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    Relax (#195)

    by , 04-15-2015 at 01:41 PM (405 Views)
    Two nights ago:

    I was at my old high school, in the gym. I don't think it was gym class though, nobody was else there. I've made my high school a dream sign and RC'd in the dream. But for some reason the nose pinch RC didn't work, and I didn't become fully lucid.

    Last night:

    I had a false awakening. I was laying down under a blanket. I could feel Manei's ora (or that presence she gives off) in the room; she was laying right beside me. And I was instantly mega-lucid, and thinking really clear.

    I was in a room where everything was made of cut polished stone. The room had the layout of a room in my dad's parents (the ones who are still alive) house, and the general feel of it. There was no glass in the window. Just a white curtain blowing gently in the breeze.

    There was a really old TV with a wooden case was sitting where their flat screen TV is IWL. It was on but it was just showing static. Every once in awhile I would see the face of a bald man with a fat neck flash onto the screen. The volume was turned down low and I could barely hear the white noise.

    The sofa had been replaced with some thick mats on the floor and there were vines growing all across the walls. Outside the sky was orange and there was a big purple and blue ringed Jupiter planet taking up a good portion of the sky.

    I got up, and thought of my dream goals. I was trying not to wake up Manei as well, but I guess I didn't do a very good job.

    "Where you going?"

    "To go find Jack and make friends with him. You wanna come?"

    "No. You no go either. Just like TV, you always on. Work hard is good, yes, but need to relax sometime."

    I lay back down with her. She put her arm around me and started to go back to sleep.

    "Great... no getting away now..."

    I stayed with her for a few minutes. I was still feeling restless though, and I really wanted to go and get something done. I started doing affirmations and trying to keep the dream stable. I then remember staring at the ringed gas planet in the sky. I was trying to make out details in a storm, and noticed that I could see it slowly spinning.

    "Relax. Too much tension. I feel it."

    I started to relax. I was still thinking a lot about my reality, but I started to relax and just enjoy the moment. I was startled back to 'reality' when My grandmother came home. I heard her open the door, set her purse and keys on the counter and walk into the living room. It was only now that I noticed that the kitchen (connected to the living room) was completely normal.

    She walked in and got really confused.

    "*duck quack*! who are you people!?"

    The two of us got up. I started laughing at the duck quack sound. Manei thought it was funny too. My grandmother started yelling for help, that there were strange people in her house.


    There was some other alternate part of this dream where she was hugging me and the two of us were spinning around. The environment kept shifting. (Double dream spinning...?)
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That sounds like a really nice lucid dream. ^ w ^ I wonder why the scene has to change when your just relaxing though. I'm also questioning where that "duck quack"sound your grandmother made came from.haha
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    2. JadeGreen's Avatar
      I'm also questioning where that "duck quack"sound your grandmother made came from.haha
      Haha yea I don't know where that came from either.