feeling. I knelt down in the grass and tried to hang on to the dream, but it didn't do me much good. I woke up.

      The thing that I have come to notice more and more about my lucidity is that it is not particularly dependent on how many reality checks or mantras I've been doing lately. Heck, it doesn't even appear to be very dependent on things such as bedtime or the day's activities. (That's not to say that these things don't impact it.) This could explain why on nights that I charge in, Mantras-A-Blazin, I get nowhere. And on other nights where I don't even give a crap, I can wind up with a rather long and effective lucid.

      Instead, it seems to rely to a degree on simply being in the correct mindset for lucid dreaming. I can't really put my finger on what it is, because I only have a rough idea what I am trying to explain. But I do know that it is something akin to mindfulness. In essence, I need to be mindful of my true reality, that I am laying in bed and that what is occurring is a product of thoughts.

      I've also found out how goals can be a little finicky, especially when you're not working with perfect lucidity. I've got quite a list of goals, and I've been completing them all out of order. It's best to just pick one (or at the very most, two) goals to focus on per night. I've also found that visualizing completing the goal is rather pointless because it is guaranteed that they way you complete the goal in the dream is going to be vastly different from what you imagined.

      The mental state that I am trying to achieve, in general can be a little bit tricky. Staying away from tv/movies/computer games seems to help with my mindfulness. Drawing or writing seems a good way to organize thoughts. Meditation seems a step in the right direction, but overdoing it can throw me off. Same goes for Mantras.

      The hardest part about this is falling asleep. I can charge in hardcore and try mantra myself to sleep, but that seems fruitless. I can just throw in the towel and just allow myself to think about random stuff, and that's about as useful as it sounds. I guess I have to go back to my old tactic of the 'cut off' technique.

      I am also experimenting with polished stones and crystals that have been sitting in my drawer for years. Some people might see that as a wonderful idea, and others may see it as quack new-age spirituality. I made a small crystal grid back before Christmas, and constructed it around the idea of lucid dreaming. I'd also like to try placing crystals under the pillow or bed-frame. The only way I can really know if this is crap or not is to try it out myself.

      In other news, my friend S made me a new avatar picture. I will be using his. I like it.

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    3. Catching up after a hectic week LD #146,#147

      by , 12-23-2014 at 11:57 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Also enjoy my ultra-old avatar picture from before the days of my dream-self. I can't seem to get that character to look right and the animation hates me.

      Here is what I can recall:

      Several nights ago I had some dream where all of the buildings in my university had some how been stacked together into this huge conglomerated tower. There was something to do with a math class as well.

      I also recall a nonlucid dream from two nights ago. It involved some kind of magical battle. I had to wear armor made out of 'solid water' that had this odd surface that was solid yet had small waves moving through it. This was because the person that I was to fight had miniature flamethrowers on their arms.

      When the fight began we were on this huge covered bridge, made entirely out of wood. I actually had three opponents, the middle one, a husky female with the twin flamethrowers and a pair of presumably male guards (covered in heavy steel armor) carrying large black and silver halberds.

      I became partially lucid during the fight and was able to slow down time, particularly when someone was swinging at me. I also seemed to have power over the weapons and, once the guards were disarmed, I was able to call their halberds to me (see thor's hammer).
      The fight climaxed when the main antagonist, the woman with the flamethrowers pulled a pair of knives. I had been able to damage the flamethrowers at some point during the fight. We went in close and I tried to put her into a lock. She was struggling to stab me and I was trying to choke her. I lost the dream and woke up.

      The night before last, I had a semi lucid dream where I was flying and running at ridiculous speeds through my home town. My good olde fashioned fire jets at work here.

      The town seemed a little re-arranged though. I recall there being all of these black and white wooden targets that I would bounce off of. The dream kind of had the feel of a sonic the hedgehog stage with the wooden targets being like the springs.

      The dream ended with my attempting a Kamehameha, then realizing how unstable the dream was and making an effort to stabilize. I was in a soccer field. I ripped up some grass trying to stabilize but it didn't work.

      Last night was pretty good though. Some dialogue with Manei. (I love how when I try and LD with things on my mind, I don't get sh*t. But when I'm on break from lucid dreaming, I get ten minutes of lucidity with her. So I wound up being kind of quiet and not particularly engaged within this dream.)

      I can recall being in a huge building. It had a very bland, sterile feel like a school or hospital. I was waiting in line with dream characters to talk to some lady seated at a desk, with the feel of... well a hospital check-in. I took note of how diverse the crowd seemed to be. age, race, gender and clothing all seemed to vary greatly.

      I then saw Manei in the crowd and instantly became lucid. She cut through the line, heading down a secondary hallway. I came with her. One of the things I recall taking note of was how tall Manei really is (Well she's been taller than me since we met, but this time around she seemed even taller than usual). IWL, I'm about 5'8", so lets assume my height carries over into the dream. I'd probably put her at around 6'2".

      We went around another corner into another long hallway, this one lined with doors. The hallway had a dark, creepy feeling to it, like someone or something was following us. We then came to a stairwell that went up and down at least three floors each way. There was a window and we could see that we were in a massive building complex that stretched for miles. Outside, the weather was overcast and it was raining. Occasionally, I heard a roll of thunder.

      We sat down together on the top step, giving us a good view of the dreary environment outside.

      Last night, I went to sleep with the idea of manifesting my own persistent dream characters into the dream world. I'm not really sure why, my mind was just sort of wandering, and that's what I drifted off on.

      So I decided to bring this up with her. I also got the inkling that somehow, that line of people that I was in earlier was a manifestation of the dream characters that I wanted to create. She didn't seem very interested in the idea, saying that it would be a distraction from dreaming, and that having too many dream characters/guides can be chaotic. I told her that I had only two characters in mind that I wanted to manifest, and that I felt that they were important to the balance of my dream world. They were meant to represent aspects of my personality that don't come about all too often in my dreams. She then replied that if I felt that I had to, I could manifest these characters, but she made me promise that if she wanted just me and her, I would let it happen.

      At one point we started holding hands. I said something about stabilizing the dream, but I think we were just happy to be together again after all the crap that's happened. I think she was telling me that I should come back to concentrating on lucid dreaming. I told her that I would.

      She then told me some story about technology and spiritual advancement. I don't remember the details, but it was about how technology can be helpful if used in moderation, but if you use it too much it can rule your life and you can lose touch with those around you. For some reason the characters in her story were represented with a couple of lego people she had in her back pocket.

