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    1. WTF? Flying Fish. *2 LUCIDS* DEILD

      by , 08-29-2012 at 10:12 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      DILD to DEILD to FA

      I am at my wife's cousin's Karen's house. There is something about my bike being there. I bring it outside. I was thinking about riding it home and leaving my car. I look up and see a bright light. It flew between some clouds and lit them up. I knew this was unusual for an airplane. Some tree branches got in my view as I was walking. I back up and instead of this light I see what looks like 5 or 6 fish swimming in the sky. I say, "What the fuck?!" I look more intently and yes they are fish. They are a play golden color with a redish strip at the gills and blue face with the golden color at the mouth. I can see the scales. I see how the glisten in the eveing light. I stare bumbfounded. All I can say is, "What the fuck? What the fuck? What the FUCK?"

      "OOOOOHHHHHH!" I finally realize that I am dreaming. I start to fly but everything fades to black very fast. I am in my bed. I don't move, I clear my mind and try not to think about the dream too much. I only know that I had a really short lucid.

      I instinctively DEILD without much thought. I hit SP right away. It last for a few seconds and evens out to a dim hum. I just get out of bed like I would any other time. I know my body is paralysed. It is of course dark and I am blind. I tell myself that there is light coming from the window and I imagine seeing. Slowy I visualize and begin to see the room. (Next time I will visualize some other place. I am tire of seeing my house lol) I open the bedroom door and the world fades to black. There is nothing to grab on to visually. I feel a little panic that I will wake up. I use my meditation calm technique and rub my hands together and focus on seeing something. I come back. But I am really near sighted. So I crawl and focus on the baseboard and hardwood floor. It stabilizes a bit. I come to a dining room chair. (I have no real plan. I actually doubted that I would have a lucid tonight because we planned to get up early. Now that I think about it I did wake up at like midnight and pee. I went back to bed with a mantra "I will remember the dream and become lucid" until I feel asleep. So really that first maybe was a MILD not DILD?)

      So I dont know what to do and you never think clearly in a LD. I see a book on the chair.I decide to read it. It looks like colorful recipes or menu. I focus really hard to read a line of text. Finally I make out the words in white. 'CHEESE CON QUESO'. I think I thought I was going the advanced TOTM. (I should have really done it) I decide it will be fun to move the book to the TV and see if I really moved it in real life. (I have no such book) After I place it on/near the TV my head totally clears. I actually believe that I woke up during my lucid. I really think I am awake walking around my house. I go back to the bedroom and lay down.

      I have a false awakening. Something about the phone waking me up. There a tv on in the room. I get up on the other side of the bed. Then the alarm clock wakes me up for real.

      I would have forgotten this LD if I hadn't had an alarm. So hears my take on forgetting LDs. Sageous seems to question if it was a true LD if you forget it. He says that he believes we are wired to forget NLDs and remember LDs. My thing is if you go from LD to NLD/FA it can be real easy to forget.

      OK now I got to get ready. We have to be at the hospital at 5AM. My pregnant wife is to be induced to labor!
    2. *LUCID* Hats!

      by , 08-26-2012 at 01:50 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Fragment about daughter tearing paper from a book.
      I wake up from some dream about work. Who cares? I DEILD. I have been trying all night I actually fell aleep the last time wondering why sometime it is easy and sometimes I just cant.

      I feel the sp and wait for it to "even out". It feels just about time to try to get up so I smoothly and easily was able to imagine my legs moving over the bed and then stand up. Once I stand up I am in the dream. This time I was blind again but I have learned to handle that. I slowly try to open my eyes. Nope I see ceiling. I forgot I was not in the bed room at the time and didn't realize I could see the living room ceiling. But all that mattered was it was not my dream eyes I opened. I am way too excited. I remember to relax as if I am in meditation.

      OK. So I just felt the walls. I have been wanting to enter the full length mirror on the closet door as a way out. I stabilized my focusing on the feeling in my hands. Thank you Sivasion and Dream Yoga class. I felt the door frame of the bathroom since thats what I would have been facing if I was in my bedroom. I remind you I was not. I just find that funny that I forgot. Anyway, I felt left from there until I felt the smooth surface of the mirror and the egdes of the trim. Not being able to see made is so much eaiser than I had expected. I just stepped through like it was a cut out in the door. I forgot to think of where I was going. I just wanted to see.

      I found my self standing in the doorway from the bedroom to the dining/living room. I can see. I see my brother walking through. I was shocked and was not expecting this and the scene goes black. I think no. SEE! I focus on seeing the room again. It reappears like someone turning on a light from a dimer switch. I am way too excited again. I remember to relax as if I am in meditation.
      I focus on the walls. I see the walls of the living are covered with hundreds of hats. I focus on that for a bit. I see a Yellow ball cap with a green "T" on it and trimmed white around. I have no idea what team that is and I don't care.
      I walk right and see my brother.
      Hey bro whats up?
      Im dreaming! I clap my hand and spin around and say, "yeah!" Fist pump.
      I feel fading and I am so fucking excited. I have to stabilize again. relax. My mind relaxes some just like meditation.

      I focus on the walls again. I see a lot less hats now. "Hey where did all the hats go?" I am truly upset that I can't find the hats. I look and try to make the appear. OK never mind. I had real goals. OK. The competition. I'll do my 3 step. I already did flying. OK lets do TK. I look around. There is this table with a bunch of dirty glasses and other stuff... I dont know. I see a one liter plasic bottle of what looks like Dr. Pepper. I focus on that. It is half full. I try to make it move to my hand. Nothing. I try harder. Nothing. Then I hear the words of wizard Sageous (From another LD) "You can do it if you believe it." OK I believe I can do it. I really take that to heart. I relax my mind a bit and just allow it to flow. It comes straight to my hands. Yes! I drop it and now it looks like a plasic wine glass. I push it around with TK. I try to make it float and shoot off fast but can't. I try for more advananced TK. I look at the hats on the walls. I try to imagine them all shooting off at once. I lift my arms in the air and bring them together but nothing happens. Hmmm maybe that really is too advanced. (I didn't believe Matthew 17:20 )

      OK what else was I going to do? Basic summon. I just try to do the same thing I did last time but now I am losing focus. I reach in my back pocket for a flash light but it is like I am pretending. It is getting dark again. I dont feel it or see it. I make a click noise with my mouth when I push the button. But wait. I did do it. I see a beam of light in the darkness and I feel something in my hand. I think misson accomplished. The darkness takes over my light and the dream fades.
      (I forgot to stabilize)

