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    1.3.2011: Fighting my spirit guide

    by , 03-01-2011 at 01:46 PM (449 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC SG

    Iīm already lucid. Iīm standing on my grandparents yard. I call for my spirit guide because I want him to teach me how to fight. I see someone far away and think itīs him. But as I get closer, I see that itīs just a bunch of DCs. I try to learn on my own. I open the hole filled with dark matter in my hand, which I discovered in one of my lucids. I want to see if I could use it as some sort of magic power. I manage to form a ball out of it and throw the ball at the DCs, but it just pops like a soap bubble without doing any harm. I try a couple more times before giving up. I start to look for my SG again. I find him and ask him to teach me. He agrees. Suddenly iīm in some arena and my SG has transformed into a big man. I see us from third person. Then I understand iīm playing a game and iīm holding a PS3 controller in my hand. Some man in the backround tells that the first to get 500 points wins. There are some text on the upper-right corner that tell what all buttons do. We began to fight and first he keeps beating me up, but after awhile I understand what to do and win the battle. Then we are sitting on some chairs. My SG is back to normal. He tells me about some "tags" which give me special powers. "But just donīt overdo it. By which I mean donīt use all of them at once. Isnīt this virtual world great?" ,he says. I wake up.

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