      We were looking at our reflections in the window. I noticed Manei was wearing the headband that I gave her, and that the emblem was actually correct this time around. Funny, I hadn't noticed it until then.

      I began to really lose touch with the dream. Manei became a male version of herself and took off her shirt. This had something to do with her practicing appearing as a boy. I was trying to concentrate on making her look better but she still looked sort of distorted and disproportionate.
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    4. Big Bad Wolf, Locked out of Dorm, Canyon Dogfight (Lucid), That FA that everyone hates.

      by , 12-14-2014 at 06:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was watching a documentary about a movie being filmed somewhere in northern Greenland. (Though it looked nothing like that, in fact the flora looked nothing like earth. In the background were these weird trees with tube-like leaves, and these massive green and red stalks, easily 50 feet tall.

      The director of the movie was talking about how these parts were beautiful but the local tribes rumored there to be some kind of wolf demon who lived in the woods. He said that a couple of guys had disappeared though. I began hearing panting and growling like a monster was coming in the background.

      I began to hear a low growling/panting noise and I woke up. I looked around all paranoid like a little kid half expecting there to be a giant wolf/monster in my room. I thought about how I once heard that nightmares like this occur because of our primordial fear of such creatures. After a minute, I got past it and went back to sleep.

      I had a rather long and extremely dull dream that I had been locked out of my college dorm room. I walked around campus and eventually ran into S. We went to the Cafe and he bought a whole bunch of food and ate it. (So... accurate to RL, he loves food.)

      I eventually went to see campus security and pointed out that I couldn't even get back to my dorm. I pointed in the direction that it was supposed to be and there was this huge, old skyscraper with a clock tower where my dorm was supposed to be.

      "I can't get back to my dorm, there's a giant skyscraper-

      Lucidity hit me like a sack of bricks. I started to wake up. I told myself I would DEILD. I found myself in a supermarket.

      What followed was a really odd semi-lucid dream where I was in a supermarket, but the shelves in the supermarket were phasing between that and a desert canyon. There was a dogfight going on in the canyon between a number of white and black aircraft of various sizes. It was some kind of real-time-strategy game, but I wasn't playing, just observing.

      In the end it turned out to be some kind of hologram and I remember the canyon changed back into the supermarket, but all of the tiny aircraft were still there.

      I then of course had that FA that everyone hates. You know, the one where you dream that you wake up, get your computer, go on Dreamviews and start typing up the previous dreams. I can remember writing my DJ entry in an odd way, though. I wrote it as this long list trying to keep track of every point that happened in the previous dreams. Also, in the dream I remember writing up one or two more nonlucid dreams that I no longer recall now.
    5. Reviving my Dream Nemesis, Learning Dreamspeak, RPG dungeon rescue. (LD #145)

      by , 12-13-2014 at 06:00 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was playing this odd dungeon-crawler RPG game with a few of my friends. It was virtual reality though, and we were acting out our characters. (S,C,A and S's bro.) And I had the sweetest armor in this game, it looked a lot like daedric armor form Skyrim. I had two swords that looked like daedric swords as well.

      I was making my way down into this dungeon where S had been captured. It was pretty typical, torches, collapsed stone ruins, spiderwebs. You get the picture. S was being held in the center of a large cavern and guarded by all of these bandits. A pathway through the ruins spiraled down to his cage and the whole thing was lined with bandit guardians.

      I tried to make my way around silently, sneaking up behind the bandits and slitting their throats and what-not. I was doing pretty well for awhile until one of them let out an accidental scream. Bandits started charging me from all around, and I went into a whirly-twirly fighting style, slashing down baddies left and right.

      In all of the chaos, C and A repelled down on ropes and let S free. S was this huge hulking panda character for some reason. We had to get out of here. We ran for the exit, but it was different going back the other way.

      I came across this room where four women were chained up. They didn't have much clothing, and they told me that they were sex slaves to the bandit clan for years and wanted to be freed. (man, this was a dark RPG game.) I cut the lock with my sword and they ran out. Then a bandit came in and screamed that their slaves were getting away. Then, almost hilariously, dozens of male bandits charged out of the cave after the women who ran off. I told my friends that we should probably kill the bandits, if not for saving the women (Some kind of bonus quest.) , at least for the XP. After all, I'd killed a few dozen of them without taking a scratch.

      They seemed insistent that we hide behind this wall though while the bandits continued stampeding out of the dungeon. At least a hundred had to have run past us by now. I kept on urging them that we should fight. They told me that we didn't know how many bandits there were. I wanted to fight, because they were all really low level, like three and four level bandits. Our levels were like 50 or something. I tried to go after them, but C and S held me down. The last thing I recall was that C's character had piercing green eyes. She looked at me with them.

      I was having a very odd dream where I was pulling a large metal sled up a hill by the side of my house. There were a bunch of sleeping animals on it, including a cat, a snake, a couple of mice, and a small brown pig from what I could remember. Everything was tinted with an orange-ish light.

      I somehow grabbed hold of some really unclear lucidity. (We're gonna use the drunk lucidity color for this dream.) While I was outright lucid, I was pretty tired last night, and I couldn't really think straight.

      One of my longer-term goals came to mind, I wanted to manifest my old dream Nemesis, a boy named Jonathan. I wanted to either defeat him or befriend him. I tried to concentrate on that. As I got to the top of the hill, I stopped pulling the sled. There was a shallow pit in the ground surrounded by garden bricks, and he was laying down in it.

      Jonathan came to, and he got up out of the hole. Even with my crappy lucidity, I could pick up on the DC's energy. He wasn't the least bit evil anymore. He looked a little bit different too. The bags under his eyes were gone, and his hair was more flat rather than spiky. He had gotten rid of everything in his attire that made him look evil, such as the big silver skull that I remember him having around his neck.

      For some reason he wanted to see Manei now. Something along the lines of wanting to apologize for all of the crap that he caused in the past. He apologized to me, first. We then started looking for Manei. I tried going into my house, telling myself that she would be inside, but I couldn't find her.

      He asked me why it wasn't working. I told him that it might be because the dream is so accurately recreating my house that I am subconsciously convinced that this is waking life, and therefore have difficulty bringing something I associate with dreams into this reality. I told him that if we could get to a more dreamlike setting, manifesting her might be easier.

      I then for some reason a really weird idea. I wanted to try using Dreamspeak to summon her. I didn't know what to say or really why I wanted to try this idea. Blame the unclear lucidity.

      "Manei, Kuasen axio sosunsombule."

      "What the heck did you just say?"

      "I summoned her... I think."