      I have a false awakening. I am in my bed alone. It is bright and sunny from the window. I am trying to record my dream on my phone. Then it turns into being on some quilt on my bed. All of the memory from the LD is recorded on my quilt. Now I just remember fragments from the dream befor the LD. I am trying to touch a send text knitted on but it won't work. Then the kids come and jump all over me and and bed. I freak out. Noooooooo! I will forget my dream get of go away. Just give me a few minutes. I say go and I mean it go. They finaly leave. Now for some reason I safty pinning my phone to the quilt thinking that will fix things. I wake up suddenly.
    3. *LUCID* When the moon hits your eye like a big a pizza pie

      by , 08-21-2012 at 11:23 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      When the moon hits you eye like a big a pizza pie *LUCID*

      I was able to lay down for a few hours today and take a nap. I was feeling sick and tried. I tried to WILD for an hour but I was just going to noisy HI and my self awareness was just fading in and out. I figured it was the wrong time. Usually enough time trying to WILD will trigger a lucid like MILD or DILD. I had a dream with a MAJOR dream sign and got briefly lucid. I'm getting really pissed at how short my LD's have been lately. I think I am getting better but it is such slow progress. I've never had this much trouble before.

      The begining is vague and hard to describe. I am at some place. Drawing or coloring and I hear some women talking. Some one said something about name motels. I heard one say "Best Western" and another say "Motel 6", ect. I say, "Damn ya'll must be cheap." I was just kidding them. I think of one in my minde. How about Hilton. I look to my left and see a sign on a building that says Hilton Hotel but its like a weird optical illusion with cat silhouettes and it morphs into Hilton Tipton.

      Then the dream changes and I am in a Hotel room. I am lying in bed trying to sleep. I wake up annoyed that someone left the TV on but I didn't want to get up and turn it off because I was trying to WILD. The noise what driving me insane though. So I decide get up out of bed to turn it off. Then things get weird. Suddenly, I am looking at a PC screen and I click a little blue icon in the top right and the sound stops.
      Now I am outside the Hotel. It is night time and the sky is dark but the moon is so bright I can see a shadow of the building. The grass is lush and green and perfect. I can heard the sound of it as my bare feet walk through. I can feel nothing however. I walk until I am in the light of the moon. For some reason I want to take a look. When I am bathed in the bright moon light, I look up.
      Instead of a moon there is a giant thing. The best description I can give is something that looks like a cheese pizza. I immediately get lucid. The shock of it was more than I could deal with. I forgot everything but wanted to fly toward it and investigate closer..So I jumped and flew straight up. I should have kept my eyes on it because as soon as I looked down everything faded to black. I remembered that I was supposed to stabilize by focusing on an object. But I had nothing to focus on so I focused on making something.I get really confused here. I don't know if I opened my real eyes or dreamed I saw the inside of the hotel room again but it foggy and hazy and I felt all dreamy still. I closed my eyes but I felt too much of my real body. I thought to DEILD and for a moment I had a FA that I got out of bed in the Hotel to turn the TV off again. I kept hearing so much TV noise. I had a feeling that I was lucid before so I stopped to try to remember what happened. That's when I truly woke up.

      Also last night I had a few frags.

      Something about the Islamic Church in Joplin

      The baby

      Climbing Trees

      Being at Walmart

      Kids on the house

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    4. Two shorts *LUCID*

      by , 08-19-2012 at 04:04 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Lucid 1 7:44AM
      I FA and start watching TV. Then it is like I am in church. Everyone is leaving but I want to stay as long as I can. I was getting tired of being in bed but was determind to LD I think about my brother. I guess he left too. Then I think.
      I thought he was coming for labor day? Awe that's why dad tried to call me. So that means I am off tomorrow as well. Whoo hoo! I have another day to sleep in and have a lucid dream I do I a fist pump in the air.
      Wait. I was trying to LD but now I don't really remember waking up. I am dreaming! I
      decide to RC just to make sure. I put my hand to my nose and blow through. The sound of my loud breathing jolts me awake. I lay still and DEILD
      I am in SP and I slowly and calmly make my dream body put my legs over the side of the bed and and I sit up. Just before I touch the floor I lose focus and wake up. I try to DEILD more but I am too awake now.

      Lucid 2 8:13AM
      I am standing in a familiar area near the Stadium in my neighborhood. There are a lot of cars parked. I see a grey car pull out of parallel into the street. It starts rolling out of control and I start to get all upset. Then I remember this is a dream and why would I care. It not even my car. My car comes to me on command. I look to my right and see my car coming to me on its own. It is pulling out of the parking lot. It is about to hit another car and I use TK to stop it. It keeps pushing against me wanting to go but I hold it firm. Then I realize there were other things I wanted to do. Like TOTM and 3 Step. I get excited. I wake up.

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    5. Bank, Baby, Evil Horse Statues, Thrones/Sweeney Todd *LUCID*, Dead Grandma Again

      by , 08-13-2012 at 11:26 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Lucidity RED
      Thoughts BLUE

      Bank - Fragment
      I am trying to fill out a bunch of paper work at the bank.

      My unborn son born. I am upset because I don't remember any of it. I fee like went a way for a long time. He looks like he is about a year old and is talking like he is 5. I put him on the top bunch of the girls' bunkbed. I ask my wife how old he is. She says he is only 15 days old. Together we say "But he acts like he is 5". "I know." She said. "He is so smart!" I am still trying to process why the heck I cant remember anything. I know something is wrong her but I can't figure it out. I play with him for a while and make up for lost time. Then, I get distracted by my phone and start messing with it. I feel guilty for not paying him attention.

      Evil Horse Statues
      I am in a museum. Full of horses statues made of various materials. I spend a lot of time looking around. Boring (I'll leave out some detail for time sake) Then I come to a strange stone one. It makes and evil face at me and I kick it. The entire statue become glued to my foot and is light like cardboard. I freak out and panic to get it off me. I startle away.

      Game of Thrones and Sweeney Todd *LUCID*
      I am standing on the edge of a wooded area with Jared. I see a bright blue sky and water. There is a road in front of us that leads to a stone bridge. Along the road there is a white picked fence. 3 or 4 wizards are dueling. I see fire and bright flashed of electricity. I don't know what came from who.
      Jared remarks on this scene. "They are manifesting for the first time."
      I reply with a comment about Game of Thrones. "Yeah I really like Thrones but it gets so boring in places and I lose interest."
      Jared replies, "Well, you know it just.....
      I interupt, "Hey look! It's umm... It's him!" I see Little Finger but I can't think of his name.
      Jared looks. "Oh yeah that's that one guy."

