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    1. January 26th 2020

      by , 01-26-2020 at 05:33 PM
      I went to sleep at like 1am and woke up at almost 4 am. Dreamt the following:

      • I was in my grandparents house, in the backyard. My dad was telling me something but i realized he has lied to me (about whatever he was telling me. It was something like he blamed someone else for something, but actually it was him...) so i walked away from him. [Dream fragment ended there]
      • I'm on the streets with my dad. He's receiving some checks and gave them to me to store them. I get on an elevator on the street, kind of like Willy Wonka's elevator, but instead of being of glass it was like a gates capsule. So one of the 6 to 10 checks flew away... It was worth about $11.000 pesos (about 140 dollars). I was a bit upset about it but everything in the streets was so rushed, like as soon as i stepped into the elevator it began 'flying', that i felt that it wasn't my fault. Also i put the checks in my pocket and i suspected one of them would fly away and that's what happened... but shouldn't have happened... (so i could have become lucid by that if i was paying attention to logic XD).
      • When the elevator lands i walk towards this restaurant in open air. It was a good restaurant so there were medium-high class people having lunch there. I overhear a conversation about Hedera Hashgraph, how it will start being coded next year and i smile and say out loud to them as i walk by that it's already coded XD, but i was kinda happy to hear people talking about it because i had expectations with it.
      • The building i was going to was across the street. So i enter the building, hand in the checks or something. Meanwhile the business had sent a "magnetic drone" that stole confidential information (kind of like the programs Snowden took with him when he walked out of the NSA) and when the drone landed the company became successful and billionare just like that. So the company people started celebrating! What did they celebrate with? Well... there was a lot of alcohol and sex all night long. It was madness.

      I did a short WBTB (short being 5 minutes or less), tried to notice as i fell asleep but just felt asleep unconsciouslly and i dreamt the following:

      • I was in a beach with friends from highschool. We were on a trip. Actually we didn't have many resources... and i was kind of disoriented and bored. Half of them already went in a bus (idk where, to the next scheduled stop i guess) and half of us were still hanging around. I guess i was disoriented because there were a lot of other tourists and shops, so it was kind of chaotic. But it was like nobody was buying anything and the place was poorish. Then a friend starts spraying me cockroach poison spray to me... he was angry with me for some reason. I told him to stop and he did. But i felt how the spray started burning me, and it was a kind of burn that felt so different. I unconsciouslly related the kind of burn to radiation burn and in the dream i consciouslly related this product with being carcinogenic (which of course it would be since it was poison).
    2. 18th February 2019

      by , 02-18-2019 at 05:54 PM
      I went to sleep at 1:30 and woke up at around 4 am.

      On my first dream i was on vacations in Uruguay. I was in a house with my family. Both my parents were there. They were playing loud music, and each one's music claimed a half of the house. It was interestesting not to hear them get mixed together. My father was taking a shower and i went to his bedroom where the desk is and i grabbed his almost finished marijuana joint. I decided i was going to make a new one and include the remainings of that one. My dad comes out of shower, and i could note he was high. He told me he was high and that he was enjoying it, but i also noted he was still like tense. Anyway he had plans on what to do while high, which surprised me because it was his first time smoking, so i went on with my things.
      On my way out of the bedroom i was walking like the living hall of my mother's aunt Teresa F. There i encountered my older sister who was also about to smoke and trip on stuff like the wind (it was a bit windy outside but in a nice way, like refreshing). Then i go outside with my sister, and some neighborhood kids want to play with her with a football but we were going to take a walk (besides i don't think she'd have played anyway). It starts raining, we are still outside but we don't walk far, we just go to the backyard which is actually quite big now. When we went outside our house turned to be a Estancia (it's a countryside). My dad goes outside and he starts talking to the kids, but he was alone in the sense that my sister and me weren't there to hear what he had said. Then i go inside the house to finish this joint i never got to make. And when i come into the kitchen i received news that my dad has been arrested. I assumed that he was talking with the children about weed and perhaps police saw him high and maybe they thought he was trying to sell weed to the kids. I laughed at it and quickly thought of a defense so he'd get released from prision (it was 5 years of jail if found guilty). The defense i thought was that he didnt have weed in him (cause i took it) so even though he was high he wasn't selling anything. And personal consumption is not criminalized, well at least not after you have consumed it. But that's in Argentina and we were in Uruguay!

      I came back from my vacations in Uruguay on saturday (2 days ago) and a few times my sister and i smoked weed. But i got weed so much in my mind because: 1. we were trying to get some before i came back from Uruguay, which we didn't. 2. I watched a Netflix series about Murder Mountain. 3. When i came here i thought of giving my father weed in some brownies, so he'd try it before i left to Cordoba to study.

      I woke up, went to bathroom, then went back to bed and i slept until 9:00 am.

      I dreamt i was sitting in a restaurant in Bs As. The restaurant was small and poor, seemed to be a family business. My table was outside. I was with my phone and some guy comes right next to my table and threatens the owner (who had a white apron) with a gun to give him the money. I thought of getting up and leaving, but i didn't know where to go so i didn't. The owner gives him the money, and then the robber comes towards me. He points the gun at me and i knew the logic thing would be to give him my cellphone so instantly i slide it though the table, i seemed to do it calmly (that's how i think it looked) but i was outraged (and i sensed that my intention was more of like throwing it rather than passing it). I saw he still stood there, so he wanted everything and apparently there were no cops around (i was in the most dangerous neighborhood, so that didn't surprise me). I took out my wallet from my pocket, and i didn't give it to him. Instead i opened it and gave him a bunch of paper money and he left (didn't give him all i had, just all i could grab in a quick manner). I remained there for a bit longer watching my surroundings. There were people fighting, there were more robbing... it wasn't a good place to stay.
      I got up and decided to leave. I went through people's porches, but that was ok. Then i find myself somewhere in Córdoba and my girlfriend finds me [I don't have a gf]. I told her i was robbed, that i didn't have my cellphone. We were having an event right there and now, it was my uncle's engagement or something. We went inside and she starts talking to me what we had to do, but we were close and kissing, and i knew what we'd do after the event . I got 9 messages (i think in my gf's cellphone) from the robber that he hacked 9 of my accounts, and i saw a discord screenshot. I asked my girlfriend if she could take care of my accounts while i went home to dress but she said no because she had to be in the event to let them know i was still getting ready. She started to hurry me more but i was worried of my accounts... and the first entrant was about to begin the event and that's when i decided to quit, i wasn't dressed and i was still there and it would take at least like an hour to get home, dress and come back. But then i see my uncle's wife in the entry room sad and angry because she was also cancelling. She was cancelling because i was. Then my uncle comes smiling and he says "we're not cancelling. We can start whenever we like, we have all day. So go home, get dressed and come back. We'll wait for you." Since he told me in such a good mood i was going to do it, and forget about the accounts until later in the day. Btw while he was speaking i noticed he had white teeth, they were very bright. Then i woke up.