      Just then, I picked up on her energy. I could tell she was outside, across the street. We made our way there, and found her. For some reason, she had chosen to appear as an elderly woman.

      Jonathan apologized in a short and awkward way. Manei looked at him in a strange, sort of unsympathetic way. I could tell she wasn't really too happy to see this guy. Jonathan eventually said that staying around here would just be awkward, and that he can understand why staying around might not be the best idea after what he did in the past. He told us he was going to leave, and walked off into the sun, where he became blurry and faded away.

      I noticed that Manei had some bandages around her arms. I asked her about them and she told me that she had gotten burned attempting some kind of energy transmission with a higher-up. She told me that it had worked, and the burns were mild and just a side-effect. She told me that she had been feeling a lot better since the energy transmission.

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    6. Weird ATLA Secret, Fraxnor Infiltration in cloud base, Anything goes at High School.

      by , 12-10-2014 at 02:09 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I guess that dry spell is broken...

      I was watching the final episode of Legend of Korra. In it, Aang appears as an old man and everyone asks how this is possible. He says that he faked his own death so that the world could actually have two avatars. (Um... okay, I don't think that it works like that, but it's a dream.) Also, elderly Aang looks just like the way he did as a child save for he has a long beard and bags under his eyes.

      He used this energybending move that caused all of these blue orbs to fly everywhere. It had something to do with focus. He would then select one orb that was the move that he wanted to do. He tries to teach the move to Korra, but she doesn't understand it and gets frustrated. (Of course.)

      He then decides that he wants to try it on me. The dream shifts to my garage and Aang is a real person now, only he's a kid now and he has hair like in season three. There is a mirror in the garage and I look into it to see what I look like. For some reason my hair is black has all of these dark brown highlights that look like stripes.

      Aang wants to try to use energy-bending on me to make me better able to lucid dream. He asks that I cast a magical field to filter off any negative side effects. I hold up my hand and concentrate on creating a feild and nothing happens, but he seems to think its there. Aang then creates dozens of orbs around the room and begins connecting them. He then fires a bluish white ray at me from his hands that causes me to wake up.

      I was walking around my subdivision by the lake when I nose pinched and realized I was dreaming. There was some sort of presence that felt very scary or dark in this location so I decided to fly far away. I put my hands down and turned on my flying jets, and focused on a cloud up above. The sky was a rainbow of strange colors going from crimson red to orange to a yucky shade of yellow, with bluish-gray clouds.

      As I got closer, I noticed that the cloud didn't look very cloudy. It looked solid. I slowed down and ran my hand along it. It was solid ice; a solid ice cloud! I then noticed what looked like a tunnel into the cloud. I flew into it and eventually met a high-tech looking steel door. I heard a voice on the other end and someone let me in.


      I was with Marcus, inside his ice cloud base. He explained to me that the base was actually a secret ship and coolant was pumped to the exterior so that the ship would be covered with ice and condensation to disguise it as a cloud. (That's actually a really good idea, assuming you have enough power to keep the ship aloft with all the extra weight.) He was fighting this alien race called the Fraxnor.

      Just then an alarm sounded. A fraxnor was in the base. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and started chasing him. There was a plot in play here that this ship/base was very secret and we didn't want anyone fraxnor who found it to get out alive. I started chasing him, he was about seven feet tall, walking on long triple-jointed legs and huge feet. He had two sets of arms, four eyes, and a small ball-gut style body, and he was the yuckiest shade of puke-brown with wrinkly alien skin. And he could run.

      He got to his ship, in the hangar. I jumped into a fighter spacecraft and Marcus followed me. We fired on the guy again and again, but his ship was just a hair faster than us and was getting away. A health bar showed up and it would take one more hit to kill this guy.

      Then I looked below us. There was a huge war going on, and the original terrain of my subdivision and town had been replaced with a barren planet of craggy rock formations. The yucky yellow sky remained though. There were four or five space warships and hundreds of fighters on each side. Basically a full-on star-wars style battle. But our mission was to get the one who got away.

      "We'll never catch him now."

      My lucidity refreshed.

      "Not like this, we won't!"

      I pulled what I assumed was the eject lever and shot out of the space fighter. I broke away from the ejector seat's restraints with brute strength. I looked down at the escaping fighter. Flying jets on, and I shot after him.

      This guy was fast, and I really had to gun it to catch him. I've never flown this fast while flying before, and my booster flame sounded less like a flamethrower and more like the whine of a turbojet. I came down into the canyon, on top of the fraxnor's fighter. He looked up out of the canopy at me and opened his mouth. I could assume he was screaming, though I couldn't hear squat.

      The dream got blurry at this point, but I think I wrecked his ship. When it crashed, he tried to get out, but I punched him in the face.

      Spoiler for violence and bad things in a school:
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    7. Peanut Butter Wars, Semi Lucid

      by , 12-09-2014 at 04:48 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a new music building being added to my high school. It has all of this wood paneling and all of this bamboo growing out around the sides.

      There was some crazy war going on where two armies were fighting over a supply of peanut butter.

      The battlefield is this huge open meadow, surrounded by thick woods. There are a couple of mountains in the distance. The area sort of has a minecraft feel to it, though nothing appears to be made of blocks. I also recall seeing a cartoon drawing that was a map of the battlefield and contained the tactics used by the armies with drawings of cartoon soldiers killing one another. The map was drawn on very high quality parchment paper.

      The battle began. One army was clad mostly in steel armor and used swords. All of the men in this army looked really short, and they all looked the same. They appeared to be the more formal army. [Dream Logic]They also had trebuchets that were launching large jars of peanut butter at the enemies that would explode on impact. The peanut butter was sticky and supposedly would slow down the advance of the enemy. [/Dream Logic]

      The other army was a small band of tribal men with long dark hair who rode on horseback. They had a very native-american feel to them. They fought with spears and bows mostly. Although they seemed inferior in numbers their tactics and skill in combat was impressive.

      Somehow I got into the fight. A group of the steel clad men came after me.
      I became partially lucid. I started fighting with them; running at them and disarming one. I took his sword and used it to cut down a couple of others. One ran at me from behind, yet somehow I could sense him coming. (Partial lucidity?) I threw him over my left side, both stabbing him and taking his sword. Dual wield. I turned to see what looked like a lieutenant of the steel army readying a bow. (His armor was fancier, I assumed he was important.) I threw one of the swords and it stuck right in his face impaling him.