      I walk away but now I am walking side by side with a Lanaster. I am trying to decide if it is Tyrion or Jamie. I get worried because we are enemies but I am in desguise. I am really Benjamin Barker but going under the name Sweeney Todd. I get a view of the two of us from behind as we walk accross the stone bridge. I see that it is Tyrion but taller and I can see my crazy Sweeney hair with a grey streak.

      Suddenly we are entering a tavern/commons type building. The outside is all stone. The inside has white was wood walls. The entrance is open like a huge garage without a door. I look up and all around. I think to myself that I need to remember this for later. So I gather all the detail that I can. I am taking this as me visiting a ren-fest and I need to write in my day journal later. I notice to the left are what look like bleachers and people in renaissance garb and eating turkey legs. To the right are some wooden rustic tables and chairs but I don't get much detail from it. Then in the back and to the right is an out cropping in the wall and an open window with a bar wench waiting to take orders. She looks bored.

      I continue walking to the left and back. There is an opening to a dark red brick tunnel or hallway. I meet up with a Wizard. He looks a little like Sageous' Avatar but more real. He is bald and has a long flowing beard. I only get a gimps of him so I don't really see what his robes looks like.

      So Wizard Sageous follows behind him and starts lecturing me about... I think was dream control. As he is talking. He shoot green plastic suction cup darts ahead of me marking the way. I have to jump down large ledges like huge stairs. I don't remeber much what he is saying but the thing that sticks out clearly is... "You can do it if you believe it. Or, I am just a great demon and I am lying to you. You decide." I find this to be profound and I ponder it intently.

      We are now deep in some underground tunnel system made of brick. There is a 3 or 4 inch whole low on the wall. Wizard Sageous tells me I have to find a way to fit in it and continue on. I want to believe it but can't seem to understand. I turn and look the other way and see the tunnel turns to the left and into darkness. I see Wizard Sageous walking out of it into an adjacent tunnel.

      I turn back and notice the hole has become very large. "AH! I get it! I believe it!" I now know that I am dreaming. I stare at the hole and half the wall disolves into nothing. There is a clear path for me now. But now I don't care to go there. I look to were Sageous walked out of a second ago and think that I have to really go that way. For some reason I know that there is something dangerous to me. An enemy of some sort. I start to go but it is too dark. Then I open a section or wall and look for some sort of light. Its dark there too. Then I remember I can summon. I reached into my back left pant pocket and pull out a 3inch mag light. I can feel the flashlight in my hand very vividly. I push the button and feel the click. The back of the cubby I opened is lit up with a blueish LED type light. I turn to go into the tunnel. And I suddenly wake up.

      Maybe next time I will listen and go where I am told! HA! And Sageous the wizard?!?!? I freaken love it! He was almost like a dream guide!

      Well I lie still and begin DEILD I feel SP comming but I get so distracted by the dream and I started replying the thing in my mind. Too much thought woke me up. SP faded. I had trouble going back to sleep after that.

      Dead Grandma- Fragment
      I experience strong HI untill a full not lucid dream occurs. Funny there was no SP
      I am looking in the filing cabinet on the bottom drawer. My wife comes close to me and bumps her pregnant belly on my head. I look up and caress and kiss her belly. Then I look at her face and it VIVIDLY distorts into my dead gramdma. I am reminded of how it happens in Grimm. She telepathically tells me that she is reincarnated into my unborn son. I ask her how can that be he is a boy and you were a woman. She tells me things like that don't matter. I wake with a startle.

      I don't know why she is showing up after all these years. I am not saying I think this dream means anything. It is just odd! And what if?

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    6. A Blind Lucid and Other Craziness *LUCID*

      by , 08-12-2012 at 02:38 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Lucidity = red
      Thoughts / Side notes = blue

      Ship it
      Something about wanting to ship 3 books at UPS. One was going to my dead grandma. I got a bag and wasn't sure what to do. The lady that worked there gave me a box. I started writing my grandma's address. It was mostly gibberish.

      Myrtle Dawson
      Something somenumber
      box 43 31?
      Smithville, TX somenumbers
      County Jasper somenumbers

      Meteor Shower *Non-lucid control*
      I am someplace outside with my daughters. I tell my younger one to look. We see hundreds of meters streaking across the sky in all directions. I am so happy and go find my older daughter. I tell her to look. But the sky had gone cloudy. I tell the clouds to open up. They part in the middle and slide away. There is a second layer of darker clouds. I tell them to open up as well. They do. Then I think something is not right. This is odd. I think about doing an RC but then I am distracted by all the meteors and the sounds of my daughters awe and delight.( I missed a major dreamsign here. I was so close but that's ok I will LD later. I have been trying to only RC in RL when something unusuall happens. I think it's starting to get through. I have never truly RC'd in a dream.)

      Road Trip
      I am going on a road trip with my dad. He rented a huge tour bus for the two of us. I think it's overkill but I go along. I end up driving. I get real sleepy real fast and my dad is somewhere in the back sleeping. So, I just set the cruise control and get in the passenger seat and fall asleep.

      I wake up and somehow decide it had been a hour. We are still on the road and cruising along like no big deal. I find it funny that we didn't crash but I think nothing more about it. I am a little worried about the bus now. I pull over to check the bus over and make sure we are still on track with the GPS. Everything is fine. I see a seat in the front of the bus. I sit down and notice there are triggers under each arm rest were the hands meet the end. The left is the brake and the right is the gas. I move the bus forward to the toll booth. I see a cop car coming toward the bus and I think maybe it was illegal to drive like that. I stop at the toll and quickly get back in. For some reason I sit in the passenger side like I was waiting for someone. I can see the cop at the driver side window. I move over and talk to him. He grips me out for "driving with the ballast" and "I'm just giving you a warning this time". I tell him how sorry I am and that I was just checking my GPS. He leaves.

      The toll booth arm opens and we continue. I make sure to watch the back end and not hit it on the booth. Now we are on a dirt road that looks like a mud racing track. I check the GPS and we are on the right road. So, I just drive. Then there is a jump off a cliff. I see other cars racing and jumping. The bus doesn't make it. We crash and then roll over the right way. Some characters from the move Road Trip fall out. I think we must have picked them up when I was sleeping. I open the door and let them back in. My dad is awake now and he comes to the front. I start laughing and tell him, "You know what? I was asleep for an hour while the bus was on cruise control! Baahahahahahha!"

