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    Short dreams

    by , 02-26-2024 at 03:29 AM (71 Views)
    Spotty recall these past couple days, due to unusual sleep schedule at home.

    Had a couple NLDS but can't remember the details.

    Jamie dreams

    1. A flash of her laying in bed, wearing a white bed dress. She's showing me something. I won't say what.

    2. Me and Jamie are working at a Wal-Mart. But it's the overnight shift. Everyone gets the same half hour break on late night s so on our break I start walking to my car to eat and smoke. Jamie joins me while walking to my car and she asks if she could sit with me in my car.

    3. While slightly dosing I had an HH image of Jamie encased in a strange device. She was in a glass orb and a giant wooden thing was connected to it which operated a door. An angel with large wings stood outside of it and operated the door. A man approached the glass, but he was really a lustful demon. Jamie saw the demon and began to get undressed for it. But it couldn't get it because the angel kept the door shut. Ok... Not sure what to make of that.

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