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    1. one with trump and MMA

      by , 11-23-2020 at 03:39 AM
      I almost forgot to do my DJ today. Good thing I remembered!


      What is my goal for lucid dreaming? Why am I doing this? I wanted to explore and learn and create a world and more. To know and to be the knower and to see things impossible to the physical eyes. And more? But what would summarize all those things? What is the shorted possible words to describe all that? That would be the mantra. How would I describe it from the viewpoint of having experienced it all?



      My lucidity appears pretty constant to before. I am not sure if taking the break yesterday was a good thing or not. It was good but I felt like half the day was enough maybe. But it was good though to take a break from forced awareness.


      When I practiced the awareness rating thing today, or over the past numberous times in general, I've noticed something different each time I've reached a specific threshold of awareness. Not during meditation but during an activity, if I noticed that I've reached around 5 there were some clear distinct symptoms of reaching that state. These were some of them:

      -clarity of thought
      -focus (slightly different term would work better but what?)
      -clearer vision

      I've had them prior to doin this, but it feels like I'm triangulating the exact formula for it.


      So a goal I could have... or goals. Is to first reach this state proactively, at will. Then the second would be to reach it without effort on my part.




      I was inside of hgihschool on the western halls of it. There was a group of us, about 8 or so. And we were taken hostage by some men in black under the command of Donald Trump. We were taken to some secluded secret place and held there for a while. After some time had passed he decided to release us. We were on the back of a van and were released by a road. Thr road looked familiar and similar to mix of the road back in the Japanese elementry highschool and the one in highschool. We were dropped midway between the school and home area. There weren't any houses around though, just the desolate empty nature beside the roads. They left us there for us to fend for ourselves. It was winter and cold, trying to forage foods. Little steps at a time. We formed a group but there were two factions of us. Group 1 being those who wanted to stay put and group 2, which included me, wanted to go on forward. My cellphone didn't have any batteries.


      I decided to go on by myself. I walked about a kilometer away and saw a sort of small residence building area. DT came out of the van and he looked different. He used some sort of advanced technology to make himself younger. He looked leaner, tanner and a little different. To hide away from his scandal. His hair looked different, they were more amber and had a strawberry blonde look to it instead of his usual hair. His skin was sort of like red clay. And he went on to hide, no one would be able to find him.


      I kept threading forward. Was it just me? Or I feel like there were 2 or 3 of us. We found a large building. It looked like a science facility but the inside was a gym. They had a sort of a an MMA gym going on and I decided to join them. I fought on the ring and I think the first opponent was a childhood friend. I beat him and I went on forward. The second notable opponent was an arrogant man. And it finally ended with the ex-champion. I barely managed to defeat him and to the right was the currewnt champion. He was a nice man and gave me some tips. He told me that instead of striking forward into him, I should take a step back and throw a hook for a nice counter. I leave the gym from the exit on the other side and I walk towards home. Oh yeah apparently this was the good ending.


      The gym part sort of replays. This version was the bad ending. At the beginning of it I was forced to fight my friend, but this was more like a fight to the death. We were fighting atop a high platform and the floor was made of steel. How do I describe it? Those honeycomb like pattern where the middle was empty that's how the floor was like. My friend was pushed back and his hand was grabbing onto the edge of the platform. I hesitated for a moment but I pushed his fingers away with my feet.


      It was the same fights but at the end when I was fighting the ex-champ, I grabbed hold of him in a choke. The fist time I won with a punch but this time the choke sort of went badly. It was third person view now and the protagonist was no longer me. I saw a man choking out and ex-champ and the ex's head was ripped off. And The dream scene changes to one where our protagonist, the older man, waking up from a knockout to the head. He just recalled this fearful scene and lost all his will to fight. And his body instantly flabbed and had no will to fight

      I FAed. In the scene before, the part where we were grouped outside. I laid by the group and beside me was a tall slender woman. She had long blonde hair and very heavy makeup - the mascara. I was writing my DJ of the previous dream about the DT and I was telling her about it. She was quite interested in it. She fell back asleep and I went back to writing.

      I remember the first dream of the night. I was seeing off my friend Wolf. He was going to move away to the faraway lands of his home soon. He was going to leave in a couple of days and we were just spending time together. We were playing on a VR headset and he had the idea or was it me? To get a VR headset for blackfriday for him. We were on a highrise apartment. About the 9th floor or that's how tall it looked like when I looked out from the veranda to the street below. We went to the mall after or something.

      -thought about black friday influenced this dream I think


      Total DJ awareness score