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    1. underwater

      by , 07-03-2020 at 06:41 AM
      Tab got closed and deleted what I wrote gjeaoirgjaeogiajergoijacvzb!

      I'll just summarize the parts I wrote.

      On second floor of Japanese school. Storage room. Magical transportation device. I was with a companion as we went inside. We met an old man under the secret passageway of a tunnel. He told us about the underwater city that we would be headed to. Explaning to us that we could not use firearms sort of things since they did not work underwater and to use only physical weapons. Me and my companion stayed in a bedroom or a spare room for what was like a day or 2 according to the story. There was a journal there, a picturebook journal that was explaining something... We head through a hole in the ground and head for the city.

      The underwater city looked just like a regular suburbs. We had something that helped us breathe normally and it really felt like regular city. But there were some particular differences there. I forget what we did there now though... I found Steven down there in the underwater city, there was something related to horse betting sort of thing I guess. I had recalled a story that I read prior and thought about it earlier during the day. That thought may be the initiator of this topic though.


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