      WILD fail DILD to DEILD *LUCID*
      So my alarm goes off and I am too tired to get up. I lay there fall asleep for about 30min and then wake up and go ok I won't really WBTB but I can try to WILD anyway.Maybe this time I will need a mantra since I am so tired. I repeat "awareness" twice and lose awareness. LOL
      I have a FA where I am lying in bed. I am holding an eraser. I just bought two black pearls the other day and it feels like that. Then it is really thin and I get mad at the girls for using it so much. I bought that stuff so I could sketch once in awhile. I get up and go to the kitchen table where they left thier black pearl. I switch them out and go back to the bedroom. (It's odd. There wasn't much visual. Mostly physical sensation. Like moving in the dark.)I decide to I need to pee. So I am standing there peeing when I dawns on me that I haven't really woken up and this is a dream! Bam! I wake up.

      DIELD Blind *LUCID*
      OK no big deal. I will just lie here not moving. Clear my mind like in meditation and relax.

      SP sets in. I start to get excited but I tell myself to be calm. Meditate. After I chill I think about the next step. I know I am paralyzed but I worry risking trying to move. I do it anyway. I force myself to sit up. I feel my dream body rise and then slam back into SP. This time I just imagine my feet rising in the air like I did yesterday. Then imagine them slowly moving over the side of the bed to the floor. I wait until I can feel a dull pressure from the floor touching my feet. Then I just straiten the rest of my body. I move like a wet noodle until I am standing. My eyes are still closed. I can feel my real eyes still and dont want to rish opening them yet. I try to move on and forget like yesterday but I was still thinking about it.
      Because I was thinking about forgetting about it, I was still thinking about it. So, the rest of the dream is all blind and mostly tactile sensations and sound. Sill a very interesting experience.
      So, I make my way out of the bedroom. I am pissed I can't see. I feel the wall until there is a light switch. I flip and for a split second I thought I could see. I try again and flip it back and forth. Nothing. I walk to the front door and feel like it bark my shin on something but it didn't hurt so I just ignore it somewhat annoyed. I hear my footstep lightly on the hardwood floor. I don't want to be loud and wake anyone up. I guess I just do this by habit. I unlock the deadbolt and open it and close it. I think the storm door was missing. I am amazed because all my sense of touch and hearing was so right on perfect. Now that I am outside, I really want to see. So, I risk opening my eyes, and what I see is my blurry bedroom ceiling. DAMN! I quickly close my eyes and try to DEILD back but I am too awake now

      Drawing Attack
      After some time I just want to sleep and don't care about WILD or DEILD. It's take some time to relax. So, I don't know if I was dreaming or just in a state of vivid HI for this one but I'll record it anyway.

      I see a woman. She is pretty and smiling at me. I try to focus on her face and it goes blurry. I think she knows me. I wonder if I am remembering a past life in this dream. She wants me to come to her but I don't move.

      I look at my hands and watch how distorted and odd they look. I wonder why I never think to do this in a dream. I continue to watch fascinated.

      This is probably where the HI went to NLD
      There is a pencil drawing on yellow paper. It looks like Poncho Villa. I focus on the face but it gets blurry like the lady did. Then the face come to life and Poncho Villa jumps out at me. I pick up a black pearl eraser. I, say "I've got an eraser. I will erase your ass!"
      He runs and hides behind the bedroom door. I see him peeing around at me. I say something else to taunt him and I wake up.

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    7. Visit from Dead Grandmother 2 *LUCIDS* in one DILD/DEILD

      by , 08-11-2012 at 03:52 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Bedtime about 10:30PM WBTB natural no alarm 5:00AM sleep 5:30AM-8:15AM
      LUCIDITY in red

      At a church function potluck with mom and younger sis. The chruch was odd like a big confusing house. My mom found some lockers with a bunch of locks. You chose a locker and there are locks with keys available. Some with combinations. She chose a combination and tore the combination sticker off. She put her purse in. For some reason I have my laptop in its bag. I feel the strap on my right shoulder. There is confusion here and I can't seem to figure out what I am doing. I notice poster on the wall and some kids playing near by. I see them in peripherals only. I slap the poster and it makes a realistic noise. I feel a hole in the wall behind it. I pull the green thumb tack and look. It looks like a little geocache hidden in the wall. I decide to leave it alone and replace the thumb tack. I walk into the dining area and find my mom and sis. Mom waves at me. I now have this giant white down jacket. I don't know were to put it. I start to just throw it on an end table but Mom points and says, "There is a place over there."

      I turn around. I see my dead grandmother (nanny) standing with the crowd but facing me. I was so focused on putting my jacket up that I almost walked past her. What made me do a double take was the fact she was wearing a crazy Lacy bright white dress. She looks ghostly. I thought maybe she is a ghost.

      I don't know when it dawned on me I was dreaming. There was no ah ha moment. No excitement. I was just shocked to see her standing there. I remembered the last lucid several years ago right after she and papa died. I got to say goodbye and it was a profound experience, real or not. So I take advantage of the moment. I slowly walk to her and hug her. I am shocked that I could physicaly feel pressure against me. I say, "Oh! Grandma, you are here." I kiss her on the mouth. Unusual but not sexual. Still hugging her I say, "I'm sorry you died."
      Her reply was giggerish. I said, "what?" Gibberish. "What?" I speak louder this time. More gibberish but she seems like she is trying so hard. I got the general idea of her saying comforting things. Then it all fades to black.

      When I find myself back in bed. I Don't move I don't open my eyes. I Don't even think. I just stay in a clear and relaxed meditative state. I feel a very slight twinge of SP. Then floating. I feel my right leg float up. I almost woke at this. I stay very calm. There is no excitement only observation and curiosity. I thought about my previous SP transitions. So I let my leg float. Then I visualize or imagine my right leg joining. I am nearly standing on my head in bed. There is no feeling of gravity. I think about the floor touching my feet. That seems to help. I feel my legs flip over the side of the bed. My head is still attached to the pillow and arms feel pinned. The moment my feet touch the floor I force myself stand up straight. Yes! I am happy that I transitioned. I realize FA was not an issue. I notice my eyes are still closed so I slowly open. No stop. I feel my real eyes slightly part and see unfocused ceiling of my room. I think, "Ok fine. I can just do this blind until I can see." I feel along the wall and open the door. And see the dining room. I guess forgetting about the vision problem made it go away. I see water dribbled in a trail from the kitchen through the dining room into living room. I wonder what the kids had done. I figure they must be up already. Then I realize it doesn't matter because I have dreaming. I had no real plan so I just walk outside naked. I enjoy the full unrestrained freedom of my LD and started running down my sidewalk. I feel a little modest now. I look down to see if I am really naked. I sure felt naked. I saw my bare skin but I thought I saw underwear. For some reason I had a huge pregnant belly like my wife. "Whatever". I feel my crotch and there is fabric. Also the whole time I have a piece of the comforter blanket from the bed around my neck and flowing behind me like a cap. I looked around briefly and was a little surprised how acturate my mind was being. The neighborhood looks almost perfect to RL but everything had a slight tinge of red color. I noticed a strange Doberman tied to a tree across the street. It was grey with glowing eyes. "Ah there's it is." I am happy to have some reasureance that it was a dream. I was starting to think I was going to have to apologize to the neighbors for "sleep walking" naked. I continue my run down the street as the world fades to black.