      I then see a couple of the tribe men charging at me on horseback. I throw the other sword, that for some reason becomes a spear when I throw it. It strikes the leader in the leg and also injures his horse who falls over and the whole group trips over him and falls down on him in an almost comedic fashion. A couple of guys manage to get out of the confused pile of horses and charge me. I pick up another sword and get ready to fight when the dream changes.


      Somehow or other I found myself in my living room. Manei was there, laying on the couch. And for some reason or other I didn't quite grasp that I was dreaming. I thought for some reason that I was awake and imagining that she was there. Something was amiss.

      For some reason I still had a spear on me from the previous dream. I was examining it a little, and spinning it around like a bo staff. (Not sure how, though, the living room in our house is tiny.)

      She told me that she was upset because she had gotten in trouble with her guide, and that she overall wasn't feeling well. I did my best to be understanding, but I don't think I've ever seen her not all happy and bubbly like she usually is until now. Not having the best grasp of dream/reality didn't help either. I didn't really know what to do, so I dropped the spear and sat down on the other couch across from her, and the dream faded out.

      I wonder if I could find Manei's guide and talk to him/her. That's either a really good or really bad idea. The bottom line is: I'm getting somewhere, albeit slowly.
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    8. Notes

      by , 12-07-2014 at 02:56 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This dry spell just keeps dragging on and on. Considerable lucidity might mean it's finally coming to the end.

      Something to do with three lasers of a particular frequency meeting at 90 degree angles creates a fourth-dimensional bridge.

      I am with a few friends and Katniss from the hunger games movies, making our way through the woods. We are talking on headsets as if we are playing a game/in a virtual reality. Somebody asks if we want to end the match and we say no. We then come under attack by an army of small monkeys.

      I am in an art supply store with my mom and we are buying paper for an art project. The art supply store is very small in a mall, no bigger than the inside of a CVS (In fact that's what the general feel of the art supply store was; a drugstore). It seems to only have one or two employees.

      An employee leads us in the back and begins showing us what they have available in terms of paper. It's not much. What they have looks like shoddy blank newsprint and printer paper. I notice that there are drawings of my cartoon characters on the paper. They weren't mine, but they were committed attempts to recreate some of my most iconic characters.

      This prompts me to reality check. A couple of nose pinches settled that. I tell my mom that I am dreaming and that I have to leave.

      I step outside and see dream characters walking by. The area outside the shop isn't like a mall, it's the side of a busy road with a downtown New-York ish feel to it, skyscrapers and all. I asked to see Manei appear. At first nothing happened but then she ran up to me as a little girl wearing raggy clothes.

      "What happened to you? Why are you so little?"

      "Dun Dues Se Carlo."

      "Dun Dues Se Carlo?"

      "Yeah, Dun Dues Se Carlo."

      "What the heck does that mean?"

      "It means we caused a problem and now we have to-"

      I need to get back down there with some serious lucidity and get these lucid issues worked out.

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    9. Rubix Cube Bombs and College (Technically LD #142)

      by , 11-28-2014 at 05:45 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with being on my college campus; save for a fancy modern lounge/study building that isn't there IWL. Everything inside of it is blue and white.
      There is a computer lab that I frequently visit to check e-mail and the likes. Every time I go in there though I find this rubix-cube like object where the center tile on each face lights up and the thing beeps.
      And every single time I take the thing to lost and found where campus security finds out that it is a bomb. Yet for some reason they never investigate who is leaving the bomb behind or why. At one point I call the actual police and ask them to investigate the recurring appearance of the device. They talk with campus security and say that security cameras haven't picked up anyone leaving them; in fact nobody goes into the computer lab save for me.
      There was something to do with my friend S and an art project that was due in one of my classes. We were sitting in the blue and white lounge building. I panicked because I didn't know when it was due or what day it was; I had been so wrapped up with the bomb issue. I asked him what day it was. He said it was Friday.
      I nose pinch RC'd twice and became lucid, then woke up.
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    10. One big test?! (LD #141)

      by , 11-24-2014 at 01:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was laying in bed and I eventually let my mind go. For some reason the first thing that I thought of was my college bathroom. I am in my college dorm bathroom but everything is backwards, along the wrong wall. A nose pinch just to confirm it. Oh, yeah, I just dropped. I've only done this twice before. It's basically like a WILD but it happens right when you go to bed.
      I thought for a moment about my lucidity. Feels nice and strong.
      I can't recall exactly what happened, but I was messing around with my dream appearance. For some reason my eyes were changing colors and drifting into comedic positions on my face; like my cheeks and the top of my forehead. I eventually used a voice command to stop my eyes from doing this. I spent a long time staring at my reflection in the mirror.
      I was thinking about how I look so odd in dreams. I was thinking about how I wound up looking like this in my dreams, with eyes that don't match. For some reason my orange eye was hazel.
      I was able to play around a little bit with the length of my hair too. I made it really short and really long. My hair was also black, rather than brown like it is IWL.
      I played around with my face a little more. I for some reason managed to change into an Asian boy who looked a little like me, and then an Asian girl with a ponytail. For some reason I thought it would be funny to run around the dream-world like this.
      I recall at least twice I almost lost the dream, and tired to save it by throwing on the faucet and drinking cold water.
      I went to the door to leave, and told me that it would take me somewhere that I wanted to go. I opened it and found myself in a park in a beautiful tropical destination. It was surrounded by stucco condos on all sides, save for some gaps. There were a couple of yellow concrete high-rises in the distance, and a huge ringed planet in the sky.
      "Man, I am on a roll tonight!"
      I explored the area for a little bit, and didn't really find anything all that interesting. There were some flowers in the park area and some exotic plantlike, but nothing too memorable. I wanted to see if I could find Manei or Marcus anywhere. I just couldn't. My mom and dad appeared and asked me if I wanted to watch the rocket launch.
      I tried to fly at one point, but I couldn't get the flying to catch. I felt too heavy. I decided it wasn't worth my energy and gave up rather quickly.
      Just then I saw a bunch of men pulling on ropes and they raised a long, thin, white rocket with a single man sitting in a chair on top. The rocket narrowed slightly as it went up and had at least a dozen stages. I questioned how a rocket like that would function. I decided not to focus too much on the thought and laid down some stabilization, reminding myself that I was lucid dreaming.
      I decided to focus on what I had come here to do, get answers with Manei, help her if possible. I saw a beautiful beach-side manor with a glass wall showing the front room and decided that would be Manei's house. I went up and knocked on the door.
      A middle aged man and two identical women came to the door. I asked for Manei. He said that she was in the back, sleeping. One of the women reminded him that if I came, it was okay to wake her up. They led me into her bedroom in the back. It was a total dump.
      I jumped up onto the end of her bed and perched on like a ninja on one of the posts.
      "Well this is just a little ironic"
      "Zzzzz! Huh? What? *sees me* Oh, I know why you're here! What happen last night. (That was two nights ago, but I know what you're talking about.) That was not mistake! I not sick or sad or anything. I test you right, but you fail. You take many test, pass all but that one!"
      "Wait, you only formally told me that you tested me one time..."
      "Yes, that was lucid test, that was first test. I test you many times between then and now, just not tell because it part of test, all pass, looks very good, yeah."
      (You're not going to be passing an English test anytime soon. That or maybe she was speaking this way to get to the point faster. In that case you are a genius, Manei. )
      "What was that test on, anyway? Emotions? Judgement? Compassion?"
      "No, but it was in that category."
      "What is the purpose of all these tests anyway?"
      -A long ramble that I didn't bother to remember, the dream faded despite me banging my hand on the base of her bed trying to stay in the dream. I was more focused on hanging on to the dream than listening to what she was saying. Something to do with 'higher ups' and these dream tests that we have been participating in.
      "...These tests very hard, most people no pass first time. The reason they hard is dream guide and dreamer must work together. Some time problem with dream guide; some dream guide mean. No appear for dreamer, no want to work hard for them, or think dreamer too stupid, not worth their time. They dream guide; if dreamer stupid, their job to make them wise. Job as teacher look easy, not easy if done correctly. Have to work as hard as student, sometimes harder.
      Sometimes dreamer, too violent, always want fights, or, sometimes sex, sex, sex, all they want. Even if dream guide try and teach, no pay attention; dreamer have thick head. Most of the time; problem with both dreamer and guide. In order for us to pass through together we have to trust each other completely and give all our effort"
      I was in a black void by the time she finished that last sentence. I paused for a moment and could see a rectangular white light in the upper right hand corner of my vision.
      "I want to wake up right now!"

