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    Log 1190 - Turbulent Ocean Mall

    by , 08-02-2018 at 12:23 AM (251 Views)
    Created Wednesday 01 August 2018

    Got a DILD to note. Don't recall anything before that. Wish I coulda put what's below in less words, but ah well...

    Dream 1 - Turbulent Ocean Mall

    Scene 1 - School Bug
    Dreamlet transitioned to a dream. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a highschool classroom. I felt very tired, enough so to fall 'unconscious' within seconds. In fact, I'd unwittingly dropped my head on the shoulder of a guy in front of me. I did tilt back a bit, caring little of my faceplanting on my desk. While 'asleep', I overheard some girl's plot to cut my hair. She did indeed go ahead with such, but that didn't bother me.

    I 'woke up' a minute later. While looking around, I spotted a woman in one of the desks, dark hair, of larger frame, and notably busty. Another out-of-place 'student' besides myself, though it seemed as if I've seen her before... Anyway, for amusement, I shrunk myself down to a few inches. I then flew by the woman to get her attention. Visibly astonished, the woman seized me, holding me still for a better look.

    Transition seconds later.

    Scene 2 - Stroll to the Ocean Mall
    The visuals were blurred, though it clarified over time. I was taking a stroll around my neighborhood. Or, better put, floating towards home, doing so while seated cross-legged.

    Skip ahead. Instead of my intended destination, I somehow arrived at the entrance of a large mall, seemingly just recently opened. I sensed this was located in a supposed bad part of town. Indeed, I soon spotted a 'known' criminal exiting from a movie theatre, who'd wooed a high-school aged girl at least eight years his junior. Feeling obliged to interpose, I changed into the form of (Perfect?) Cell from Dragon Ball Z. I charged energy in my outstretched hands, then threatened harm to the ne'er-do-well if he didn't leave the girl alone. He slinked away without a word. Next, I gave a word of warning to the girl. She wasn't at all happy with my meddling, claiming she could take care of herself, and promptly left in a huff.

    Things warped a bit. I now appeared as some gangly guy in his late 40's. Supposedly, he was a character from a comedy movie, in which he was a meek middle-aged guy enrolling into a university. I step out to the mall's driveway, when a fancy sports car pulls up. Inside were some rowdy frat boys. Noticing me, the group hurled out drunken insults, then drove off.

    I glanced aside. A deep oceanside was visible past the mall's borders, its waters turbulent under a stormy sky. Of greater concern was the sight of various giant figures wading in the sea, one appearing as Ultra-Man, and another some reptilian monster straight out of Super Sentai/Power Rangers. This spectacle instantly triggered awareness.

    Things quickly destabilized, but some timely reactive hand rubbing saved the dream. Without delay, I float in a meditative pose. Next, I shouted 'Yol Toor Shuul'. In place of a flames, I somehow breathed out a stream of light frost. I looked out in the ocean again, only to see a tsunami was forming. So, I ordered the dream to keep the wave in check. The waters kept rising, but did indeed stop approaching. I pondered what to do. False memories of my attempting some grandiose, world-changing event earlier came to mind, but it wasn't very clear.

    Just then, I heard that cat's incessant mewling. Another warp. In a flash, the tidal wave appeared just several meters ahead of me. I'm literally slammed out of the dream.

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