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    Log 1185 - Simple, Affectionate Advice and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 07-28-2018 at 01:04 AM (613 Views)
    Created Friday 27 July 2018

    Got a DILD to note, along with several other dreams. There was more to the non-lucid ones, though I neglected to write notes of such so as not to disrupt my sleep. I also assumed I had multiple LDs while experience the one below, but I realized that wasn't the case upon waking up.

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching Teen Titans Go. Starfire and Raven get an ominous message from a mirror, a warning about a future enemy. Cut. I get dragged into an episode of Steven Universe. There was an ongoing Homeworld invasion. Thought this was merely a capture raid, until the ships started zapping people into dust. Reluctantly, I cooperated with the lead characters, heeding their orders of keeping myself hidden. I rushed to a nearby home, where I concealed myself in the garage. Rewind. I chose to hide under a table outside. When the coast seemed clear, I ran off, only to get blasted.

    Dream 1 - Simple, Affectionate Advice

    The visuals were very dim. I falsely awaken in bed in the middle of the night. Reactively, I start rubbing my hands together, and also felt out the nearest furniture and walls. Took a while to figure this was indeed a dream.

    I then levitated, to then get orbited around an unknown point. I almost bumped into various hanging lamps, misplaced objects from the kitchen. After a minute of trying to keep steady, I think to summon a Marloss Berry. Almost instantly, I'd acquired a like, apple-sized berry, though the darkness made it appear grey rather than pink. Anyway, I immediately took a bite, only to find it'd vanished before I could even taste it.

    Warp back in bed. Without thought, I brought forth handful of mixed rice, just to see if I could. This actually proved to be a substantial, flavorful snack. Again, I floated around. And again, I tried summoning a Marloss Berry, but failed doing that. I then attempted to call my guide, E, imagining her laying on my extended arms. This too had no effect.

    Reloop. I'm in bed yet again, stubbornly persisting my summons. Eventually, I felt someone very close by. Upon adjusting my vision, I did indeed find this to be E, her form appearing as a glowing grey phantom. Before I let emotion get the best of me, I asked her how I could get better at LDing. "That's easy. Through practice and diligence.", she replied with a wide grin. Even at the moment, such advice seemed quite obvious. At the same time, this reminded me there was still room for improvement, perhaps a lot more. All in all, it was very reassuring.

    I caved in. Another... happy moment ensued. This went for a few minutes before the dream collapsed.

    Dream 2 - Several Kinds of Invasions

    Scene 1 - Another Dusk Drive
    The visuals were a bit dim. I was taking a ride through the highway at dusk, going through a bay. Not too clear on details. Transition.

    Scene 2 - The Wolf Pack Burglars
    The visuals were very dim. I falsely awaken in my room. My brother, Oscar, was passing by. Soon, I overheard intruders creeping throughout the place. I glance out the door to find several wolves pacing about. These were semi-trained beasts, owned by a middle aged guy with black hair and moustache, and a similarly aged woman with auburn hair. Both of the human thieves were dressed in heavy, many-pocketed clothes.

    Silently, I alerted my bro of the threat. I slowly locked the door, only to flounder in place. Alarmed by the noise, the male burglar approaches for a closer look. Once he got near, I jumped at him, doing my best to keep him at a headlock. But them, those savage canines defended their master, tearing at my legs.

    Cue a timely transition.

    Scene 3 - Kid Popped Up Outta Nowhere
    Similar visuals. I was wandering around my unlit home during the middle of the night. I spotted my nephew, Gunther, running about. Later, I bumped into his cousin, Stephan, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. I remarked on his startling me, which seemed to upset him a bit. Unknown transition.

    Scene 4 - Sylvester Stallone Is - Alien Hunter
    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was watching a Stallone action movie. The lead character was leading some kids through a dense jungle. In a clearing, the group finds a broken spaceship, worn from years of abandonment. Stallone's character recounts a tale of an alien invasion, of which he had a large part in stopping.

    Don't recall how this ended.

    Scrap Group 2
    Watching my brother, Gerrard, play Sonic Mania along with my sister, Harriette. Several checkpoints transported Sonic into an evil version of the stage, each of which sounded the theme for Mystic Cave Zone as its background music. Several later stages had music from Mega Man games, including Elec Man's stage from the very first game and Misty Rain from Mega Man ZX.

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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      There you go, after your last DJ you should feel good about this one.

      What's special about a marloss berry (what is it)?

      I too also had longer dreams with my latest DJ vs the one before.

      One quick question though, I've seen other people mention "dream guides" before, what's that about, exactly? If there's a specific thread you could link me to, that's fine.

      I just wondered if there was a specific definition to the term that I haven't seen mentioned.
      FireFlyMan likes this.
    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Heh, yup, feels good man. Probably worth mention that the dry spell wasn't anywhere near as bad as I made it out to be. Also, congrats on your recall coming back.

      As for Marloss Berries, that's a reference to Cataclysm, a post-apocalyptic horror survival game I used to play. Marloss Berries are an trans-dimensional food, described as tasting like (and inciting) pure bliss.

      Dream guides are a trickier and a rather subjective matter. To some, they're simply a very distinguished recurring character. To others, a sort of personal counselor and teacher to aid in exploring dreams. And others still see them as spiritual, if not divine, entities. I myself see my guide as falling somewhere between the first two categories. Besides that, I can't really point at a a more definitive authority on the matter past what one could probably find in Wikipedia or a Google search.
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