      I false awoke into my college dorm. I did a nose pinch, but it didn't work for some reason. I started shuffling around in the dark looking for my laptop to log onto DV. Somebody had left the door open. Around the time I was booting up my computer I woke up for real.

      Well... wow. There are really two ways of looking at this. One obviously just being my subc trying to explain the weird stuff that Manei has been doing in recent weeks or the other that I really am being tested by some 'higher ups'.
      Both the spiritual and scientific interpretation of this are equally terrifying.

      My biggest question is 'What happens now?' This storyline is obviously gonna play through one way or another. am I going to take the same test again? Or another one? Or have to start over? Or maybe I'll just pass anyway because I'm that awesome.

      Another question is, the lucid barrier. That was put there to train/test me, but I managed to damage it. Is that cheating? Well if it is; too bad, so sad. I'm f*cked. I should probably admit that I did that.

      I managed to get back to sleep after this. The dreams it yielded were not lucid, though. I recall reading something that was chiseled into boulders that were thrown into the lake behind my house. There were hundreds of them, filling the lake
      I was then talking with some girl on a bike about song lyrics by Infected Mushroom.

      There was also something to do with my Taekwondo studio.

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    11. Skid Marks on the Carpet? (LD #140)

      by , 11-22-2014 at 07:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      There was a long and deep discussion about lucid dreaming, astral projection and the fourth dimension. I cannot recall any of the specific points. I was getting visuals of outer space while it took place.

      Something to do with Team Fortress.

      Something to do with helping a group of DCs infiltrate an island base and rescue herds of animals from being poached by an illegal faction of criminals. I recall I was at this electrical terminal on a balcony by the side of a dramatic cliff. There were security forces zip-lining down to me and I was protecting some engineer/hacker from them. The engineer was planning to hack the circuits to shut down the island's laser defense system so that a submarine could deploy a team of navy seals.
      I recall at one point I cut one of the ziplines, and saw a guy fall to his doom. Then the leader of the security force ziplined in. I picked up a gun that had belonged to one of his men and fired at him, but he must have been wearing a bullet-proof vest. He got in close and pulled out a handgun to kill the engineer. I kicked it out of his hand and it fell down the cliff. He pulled a knife and I grabbed one off of the body of a dead guard.
      There was a short knife fight with the guy, who was much bigger than me. I utilized some of what I have learned in my Taekwondo class to disarm him and then kick him off the side of the cliff.
      We were ultimately successful and saved the herd of animals. We allowed them to roam free on the island. For some reason they were all minecraft animals.

      I was inside the base at some point. It had been converted into some kind of place of zen where people went to meditate and practice martial arts. The bases' minimalist military aesthetic had been totally redone with all of these beautiful oriental elements. The reason behind it was somehow connected to the fact that I had defeated the head security guard with my taekwondo techniques.
      I recall being invited into the meditation room by this old wise man. I was scared to go in because I felt like we might disturb the people who are meditating.
      I did my best to be quiet. The man had a mat set up for me and everything and he told me that he wanted me to quietly meditate so that his students could learn about me through my energy. Supposedly his students were seers who could see oras and the likes. I was still afraid of disturbing someone. I go and sit down on the mat as quietly as possible.
      Just then, a male teenager DC bursts in, about my age, but taller and with spiky hair. "HAYA, GUYS! WHAT ARE ALL YOU LAME-O'S DOING IN HERE! WE SHOULD BE OUTSIDE LEARNING KUNG FU!!!" He then proceeds to take a couple of fake fighting stances.

      He then proceeds to walk into the corner of the room and bang on a large gong as hard as he can, scaring all of the monks who are meditating.
      The master has a couple of guards escort him out, but now, his students that have gone through hours of mental preparation to read my energy are scrambled because of the loud noise and needed to refocus through more meditation. He told me I could wait a couple of hours.
      The master and I were walking along the balcony, the same place where I had been fighting the zip-lining security forces in the earlier dream. The balcony was totally re-done with a wooden railing and a waterfall running down the dramatic cliff-face.
      The master told me that he was upset; frustrated by how most kids these days don't see the good in having a moment of quiet; they are always about the loud; boisterous and aggressive aspects of life and don't take the time for a moment of calm.
      I told him that my philosophy is to seek balance, rather than just have one or the other. You can have your fun in the loud and crazy moments, but you should be ready for things to get quiet or serious at a moment's notice. If you just do one or the other you will find that your life is out of balance. The master told me that I am smart to walk my own path and form my own beliefs, but that I should be careful that not many people appreciate it when someone chooses to do this.