      When i went to Uruguay it was my first time travelling out of my province alone. So i was worried i was going to get robbed at Bs As, specially because the bus station is one of the places where most crime happen.
      The first time, when i went, it was early morning. I had to walk from the Bus station to the port which was like 10 blocks away. It was pretty chill.
      But on my way back it was night, right after sunset. And again i had to walk from the port to the bus station. This time i was more worried and i think this influenced this last dream i had. But when i went even though it was disgusting to see such misery and precariousness, i didn't have any trouble. There were a lot of people too which were coming and going from the bus station and i saw police on a block which seemed to be the most dangerous.
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    3. 28th December 2018

      by , 12-29-2018 at 01:16 AM
      Today i took a nap and i dreamt i was on rocket but i wasn't in space, i was in some planet's stratosphere. I assume it was a large planet because we were travelling around it rather than out of it. It was also cloudy, so i could sense the rocket actually moving and travelling. I don't know at which speed we travelled but it was pretty fast. The rocket was also big. It was like a space station but in the shape of a rocket. Actually various rockets assembled to a big one.

      I noticed in our tripulation there was a weird guy that never slept. Then i spied his room when it was sleeping time and i saw he was frozen inside. He changed his appearence and that way i noticed. He was like a white walker from game of thrones. But to me in that context, he was a dangerous ALIEN. After that he changed into his 'original form': it was actually 4 big alien worms disguised into this person (they were bonded with magic i believe). After they separated they all went to the ventilation system. So we tried to isolate the parts of the rocket-ship we thought they were in. However this caused some failures. When we were doing this i was sitting in the captain's cabin driving the rocket, with a seatbelt and everything and i had a window to my right side where i could see other parts of the rocket. As the failures started i could hear like some engines stopping and then i could see things exploding. Those things were like 20-50 meters away from me, and the part of the rocket-ship where i was wasnt exploding yet, but i knew these were fatal failures and i would either explode or the ship would crash, and i also knew that there was no way out of it. I couldn't use a parachute or anything, because it was going so fast that i would die anyway. So i was sitting there thinking, "Omg, im going to die. I wish this was a dream and not reality. But i know this is reality and im done." I was scared and i didn't want to die, but i accepted it. I closed my eyes because there wasn't anything i could do to save myself, so i just waited till the moment i'd die. I was so nervous, because i didn't know how it'd happen, and i wondered what would happen after that. 'Would i still be thinking like i am now?', 'Would the impact (explosion or crash) affect my thoughts right in the moment of death?' 'Would i wake up to some other reality after i die?'. I had my eyes closed and i couldn't calm, thinking that my life was over and that it was my real life. A few moments after i woke up, still like a rock, with my eyes still closed, and no impact ever happened in the dream. Still i woke up scared, but also rested, and i knew it was a dream death and not a real one but i still take it as an experience because the fear was real.
    4. 12/12/2016

      by , 12-12-2017 at 11:12 AM
      I'll write the dream fragments i remember from last night.

      - I was in a bus with friends from school. We were on a trip all over Europe and one of the mothers of a friend was driving the bus. Octavio had a broken leg, and decided to come down the bus just a few kilometers before entering the city. I thought he could have been smarter and get down when we were already in, since he has a broken leg and it was difficult for him to walk, but he came down because the bus stopped... We crossed the customs and the bus stopped a few meters ahead. I think we were supposed to stop there.. Anyways we sat around a wooden table in the open air and it was dusking.

      - In another dream i was in a house with some people. We were in the nazi Germany in the 20th century. The town was low populated, although the extension of land of each house was quite large. I think we had to evacuate the homes... but for some reason we didnt. We weren't jews or politicians.. but perhaps our friends were (we were like 2 families in the house, and btw i was like 40 years old with a son) and i think i was supposed to be a militar. I didnt want to join the army or the milice, so we stayed at home and pretended it was abandoned. Some militars came nearby and after a short while they entered our house. They didnt start shooting, but i stood up and went outside to talk to whoever was in charge. He wasn't a high rank and i think i knew him because i told him that i was hiding because i had a son (and family). He understood and let us alone. But... i dont know why i lighted two fires outside...
      When i came back in a few moments later i was seeing through the window that police cars were going around the town (although the extension of land of each house was large, there was a lane in which houses were against each other, so that made it look more like a town). I saw 5 at once, then 3 going around... I was nervous. I thought it was because of the fire i lit. I wanted to go out through the window and hide like snipers do in the open field, with camouflage. At this point i was no longer a 40 year old man, i returned to my actual age (22). I didnt go out because i was scared that i would uncover our house, or that i wouldnt be well camouflaged, or that i would be discovered anyways.
      - I stayed there near the window. Then i see the front house across the street and two little girls were staring through their windows during the night. One of them looked like this (but she wasnt dead):

      I thought "oh no... we are screwed" and i came out of the window as soon as possible.
      I had to get out of that house, and so had to the rest. I don't know what they were planning to do, but i knew i wasn't responsible for them because they wouldnt hear me much. So if i wanted to do something i had to do it alone. I went to a girl's house i met through the internet and stayed there for the night.
      The next day i went out very early [5:30 am which is the time im waking up currently and at the time it starts dawning]. I was on a bicycle. Outside i saw my grandmother and i saw my cousin Martin. I saluted. Then started going and said bye to both again. I was happy.
      I was no longer in the town, i was now in my home city and the street was almost Alsina and Newbery (i think it was pedernera and newbery). I started riding and turned to the right at Alsina... and i was in a ... like a political place, it was like an embassy or something similar. In real life to the right and like 6 blocks away there's a train station, but it's no longer working and now it's a museum or something like that. I was there however it was different... Instead of having gates it had walls, tall walls painted blue and with murals. Some There were like 6 people on those murals and all of them were supporters of Austrian Economics (something im currently studying). Some of the guys were germans or austrians but others were Argentinean figures like: San Martín and Manuel Belgrano but also a musician that has nothing to do with economics called Rodrigo Bueno. I watched the murals and wanted to go out to the street through the door (which should be a gate-door) at the right. But it was locked, and it was Sunday so it wasn't going to open anytime soon. So i turned back and started riding through the "Andino". The walking path was very damaged, i was riding at high speed and there was people over the place. So i started shouting at a reasonable distance away from the people, while pressing the brakes which werent working properly. They stepped out of the way and i went through a wooden bridge at full speed and at not a very good angle. But i managed to turn left a bit and be able to cross it and not fall down. I continued at full speed and i still the path was very damaged. At one point i see it was impossible to go through that part without falling so i press the brakes and i suddenly stop. Another guy which wasnt paying attention walked through that part and fell 5 meters. So i was right i couldnt go through there.

      Then i woke up.
    5. October 31st and November 1st 2017 - Dream fragments

      by , 11-01-2017 at 03:28 PM
      October 31st

      It's been a day already since i had this dream so i dont remember much. But there's something curious that's related to it, that's why i decided to write it down.

      I was in someone's house. I dont know if i really knew the guys that lived there or if they were just hosts like from couchsurfing or something like that. Anyways they had a studio where they would play musical instruments, and i went there and i grabbed a guitar. I think i started playing some riff. Then i hear one of the guys come to the studio and he puts a song and i think he also starts playing (tbh i dont know if he was playing the song and singing, or he just put the song to reproduce somewhere. Even though it was high quality i think it was the former). The song was "Highway to hell" from AC DC. I remember remembering the lyrics and thinking about the meaning of the song for a moment, that it would be directly opposite to what im trying to do lol. Then i woke up.

