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    20 Jan: Kidnapped by men in black

    by , 01-20-2013 at 06:07 PM (529 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    I'm hiking some forested mountains with a group of some 10 people. It's almost dark and we feel a bit lost. We just descended from a mountain and we arrived at a clearing. There's a path going through another mountain but we're not sure we can go across before it's dark. Some want to go back, others are sure there's a village just minutes on the second path, so in the end we camp at the clearing. Soon after it gets dark, we're surrounded by some strange fellas. Their leader kinda hypnotizes us, telling us we're we're all going to a better place, full of love. I only regain some awareness when we're on board of some kind of flying ship. I can see we're flying over the forest, which strangely has the shape of a heart. I guess I'm hallucinating due to the mind control. I fight back and they realize I'm becoming aware. So, two men hold me down and one stitches my mouth with a needle and a thread, while another tries to stitch my hands to my seat. I fight the pain by realizing this is but a dream and soon it doesn't hurt a thing, although I feel it.
    Then some gap in my memory, but later on I am with the whole group behind me, we've escaped to the nearest town.
    We hide at some underground tunnels under a market, but in the morning we have to go, because there's a grid over our heads and in the daylight we can be seen by those above us. But when we try to get out, we see groups of men in black that we immediately know belong to that gang and we're sure they are looking for us. I suggest we must split up because together there's no way we can escape. But some don't want to. While we discuss strategies, the men in black open the entrance to
    the underground and we run for our lives. I escape into the crowd, but some of them are caught.
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