      I was at a movie theater with my friend S. There was a long dream here about seeing a crappy movie and we sat in the hot tub with this older Asian couple and got into a splashing fight.

      I was being chased through was was supposed to be downtown NYC but it didn't look like it. It just looked like any old random city. I was on my bike and a couple of my family/friends were there but I can't recall exactly who.
      We were being chased through the city by these destructive alien cyborg monsters. They were tall, bluish-black humanoids with armored lower limbs and torsos, and most of them carried futuristic energy blade weapons. Although they were easily capable of catching us on foot, Optimus Prime and a couple of other transformers were there trying to fight them off... because reasons I suppose. The plot of what was happening now had something to do with the previous dream involving saving the minecraft animals.
      The chase went on for quite awhile. The DCs that I was with broke off from me trying to lose monsters by us all going separate ways. Optimus prime made some joke about the cyborg monsters not having penises.
      For those of you who believe in shared dreaming, I might have crossed with Miachel Bay by accident.
      I was being chased by one of the monsters. I felt like my bike was just going faster and faster and the adrenaline was flowing. I rode up a drive and into the front door of a hotel/condo in an attempt to lose the monster. Inside was all white decor and I rode through three or four rooms. When I got into the rearmost room; a bedroom I came in on a woman who was putting on her makeup.
      I came screeching to a halt and turned around. I apologized to the woman and walked my bike out of the room only to be blocked by this huge Russian man.
      He asked me why I was riding my bike through his house. I told him that I was being chased by bullies on my bike. (Though in hindsight, saying that I was being chased by a five-story alien cyborg with a battleaxe wouldn't have been any more convincing of an argument.) I apologized for coming in on his wife.
      The man pointed out that my tire had left skid marks on the carpet. I told him that if he got me the proper cleaning supplies I would be happy to clean up the skid marks. He accepted my apology and told me to follow him to his closet where he kept the cleaning supplies. But for some reason, we go into his closet; it is this huge room, like a gymnasium. Everyone I knew was in there; my parents, my friends, even Manei and Marcus, and they were all p*ssed at me for making a skid mark on this guy's carpet.
      I tried to explain to everyone that it was cool and that I had apologized and was going to clean up. Even the big russian guy took my side, but everyone still seemed mad for some reason.
      I false awoke. My room was dark and I had a sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen.
      I nose pinched and became partially lucid.
      "Is someone there?"
      Foxy from Five nights at Freddys (Good god! I watch my friend play this game for half an hour and it comes into my dreams!) Jumps up from the side of my bed and screams. I go barreling off the opposite side. He bites at the bed where I was a moment ago.
      I jump at him and grab him. He's big, about seven feet tall and strong. I jump onto him and grapple with his head. He tries to bite down on my arm but he comes down where his teeth are broken. His broken tooth still cuts me though. I feel around inside his mouth, and grab hold of some wires and pull.
      I yank on the wires and his eyes get pulled in through the sockets and out the mouth. I jump clear as the robot goes berserk and malfunctions. Foxy eventually falls into my desk, destroying it, and a small electrical fire start in his head.
      My arm was bandaged and this felt like part of the same dream. I made my way outside into the night and saw a huge brown planet in the sky, easily 20 or 30 times wider than the moon.
      I went back inside and did a nose pinch. I could breathe out of one nostril. I got a little confused by this thinking that I was somehow in some in-between state of waking life and dreaming. But then I realized that I must just be sleeping on my side or something.
      I also flicked the light-switch in the kitchen. It did not work.
      I wanted to go back and clean that guy's carpet. I started to make a scene change when Manei manifested behind me. She was a cat again for some reason.
      "No! You don't deserve the chance!"
      " I'm trying to do a good deed. It will take me all of five seconds. I will look at his carpet, look away, and look back. All of the damage will be gone."
      "You should think about the horrible things you have done!"
      " Okay first of all, you shouldn't be stopping me from trying to do something good! Second of all, I did that while non-lucid, and while endangered, and you can't judge someone based on their subconscious behaviors especially when they are endangered. Third, it was just a dark mark on his carpet! Would you make such a big deal out of such a trivial thing?"
      *No response
      "So what? I get no chance to redeem myself? I just have to feel bad about this and have you be mad at me?"
      "This was supposed to be a test... I guess I didn't think-

      -Le wake up-

      Manei is really starting to lose the dream guide vibe. I need to find out why.

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    12. Waterspout, Flying, and Dawn LD #139

      by , 11-20-2014 at 01:38 PM (Lucid Time!)
      At some point I tried to manifest Dawn. He looks nothing like DawnEye11 showed me in her picture; he has white hair but it is medium length and curly. He has on a white sweater and a brown vest, and thick glasses. He smiles at me and I lose the dream.

      I am on a beach somewhere, standing on a dock. Out at sea there is this huge waterspout churning in the water. It is being created by some manifestation of evil or something, and supposedly it is going to to continually chase me and try to drown me, like those big waves that I always see in my dreams.
      I nose pinched and became lucid. I decided I would rather than run, face the fear of drowning and go into the spout intentionally. I jumped off the end of the dock and ran across the surface of the water directly into the waterspout. As I got close, some lightning struck nearby, as if to warn me.
      I looked closely at the spout itself, and how water seemed to be streaming both up and down it simultaneously, and it also seemed to be rotating. I recall it having a very textured look almost having 'spikes' on it.
      I ran in and let myself lose my balance. I just let it do its thing and, knowing that I was dreaming, I could take it. I mostly tumbled around in what felt like mostly water and little bit of wind. It spun me up and up a long ways. I had my eyes closed at first, but slowly I opened them. I felt less and less water and it felt colder. I could see how the waterspout was sucking water off of the ocean and depositing it in a storm cloud. (I'm sure that's not meteorologically accurate.)
      When I got to the top, I could see down through the eye of the spout all the way to the bottom. For some reason this part of the cloud had an invisible floor and I could walk around and view the spout from different angles from above. I could also see the island that I had started on, and the beach with the dock. It was quite a veiw.

      For some reason I thought the dream had ended. I manifested a computer and went on dreamviews to type about the dream that I had.

