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    1. short notes

      by , 12-01-2020 at 04:09 AM
      Don't feel like DJ but will write out notes to expand for later if that seems more interesting later.

      2020 11 28

      Zombie rounds, waypoint, redo + failed (gun doesn't work, short knife)
      Crocodile school lady chicken
      ff7 like
      Paul yugioh - message : be yourself

      -meditation sloppy

      11 29
      Triad/mafia comedy hands (stephen chow - story about a young man being mistake for a gang leader)
      Run away pedestrian roads waterfountain "karen" (hive mind)
      lucid moment (oh I"m dreaming)

      thought: awareness + feeling brings it about

      11 30

      1 lucid moment (noticing awareness)
      some dream, no note - remember now. MOm backyard, MOLES stabbed. Girl dad knife stabbed poison kidnapped. Detective POV now. (knife short again - reoccurring theme)
      2 lucid moments dream vision + something else (was awareness)

      -find your own way... be yourself.
      -wbtb alternative? (background voice?)