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    21.3.2011: Moving to America and fragments

    by , 03-21-2011 at 04:50 PM (409 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC SG

    Im in a classroom with my classmates. Our teacher is talking about something and showing us a picture. In the picture a rich man is in front of a cfe, giving a coin worth 10000 (Dont know 10000 what.) to the owner, who then gives a coin worth 10 to a poor man. The dream changes to me being that poor man. (Well, poor boy, if that matters.) Im wearing a detective style hat and coat. I think I was only a silhouette. I leave the cfe and enter the back door. I buy a coffee with 1 coin and sit inside. A girl sits next to me. (Atleast I think it was a girl, she was wearing same kind of clothes I were, and was also a silhouette, so I couldnt really tell.) Shes drinking coffee from a pink cup. We start to talk and I find out the girl has the same past than I do. (Not in real life.) She also ran away from her home. I start to tell her my story. Now im "me" from the past, a short, chubby boy. (Again, not in real life.) Im in some shed. Theres an pot full of spaghetti. It has some green vegetables in it. I start to hear my voice telling the story. Its something about how my trainer was really strict and mixed vegetables to my spaghetti to keep it healthy. (Laugh all you want, I dont care.) I open the door and look around. Once again, im at my grandparents farm. Theres a man, my trainer, (No IRL.) standing near. He has his back turned at me. I quickly run to the field behind the shed. Theres some wheat growing on the field, and some of them have been cut. (My previous escape attempts.) I start running towards the road leading out of there, when someone shouts something to me. I think my trainer saw me. But its just my grandfather. (Not the one owning the farm.) I tell him that im going to escape and move to America. He says something about how the best thing to do something is to burn your house down. (Flawless logic.) Then the house is set on fire. I run away, waving to my grandfather and promising to send him a postcard. I run away fast, so nobody can catch me. I see many people running to the direction im coming from. Some are familiar, some are not. Suddenly im an adult and im in a futuristic city. I go to a store to buy a postcard, but cant find any. I see police arresting some robbers. Then im driving a car and escaping some bad guys. I start to read map to know where to go when I wake up.

    Fragment 1
    Im some kind of knight riding a horse in a desert with my friend. We get attacked by bandits and out horses, armor, everything is stolen. We make it to the closest city and do something.

    Fragment 2
    Im hiding in a forest from some mutants. (Apocalypse.) I see a group of my classmates and go talk to them. Theyre armed with some guns. We see some mutants and start to fire them. Suddenly im in my room. I decide to start playing my DS. As im about to start, a screen which has my teacher and some kind of exam about some decease (Cancer, I think.) appears. I hear my friends voice complaining about how nobody told us about this.

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