      I was sitting atop a sand dune (same beach) The waterspout was gone. I was simply looking around, trying to wrap my head around lucidity.
      "Okay, so this is a dream... This is all in my head... I am actually asleep."
      I feel a warm breeze blowing and think that it feels too real to be a dream. But eventually I figure that it has to be a dream. I run down the sand dune to the coast and decide to fly.
      "This is all a dream. It's all in your head. You can do anything!"
      I get a running start and jump. It's floaty, but I'm coming back down. I jump off again and make my rockets. And we're off. I start saying thing because I want to go faster; I want to fly up in the clouds.
      I start to go a little faster.
      "Fast as you can go!"
      I see a large tree ahead. I roll and pass between the branches.
      I start to go quite a bit faster, maybe 15 or 20 miles per hour.
      I really get some speed. Maybe 40 or 50 miles per hour. I pull out over the water and start to go up. I want to fly through a cloud.
      Then, my flying just cuts out. I find myself in my backyard. I get the dream ending feeling and all of my goals come crashing back to me. I quickly try to manifest Manei. Manei, Dawn and Eye all appear. This time they look like her picture, even down to the poses. I think that they were just cardboard cutouts that had been drawn on. Manei was real though. Then I wake up.

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    13. Begin Again. (LD #137)

      by , 11-18-2014 at 12:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      First, nonlucid bits and bobs from this morning.

      A dream about my mom starting a business. She was working with my father and many of the adults in my family to build her headquarters. I was for some reason complaining that the entrance was asymmetrical; it had two different windows on the sides that were different sizes. In fact, much of the building was like this. It was because she was trying to build it without using any blueprints to make a point about collaboration. Google Drive was involved somehow.

      This somehow transitioned to or from a dream about simply driving around a city. All of the buildings look dream-logicy. Some were floating. Others took on strange or impossible shpaes.

      Something to do with a superhero who's power was to give and take superpowers from other heroes. All of the powers would be stored on this ring, like a green lantern ring.
      He gave 25% of his powers to two people and kept 50% for himself. I am unsure of what powers he gave/kept. He said something about power and how when humans have power they don't use it, and when they don't have it, they think they do.
      This hologram on the ring showed that he had created a 'power gap'.

      I was trying to shared dream with S. We got into this thing where we wanted to have a lucid dream battle. S summoned a fire dragon, and I summoned this robot from my comic known as Dream Crusher. We forgot to come up with the battlefield so it was just a white void.
      DC shot all of these chains out of his hand and ensnared the dragon. (An ability he does not have in the comic.) The dragon tried to melt the chains. DC tried to smash him with his hammer. (An ability he does have.) The dragon broke free through strength and began fighting back.

      I did LDs number 136 and 138. So this will be LD 137.

      And a lil background: Night One - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I had a rather long lucid dream where I can't quite recall what was going on. I can recall being in my own backyard and would periodically pull leaves off of trees and fly up in the sky. I can recall changing the clouds to be made of some kind of clay-like material and getting rid of them and I am trying all of these forms of dream control.
      Some of it is working, and some of it is not. I was trying to talk to the dream, or my subconscious or whatever in a polite manner.
      "Can we get these clouds to disappear please?"
      "Can we get it to be lighter, please?"
      "Can we get it to be warmer outside, please."
      I see a giant picture of Benjamin Franklin with cat ears on the side of somebody's house. I needed something dream-logicy like that to become
      fully lucid.
      I correctly recall my lucid goal was to give Manei the hair clip from my first night of lucid dreaming. I yell her name into the sky and see a black cat with blue eyes, sitting in front of a crystal grid on the patio. And of course she turns and runs the other way (for some reason.)
      I begin chasing her up the side of my house. First things first, I put my hand behind my back, hoping I can manifest it. I feel a little thing drop into my hand.
      And there it was! After four years I almost forgot what the dumb thing looked like. Before it was this huge, and a vibrant bright red. It looked darker and less vibrant than I recall from my first LD, it was also a lot smaller.
      I'm see she is still running the other way. (I don't know, DGs are weird.)
      "Come back, I just want to give you something. Then you can run off and do whatever it is you do."
      She stops.
      "The hair clip! From the first time I LD'd. I realized that I never actually gave it to you."
      Manei.exe has stopped working. It took her a good five seconds. Then she seemed to remember what I was talking about.
      "Well in that case, I'm going to have to change the whole story now. Turn around."
      She changes back into human form while my back is turned. We start walking together up around the front of my house. It's cloudy and overcast, and for some reason there are portraits of famous people with hilarious accessories such as MLK with sunglasses and a YOLO cap, and George Washington with headphones on the side of peoples houses. There was some dream-logicy explanation, like a contest or something.
      We sit down in my front yard. The dream that was originally cold and gray seems to be getting a lot brighter now.
      "Here, take this, I have no use for it."
      She took it, still looking somewhat befuddled. I guess dream guides aren't all that used to getting gifts.
      Then I remembered the extra credit homework. I wanted to give her a headband or bandanna, like the one that I wear in WL. I wanted it to have my lucid dream symbol on it.
      random stuff on icedawg's mind that pisses him off-life.png
      (sorry I could only find a picture of it in cyan.)
      "Now, then, if you still want my wardrobe advice..."
      I put my hand behind my back *Le Manifest*.
      Successful again. It's even a tan color, the color I imagined making it. They symbol isn't right though. For some reason looks like this.
      Name:  The-symbol-that-actually-appeared.png
Views: 138
Size:  476 Bytes
      I look on the reverse and see the logo from my Taekwondo studio.
      "Okay, I didn't get the symbols right, but I want you to have it anyway. I think you would look good in a bandanna."
      For some reason my oldest living cat enters the dream (I've had four cats IWL. the oldest one is dead.) . He does this thing that he does IWL where he puts his rear end in the air asking you to scratch near the base of the tail. I start scratching him. I get the dream ending feeling, and just let the thing come to an end. While it fades out, I say something to myself like "Let's begin again"...

      And now it's 1:30am and I am filled with all the giggly feels you get when you accomplish a lucid goal.

      And if she actually wears that bandanna next time, I will have no words.

      A memorable tag for this lucid.

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    14. Lucid Void (LD #138)

      by , 11-16-2014 at 03:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Well... wow

      I can't recall how or why, but I became completely lucid while in a black void. There seemed to be no visuals,no auditory input, no senses whatsoever. I couldn't sense my dream or waking body. Now I wasn't scared at all because I knew I was experiencing some dream-related phenomenon.
      I thought that perhaps I could manifest a dreaming scenario, but all attempts failed. My attempts to manifest anything completely failed. I eventually decided to wait until something happened.
      I stayed in the void for at least a minute before something happened. A large stone grey-brown column appeared beneath me, and my body slowly manifested. The column was carved, like one in a building IWL, but was broken off on the top and jagged. I was sitting atop the column, unable to move. I was in a meditative position.
      I decided to meditate and focus on breath when I realized I couldn't feel breathing. I somehow figured that I must be in a deep sleep and therefore cannot feel my breathing. This could offer explanation for the failure of Nose Pinches.
      "I must be in Nrem. I must be at the very bottom of the cycle... to get lucid here is very rare. That's probably also the reason the dream is not manifesting."
      This went on for about two minutes total.