      Later that day i watched a video on Youtube from Mike Maloney, i was actually waiting for his podcast since im interested in most of his videos now. Funnily the name for his new video was "Highway to Government hell". Even though the video has nothing to do with the interpretation i gave to the song, it's funny to see a coincidence in something i dreamt and this video i was waiting for to come out in real life.

      November 1st

      I dreamt that the battle between the living and the dead from Game of thrones finally started. The whole planet was dark, we were fighting on night. I actually wasnt fighting, but thousands of people were, around a castle; even though there was probably nowhere to escape since the war was everywhere. I was like in a part of the castle where i could see the battle, but i was not interfering. I was with other people including the king, a princess and some other comitee members. All people i trusted, so i was glad i was with them. We weren't going to be there forever, we were there strategically, but idk the reason. I remember Eddard Stark was alive and defending the other wall, playing a similar role we were. But meanwhile we were watching Jon Snow fight, in a bamboo bridge connecting the castle to the mainland. We saw that the dead were really scary, not because they were dead but because they actually werent joking and didnt nor wouldnt give up in the fight, they would annihilate everyone. Then we saw the bridge break... the bamboo poles were conected with strings, and apparently those strings were cut or broken (i dont think someone cut them, but they broke because the bridge was holding a lot of weight). It was a long fall, and there wasnt any water down there, in fact there was more fighting going on, but down there there were many more dead than living. Even though the fall was long, the bamboo poles were huge and they fell first. When they bounced back they kinda like cushioned Jon Snow's fall. When he fell on the ground he was still alive and fine, although unconscious. We were already there waiting, and as soon as we were able to grab him we put him on a bamboo litter and covered him with more bamboo, so nobody could peek and see who was in there. Generals from the opposing army started freaking wanting to find him to kill him. One of them was him:

      and the other one looked like Igor. We headed to the city, and for that we crossed the battlefield (the city wasnt inside the castle). For some reason we weren't attacked and we literally crossed only the army of the dead right there, we even were a few meters away from the General (although if he saw us he would have attacked us). When we entered the city it was still night night, much time hasnt happened. We knew we were being chased (not by the army, for some reason they werent interested in us at all) so we needed to hide. We found a house at the entrance of an alley. The people that were ahead of me entered first and closed the door, then i had to shout and hit the door asking them to open it again for me. I thought they were going to leave me outside, but they realized i wasnt in there, and that it was me shouting, so they opened it. Inside it was comfortable and safe. We even forgot about Jon Snow... lol (apparently it was me who had him, but idk where i would be carrying him, since he doesnt fit in a pocket lol and i wasnt carrying a huge weight). Inside the house there was a very hot girl, kinda provocative. It was her house and 1 or 2 more people lived there. They were all university students. I dont know how it started , but i kissed her and we got passionate. There were more people kissing in that room. We got up and she showed me her room, which was on a third floor in that humble house. We entered her room and then i noticed that something was quite strange... and before i could get lucid the dream started collapsing.

      Then for the final fragment i will summarize it:

      - I was in a landscape. The ground was more dry than green, kinda like somewhere near Talampaya (similar to the Grand Canyon). There were 2 riders following us, me and my father. We shot them (even though im strongly opposed to that) and we decided we would dig holes [Yesterday i saw a video about German lessons, and in one of the examples the teacher mentioned that "Germans dig holes at night" haha. He said that so that we can remember the word `spät` which is similar to `spade`]. We also shot the horses by accident, so i took a couple of energy bars (not edible, more like radioactive bars) i had with me and threw them to the horses. One of them may have even died, but when i threw the bars they were both back to life and good (so this means that if we did the same to the riders then they could have been fine. And i thought of doing it, but idk why i didnt).

      - Then i went inside a house, where my father's family finished having dinner. Then i went to the back of the house where i would sleep.

      - At the back of the house i didnt stay there for long. When my grandmother came in to look for some tissues, i thought it was time to go back home.

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    6. Dream Fragments - October 29th 2017

      by , 10-29-2017 at 03:56 PM
      I had a long dream but many things happened on different places. Now it's been like 3 hours since i woke up and i don't remember everything but i'll write down what i do remember. The fragments may not be in chronological order.

      Fragment #1: I was in Banda Norte. For some reason i was there like on vacation. Instead of being in Las Sierras or somewhere else with more flora, i was in a neighborhood. Anyways i remember i was in the street, it was morning and there was sunlight. I was looking at the front doors of the houses (thing i've been doing in real life oftenly this past month, since i wanted to check if there were more wooden doors than plate doors). My aunt for some reason lived on the corner of the block instead of living at the middle where she actually lives. Her house had the nicest entry door in the block, showing off the work that his brother (my uncle, a carpenter) did. There was also like some turmoil in the neighborhood, idk why.

      Fragment #2: I was living in a old but spacious rented house with my parents. We just moved and we were poor. The house had furniture and systems that were used probably in the 19th century.

      Fragment #3: I was in my father's bedroom. I was talking to him, i dont remember what we were talking about. He gave me 4 buns which i ate. And at the time i was eating the 4th my mother and her couple came in and brought more. I was almost vomiting with the one i was eating, it was too much, so i couldnt accept more. We were again on like a vacation, and my mother and her couple went to explore the city and buy some things. But we live in that city! There's nothing to explore! Lol

      Fragment #4: I dreamt with a black dog. (i currently have a cat, and i had a white dog). He was disturbed because he had a toy that produced heat which went without battery i think. I took the toy, showed it to him, and then i laid on the floor and hugged him. After that i dont remember what i did, but i know that he'd not need the toy ever again.

      Fragment #5: This was the last dream. I was in the streets with my aunt from fragment 1. There were some small kids who had no parents but took refugee in some houses (not empty houses, families lived there). Those families had each one a religion of their own, so my aunt wanted to take them out of the houses, talk to them and convince them to go to an orphanage to find families "the proper way". When she took the children out to the street to talk to them, the morning religious ceremonies began to prepare. And although my aunt wanted to force her view on these children, the children simply responded something like "we don't care, we are happy here" and 1 by 1 started to walk away towards their ceremonies. My aunt couldnt deliver her message, and she looked like she was trying to force her view, which the priests saw. I walked past the priests. I was neither with my aunt nor with those religions and would never be. I was on my own and i was sure of my path, but at that moment i was a bit angry as well, because i disliked those religions. I walked in a hall, and went to take a sit. The parents of a school friend were on the hall side, and the father like leaned on my shoulder while he was talking to someone else. I was still angry and i disliked that gesture so i forcefully took him off my shoulder and went on to sit next to his son. I was in no mood to tolerate that stupidity, not even if it was a parent of a friend.
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    7. 19th October 2017

      by , 10-21-2017 at 01:04 AM
      I dreamt i was in a ... well i think it was a penthouse but at the same time it could have been a house in a high altitude place, like 3k+ km above the sea; most likely the latter. I was in this house but i wasnt alone, it was like a gathering; my school friends were there (i haven't seen them for like a year now). I come out of the house to the back part which was all a pool. Nobody was swimming but i decided i would. I crossed the swimming pool, and i noticed that the first half one could walk if one wanted to but the second half it was hard to reach bottom if you wanted to xD. Anyways the second half of the pool conected to the back part of the house or property. There was no other way to get there other than swimming. So i decided i would enter it, and it would be nice and calm since i was going to be alone. I think i wanted to go to the restroom, but more people started to come in, specially girls. So i think i postponed my needs lol and went out to talk to the girls who came to invade the house. Maybe they wanted to sleep there in the night but they saw me go first and felt threatened, who knows.

