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    23rd February - Nap

    by , 02-23-2020 at 11:04 PM (286 Views)
    Took 300mg of Valerian root and took a nap.

    I dreamt that i was on Carrefour supermarket. I was at the entrance, outside. The entrance seemed large. I was opening my eyes. I wasn't seeing very well.. like everything was brighter. I thought that i should be glad to be seeing because i was going to go blind soon. I look nearby and i see Carlos (a guy whom i had troubles with in a hostel last year) dressed as policeman, sharing anecdotes. I thought it's been a while since i saw him, and i thought as policeman he must have a lot of anecdotes, no doubt he's 'always' coming up with some. He was talking to a woman that probably worked there. I realized i held no grudges with him and thought that he seems to be back in his feet and i'm glad, but i had no interest at all in hearing his stories, that's not what i wanted to do with my time so i just moved away.

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