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    Zoe's weird things


    by , 07-02-2012 at 12:17 PM (2075 Views)
    [Dream happened at 7:50AM or so... considering that a month ago i was complaining that all my LDs are after 8AM, this changed a lot these days ]
    [I was falling back and forth between fully lucid and semi-lucid states in this dream, not exactly sure why... but sadly i forgot my goals that i planned]

    As i was just escaping some kind of factory and while flying above our garden i got lucid. The dream was really blurry, so i kept flying in a circle and thinking about how the dream will be clear. It worked fast. Once it was clear i decided to move on from the garden. [These days most of my lucids start out in our garden for some reason... probably because i pass most of my time at home during these hot days].

    I decided to go to the backside of the garden and find my way through the neighbouring gardens to somewhere new. As i was flying there, i kept shifting my thoughts about my real body and my dream body and it caused the dream to start falling apart, then stabilize multiple times. I did this just for fun, but then i even rubbed my hands together to stabilize in the end, just in case, but i still woke up once.
    [I went back with DEILD].

    As i was flying in that direction, i noticed a blonde, short haired old nun. I thought that she said something to me, but i didn't care much.
    Instead of listening to her, i descended a little and landed on her head with one of my feet, then propelled myself forward with a jump from her head... she must've been angry after that...

    As i got to the end of the garden i realized that there is a huge wall of hedge blocking off everything else from the garden. I wanted to get through it, but my control wasn't on the top here... i just got stuck between the branches and leaves. I gave up on it and flew back the other way towards the street.
    I got out on the street and everything looked differently here. The road was much more wider and there was heavy traffic. Even my house disappeared as i looked back.
    [At this moment i became semi-lucid].

    For some reason i thought of angels and seen a glory floating above the clouds... I wanted to get up there, so i started flying upwards, but i just fell back to the ground soon after. I tried multiple times, but it always happened the same way. At the same time, i heard an old man's voice, who kept saying things like "You can do it!" "Don't give up!"
    I didn't see him, but since i was semi-lucid, for some reason i knew that it must be my uncle (who i don't even know in real).

    After a while i got fully lucid again and i gained back the control. I jumped high above and started flying really fast towards the sky, where i noticed a huge hole. I kept flying towards it, but it didn't took long until that hole sucked myself into it... Turns out this was actually a wormhole leading somewhere into space.

    It was an interesting experience floating in the wormhole as it was constantly moving me to an unknown place.
    Once the wormhole ended, i got thrown out of it onto a huge floating rock. My angle of view changed here and it slowly moved away from me. There were lots of floating rocks in all directions and there was only space around them, nothing else.
    As the view slowly moved through all the rocks, i noticed some amazon looking girls on the rocks and they were about to attack me for infiltrating their homeworld.
    [I became semi-lucid yet again].

    After this moment i didn't regain my lucidity fully... the whole floating rocks place turned into a videogame environment and i was controlling a character who had two green lightsabers... I fully lost lucidity soon after.

    [Well, the dream wasn't that interesting in my opinion and because of me not being fully lucid all the time, it took away somewhat from the experience...]
    [Oh well... a lucid is a lucid, even if i don't complete my goals... ]
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    1. Wurlman's Avatar
      Very cool dream nice lucid!
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    2. littlezoe's Avatar
      Thank you ^^

      Not the best lucid i had, but i'm always happy when i get one
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    3. Alyzarin's Avatar
      I think that'd be a pretty neat experience. I still haven't gotten into space in a lucid yet, though I've been wanting to. I love this part:

      I tried multiple times, but it always happened the same way. At the same time, i heard an old man's voice, who kept saying things like "You can do it!" "Don't give up!"
      littlezoe likes this.
    4. littlezoe's Avatar
      Yeah, it could've been better though ^^ I would've liked to explore a little around those floating rocks... but then i lost lucidity fully

      Too bad i spent more time in the boring garden than in space... meh... But maybe tomorrow it'll be more interesting ^^
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    5. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Well, at least you got there. I'm sure you'll see more next time!
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    6. Camo's Avatar
      I LOVE the picture~~!!
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