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    Log 1189 - Drive and Snow Ants and Wasps Scraps

    by , 08-01-2018 at 02:26 AM (201 Views)
    Created Tuesday 31 July 2018

    Close, but no cigar. Just scraps today.

    Scrap Group 1
    Driving around town, going just out of my neighborhood.

    Watching/playing a Metal Gear Solid game. I got dragged into the scene. I was sneaking through an unlit apartment building, peeking in and out of various suites. My brother, Hernando later showed up. Some unknown hazard kept us from investigating more of the interior. I glanced out the window, viewing a lot filled with powdery snow, clear blue sky above. Reckoned I could drag myself on the outer window sills, but reasoned that would've been too dangerous. On a double take, said sills changed into a network of wooden beams and narrow wooden platforms. My bro and I climb out, balancing ourselves on such a precarious construction. In time, we managed to tiptoe all the way from one end of the building to the other towards another window. Just then, we were accosted by a swarm of ants, all while a horde of wingless wasps surrounded the entrance. Both of us slipped, and fell to the lot below. Luckily, a mound of snow softened our landing. As for the ants, I reactively dealt with them by enveloping Hernando and I in a cloak of flames. I thought of either doing likewise with the vermin above, or poisoning them with a toxic cloud. The dream then collapsed.

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    dream fragment


    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Were the wingless wasps flying anyway? Cloak of flames was a good idea.

      You might like the third sequence of my DJ entry xiv by the way.
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    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Nah, they were definitely crawling. Woulda thought they wre just big ants, but there was something about them that indicated otherwise.

      Also, I'll deffos check it out!
      DarkestDarkness likes this.