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    The Kestrel's Dreams

    Welcome to my Dream Journal! I'm still getting used to the site, so bear with me!

    I'll make this all pretty eventually.

    // Recurring Characters (real people), for your and my own reference (since they're all aliases) //

    Zukin: Bestie and 3/4, went to Germany with me last year. We have almost died together multiple times by now
    Backpacking Group: Zukin, Ivan, Dan, Josh, Kebab, Penny, Cindy, and Suzy; We all drove down to Texas and spent Spring Break ('14) backpacking in the Guadalupe Mountains
    Bob: Older Brother
    Erik: Little Brother
    Germany Group: Zukin plus 7 others who were in the same program to study abroad in Germany for 6 months
    Kristin: Current roommate and close friend of four years
    Jasmine: High school Best Friend, but we don't talk much anymore

    Now that I have something Lucid in my DJ: Orange text = Lucid

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