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    25.2.2011: Patriks identity

    by , 02-25-2011 at 07:55 AM (499 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC Patrik

    I was invated to my friends summer cottage. Me and my dad were there. I remember, that I forgot to tell my mom iīm going here. I tell it to my dad and he gets really angry and grabs my throat. I realize itīs a dream, but I canīt get off my dream dads grip. Finaly I manage to escape. (I think I jumped through a window.) I find myself in a park. I remember I wanted to ask Patrik if heīs my dream guide. I call for him and see him at one of the swings. I ask if heīs my DG. "You should be careful with that word." ,he says, "No, but iīm between a dream guide." He doesnīt say between a dream guide and what, but I still understand. I think for a moment, if that is really what he means. "Spirit guide?" ,I say. "Excatly." He jumps out of hes wheelchair and suddenly heīs as long as I am and is wearing glasses. We start walking away, talking about something I canīt recall. We end up on some malls parking lot. He gets some cardboard and starts to cut it with scissors. Then he hands it to me and I cut it in two parts. "So, you really donīt know anything." ,he says. We walk away and I see me playing basketball against Patrik and someone else from third person. I win them and do some winning pose in the air while the dream stops and I wake up.

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