      I dont remember exactly what happened next.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    8. 08-08-2017

      by , 08-08-2017 at 06:57 PM
      I was on a closed neighborhood which seemed to be calm, maybe in a town. It was night and i was walking around outside, between the houses. There seemed to be no streets there, so the backyards of the houses were all connected: they had a small personal backyard and beyond that it was forest or just common property. I entered a house and inside i see a school teacher. (I've finished highschool 5 years ago but i still have dreams related to that. However the later dreams i have had i had more freedom of choice, so i kinda did what i pleased even though i thought i was still a student in the school.) I decided that i didnt want to deal with him, so i went through the door i came to the backyard. I looked to my right and there were more teachers gathered, like having a party. I didnt want to go there or get involved (It seemed like a school party), so i looked to my left and i saw a woman with long black wet hair covering her face, just standing there close to the forest but still on the houses common backyard. I made a little pause to make a decision. It was just a quick thought of "is this what i want?" and in less than a second i realized and thought "i definitely don't want to go to the party, (unconscious: but that woman is scary) so ill just walk over here not bothering the woman either and ill be fine." So i started to walk towards east, just to get away from there (from the teacher i met inside) and as soon as i was in a straight line towards her this woman rushed towards me, grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me trying to push me to the wall. I had her face right in from of mine, like 5-10 centimeters away and she looked ugly, she actually didnt look alive although she was fully fleshed. I just forcefully tried to keep her away from me but the dream didnt last for too long. I woke up scared but i went back to sleep calm knowing it was just a nightmare.
      Tbh i dont know how i could have dealt with her if i continued dreaming... i would have wanted to beat her but also i would have to defend myself if she continued attacking me. Maybe if i was lucid and without fear at all i would have tried to tie her up and see if she was still aggresive then i would leave her, if not then i could have taken her to where she belongs if she was lost, or i would have helped her.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. 04/11/2016

      by , 11-05-2016 at 04:11 AM
      3:44 - About 4 hours of sleep.

      I dreamt with a very vivid storm happening in house of María Olguín, the house i currently slept in. My older sister was there, i had some arguments about her smoking in the house and then she put music, which i tend not to like (it was night, so i disagreed even more). I was in the bedroom, and i saw that rain was coming down from the window and soon it would fill the entire room and beds would float, although there was a drain in the middle of the room. In order to prevent that i went outside to clear the gutters from leaves. I go outside to climb the stairs to the terrace, and i find myself stuck in the middle of the stairs because i saw winds coming from the east. Also i saw a tornado like a block away, north, and about 15 meters to my left, so i thought it might destroy our house or it might just pass by, any of those choices could happen. Since it was a huge storm coming from the east, and a lot of wind i thought to go back inside, there was no way i could clear the gutters. I wanted to go back, but the wind was so strong that i couldn't walk too much, or else i would fly away. I saw paper flying away, and hitting me. I knew i was about going to die. I actually thought about it when my sister went outside to smoke because of my complaints, she said that a huge storm was coming. A huge storm only meant a "cosmical storm" (dream sign, like a storm where the universe ends, something like a big crunch). So i knew i was just a couple of minutes of dying. I wasn't agitated, but ... i was aware that not only i would loose my house, the whole city would be destroyed, but my sister would die, and i would loose my body and of course all the memories and "knowledge" gathered in this lifetime. I thought at that moment of remaining conscious, alert, mindful. I heard a classmate from highschool, apparently he lived next door in the building, that he already started flying. The tornado approached and was going to hit the house, not passing by. It was big, bigger than i thought it was. Even if it was small, if i went in there i wouldn't come out alive (unless i realized it was a dream and could fly away). The papers flied towards the earthy tornado and the winds and rains from the east merged with it. Finally the water from the east arrived home, and destroyed everything, including me. It was like a tsunami, although it came out of the rain. I remained in the same position, wasn't carried away by the water, but the house was immersed by the water. I had the eyes closed so i didn't know if i was dead or alive. But i could sense that apart from water the whole house was debris and it mixed with the water, which gave it a brown tone. I thought "is this dying?", and i didn't know if i was dead yet. But even still, if i wasn't dead i would be because i would drown. So i took a breath in on purpose, because i thought it would be better to do it and remain mindful of the process, instead of running out of oxygen and then desperating because i can't breathe. I didn't breathe in water... so i don't know... but i thought that it was already over, and also that i could go anywhere with my mind. Having no interest to explore i woke up.

      I checked the time, saw my cat sleeping on the couch next to me, that tranquilized me a bit. Then i wrote the dream on my cellphone. Then i got up, went to bathroom, looked for water, and got back to bed thinking perhaps about wilding.

      At 7:20 i woke up again having had a lucid dream.

      I was in my bedroom. I don't remember very well how it happened, but i questioned if it could be a lucid dream. I took some time to do a reality check, like i would take while waking, and i looked at my hand while pressing the left middle finger through the palm of the right hand. I saw my hand with something like a white glow, but actually imperceptible. Then i saw the finger pushing through and making a black hole in the palm of the hand. I said to myself, oh wow, yes it is a dream! I just did the reality check just as routine, convinced that the dream was reality, and when i found out it was a dream still i was lucid but still the dream didn't feel like it was a dream (but i wouldn't be fooled). Anyways i did the reality check before the dream collapsed, and after i got lucid the dream collapsed and i woke up. But even when i woke up i thought that it could not be so, because it could be a false awakening. So i checked my surroundings. I had woken up where i was lying, and everything was the same, the lights were a bit brigth enough to see but dark to know it's still night. Damn i thought, i truly awake. I think the sign that made me think i was awake was that i felt the body heavy. But... it actually was a false awakening, and i didn't do a reality check, even though i could have. Then when i really awoke i found out.

      Then at 9:30 i dreamt had another dream, which wasn't short.

      I dreamt about being in a kiosk. It was night, and i was dressed as hippie, like coming out of my apartment with whatever clothes just to but something and go back. I wanted to buy a chocolate, but the young lady said she didn't have. Then i asked for an alfajor, "Grandote, triple". I think she didn't have that either. There were other 2 people buying but i didn't pay attention to them. They were going to clubs probably. Then the lady told me that i should stay there, that i violated some things because of the chocolate (i wasn't supposed to eat chocolate or something like that). I didn't resist, nor tried to escape like i could have done, i remained calm and let the situation unfold. I knew i had power over myself. The man grabbed some handcuffs and he put them in my hands and in my anckles, and they were linked by a chain. Then he entered me in the kiosk, and guided me to the back, where he and she had a laboratory (a pharmaceutical laboratory). Then he opens the high security door and i get in. Inside there was like a pit and many ... characters there who were there to fight, but weren't agressive. Like gladiators. Although i don't like to kill, and i would refrain from doing it, at first i just didn't control myself, and just defended myself being the first and fastest attacker. Then when there were like 5 left, some of the toughest ones i thought that what i was doing wasn't right, so i stopped. (I was using like energy out of my hands, and that made the DC dissapear). The remaining characters weren't agressive, they knew that i still was powerful and could defend myself, but also knew i wouldn't, but even so they didn't attacked me because they were also kind of surprised, and they did more or less the same. I decided that it was time to go out, and i went out.
      I got out to the streets and it was dawning. I was in Cordoba, in street caceres de allende, or actually the following street (which i don't know), and reaching Bv San Juan. In a shop there were some matrix agents. I was aware of them, but wasn't bothered by them, they were just some other dream characters. I sensed that in Bv San Juan there was going some kidnapping going on, so i went there, and tried to save the girl/girls being kidnapped. Then i woke up.
    10. 21/10/2016 Meeting a classmate

      by , 10-21-2016 at 09:08 PM
      I went to bed at 2:30. Fell asleep at 3:30 more or less. Woke up at 7:30 and recalled some dreams:

