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    spellbee's Sweet 16 Comp Days 1 + 2

    by , 01-13-2016 at 02:13 AM (824 Views)
    Wow, I've been so off my DJing game...
    I keep thm on my phone every day but I don't even remember the last time I actually typed them up here, and I'm too lazy to check right now...
    Either way, here's the DJ-Comeback (or not) for Spellbee's Sweet 16 Competition!

    Night One - January 11th, 2016

    Had a horrible night's sleep; plan to go to sleep super early (like 7:00pm) and wake up super early to get work done backfired immensely. I was wide awake still by midnight (yes, that's 5 hours of just laying there, trying to sleep) and I got maybe an hour and a half in short bursts through the rest of the night until 3:00 when I decided to fuck it all and get up.

    Interestingly enough, I had some very vivid dreams and managed to get lucid...

    This was actually the first dream I remembered having:

    I was in the Void. Literally just floating around in darkness. I knew I was dreaming right from the get-go. I had thought maybe I was still awake, but also knew I wasn't. I started walking in the air, trying to figure out what to do with my lucidity. I remembered something about creating a new world from the Void, and decided to recreate a minecraft world. I wasn't sure if it would count for the bonus TOTM, but it was worth a try. First, I made a body of water, in which I was standing. Then, I made sure there were large hills all around me. Somehow it turned into an area of the minecraft server Zukin and I play on, in which we've constructed this huge wall to enclose us and inside the wall are building all sorts of crazy, trippy, colorful, wonderful things. I was so happy and started flying around to explore. There were new structures around my "spawn point" and they were completely beautiful. I was a little sad because I knew I couldn't make something with of this level of beauty in Minecraft. I landed in the water of another pool nearby and there decided to try becoming a man. Upon looking down I discovered my manhood and touched it. It was an interesting feeling. I was starting to lose rational lucidity and then another man comes into my view and things got steamy. I think he was doing research on the water levels in that area of Minecraft when he saw me (apparently I was nakey) We touched each other. A lot. I lost lucidity. And then I woke up.

    Later in the morning I had another dream, non-lucid. I was in Lilo and Stitch for some reason, and Lilo and her sister were living in this little house on a FUCKING GORGEOUS grassy, forested hill. Like I was climbing up through the trees and come out on the top of the hill and I just wish I had this view in front of me ALL THE TIME. But it turned out that Lilo and her sister were like... no-class. Like they were not upper-class, middle-class OR lower-class. They were not even on the class scale and this made them absolute nobodies in society. Lilo had a big blue bird (Stitch??) but this bird was kinda a bitch to any other birds haha.

    The last one I remember was really close to the time I decided to get up. I was trying to finish up my lesson plans for the week (For me, lesson plans for the whole week are due on Monday mornings) and I was cooking baby carrots in the sink. Like, turning on the sink cooked them somehow. My little brother was calling me and telling me about his new girlfriend (he doesn't have one yet, sadly).

    Night Two - January 12th, 2016

    Just one dream from last night, but it was a pretty interesting one.
    I was at a huge party of some sort. We were in a hotel or convention center or something, and there were elevators. I got into one of the elevators (there were two.) There was only an up button so I pressed it. The elevator went up, and then BING'd and opened. I was at the end of a long, LONG hallway. I got out and started walking. Eventually the hallways started to be made of glass, and I could see that there was what seemed to be the end of the universe outside the walls. The hall took a turn and then opened out into this vast, beautiful space. All black, with dimly glowing stars nearby, though not hot and somehow very peaceful. There was absolutely no sound. Now that I was thinking about it, I started to wonder if I've come to the Void again, and wondered if I was dreaming. Looking at my hands revealed I'm indeed lucid (my ring had a white, a blue, and a green stone when it's supposed to be two white and a red stone in the middle).

    I looked down from the edge of the hallways, and see these strange... almost negative-blue, structures. Like... hmm. It wasn't the inverse-color-of-blue (orange), it was like literally anti blue. Like so black it was blue. There were rough pillars and mounds, and some spike-like jutting out things, and some bowl-like spaces. I jumped off the edge of this hallways and landed in the structures, but gravity was being a bitch. I felt out of control and was spinning slowly in a zero-gravity that STILL wanted me to go down. I bounced off one of the bowl-things and seemed to float, spinning, off a ramp and into the darkness.

    I FA'd back at the two elevators, this time with Zukin by my side. I had lost lucidity completely, and went into one of the elevators (the same one I picked before, though I didn't remember at the time) I had a vague feeling of deja vu, but didn't attain lucidity again. This time, there was also only one button, but it was a down button. I pressed it, and the elevator started plummeting at an extremely high, terrifying speed.

    I legit thought we were going to die, but the elevator stopped and we stepped out onto the bottom floor. We were with a whole group of people, but four of them were getting extremely sick. I had a very bad feeling about these sick people, like they we going to try to spread their sickness to us. So Zukin and I tried to get away from them and ended up getting separated from each other. I took the stairs (fuck if I was getting back into that elevator) to the third floor (the 2nd and 3rd floors of this building were a big, open bar or club or something) and found a table where people I knew were sitting. I was hoping to spot Zukin from the railings (they were like huge lofts so you could see the floors below you). I eventually spotted her, called her over. She came to the table with a hamster ball. She invited me to play a game of "Hamster Jamster," whatever that was. We were on our way to a basement room where we were sleeping, and met up with two Gingers. I don't know how this made sense to the dreaming me, but there were two of him; one of them was Zukin's ex who was still clinging onto her at all times, the other was the real Ginger, whom she was dating. We decided not to play Hamster Jamster, and got into our sleeping bags. The not-Ginger was all clingy and kept trying to cuddle with Zukin, but she was all "No, we're not dating anymore..." and continued to cuddle the real Ginger. Or whatever. Zukin remembered she needed to take some medicine, and we found out it was in the most ridiculous packaging EVER. There were two pills in these huge cardboard things. Like srsly wtf drug companies.

    Then I woke up.
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    1. cooleymd's Avatar
      Not that your the only one to not update your profile LD count, but I couldn't help but notice last contest you began and ended with 20 LD, which is still your current count, despite many LD last time and +2 in the last few days

      Of course you might have noticed my LD count seem to decrease from '1,000,000Base2' to a mere 65 in the last few days, but then again 1,000,000 in binary is 64

      So far minecraft has given me 2 lucids (prior to competition) and also allowed me to escape the void minecraft style but I seem to have minecraft dreams most every night, and for the most part they suck , last night I was literally digging mine craft holes and filling them in. I had two minecraft segments separated by a void, and each was as mindless as the next
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    2. lunagoddess's Avatar
      Awesome comeback! That sucks you didn't sleep well but it's lucky you got lucid anyways. And I can't believe you didn't play hamster jamster? It sounds amazing
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    3. KestrelKat's Avatar
      cooleymed: Yeah I haven't updated my LD count in ages... One of these days I will go through my journal entrees and count them, plus the ones I haven't DJ'd because I'm so lazy XD

      luadoggess: haha I know, I kinda wish we had played it so I could see what it's like!