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    The last Air Warrior in a floating island

    by , 03-16-2012 at 11:29 PM (524 Views)
    I appeared on a floating island. If you saw the movie Avatar then you will know them as the "Hallelujah Mountains". This one had a lot of vegetation and trees but it also had water flowing through all the island.
    The first image was me standing there and 5 guys in front of me, like 10 meters away. I was the last Indian of my tribe which was called "The air warriors". Those 5 guys were Spanish and of course they wanted me dead. (You can link the characters with the colonization of America.) They were standing there and they almost got me but I managed to say something that distracted and scared them. Since they were riding horses my objective was to make the horses fall to the abyss and then kill each of them one by one.
    Since I distracted them I escaped and they separated to look after me, that's right what I wanted. After some while I got rid of the horses. Then I had to kill them. My weapon was a short bow (Soft wood and tight string - weird bow) but it was very very effective and strong. Like I said before I was an "air warrior" so I somehow smelled the air (Or something like that) and I knew where everyone was. I killed 4 so far. It was so easy that I laughed after each kill (That's because they were scared, easy bait). My last kill somehow failed because I looked at the bow and I said to myself that it's a joke to throw an arrow with that crap. I gave him the opportunity to run away. I wasn't able to smell him now. It was as if he disappeared from earth. I was standing there puzzled, very confused and another man shots me an arrow. He said "Sorry". Then I thought: If he is not trying to kill me, then who is he trying to kill? so i asked him "Who are you trying to kill?" "He failed to kill you, so him" he replied. I look at my right and there he was, the man that i failed to kill from those 5. Now everything had sense, I couldn't track him because he was under the water! And I wasn't a "water warrior" hehe. I took my bow and I shot him. This time I knew that the arrow was not going to fly fast so it didn't. I shot him at the eye but not through his brain lol. He was moving the eye and the arrow was stuck on it, it was really funny to see that. Anyways I failed to kill him but he was angry and before I could reload my bow he already shot me. Damn it he shot me at the middle of my chest. I knew that I was going to die and I knew it was going to be slow. Those two men were watching me, and more came to see how the last air warrior was defeated. I couldn't believe it. At first I had complete control and a moment later I was defeated. Since it was very slow to die I took an arrow and I stuck it into my chest. I woke up.

    I'm sorry if the way I write my story isn't very good but I will improve over time. The plot and the images were great. If I had to link it with movies they would be: "Apocalypt - by Mel Gibson" "Avatar - James Cameron" and also a cartoon that I watched in my childhood "Avatar: The Last Airbender".

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