      I dreamt being in the house of my grandfather. I was with my grandmother and my sister Sofia. We were conversating, i was about to leave. Suddenly we hear a noise... that came from my stomach. It sounded like a fart, but i didn't fart, lol. I said that the air was adjusting in my body, but nothing went out.

      I was on the school yard. It was dark. There was a lazer at the end of the pitch, like the one that come from root powers in Avatar the leyend of korra. It pointed at me and wanted to kill me. There were cameras everywhere, so everywhere i went the cameras would recognize me with infrared light and the other lazer would aim and shoot. I couldn't get to the other lazer because it was about 120 meters away. I manage to move... and go to a lower ground so the lazer had no chance to shoot me. It was tough but didn't have to be so tough since i just could do that. Anyways there was the sports teacher, called Diego. In the dream he was not in good mood, maybe he was involved in that lazer stuff... I was not going to hang with him, no matter what "authority" he had in the school (actually in this dream the teachers had no authority whatsoever. I think im letting go that ). So as soon as i started walking away and turned my back on this teacher for good the headmaster came. Again. He could order, yell, whatever, but i gave him no authority. He didn't even talked or if he did he said something about economy... but it was related to Diego's Class. So i was not interested, not going to get involved and waste time on it so i left. Nobody complained.

      Then i took notes on the following dream but i don't remember very well the dream, so i don't understand them. I dreamt i think being in the apartment. Eri, my sister, was there and some friends of her: Magda and Emi. Then i wrote that my sister asked me why people were listening to different music. I said something like i don't know, none of my business, besides i was listening to my own. (It was like a question to complain).

      I did a WBTB and one hour later i lied down in bed to try WILD. I failed. But i had a nice dream:

      I was definitely on a dream... but not lucid. It was a dream city, so i don't know where it was. There was a building and a grill of an apartment in the third floor more or less set on fire. A lot of firefighters came with hoses to turn off the fire. They did it every action with no hesitation and a nice work. They said that the fire got up to the 8th floor (i only saw the grill on fire, but nothing else... lol And it was a sudden burst of fire, out of nothing. There was a man there though about to make an Asado (Barbecue)). I was on the bottom floor, in the streets actually. It was night. Some militars wander around to show people where the bathrooms were, and since i was one of the young people i had to help other citizens to get to the bathroom. Actually there was only a guy, 30 years old, looked like marine but just looked like, he wasn't militar. He didn't need any help since he followed the soldier. But as we came back and i saw him he was with no expression but i think he was kinda grateful i went. Then i go back inside the building and a classmate greets me, and she asked me if i could go with her to the bathroom. I thought i just came but ok, i could later talk to her (these nights i been wanting to interact with a DC real or fictional. She was real). We go to the bathroom and when we get in there were only three toilets separated by a transparent plastic sheet and with no doors. I thought ok, i might have to go out now. But before i could do anything i saw this girl walking in fron of me and going to the third toilet, she put down her pants and sat there and started peeing. "Alright... i guess" i said and went to the first toilet. Actually one couldn't see anything through these plastic sheets, but it was a shared bathroom and no privacy whatsoever. I took out my thing and started peeing as well. She finishes and waits for me outside the second toilet. Meanwhile i was not finished, and she starts to get harrased by a guy (probably of my age). When i first heard him i thought if i had to go to and engage in some fisticuffs. I was afraid, not about fighting, but about him nocking me or even killing me and she getting raped or something like that. So i remained calm, so far she could defend herself for a bit and i would be much more light when i evacuate all the urine from my bladder. Then i hear her say "don't spit at me". At this moment i was about to go out and just but i remembered that i would be better fighting if i had no sensation that i want to urinate. So i finally finished. It took very long, like 2 minutes dreamtime. I do three steps back and i saw that the bathroom was a bit different already (no more plastic sheets but the normal kind, more spatious, and with more people (people i knew and that actually could back me)). The first person i see was my friend Fran O (he was a thin guy. 2 years ago he started gym, and made a lot of muscles. Now he is in normal shape) with lots of muscles. I stared him at the eyes and he at me and we both knew we each had our backs. Then i turn to see this girl (which i won't name) and he was in front of this guy. I ask if there was a problem, and she tells me that he wanted to charge to use the bathroom. I stare at him at the eyes as well, but with no ill-will, however not friendly either. He was smiling, with a smile like or of evil or wicked fun. I asked the girl if she wanted to go and she said yes, lets go (she understood that no was for engaing in fist-fight). So throughout all that moment there were some preocupations but nothing went out wrong (the only thing unclear was the spit however, but when i asked her she didn't say anything so... since i didn't see it maybe it didn't happen like i thought it could). We walk out in the streets and back to the building. There was a restaurant and i wanted to wash my hands there. We were leaning on a desk, and she sees that there was no gas, after reading a poster. So we go outside and to a dining hall, where there were rooms as well (it looked like the old hospital of Rio Cuarto, but with orange lights and still at night). She was about to leave to her room, but i saw that i had some alfajores de maicena (small ones) and i thought that i didn't want them but i could share half with her. So she returned, maybe to say bye, and i offered her this half-alfajor. She thanks me and eats it really liking it. We go outside (like the outside door of the University [First time i dream with the university i think] and i saw a guy eating a lot of pizza. I tell him that he doesn't have to eat it all, that sharing it could be good. Then i go outside and eat the alfajor. With that tiny piece my mouth was full, it was a lot, and very sweet. I didn't want to eat something sweet at that moment, but too late. As we walked we talked about microeconomic concepts such as "needs and wants" and how we could translate it into spanish. She told me "expectation" or something like that (actually i think she told me something else). Then i woke up.

      The last dream was just like any other dream, but just it was more memorable. Also during the dream i made right choices, because i didn't hurry.