      I think about trying deild but I was pleased with myself. I felt I passed a milestone with transitioning and was distracted by memory of my nanny.

      My unborn son. Wife holding him. Me starring at his face for the first time. He has his mother's eyes. Reddish hair. And my mouth and chin. I reach out to hold him full of pride and happiness.

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    8. 7 dreams recalled. *LUCID* at #6

      by , 08-05-2012 at 04:39 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Bedtime 10:30p – 8:30a

      1) 1:45a Playing some sudoku like board game with Jess and Megan at our house. I walk into the living room and there are red Christmas lights everywhere. I continue the game on my phone like it was words with friends or something. I also think to play my old supervisor.

      I move to recliner and begin attempting WILD. After each NLD I quickly record what I remember on my phone app and resume WILD.

      2) 3:29a find myself in SP. I try something a little different to enter the dream. I force myself in a rush to get up out of the recliner. I feel my dream body stumble and fall and then I re-enter SP. This time I relax too much. I have a false awakening.

      I have the laptop on my chest and the recliner feels like it is reclining way too far back. I am still trying to WILD. I ear the alarm clock distantly in the bedroom. I wonder how it is 6:00 already. I expect my wife to come looking for me and sure enough I hear her walk in the living room. I just lie still because I really don't want to ruin my WILD. I figure she will just see me asleep and leave. But the computer is on my chest and on. I think she will see a post by RareCola and read it.

      Then, I hear her say. “You're going to kill yourself with that.”
      I give up my charade. “What?” I look at her as she is going back to the bedroom.
      “I said your going to kill yourself.”

      I get up because originally I had planned to get up with her at 6 and stay up for 30min and then WILD.
      I notice the recliner is turned wrong but when I go to move it there is another recliner in its place but it is a darker brown. The other recline shrinks and slides next the the strange one. I then walk into a strange kitchen. I wake up.

      Another SP episode from DEILD. This time I know that I just need to visualize a dream scene and I will enter. For some reason I get too excite and SP fades.

      3)4:38a I plant some sort of seed in the crack in the back deck. They are round and small but I don't know what it is. I water is. The water hose floods the area. Then I have another FA. I look next to me and see Janna sitting on the couch. She has marijuana seeds. She tells me she gave a seed to some kids and is worried they will get in trouble. I tell her they probably won't plant it. I go to use my phone app to record the planting dream and I realize “This isn't real”

      I wake up briefly

      4)I am now watching Johnny Bravo through my window on a TV in my neighbors yard. Then I FA and I am back in my recliner. I feel like I am holding a remote. But wake for real and see I am not.

      5)4:42a I am in the recliner. I see Travis and tell him about the fake picture I sent him. He say, “Dude I don't know how those pictures of me get posted.” I explain to him that it was just a look alike with a tramp stamp. He changes the subject.

      6)5:28a *LUCID*

      For whatever reason I am driving with my wife and another guy was with us sitting in the back but he never says anything. We go down towards my job. It is late in the morning and I decide to just take vacation. I pull into the parking lot. And I tell my wife maybe I should just call it in instead of going in to ask for vacation. Then I notice the time on the car's clock. It is 8:38AM and I realize I can't ask for vacation after 8. So I decide just to use the call in line and not have a vacation day.

      Suddenly we are inside in an office. My wife is at a desk typing on a computer. The guy is sitting several feet behind her watching the computer screen. He is behaving like a silent observer. Ignore him completely. I am on the floor putting my shoes on. As I am getting the last shoe on I remember to pay attention to my awareness like I do in RL. I think to myself, “I am dreaming.” But I didn't mean anything. Then it dawns on me. “I AM dreaming!”

      I don't have my shoe on but I know it doesn't matter. I look around. I remember to stay calm. I try to focus on various office supplies on the desk. I see things like a coffee mug with pens and pencils in it. Then I look my my wife and see the guy in peripheral vision. I never really look at the guy. Maybe he will be my dream guide. Too bad I forgot to think of that. Anyway I know neither one matters and talking to them at this point would be a waste. They are just DCs.

      I stand up and turn around. I see a door that is partially open. It is the only way out of the small room. I briefly remember that if I ever become lucid at work I would have fun with it and do the things I couldn't do in RL. I rush for the door and expect to see the production floor.

      I open it and instead... The room I was in is at the end of a long hallway full of doors. Each door goes to a different office. "OK fine. Stay calm. Focus. You are dreaming. Keep awareness." I walk down the hallway and pop into random offices. The walls are wood paneled and with no decor. The doors are those cheap hollow wood doors. They are unpainted and stained a very dark brown. I don't notice the flooring. The color scheme is very bland and boring. All the offices are empty. There are no people anywere. "Ok strange but not that strange for a dream." I hear a phone ring once. I walk into an office room that I thought it came from. I see a desk with computer and a phone that is off the hook. There are a few papers scattered on the desk. I pick the phone up and put it to my ear. I hear nothing so I press zero. I hear a short ring and then, a young woman's voice answers, “Student services.” I think it's odd so I don't say anything. I press the hook with my finger to hang up. I don't hear a dial tone. So I just lay the phone back where it was. I can hear her voice but distantly, “Hello?” The sound of it is as you would expect for a phone away from your ear. I am a little impressed with my subconscious at how vivid the dream is.

      I continue down the hall. Now I am looking at double glass doors. It looks really dark outside and I can't see anything beyond the glass. I want to break glass so I rush at it. I can hear my footsteps like I am wearing boots on concrete and I actually feel the impact of my feet on the floor. I note this is really cool for a dream.

      I dive head first for the glass but it is soft and doesn't break. I feel my head got stuck. It feels like a wall of Jello. Of course, the natural reaction is to close your eyes. I feel the dream fading. I don't want to lose it so I back out. I re-stabilize myself by looking at the glass doors and focusing. “OK fine. I just want to leave here its boring.” I slowly push the doors with my right hand. There is no sensation and its like the glass is gone but then the door opens and I am looking at the next set of doors. I feel a little frustrated that glass doors are keeping me in this building. I almost feel trapped but I am determined. "Maybe dreams are like being a ghost in the movie Betelgeuse. You can never leave the building. No that's a stupid thought. This is my dream." I push the next doors slowly open.

