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    5.3.2011: Credits in the sky

    by , 03-05-2011 at 10:57 AM (387 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC SG

    Iīm walking in my house, thinking that itīs really spooky in there. This makes me lucid and I fly outside. For some reason I start to fly to the sky. I canīt gain enough heigh and fly straight at a building. I go right through itīs wall and find myself in some tunnel/pipe. But then I fly out of it and towards the sky. Once I get on top of the clouds, I see that iīm getting towards ground again. Thereīs some big letters on the ground. They seem like some credits. Part of it says "5: Final chapter." I find myself next to my house, holding a photo. The photo has some small forest in it. I call for my SG and hear a sound similar to the sound a camera makes when it takes a photo. I pick the photo from the ground. It has changed. Now it has me and my SG posing next to a camera taking a photo of the small forest. I wake up.

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