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    11. 20/10/2016 Might have had my first WILD

      by , 10-20-2016 at 11:35 PM
      I went to bed about at 23:30. I was very tired. I would have liked to meditate but i relaxed lying in bed. I fell asleep at 3:40. Late but all the time i was relaxing the body, so i had a good night of rest. I woke up at 8:55 and i dreamt with:

      I was on a field with some other people and there was a barn. Past the barn there was a field full of straw. It was probably like 10 miles like that... or more. However there was a sniper that would shoot us if we walked on that straw. So... as soon as we passed the barn we just jumped to the ground, and if he shooted us then ok, if he didn't very good. He didn't shoot, maybe he didn't saw us or wasn't quick enough. We were looking for a diamond in all that straw.
      Then Joako, Fede and another guy approach me to mock how i played football. I get angry but i was powerless... Then i hear him spreading rumours about me with a taxi driver, and although i would let that pass because i don't really care i said the taxi driver that it wasn't true (actually i think this is better action than let it pass, but still not caring). I saw the transportist that took me from school to my house when i was at highschool so i decided to leave with him. I opened the front door, but there was Sofia and Lucia. So i went at the back. Then i saw that also Victoria L was also there. I wasn't going with Noel anymore so i worried about how i was going to pay to him (i recalled a lot of times he "saved me" in my dreams... so i would have to pay all that. I wanted to pay all that. Also i would like to be more self-reliable from now on, either walking or taking a bus, or being lucid). As we were going out of school i saw Fede standing in the street, so i take my arm out the window and slap him in the forehead. Nobody saw me, not even him probably. But immediately after i did that i regretted it. Victoria asked for internet password and although i didn't know it i gave it to them.

      Then i had a false awakening. I was on the kitchen and saw a kg of flour, which actually i know there wasn't (in the dream apparently my sister bought it), and some scons. I ate the scons. Then i don't remember anything else.

      Then i got up. Went to the bathroom (it was 9AM) and went to the kitchen. Right then i realized i have had a FA before. I checked if that was a dream but it wasn't. I ate some peanuts, drank some milk. Then drank some water and went to bed to try WILD. This lasted about 5 minutes.

      So i lied in bed and started relaxing the body with the breaths. At first i just watched the breath, particularly how it felt in the head. Then i started counting as i was relaxing. Then i thought i was relaxed enough to sleep, that maybe i could fall asleep at any moment. I counted up to 30 and i felt that i could dive at any moment, but i reminded myself to still keep counting and forget of actively diving. Then i turned to my right side and started again, watching my breath and counting. I don't remember if i counted, and if i did i counted up to 20. I tried to remain aware the whole process but also knew i had to let sleeping occur. So i fell asleep and didn't experience any HI or sleep paralysis, vibrations, sounds... i just went straight to a dream. As soon i was in the dream i knew it was a dream, but also i didn't believe it so much because it could just collapse at any moment, because i was aware of my body lying at bed. So in the dream i was in my home city, Rio Cuarto, in front of Saint Francisco Church. It was at night. I thought of getting involved in the dream to let it unfold and so gain lucidity later when the dream was completely formed. BAD IDEA. I thought that if i didn't do anything the dream would just collapse, but getting involved in the dream as if it were a nonlucid it was just plainly a bad idea, at least do it lucidly! that's what WILDs are for! Well... i wasn't too logical at that moment. So i headed in front of the church, coming from a supermarket (that supermarket might be like 6 blocks away, but in the dream it seemed like 2 blocks). And i had 2 bags full of groseries and one bag with a box of shoes. The bag of groseries were so heavy that one of the bags was about to fall to the ground. So i grabbed it differently, and they were definitely lighter when i put them at the height of my chest. Then i just put the bags in the shoe bag. And at this moment a memory of awareness came again, that it was a dream, but i let that go... Then i start hearing canticles from the church saying "The inmortal is always with me/us. The inmortal won't let you go...". It was a christian church, and i just decided that it was time to leave. Then next to the church there was a bar, and my father was there drinking a beer or something in the street. He tells me "It would "good" (or interesting) to hear the song from a psychological point of view". I reacted like being angry because i wouldn't like to hear that song! I heard Christian songs before and they make no sense to me, so i wouldn't hear this one. I replied something like "why would i hear a song of another religion than mine?" although that question was vague, i could have had replied something better, wiser, more open. But i felt tired in the dream... like if i had duties... I was carrying 3 bags and i just have forgotten that it was a dream and that i could simply put the bags on the ground and forget about them, or donate the things of whatever... Well I think i need more resolve, and more practice. Then i woke up and recorded the canticle. Then i thought about it and i was sure that they referred to "god", but then i thought it from the point of view of Buddhism and the inmortal refers actually to nibbana, and some monks that share some of their experiences said that they experienced a happiness, a tranquility that hasn't left from the time they experienced it, be it 4 years, 40 years or whatever (Ajaan Liem and Ajaan Maha Boowa). So i felt relieved by this and felt glad having dreamt with this when i woke up. It was a christian church and i know their path doesn't aim nibbana, but since there aren't any buddhist temples in Argentina (just one Zen temple i think, and some Dojos of Tibetan Buddhism in BSAS) i interpret it that a message of Buddhism could have come from a church.

      This dream lasted about 20 minutes, so i could have tried a DEILD or something like that. But i didn't felt like it. I also thought it would be ideal to wake up since i was rested. But i didn't. Maybe i would have a long dream in which i could become lucid. I slept for about 3 hours, almost 4 and lying in my chest.

      I dream being in "casa tia" (a supermarket).
      I don't have time for the act.
      I am in a river and there are jaguars there. However i didn't get hurt. This was in alpacorral (and looked like Santa Rosa)
      I am in a playhouse (pelotero) and there are some mattresses. We were at some height. If we fell we were going to get eaten by some animals and die. There were people thrown there.

      Then i decide to go homeless. My family was together, and they were in a car. They were wealthy but i thought they might be fools for that, being blinded by money. So i left home. I went to a Buddhist temple in Alpacorral (there isn't any) and asked for a room there. They gave me a room, and it was completely empty. It was fine for me, since i like to sleep on the floor (although i usually put something not to feel cold. I dont mind hardness). They were doing chanting and i didn't want to get involved so i just went to this room. There was a small Buddha statue in the front wall however. I thought what to do now, i had no future at all... and i was free. I thought about meditating but maybe i just could not focus because of the chanting next door. So i knew i had with me a bag with medicine. I open it and saw many different pills and a small metal box. I open it and it had nails: a copper nail an iron nail and another nail (maybe silver). It was to put it on the bones of the fingers Then i woke up.

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    12. 16-10-2016 4 Dreams

      by , 10-16-2016 at 07:06 PM
      I meditated at 1:00 AM after washing the dishes... and i went to sleep at 2AM. Probably fell asleep 40 minutes later but i don't really know.

      I slept on my back! It has been about an year since i last slept on my back. It's difficult for me, but im trying to make it easy.

      I woke up at 7:30 with 3 dream fragments which count as one dream:

      - I was on a supermarket. Both my parents were there but each one on their own. I grabbed a bag of chocolate candies and went with my father, since i think he was closer, to pay and get out. After he payed i opened the bag and i was dissapointed by the candies, they were tiny and not great flavour.

      - I was in zen place in córdoba. There was a pool behind the house. There was my father and martín, and Lidia, my aunt, was inside the house (looked like her house).

      - I was in the house of my mother, the house that has been of her aunt. There were people in bed.