      Then I am immediately engulfed in darkness. I feel myself wanting to wake up. I begin rubbing my hands together. I can feel the friction and heat. It is almost painful. So I stop and clasp my hands together. I am still in the dark void and I think, "Maybe I am awake and I was really doing that with my hands. No, I don't believe it." Then I realize that I in darkness because I just have my dream eyes closed. I slowly open them but cautious not to open my waking eyes. For a moment I am confused because my eyes felt so real. "Am I opening my waking eyes?" So. I only open then halfway. I see that I am at the driver side door of a Grey truck. I decide its safe and I open my eyes fully now. I notice It's not very clear or vivid. The dream quality not as good as it should be. except for my sense of touch. I touch the glass of the door. Solid and feels real. I slap at it a little and am surprised that it sounded normal and I could feel the impact on my hands.
      Then for some reason I am abruptly jolted awake. I think I heard a noise in the house. It was storming.

      7) 8:24a I am going with some people to a house I own. I am renovating and selling. I see a bunch of low class scummy people on the porch. I see a shirtless fat man. His checks hang down real low and he pushes his man boobs together. Somehow it all looks like a giant ball sack. I feel disgusted. I loudly tell someone I don't know how I will ever sale this house will all these kind of people around. I enter the house and the floors are still dusty from sanding the hardwood. There is a little girl there and I kindly ask her to go outside. I wake up.
    9. New Home *LUCID*

      by , 07-30-2012 at 11:30 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      New Home *LUCID* DILD

      First I am at a casino. I see that people are playing and thier machine are hitting all over. Like big. several thousand dollar wins. I think I should play. Can't find atm. So I do to a different casino just to use atm. Play once lose then leave.

      Some how I find myself in bed with my wife. It is a day we are both off and just being slow to wake up. We are in a studio appartement. And the front door is a sliding glass patio door. It is at the head of our bed.

      My dad knocks. I open the door enough to let him in. She says something.. he needs something. I wave him on tell him to get it. He leaves. I get comfy by snuggling with my wife. He comes back. I let him in. He says something about "college kids would love to have fireworks." I reply just as smart ass. Like "Boom shakalaka" (cant remember now). He leaves. I ask my wife, "Did you hear what I said?" And laugh.

      Then this black kid is at the back door. He wants to sell me candy. I notice he has some bite sized candy. It looks like leftover halloween candy. I smirk, thinking he is just selling whatever candy he has. This is no fund raiser.
      I say, "OK how much for a small one?"
      "What do you mean?" I don't know what the kid is talking about.
      He looks at me, "They are coins. You can buy a whole bunch of groceries."
      "Let me see that coin you got in your hand. Dude thats a quarter!" I laugh at him and add, "Come back later. I don't have cash."

      He looks disapointed and leaves. I can hear him talking to his dad in the next appartemnet building. I think "oh God. Loud neighbors." Then for some reason I put ice trays in the freezer. That is by the back door.

      I wonder out back and see a nice concrete patio. I see a neighbor has a grill and I see a chain where they keep it locked up. But then the grill is gone and I assume they must use it on the other side.
      I think, "We need to go get our grill and use it. And OMG we left all that stuff in the shed. We need to go get it before we take the u-haul back." I go back in.

      Now I am cuddled on a couch with my wife watching TV. I think how we got here and why. I ask my wife, "What was the price difference between this place and our house?"
      She tell me, "Only about $67." "
      "Oh not much savings then. Yeah...Hmmm. OK." I think about the house we came from. I remember the wrong house than real life. I feel confused. I catch on and try to think. I remember another wrong house but closer. "No this feels wrong." I have this huge memory gap. Think, "OK where did we come from and why?...This place is so much smaller. We still have to sell the old house. Are we just going to forclose? That's so stupid!"

      Now I am starting to get it. I tell her, "So we were better off before."
      "Yeah probably." Her head is on my chest and she looks up at me when she says this.
      I smile and say, "OK we wont move then."
      She sits up. "What do you mean? Its too late."
      "I dreamed this last night."
      "Or you dreamed this tonight?"
      Yeah whatever..." I am this not lucid but I know. I am talking about it like the dream was over but not over. I felt like I was in the dream but had woken up already. I say, "This hasnt happened. This was just a dream."
      "Whatever." She doesn't believe me.
      I get up. And look around. I look up and see the sky were the ceiling should be. That's when I really get it.
      "Yep I am dreaming."
      "No we are not." She refuses to see it.
      "Yes we are. Look up. Why do you see the sky?"
      I prance around to the back of the cough while clapping my hands and singing. "We are dreaming.

      ♪ ♫ ♬ We are dreaming. We are dreaming. We are... Dreaming. ♪ ♫ ♬

      Then I say, "Hey. babe watch this!" I jump off the back of the couch and start to fly away.


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    10. Working, At The Park *LUCID*

      by , 07-27-2012 at 10:37 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Working 12:57am

      I am at working doing some strange new cable assembly. I learned how to install something with lights. All the time I had some very alien looking overseers. #vague

      At The Park 00:00? *LUCID*

      #I dream I am at the same park doing the same thing that I was doing earlier in the evening. We went to a Hospice Memorial Service for my wife's grandpa in real life and this coupled with my ADSA I've been working on immediately trigger a lucid.

      I am sitting at the picnic table with all the people. I know that I am dreaming. I want to do TOTM so I make my water bottle be full of the magic potion. It is still clear like water but no I know it is the potion. I drink it. There is not sensation or taste. I immediately begin to float up (like Charlie at the Chocolate Factory). I am completely weightless and I am floating among all the balloons we released in real life. I am so high up that I lose my grounding and feel myself wake up. I fight it.

      I am now on the ground staring at the big oak tree in the park. It is covered in balloons.I use that to focus on and ground myself. As I focus and get more detail the balloons become giant white flowers. Very nice. I look around and see no people. The park looks pretty much normal. So I walk around forgetting TOTM. I just taking the scenery and remind myself that I am dreaming. I hold it in me like I do with self-awareness. I anchor my mind to it and not forgetting.