      FA. I can't recall what happened. I woke up in my college dorm that for some reason was this beautiful oriental pagoda. I was writing notes in different sizes to my parents.
    15. Triple Lucid Night (LD #134, #135, #136)

      by , 11-13-2014 at 01:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Now this is what I'm talking about!

      A nonlucid dream about a story somewhat paralleling Jack and the giant Beanstalk. I am with this boy who must climb this massive, twisty tree trunk like tower through this cloudy, foggy sky.
      I became lucid in this and flew up the tower to observe him while he climbed. He was doing so rather quickly, jumping from platform to platform; the entire outside of the tower was covered in gnarled spikes and branches that could be used as platforms. The dark, stormy clouds seemed to be in layers. Lightning cracked all around me and the rain was coming down heavily. He eventually reached the top, above the clouds. The wind was blowing very strongly here it was hard for me to keep myself stable while flying. I landed atop the tower; we were basically in outer space now, with just a thin band of blue on the horizon and the sun, moon and stars ahead. The storm clouds below us seemed to be swirling, centered around the tower we were atop.
      I grabbed onto a small ridge to fight the wind. I was correct in the fact that the tower was made out of a wooden material.
      The boy had no trouble standing up while I was squinting to look into the wind and see him. He was a big, chunky boy but looked young, younger than me, and had either orange or blonde hair, I can't remember. He turned to me and thanked me for giving him the chance to climb the tower, and then rocketed off into space on a golden flame.
      The scenario repeated at least once. In one other version, he failed to reach the top of the tower.

      Something to do with parking an airplane at the airport. I passed through a narrow area between two buildings and I was afraid that the wings would not fit, but somehow they did.

      Something to do with purchasing an absurdly small container of chocolate milk at the airport convince store.

      Something to do with the fact that a PG rated movie isn't allowed to kill more than two people.

      I am walking with my family on the path by our house when this blonde girl runs by. While running, she tells me that I am in fact dreaming.
      I turn and say something to myself about how gravity only exists if I want it to. Flying on, let's go.
      I begin buzzing around the general area, impressing my family and what not for awhile. I flew between some tree branches and power lines. I recall my foot brushing up against one of the power lines, I was afraid that I might get shocked but then remembered that I wasn't grounded.
      I eventually decided to see how far I could take my flying. I looked into the clear blue sky and saw the moon. Oh, yeah, I'm going there! I began heading up, and at first I was moving very slowly. Once I got above about 200 feet I started accelerating very rapidly, making a sort of jet turbine sound. A shock cone forms around me as I break the atmosphere and look back to earth. I can see the curve of the planet below me.
      I try to recall the first lucid dream where the boy flew away from the edge of space and do the same thing. I begin to rocket toward the moon

      Dangit. Somehow I forgot what happened. The dream ended with me becoming some sort of lucid dreaming superhero, like superman in New York. I had a sealed apartment on the top floor of a building that could only be accessed by me flying. I was currently working on stocking the fridge and pantry with dream-food.

      I am a part of this plot about a secret society of fuel miners. They have lived underground inside of a mountain mining this rare fuel and selling it to buyers on the surface world. There is this scene where about four guys managed to escape though ore chutes in the main compound. The leader of the group drops a bomb down the chutes but when it explodes it doesn't bring them back up, it just pushes them along faster.
      A brute of a man moves a decommissioned mining robot and blocks the ore chutes so that nobody can escape.
      The miners live in this mall-like underground area, mostly constructed of scrap metal. They have a whole society with a school, doctor, barber, and stores. All of their supplies are earned by trading with the upstairs world.
      The leader manages to find someone who was in on the escape in the med bay. The would-be escapee fibbed that his injuries were from a mining accident. The leader character was angry with him to say the least. He grabbed the injured man by the jaw and started asking him questions about where the others went.
      Meanwhile, I am with Marcus and this female DC. She wears square glasses, like Marcus but has long black hair in a ponytail and all of this backpacking equipment. She is a local guide who is going help Marcus find this fuel-mining society. And of course I'm there because... reasons. We are in the parking lot of a chuck-e-cheese in a small desert town supposedly not far from the underground mine. The female DC takes out a hologram device.
      "Now then, we have reason to believe that the center of their operations is about four clicks east... probably in a natural lava tube system...."
      She continues showing through a hologram how fuel deposits have emptied in the years and surface drilling companies have not come across any fuel where there should be.
      "There was 1100 units of fuel directly below us, but in 2003, it just vanished. My theory, underground miners selling to the highest bidder." Look how the cave collapses in 2007, four years later."
      We strike out, and of course the first thing we have to do is climb a plateau. We start climbing, and the only one who is getting anywhere is the guide chic. Marcus is struggling. I'm struggling.
      We were about halfway to the top when the guide chic made it. She started urging us to hurry up and for some reason this made me
      lucid. I let go of the cliff and started flying up to the top. When I reached the top, I told myself Marcus would appear in 3...2...1. And just then he climbs up the top of the cliff.
      I look out over the desert and the small town at the base of the plateau. Its hot. Clear day. I've never felt that much heat in a dream. I should do a scene change to someplace where I can beat the heat.
      It doesn't take much, now I am on a beach, but with red desert sand. I am on a small, crescent shaped island with a dormant volcano on one end and a large beach populated with dream characters.
      Marcus and the girl continue on their quest to find this society as if nothing has changed. I tell them that I am going to fly off on my own devices. I run towards the water and think of the previous LD where I was flying. I manage to 'catch' for about five seconds before I fall into the ocean.
      Sooo good in the heat of the dream sun though!
      I get out of the water. I can't see Marcus or his guide anymore. I somehow spot Manei out of the crowd of people on the beach, asleep on a towel, and run over to her, recalling everything I have to do with her.
      She must have been asleep because she didn't stir until I got close. She sat up and lowered her sunglasses. (Note: Manei wears often sunglasses when she blends into the background.) She looked really confused that I was there, lucid and standing in front of her.
      "Come on, I have a lot to ask you..." I gestured my head to one side that we could walk away from the crowd.

      Unfortunatley, My roommate wins the award for comedic timing. HIS ALARM WENT OFF RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!

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