      I did a WBTB. Took a shower and then meditated about 20 minutes. I went to sleep at 8:30 and woke up at 9:30. I dreamt with:

      - I was on the road of the river of rio cuarto. I cross the bridge i think and go on through that road (the one of street las heras). I think it was 6 am in the dream or about that hour/time. A motobike was going ahead of me and i was behind with a bicycle. The moto suddenly stops and i reduce my speed. I expected the moto to go on, because i didn't think it would stop there... but it just stopped, and since i was close and didn't maniobrate i strucked it from behind, but softly. He turned back and said something like "oh sorry, ..." and something else which i don't remember. I said i was ok, and neither the bike nor the motorbike had any damages because it was a soft clash so... very good. Then 2 young women, teenagers, approach to help apparently. I go with them to their house and we go to the backyard. It was a nice place, quiet. They seemed to be between 17 and 19 years old. I asked them what did they do, if they still were at school, or did they worked, or did they go to university. They answered me none, and got no other answer. (then i dreamt something about bizarre linked with the walkind dead which i don't see anymore. Negan put his footprint on some breads.) Then i woke up.

      Then since i slept one more hour i thought i could sleep one more hour. So i turned on my right side and slept an hour. I woke up at 10:52 am. I dreamt:

      - I was in my department (more realistic was this dream apparently) i was making a breaded chicken cutlet (it has been about 4 years since i ate meat). My sister was there, she headed to the kitchen and started to argue with me about something i didn't even know what was. I got angry because she argues with me everyday so i took a broach for clothes (i don't know the names) and threw it at her at her head. (I actually should have remained patient). I saw through a window near the door (which actually there isn't any, but didn't get lucid) that one of my jackets was hanging in a building in front. So i decided it would be cooler to go outside and eat later than to be there. So i grabbed the keys and went outside. I went through a hall (which there is no hall in my building) and there were some houses on the way. One of them said "tea shop" and i thought "oh wow, nice, i never been here, i should come". But that wasn't the time to go in there. I went outside and the street seemed like the house of my mother in rio cuarto. I crossed the street and entered the building. It looked like the bus station or terminal. There was a janitor and some people. It was a big place (i dreamt something like that before like being an underground city). I headed downstairs, because i wanted to find the two girls i met before. Downstairs there was a woman layed down in a bed with many young girls (5 years old), and there were closed shops besides her. I went downstairs and there it was the backyard, but i didn't want to interrupt so i went upstairs again. I knocked a door of a bedroom which was open. It was a large bedroom so i thought someone might be in. Meanwhile the woman asked me what i was doing there. I began answering and 2 blonde teenagers (16 years old) came out the bedroom. So before i finished replying to the woman i started talking to these girls. I said something that satisfied both: "i met some girls before and im looking for them. I was hoping you could give me to the roof so i could get my jacket back." So she said something "ok, lets hope the cape of invisibility of my uncle arrived, and yes we will guide you." We went downstairs, and we all three got in a broom. Then a girl started flying. We flew over a forest near the city of rio cuarto (which there isn't) and to a close town. It was a town made of stone. Then we flew over another town, and it was a town also made of stone. But i think that we accelerated time (or just the time of construction of the building) and saw how a building turned into a better building. In the entrance there was the name of two scribes: one called pedro and one marcus. They both lived in 16 century. I thought i might have known them... probably because a past life or something like that which now i could remember because of the magic. Well in the writings it was written that they had passed the zen tradition to four guys... which i read the names but didn't pay attention. All this was already night. While i flew over the forest it was evening. When i entered the other building it was afternoon and a mix of night... and when i went out of my apartment it was morning.

      Then i remained in bed... and got a light sleep. Now it was evident i should get up. I woke up at 13:12, and dreamt:

      - I was in a room with my classmates in a class of my highscool teacher of Physics. I was talking with a friend, Fran O, that we should be careful about the attention on TV. Then i went to Caro and i talked to her about millionares, telling her an absurd theory. Then she dismissed me saying that i already passed the course that i only should go back for the exams, but i thought i remained there because i needed to prepare for the exams... Anyways i left. I went to other room where my classmates were there sitting around a table (it looked like my house of 10 years ago.) Fran E asked me for cake, so i gave him a dish with cakes and i passed on another dish to Fede. Then i woke up.
    13. 12/10/2016

      by , 10-12-2016 at 03:58 PM
      I didn't have a Journal next to me when i woke up, so i write what i remember:

      Dream about Zen monk of Rio Cuarto. Went with my mother and i think someone else. The monk grabbed 2 bottles of an alcoholic drink. I said... one thing i don't like is the drinking of alcohol, that's not in the Vinaya (rules from the Buddha for monks). He replied something like he doesn't drink alcohol. I left.

      Then i was in a supermarket of Rio Cuarto (im living in Cordoba now) and we took a taxi with my mother and my younger sister but it wasn't ready yet. Meanwhile my father came and asked to speak with me. I thought that he might have something serious to say. But when i go to listen to him he starts talking me about how my sister behave in christmas party... I stayed a bit longer to see if he had something serious, but nothing serious was coming out. So i left. Went back to the taxi. My father washed the taxi's windshield, and the taxi driver just accelerated. We drove around the jail neighborhood, which is actually far from that supermarket.

      Then i wandered around that neighborhood walking alone, thinking that i must search the true dhamma, and stick to the vinaya. However everywhere around it was like this was lost, and i felt sad. (Actually the Buddha-Dhamma would be something from India and that zone, so it never touched America. But it lasted, now there is migration to America and the other way around so that's why it is present now. But the Buddha didn't taught the Dhamma here, so it is 'reasonable' to not expect the Dhamma to be among the people here.) I didn't know what to do, i thought if going to live as a hermit and practice on my own, would be the best, but since people didn't know about the Dhamma, if i went for alms round they wouldn't put much in my bowl. *

      Other note:
      *So i deduced i would remain with my family, but i didn't want to. I didn't want to see their ways; to see them see me not doing things their way (because i won't) and not giving explanations if i don't have anything clear to explain.
    14. Tuesday 11/10/16

      by , 10-11-2016 at 05:37 PM
      I fell asleep at about 2 am. Woke up at 4:30 am with a relative long dream.

      I dream there was like a challenge with candies... Like some candies were better than other ones... This was held by Fran O and Oti.

      I was standing there and there was a swimming competition. Fabio, a sports teacher of school, asked me what sports did i qualify for the competition. I mention 5, although he probably expected 7. But regardless his opinion i didn't want to push myself too far since i didn't consider a sports competition worth it. (I always wanted to win the competitions, but not only i did not win but also if i could have won it actually wouldn't give me any reward inside).