      Now I am bored. I can't think of anything to do. Then, I remember that I had decided to work in some spirituality into my dreams. I guess I haven't really thought this through because this first thing I thought of was to call Jesus and talk to him with out really anything to say.(I say it like this because, whatever Jesus I call into existence would only be a version of me in my own mind. So maybe I'm wrong to even consider spirituality?) Anyway, I yell, "Jesus!" I wait a few moments looking around expecting someone to show up. Then BAM! Total darkness. I wake up.
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    11. Game Show *LUCID*, Zombies Amusement Park

      by , 07-23-2012 at 12:42 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #Don't have much time just want to quickly jot this one. I was really lazy with my techniques even and had a bad night with RSL. I didn't even want to WBTB but I tried to at least take advantage of my wakefulness.

      Game Show *LUCID*
      I was in some sort of game show remolely like some sort of webcast. The constesents were with me. we were in a church. Then it turned to a house. the others left at the break then it was just me in a recliner. I got a question from the host on a card. I could not read it or make sense of it. My wife wanted me to read it out loud. I told her it cant make sense because I am dreaming and my mind doesnt know what to say on it. I knew I was dreaming but really didnt care much. I felt tired. SO I did my best to read it for her and it was all gibberish and she was frustrated at me like I was making it all up.

      Zombies Amusement Park
      I ride my bycicle while avoiding zombies. Then I get on an amuzement park ride. It looks similar to the place in this dream: Carnival

      The ride is strange. It is white an fluffy and you get on a cushion and the floor vibrates as you spin around. I tried it with my wife but we were too heavy. So I tried it alone and it sort of work. Then I let Deanna do it and she spins so fast she floats away.

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    12. Shopping *LUCID*

      by , 07-22-2012 at 07:36 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Technique(s): WILD - Failed, DILD - Success, DIELD - Failed, Awareness (Sageous)

      Thoughts:I am happy with this dream. It was short but it was still progress. I don't remember all of it clearly because I tried other methods after waking. Plus it was a really boring and mundane dream until I was lucid. I think the biggest contributor to becoming lucid was the fact that I really concentrated on Sageous' idea of self-awareness all day. And my wife and I did in fact go grocery shopping that night and I practiced awareness all much as I could.

      WBTB. Up for 5 - 10 min thinking about dreams and lucidity. Fall asleep during WILD. Turns instead into DILD

      Shopping *LUCID* - 7:00AM
      I am shopping with my wife. (The store reminds of a store in other dreams) It is supposed to be Wal-Mart we are in (the store seems darker or dimly light) I am doing the normal check out thing. Waiting for the cashier and then put the sacks in the cart. My wife forgets something and runs off.

      The next thing I remember, I am pushing the cart in the parking lot to my car. It is night time outside. Then I remember my self-awareness. Then suddenly I realize. "Hey I AM dreaming!" I quickly think about what I wanted to do. TOTM. I reach into my pocket and pull out a glowing florescent green potion with carbonation bubbles in a clear glass bottle with a cork on top. (I have imagined this prior) But at that very instant the world goes black and I feel my waking body lying in bed. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

      DEILD - I enter SP and feel the vibrations. Then they fade and I move (or I think I move) because I feel uncomfortable and I wake up for good.

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    13. The Walking Dead, Another Poop Dream *LUCID*

      by , 07-21-2012 at 06:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      The Walking Dead

      We were over ran by zombies and trying to find a safe place. A lot of people died. We make it to a church. We are inside it and there is a man and woman there. I am up on a stage and there were doors. I hear and see a zombie moaning and turning a doorknob. Open it to kill it but two cups fall out. One was blue and one was turquoise. I treat the cups like they are full of zombie viruses.

      I notice some tomatoes pilled high in the corner. I go back to the people and I see Laurie and Hershel from The Walking Dead. I assume now that I am Rick. I sort of hint to Laurie about the tomatoes and how we made "Something" from them to create explosives. She gets it and lets me know we will use them later.

      I am now on a 4-Wheeler in my state trooper uniform and hat. I worry that I will attract all the zombies back to our place but I am looking for something. The landscape looks like Texas in the summer. Dry open pasture land. I see a old run down sign that looks like something from a Fallout game. It says something about a resort.

      Then I get a flash of memory about how I went there and knocked on the door wanting in so bad. But the people inside where cruel and evil. I barely escaped alive.

      But no that's not what I want. I see a trashed out mobile home. The metal frame looks good. I want it. Then I see it hauled off by something.

      Now I am standing in an open parking lot. I see three of those mobile home frames outfitted to be solid bug sort of caged looking. They are stacked and hanging from one another independently from a crane. We have attached bits of broken rope and rags of all colors so that it is easy to climb up them and be high up and away from any zombies. I climb up and wonder why it is so easy and why I don't get tired. Then I see a severed thumb with a silver ring hanging from a rope. I am shocked at first. I pause to examine it and then quickly forget about it.

      Now we are all in a comfortable living quarter inside one of the mobile homes. It is fully furnished and complete with everything we need. We are entertaining the kids with some sort of projector video game.

      I wake up.

      Another Poop Dream
      I am at my parents and we are getting ready to go to General Convention (a church thing). I am pissed off and don't want to go. I am sitting in a recliner and my wife is next me saying something. I am annoyed because I am trying to read the Bible but she is talking. I get hateful and tell her to leave if she wants to. That I won't beg. As I am saying this I see a bookmark that says "Preach it, Thomas". I think this must be my grandfathers who is now dead.

      I go up stairs to the bathroom. I am still grumbling how I don't want to go. I need to poop so I sit on the toilet. Then I find myself suddenly on the floor in front of the open door. I start to go but I see my mom may a face like what are you doing and then she waves me away like go ahead. I stand up and think no I should be on the toilet.

      Then I remember that I dream this a lot and I say, "Am I dreaming? Am I dreaming?" I say the words but I don't really ask the question. It is just like something I was supposed to say and had no meaning.

      I sit down on the toilet and hear the poop plop in the water.

      Alarm clock wakes me up.

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    14. Huge Storm, Dude Where's My Car?, WILD *LUCID*

      by , 07-16-2012 at 10:41 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Aids:1/8 tea peppermint oil before bed
      Methods:DEILD/WILD - FA
      Morning Suppliments:500mg L-Lysine, 500mg C, 595mg Potassium Gluconcate, 1 Super B-Complex
      Sleep Quality: Light, wakefulness, RLS

      Huge Storm 1:12 AM
      Huge storm coming. Riding with dad. I see storm shelter. I hear some song that reminds me of someone. And then another song. I remember an ex-girlfriend.
      "I say I hate all songs."
      I see Jeremy and Jess in the car with us.
      "What song? I say do tunes to what you want."

