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    Quest For The Dream Sanctuary

    by , 05-21-2023 at 08:49 PM (47 Views)
    I'm in the central area of serrano and hearing the running of what sounds like a motor (probably a chiller in real life). Out of the corner of my eye I imagine a glass container - almost like a fish tank of sorts - on a table in the corner. When I turn, it's in fact a printer as well as a sewing machine, which resembles my mom's sewing machine in NJ, on the table in the corner. I keep my gaze on this table and scrutinize the two machines. It doesn't make sense that the sewing machine would be in the corner. I feel like a hear my cold plunge, and this should be my cold plunge...right?. This doesn't make sense. I begin to pull my hand in front of me, but without even needing to really observe it, I realize: oh - It's a dream! I become lucid and take in the scenery of this central area of my home in the dream. The dream isn't fully clear and stable, and at this moment I'm truly wanting a clear and stable dream. I really push my awareness hard, tapping into a state as though I was pushing my awareness hard in a session of zazen. I continue to ramp up my awareness with focus, and say "aware". The dream buildings in vividness and stability. I get the feeling that there's somehting messy on my hand. I realize I don't need to wash my hand since it's a dream, but it kind of annoys me (like it would in waking life!) and figure hey, why not wash it off quick. I head to the sink which looks strikingly similar to how it would look in real life. Even the layout of the kitchen is almost identical. I wash my hands and then dry them with the cloth on the drainboard - almost identical to real life. I then think to work on some dream goals! First, I want to ask the dream what my spiritual path is. I ask, yet no answer once again. I then decide to try to head to my dream sanctuary. I spontaneously get the idea to pull out my laptop and go on google chrome and see what happens if I search it. But first, I see the fridge a think about grabbing a piece of dark chocolate while I work on this. I expect to find some in the area where I keep it in waking life, and sure enough, I find the same exact double-sealed plastic bag of ChocZero that I had there a couple days prior. I don't feel like meticulously unzipping the bag, so I try to just rip it open and poor the chips into my hands while loading the computer - no luck. I start typing "dream sanctuary" into the google search, yet the letters keep getting scrambled as I type. I try to produce the words accurately and keep needing to backspace and retype. I eventually come pretty close, and the computer loads the image of what appears to be woods. I turn to my right and notice a dark bunched up figure at the top of the stairs, almost like a bunched up blanket but I can't tell 100%. It sparks a bit of fear- in a nightmarish type of way- but I get intense with my approach to it. I stick out my hand with courage and intensity and do somewhat of a 'force pull' - however it doesn't work. I then do a 'force-crush' instinctively, yet it doesn't seem to have much of an effect. I return to glance at the screen and decide to head outside to try to find this area. I turn to my right and see the same figure and once again try both techniques in a 'force' type of way, yet no effect. I begin to hear voices of roughly two people in the house and they seem to be approaching the room. I want to avoid it, so I head to the front entrance, which opens in both directions just before the main door, and I head outside. The front of the house looks almost like a manor, which a red brick staircase leading downward. I fly down this area and the red brick continues onto the front walkway. I make my way into a wooded area as the sunlight streams through. I take in the beautiful sight of the tress and continue my flight forward. I soon see a tall fence with two guard just on the other side. I fly into the fence and scale up it. I then fly over and take in the view of a large field with a large brick building which appears to be a school behind it. A bunch of students are playing some sort of sport which seems like it may be soccer. I spot a teen picking on a much younger student, and suddenly get the impulse to protect the young student. I punch the older one if the face, then in the body, then proceed to throw him about one hundred hard and into the side of the building. I immediately get the thought/feeling that I shouldn't have done that. Although it's a dream, it's still going to have some kind of karmic trace (thinking back to a podcast I'd heard the day prior). I immediately fly to the DC dropping down from the wall, catch him, and do a sort of 'lay-on-hands' to fully heal him. I then guide him down to the ground. I begin flying away and the dream begins to fade. I then wake up.
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