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    Ice Cream! June 3rd 2012.

    by , 06-04-2012 at 02:22 PM (385 Views)

    This dream was yummy , I actually tasted the food in it.

    I was at school, in my art classroom. Although it had a very different layout. It was located where the science rooms are. I was walking around the classroom talking to my friends when I saw my dog outside the classroom. People were asking me if that was my dog and I said yes. I walked out to see him but he was gone. My aunt then came round the corner with him, then disappeared back round the corner again. As it is my dreams, I didn't give a fuck and decided to play with the ice cream on a random table just next to me. My teacher then came out and put some orange ice cream in to a bowl. When she left, I picked up the bowl and examined the orange ice cream. I then scooped some chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream in to it and then put chocolate sauce on top. I got hungry and ate it, shit tasted nice. I heard someone coming so I quickly ate it and hid under the table. Unfourtunately my teacher caught me as I had chocolate all around my mouth, and my hiding skills are terrible. The dream then ended here.

    Finally caught up with my DJ. I think my puppy may be a new dream sign, but school is a definate dream sign.
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    1. Oceandrop's Avatar
      Haha nice dream Lunatide :D And my old school also became a definate Dreamsign for me.
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    2. bennettb6's Avatar
      This reminds me of a ToTM I tried to do once. It was to find a unique "dream-fruit", eat it, and report on what it tasted like. I love eating in dreams because I always wake up feeling full and satisfied
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    3. Komisoft's Avatar
      That sounds pretty cool bennettb6 :O