      Dude, Where's My Car? 3:15 AM ish

      I am at my parents sleeping in a recliner. It is dark and I can't sleep.
      I went to my parents with the kids. I am leaving. But I can't find my car. I see a white car that is stripped down. The kids think it's mine but I know better. We run down the street looking for it. I feel tired and weak and can't run well. I see white cars everywhere but none are mine. I don't want to call the police yet because I keep thinking that I remember that I parked in a strange place and I knew I would not remember. I tell the kids this.

      Now we are in some nursing home and wondering around. Not sure what happens here. Something about me not being a good enough Christian. How I let bad things into my life. Thats why bad things happen. Some old woman? I feel guilty for lucid dreaming like it is a sin.

      We leave. I tell my kids we got to look some more before we call the cops. Deanna says that Dalynn already did. I asked her about that. It was when I was holding her and she blew into a strange balloon.
      She says, "Well that lady scared me. So I called the cops."
      We run outside but I feel overwhelmed and too tired to walk. I lay down in the grass and dirt. I curl up on a mound of dirt. I tell the kids I just want to close my eyes. My body relaxes and I wake up.

      WILD 3:30AM ish
      When I wake up I am in the recliner that I moved to because of my RLS. I don't move a muscle. I relax myself and I roll my eyes into the back of my head and focus on my skull. Sleep Paralysis almost immediately kicks in.

      I hear the familiar strong wind sound laced with rinings of the ears. I feel the familiar vibrations and windy sensations. I noticed this time that the sound and vibrations increased and decreased in intensity like waves on a beach. I make a quick note of this. I can feel my legs moving up. It feels like something has me by the ankles. I become afraid and I have to remind myself it is not real. I try to enter the dream but I get stuck in SP for longer than I wanted and because of the last dream I thought I was doing something evil. I keet telling myself that it was ok. And it wasn't real. You do this all the time and its always been fine. No good, the feeling was persistent.
      I try to ignore the thoughts and visualise anything to move on. I my mind wonder and my dream eyes see.

      I see a road. I am flying low and fast down a vivid and brightly lit road road hugged tightly by evergreen trees. I enjoy this but my eyes begin to opened and I see the dark living room with one eye and the road with the other.

      I go back into full SP. Still the same feeling of guilt. I think that this is getting no where and I want to go back to my bed. So I suddenly and forcibly make myself get up. I stumble back to my bedroom. I heard and felt my loud footsteps.

      I think how odd this is. I was feeling the vibrations like wind on my body. The loud sound of wind and ringing. Typical SP. Was it possible to not be truly paralyzed in sp?

      I now find myself tangled in my blanket. I am standing by my bed and I can't find my way out. I am unsure of what happened. I feel so confused and my mind feels numb.

      I say, "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming." But my voice sounds odd. It is weak and unsure. Almost like I am asking a question. I am not convinced. Then I throw myself in the bed. Now I can find my way out. I feel half asleep and strange.

      All my actions have woke my wife up. My wife mocks me. And complains how this is not good what I'm doing. She is pissed I woke her. I feel embarrassed and say nothing. She gets up to go the bathroom. I close my eyes and relax. But instead of going to sleep I wake up still in the recliner. God dammed FA!

      I was so sure I was awake.

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    15. Diaro - entry (04:40 AM, Wednesday 11 July 2012) *LUCID*

      by , 07-11-2012 at 12:16 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Happy Skies

      I am molesting a woman but she quickly puts me in my place. Then I see my wife bent over.
      I press against her and say,"How much?"
      She laughs and replys, "$100 and you can do whatever you like."
      I get handsy with her and ask, "How about $50?"
      She says, "For that you get a panty ride."
      She is in just panties and a t-shirt and gives me a lap dance. I close my eyes in the dream and it feels amazing.

      I suddenly open my eyes because the shock of it. (It is a false awakening) I want to go to bathroom and change but its like the dream the other day. There are people sleeping in odd places. I see my nephew asleep in the bathtub.
      I realize am in a trailor house so I go to the other end. I see my dad asleep in a bed. I go to the bathroom. I start to change and I see red carpet in the bathroom. Something about this gives me a horrible memory and a bad aweful feeling. I think something like this is the house where that bad thing happened. I start to shake and feel scared(I honestly have no clue what that was about) But the feeling quickly passes. And I go about my bussiness.

      As I walk out I see his eyes are open. He is just starting at the wall. I know he sees me but he doesn't move. I think maybe he is just half asleep still. Then, I hear him say something rude (can't remember what he said) I stop and look at him but just then my dad walks in. My dad tells my dad, "You stop that. What he does is perfectly natural and we all do it!"
      I don't want this so I tell my dad, "Pleeeeease just let it go. Please."
      (The man looked like my dad but didn't sound like my dad at all. He almost sounded feminine and flamboyant. Plus my dad talking to my dad... Whuuuuut?)

      We walk outside. I look around and another trailer in front of us with a faded deck. I see mountains in the distance and a clear blue sky and I see a nebula thing in the day sky. Almost like that sky in Asgard in the Thor movie. I see a line of planets there to. They look brownish and dark with almost a grainy texture. There are very large ones and very smalls one. The large ones have what look like moons. The colors are bland. Mostly browns and yellows. I see a few stars in it though. I see texture and great detail. I stop and feel confused. I think how awesome the sight is.

      Then, in a flash, I think, "wait something is odd. Something unnatural. This is not normal. I am dreaming!!!!!" I just know that I am dreaming. I don't even bother with RC. (Like I said before, if I have the mind to question, I just know)

      I tell my dad. "Dad! We are dreaming!" As I begin to float I laugh and giggle breathlessly. I feel so giddy. I am so happy because I have been trying so hard lately.
      The guy posing as my dad blows air out and looks scared. I think for a moment how I have had it in the back of my mind to find a dream guide. This guy may be the one. I let it go for now. I notice that I am touching the ground again
      I say, "No really! We are dreaming."
      I take his hand and use my other hand to push of the railing on the deck. We float up together a few meters. He is smiling and laughing quietly. I now know he believes me. I am out of breath with excitement. The entire scene is so vivid and so awesome. The sky is clear. I see the mountains in the distance. The summer grass below us is brown in spots. The air feels cool. I feel great peace.

      I look back at the planets in the sky. They are very vivid pictures. Still there. I think how it looks like a text book. I study it so that I can remember the thing that made me lucid this time. I think, "Yes, strange things in the sky. Of course, that is a very old dream sign of mine."
      Then suddenly I remember TOTM but before I could do anything every thing fades to black and I am back in my recliner with my eyes closed wishing it had not ended so soon.

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