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    October 23rd 2022 - Going into homelessness after a fight, and getting lucid

    by , 10-23-2022 at 11:12 AM (251 Views)
    The first thing I remember is that I was at my mom's house (the house that I lived in when I was 3-4). In the dream she was already divorced, and she was talking to her brother Fer about how my younger sister was really ill with seizures getting worse and worse, and cannabis oil helped her. Then I think she said something out of line, and we started arguing. And neither of us instead of letting it go, we kept escalating it... I wasn't going to let go because she was dead wrong and that behavior to me was unacceptable, and she didn't let go because (from my perspective) she's used to being stubborn like that. So it got to the point where we were going to get physically violent, and at that point I thought that it was just better to leave, and go homeless (because I didn't have anywhere else to stay) [Maybe my uncle endured a similar situation in his life. I know for a while he went homeless.] So I left with some food for the day, and with the resolution to not come back.
    When I left, I left jumping through roofs. Apparently the houses were all close together and that was the way to get to the streets. By the way, a detail is that when I left, I checked out. It was like I was checking out from a motel. Anyways, as I was jumping through the roofs I realized I could be dreaming, because jumping through roofs is unusual. Even though I was confident I might be dreaming, I only relied on the logic, so I wasn't completely certain. After all when you're dreaming dreams seem like waking reality. I didn't rush to do a conventional reality check. Instead I kept my mind open to look for any signs that would confirm I was dreaming, while I found out what it was that I should do next. So as I was staring around I saw nice gardens in the houses, and there was an empty, kind of abandoned house, so instinctively I decided to jump to the garden, but since it was like a 2 meters jump I decided to hang on the electricity cables that were hanging across the houses. And as I was hanging and swinging that's when I realized: "Hold on... If this were (waking) reality I would be fried. The fact that I'm not fried means that I'm most likely dreaming." So after that I was very confident I was dreaming. And so I swinged towards a wall, and decided to go through it as I was swinging. Since I was able to go through I confirmed further I was dreaming. So next thing I thought was: "Okay, so what should I do? (Since it's hard to think of anything) maybe I could do the DreamViews lucid dreaming tasks." I knew there were a few, but I couldn't really remember them, until I remembered (wrong) that one of the tasks was to ask a dream character what is it that they wanted? (When in fact the task was asking them how can I help them). So I stood on the wall again, and stared around, and saw many people: some on a playground, and another at a bar nextdoor. So I went to the bar, and from the wall I addressed a group of guys that were drinking beer, and I asked them "Hey, what do you want?". There were like 4-5 guys, and only 1 payed enough attention to reply. And he said "I want the sun and moon". And I was like "Okay (challenging), do you want me to get those for you?" while at the same time I was reflecting on what it meant: "(The sun meant something I cant remember yet [but possible options could be discernment, mindfulness or something else...], and the moon meant understanding)". And before I could do anything I woke up, because of being sensitive to a sound in waking reality.
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