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    Lucid Time!

    Machinegun FAs

    by , 04-30-2016 at 01:01 PM (292 Views)

    After four days of false awakenings followed by really crappy frags I finally get myself back on track.

    I remember the early dreams had something to do with me being on this sand dune. It was absolutely huge. I was hanging out with this new friend that I had made. I think his name was josh. He reminded me a lot of my waking life friend A. Me and him decided to build a sand castle, but for some reason the sand dune was hard like it were made of sandstone.

    I could swear there was a lot more to this dream than us starting to build a sand castle. It also overlapped with some other dreams about how I met the guy.


    There was also a dream about this fairy character. I remember it was actually a 'he' despite having a very female looking body and had two options of what to do in life, to either become a demon or become this love fairy that was an embodiment of dualities. I carried out some quest and helped it to become the better of the two options. (Duality) Upon completing the quest, he became gigantic and walked off into a forest of pine trees while reminding me of some of my dream goals.


    I became lucid after being reminded that I had dream goals. I know there was more lucid stuff before this. I feel like it was a whole segment that ended in a FA, but me holding onto my lucidity somehow, then leading into what happened here. I just forgotten it. It makes logical sense that it was an FA.

    I remember I was going for a bike ride with my mom and dad. We had just left the house and there were two suns. I'm pretty sure I was already lucid, but this was helping. The larger of the two was due east while there was a smaller, normal sized one in the north. The larger of the two suns had debris around it in a ring. I looked at them. Small planets and asteroids, but I swear I saw a haunted pirate ship floating in the sky.

    We were riding for a bit when we came to this drainage pit. The pit was different than it is in waking life. There was no wooden fence around it. (There is IWL) and it was on the opposite side of the trail. I nearly rode my bike into the bottom of the pit, despite trying to steer away from it. I had to hop off and walk my bike back up, but the pit had a sort of gravity to it that would probably pull some hapless nonlucid dreamer into a slow struggle against swamp muck and their own bike.

    After I got out of the pit, I did a nose pinch for several seconds to reaffirm my lucidity. I then decided to ride my bike in the road, since it's something I've always wanted to do. But I needed a speed boost since the cars go much faster than I do. I used my flying flames to boost my bike to go faster. Riding in the road was fun, except for the cars intentionally trying to ram me and the dream essentially becoming lucid frogger for a second. At one point, I jumped off my bike and onto the hood of a car and rode it down the street.

    I saw there was this big conference setup outside, between the middle schools. All of these middle aged and elderly people were in attendance.

    "So as you all know the redistribution of legos is very important to the school's budget." One of the DCs spoke. He then went onto introduce the new head of security. I remembered Justme13's challenge and thought he might make a good opponent. I decided to get the attention of everyone and see if I could get him to attack me. I flew into the air and hovered above the conference.

    "As you can see, your education has nothing to do with legos, it has to do with your lucidi-tea."

    A giant orange and yellow teapot appeared to the left of the conference when I said that. I thought it would aggravate them into attacking me. It didn't, they all just cheered that I was flying. I got annoyed and figured if I wasn't going to get a skilled opponent, I should work on getting to a new and better environment at least. (I think I was thinking of the discussion I had on spellbee's thread about dreamscapes.)

    I decided I would fly away from the town to an environment that might not be that interesting, but at least it wouldn't be a middle school. I got up in the air and started flying. I flew past the football feild by the high school and the thing that I remember was that the dream wold was getting more simple. All of the sudden, it ended. It had an edge. Like the void in minecraft. I zoomed out and saw that the whole town was like a SimCity Tile floating in a void, with the greatest concentration of detail near the center. I decided I would fly up but I died and a message appeared like in Minecraft.

    "JadeGreen fell out of the world"

    I FA'd on the floor of the front room of my house.
    Nose pinched and was still dreaming. I decided I would dream spin to a beach location. I stood on my spot and started spinning. I didn't change the scene, just destabilized the dream.

    I FA'd agian into my bedroom. I did a nose pinch RC and became lucid. I started to get out of bed and noted that there were piles of legos

    I FA'd a third time I think this time the room was painted blue with stars like when I was younger.
    I did a nose pinch RC and became lucid.

    I FA'd a fourth time into my bedroom. There was a huge palm tree in a pot at the foot of my bed. I just knew it was still a dream, and red and white mushrooms growing out of the pot. I shouted 'STOP'.

    I woke up for real.

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