      Then i was in a saloon, where there was a night party. I noticed that it was the 50's 60's and it was the beginning of the electric guitar. Since i knew how to play the guitar i wanted to play in public. (I think i had the not so aware thought of Marty McFly playing guitar in the past.) So i went to the bar section, meanwhile while i was walking i saw a fully naked girl, walking in front of me and sitting in a chair to drink something with her friend. I thought wow, i would like to stay here, but then i thought no actually i don't and i have other things to do. Besides i was thinking that maybe she was there like that not because she wanted to but because of how the party was organized, maybe it was a not so wholesome party... maybe she was a slave or something like that. If that was the case i couldn't do much about it because there surely were many of them, maybe if i was lucid i could call some allies (because my powers are not very stable or prolongued) from the DVs Hero League maybe, and help this people out. But well... it was just a thought anyways, i didn't ask anyone about this. So i continued to the bar. I had left my guitar there. When i grab the guitar case it was light, and thus i knew it was not there. So i asked the barwoman where was the guitar. She told me that those two women grabbed it and stole it. So i went to those two women, and i grabbed one. Somehow the other one tricked me in considering her as not a thief. They had already stolen the guitar and put it outside in her cars, and i didn't want to go and get it myself because maybe her boyfriends or her band would be there. So i grabbed this woman and decided to take her to the police. I hold her arms and hands behind her back, and she was walking on front. She was very angry with me and started to nail her nails in my hands. I didn't care about this, i was not going to let her go, because i couldn't let her go with her own... she had stolen a guitar, even though i didn't care too much about the guitar itself. So she did that and i had a sccisor so i nailed it on her hands as well, i think i did that like trying to get her hands together and so i could then grab her by the arms, but this was an angry reaction and it was actually cruel. We walked and there were some militars lining up. They saw me but didn't stop me. I told them she was a terrorist, but this wasnt the case! I lied to them but actually because i lied to myself in thinking that. Maybe because i saw the soldiers i thought "ha, things changed, she isn't a thief anymore, she might be a terrorist". Well, if things changed so quickly this was sign that the dream was abotu to collapse. And it did, and woke up. Never reached the police, so that woman is free .

      It was too early to get up so i remained in bed. I slept until about 11:45 am.

      I dream about being in the house of a friend playing with a ball. Juan and Santi.

      We went to look for the ball and we suddenly are in the school yard. A woman from outside sees Matias and threteaned him to accuse him with the directors. We decided to leave and go to the highschool hall. We were there and lined up. We were the oldest in the school, and it was first day of classes. I am asked if i like music by a teacher, and i say i don't like it anymore or im not interested anymore. Then the principal starts asking everyone, one by one, "what does your religion (he knew the religion of every person) think about marrying?". I wanted to give a good answer but i had no clue, i didn't recall anything about this. The only thing i knew was that monks are not allowed to do marriage services. So i either had to remain silent or say what i personally thought instead of the religion.

      Side note:

      - About the religions. Many people in my country is religious but with blind faith, or just to have a religion (they don't want to offend god). At least that's how i see it and i think it's not right. So i don't care getting involved in these kind of arguments or whatever, since they are like political arguments. So i considered if i should say something or actually say im atheist. Well... he never asked me, but i think i would have said that thing of the monks and nothing else. However why did i stay there? ... I should work on attaining lucidity hehe
    15. 07/10/2016

      by , 10-07-2016 at 05:15 PM
      I dreamt:

      Being in a saloon or somewhere closed but wide and with a tall ceiling. There were ropes hanging in the ceiling and me and my sister grabbed them and made something like mickey's ears.

      Then i was in my grandfather's house. There was a family meeting. A Zen monk came and asked me what i had in the head, i told him just a lunar... he told me no, in the back of the head, i told him "ahh, i must have hitted something" maybe there were some scars, and i was ashamed for my first reply because i didn't understand properly what he asked.

      Then my family was having lunch near the asador, so i went there. There was a table with space near the entrance where just sofi was there. I sat there modest. Dario gave me a dish with potato chips. And asked what did i eat. I thought it is not so difficult to figure out... if he knows im vegetarian then he must deduce i don't eat meat... But still i was asked because everyone was uncertain about this. I get up. There were a couple of dogs barking. One black of medium/big size barked near me, and when i got up it bit me in my leg. My first reaction was fear, because i expected a bite, but ... i thought it's just a bite, im not going to die for this, and since it's just a bite i won't hurt the dog. So i kept walking, like equanimous about the bite.

      I went to the kitchen where in the dream it actually was a bedroom. In the bedroom there was a dead dog with no skin, just flesh, running around barking about prophecies (like Christian prophecies). I get up to the bed because he might want to bite whoever disagrees, and i wait for him to finish the round, so when he comes close i observe him. (The bed reminded me of the old house of my grandparent, like of 15 years ago). Meanwhile i see a river next to me and across the river i saw Arahants (fully enlightened beings) walking. I was like . I saw two monks, fully enlightened, that i think they were Ven. Ananda and Ven. Sariputta. who were leading , and right behind them there came the Buddha and behind him the whole Sangha, which were a lot of monks. I didn't get to see the monks because as soon as i saw the first Arahants and the Buddha i got back to position and tried to figure out what was the next thing to do. I was stunned. I decided that i would wait for the dog to come, let him bark, decide that his prophecies are non-sense and discard them for good, and then swim across the river or cross it and meet the noble Sangha and the Buddha. However the monks advanced, and they advanced slowly but never stopping, it seemed like they were aware of all their actions, and they had an incredible energy and will, and as soon as i saw this i thought that although i don't recognize the other qualities they have, they may have in the same ammount of strength or degree the other factors of enlightenement, which for me was something i couldn't have imagined how it was. Just having that energy was something great, i couldn't imagine how they could have at least 6 more factors with that vigour. But they had them, and for that indeed i would honour them as noble. [When i woke up i thought that it was because they worked tirelessly life after life after life, so now although they had qualities like for someone who would live at least a million years, it was manifested in a body that lasts 80 years and that's what they are leaving behind, they don't need that anymore because they reached nibbana]. Well i waited the dog and the dog didn't come, however i saw the 2 Arahant leaders entering the room, and i was in bed. Like a sick person that lies in bed and cannot get up to greet the visits. I couldn't get up not because i was sick but because i was stunned. An Arahant knew this and levitated me outside the bed to a side. I thanked him and bowed down like in Zazen would do. Now i found a proper occasion to do this reverence. The Buddha was entering the room to sit in the bed and i was still bowing down. The Arahants were standing. I still thought that was not a place for me to be... since i didn't know what they were going to do, if give a dhamma talk or rest, or discuss other things i felt akward surrounded by Arahants and being the only non enlightened being in the room, but i knew i wanted to ordain since i saw them across the river. Before the Buddha sat down in the bed i woke up.

      In the dream, the same dream, i saw normal people as normal people, and i saw the Zen monk like more energetic because of his work of zazen, but still was normal. However the arahants were exceedingly energetic, it's like one could see that they were enlightened. Of course i never saw people with that energy in real life but i wondered and imagined how they could be ever since i found out about Buddhism. I would like to meet a Buddha in a future life, and i would like to renounce the wordly life and become a monk under a Buddha.


      - Good dream.

      Now that i think of it, a day later, these beings took their holy life seriously, and that's why they had such power. The holy life was their livelihood, so indeed that they would be experts in what they did. Just like a good university math teacher can be very good explaining, demonstrating and resolving, in the similar way with these beings.

      Also about the postrating part. I was taught when i went to Zazen not only how to sit and meditate, but also how to do walking meditation and mindful postration, and also like a salute when you enter the Dojo, when you are about to sit, when you finish meditation and when you get out. Well, these later things i was explained that it was all done focused, but i didn't find any meaning. I always thought that only when the time would be apropiate those activities that i learnt would be useful, but not so much for doing it to a statue (unless you do it for the purpose of diminishing your ego...). The apropiate occasion would be when i saw an enlightened being, a Buddha or the Buddha Sangha. This remained in my mind and now that i saw the proper occasion in this dream i said now it's a good occasion, yes! and i did it I would not only do that but follow the Buddha, the Arahant or the Sangha to either help them, donate something, receive a teaching or ordain.

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