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    A World In My Head!!

    Katie-The Little Angel

    by , 07-04-2013 at 07:57 AM (334 Views)
    July 3rd, 2013

    notes: more morning dreams

    A Familiar Game

    I'm playing a familiar game, except a life-size version of it. In the dream I feel I've played this game lots before. Something to do with collecting items before the monsters do, or before other players do.

    Defeating the monsters was easy, they were already low hp because of other players. But why didn't those players grab the key?

    I grab the key and head into the dungeon where I know I have to craft something before moving to the next level. But the dungeon is freaking me out - its - empty. No monsters. No players. Spooky quiet.

    It was a while before I found the other players, who seem to be huddled up for the same reasons. Something about the game was off and freaking everyone out.

    A strange sound right outside the living room catches my attention. The layout of the house harks back to my childhood home in long island. I peek out the window, woah! It was a massive pink parrot like bird, just huge!

    "Look at that bird!!!"

    But no one in the living room seemed interested. "Sis, are you seeing this!"

    Sis calls out from her bedroom "yes, yes! its so pretty!". And she was. I looked at that pink bird and thought 'wow, you are so beautiful!'. Suddenly it noticed me and transforms into a winged girl. Her skin was still pink. Her eyes were like an owls, and her face plump and round and so was her whole body. She had angel curls.


    I crack open the window, just a little bit and she flies down in front of me. Her smile was so soft. At first I was worried she bites or something, but that sweet smile. I open the window wider and stroke her face. "are you hungry?"

    Sis races to the living room to see the bird girl. I try to feed the girl some candy but shes not interested. "Katie"

    "Is that your name? Let me find you some snacks katie!"

    I tried all sorts of things, but she wasnt interested in anything my pantry has. I figured maybe she eats fish or rodents like a bird. Me and sis go outside to play with katie. What a fascinating sight.

    Katie is naked, appears to be about 4 years old, but talks as though she's older. Soft plushy wings, and taloned toes. She doesn't have any genitals, but does have a scar on her abdomen. A doctor trying to figure her out? Poor katie, she must have run away.

    Sis kept making noise "ITS A BIRD GIRL! EVERYONE COME LOOK!" I dont think katie wants that kind of attention, I was so afraid she'd run away again. Katie shows me her dolly, a rabbit that's shaved to look like it has a pony tail.

    "What a darling!" One of the neighbors asks if shes our daughter, but both me and sis deny it. I try to hide her wings when prying neighbors come by. Eventually Katie gets annoyed and puts on clothes to hide her gorgeous wings.

    But she couldn't fool this strange man. "Katie, is that you?" He tugs on her jacket to reveal her wings "It is you!"

    At this point my friend R steps out of the house. She doesn't seem surprised at all by katies sight. "Look R, its Katie!! i guess you'll have to dye your hair again because you know" he makes a gun gesture.

    I realize he and R are former supernatural detective agents, and that R has had to change her appearance for what ever reason. My dream begins to fizzle out, but all I could think about when I woke up, was how much I loved katie.
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    1. JoannaB's Avatar
      I love your Katie dream. It is awesome.