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    1. It's ok

      by , 07-04-2020 at 07:06 AM
      I'll just write short summaries.

      First one was in house 254. There was Mike and his friends or something. A party going on. There was a tube that shot out rice, fed you automatically.


      I was in my bedroom and lucid. I decided to change parts of my body. I think I should have touched the things around my environment to put my senses more into the dream and engage in the dream place more. That would have probably made it last longer.


      I was in some sort of academy. It's a familiar one, been there a couple of times in the dream. I was in my dorm bed of this academy and headed to class.

      Went to class and found a seat. Felt like I didn't fit in. Was about to leave but the teacher was nice. She told me to stay. I did acrobatic stuff there. I feel like there was way more things but oh well.

      Ended up in an alleyway by the shore at the very edge of the city. So much more things to remember... There was a reason I went there, and there were things I did in the class related to this. Parkouring. Familiar spot, similar to dream park with the bees.

      Meditated before bed night before.
      Also set an alarm 2 hrs in.