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    1/01/01 Remebering the event

    by , 09-07-2012 at 11:13 PM (367 Views)
    In my first dream i was drinking Mate in the school, outside the class. It was raining and i could tell it was summer. There were nobody but us and 5th. Once we got inside we still were drinking Mate and it emmitted music... The teacher got mad (Fisica) and it took us the Mate.

    The other dream was far more interesting. I was on the street and some random guy was talking. He said that what is happening is like the event that happened in 1/01/01. And we remembered that event, going back in time. We went exactly to the place where that event trascurred in the time it did. It was in my city in the street "Baigorria 300" and there was a man with an "atomic bomb" in his chest saying he is going to blow up everyone. The police surrounded him and then i guess they caught him but i went fast to a plane which was full of people. The plane looked more like a ship... because there were rows of at least 30 seats with no space between them. Anyways the plane couldn't even go to air because it was shot when it was lifting, therefore it had to do land in the street. There was a lot of fire, it was a mess (like the mess when Martin Luther King was shot) and people terrified going around. We manage to land "safely". It turns out to be that we landed in a guerrilla zone. And somehow we had weapons (a pistol and a rifle). I started shooting to the enemies (it was obvious who was the enemy since they were dressed in a peculiar way) and i saw that we were outnumbered, and my ammunition was scarce. Therefore instead of using the guns i realized i had to use my head. What we did was to hide, and although some enemies went through us and i wanted to shoot it wasn't wise. I don't know how, but my allies had found an escape route, but we had to take down a lot of enemies first. So we did it, but i realized that each time we shoot a guy the next one was harder to kill. I always shot at the head but the last guy i shot i had to shoot at him at least 5 times with the rifle until he died. They didn't have weapons... they were more like zombies because you shoot them and they came for you, and if they managed to get to you then you were dead. That's what happened... i couldn't kill this last guy and then i heard the alarm. Thank god i woke up, but it was a very nice nightmare (i like action nightmares haha).

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