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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Log 1186 - School Trance-Ition

    by , 07-28-2018 at 06:57 PM (124 Views)
    Created Saturday 28 July 2018

    Salt and insomnia don't mix. Anyway, I got a DILD to note, along with some scraps.

    Scrap Group 1
    At home. Eustice's (a friend of mine's) mom is vising. She seemed her usual goofy self at first. Later, she mentioned that Eustice died. She didn't seem to get too worked up about it. I mention the whole thing to my brother, Fletcher.

    Wandering around town. I visit a mall, which I was "sure" had an awesome, fancy buffet.

    Dream 1 - School Trance-Ision

    Dream transition while meditating, though I initially thought this was just a dreamlet. I was seated in the bleachers of a high school gym, supposedly as a student in a summer school program. The last last day of such, actually.

    I continued concentrating, counting down my breaths. Later, one of the teachers, some botox-suffused woman with long, black hair, complained about something a group of students did. Not sure what it was, but it seemed to have spoiled an event she had planned for the day. She had no idea who did as much, though the woman gave flagrant and often misattributed insinuations of those responsible. One of the students, her assistant, whom appeared as a younger, slightly less artificial version of the woman, joined her in this tirade.

    End of the day. As I left the gym, I finally took notice the dream. I levitated through the doorway while seated cross-legged, taking my time with my meditation. Shortly afterwards, that above-mentioned girl rudely bumped passed me. She started harassing several of the other students, blaming them for "ruining her day". Quite annoying, then quickly became aggravating when she went after me. In response, I telekinetically swiped her to the wall. The girl got up, then ran and pleaded for her life. Such a grating voice. I commanded her to go to sleep. Colorful, ghostly ribbons fired from my hand and towards the nuisance. Upon contact, the girl was knocked unconscious.

    Soon, I was approached by another teacher, a tall, tanned skinned old guy. At first, it seemed as if he disapproved of my actions. He then casually tossed various forms my way, all of which I caught in my underarms. At a glance, these were merely "participitation" certificates. Well, I suppose it was a decent gesture.

    I instantly awakened afterwards, still in meditation.
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