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    by , 02-22-2020 at 12:22 AM (108 Views)
    Tired, not sure if the tiredness caused fighting dreams or fighting dreams caused the tiredness. I think the fighting could be from the fiction.


    Japan class girl

    I was inside a classroom in Japan again. We were elementary kids and I was doing something with one of the girls there. Oh I remember, it was sort of like a raffle or lotto that was giving out prizes.

    May have waken or not slightly

    I became lucid and saw the teacher at the time. I remembered that she treated me unfairly because of my race... So I went off on her fully conscious that I was dreaming and that this was pointless but I just watched myself go off just observing.

    Downtown fights

    I found myself in a small park that looked like a big city. I was talking to people there and might have been having a meal.

    I leave the park and find the big boss of the area. Who was a bulky looking man who used to be the boss of the area. He wanted me to come follow him... He had something to show me.

    I followed the man and we found men with knives that attacked us but we kept going. Apparently the old man knew of my parents in this dream story and was guiding me while hiding all this time. We head inside a building and find a group of young people. One of the girl took out her rapier or a fencing sword and fought me. Her attacks jabbed fast but I parried it good. I fought her with the spear or knives and got her good and she was bleeding from the side. The young man beside her who was watching over her took her away.


    FA DJ

    Had a FA that I djed. I noticed that the dj was tiny and that wasn't right.

    laid on bed a bit and decided to wake fully to dj.

    Bridge mayor fight

    I was on a bridge. There was the mayor of the city there for the opening of the new bridge.

    I teleported away. Recalling why... But I was a mage or there was a baddy there. I teleported and found myself facing a evil monk. His head was shaved and he began to attack me. Our staves clashed and I knocked his staff away. I let go of my spear after my victory but he took out a knife and charged at me. I grabbed his hand and neutralized the attack.

    But he surprised me. He kept pushing and kissed me. It wasn't really a kiss but just to stop me from breathing and it was working. I began to grasp for air, still trying... But I awoke from the lack of air.

    I remembered that he was attacking to destroy this bridge.
    Rooftop monsters

    Inside an inn or hotel room. I recall that I was part of a group infliterating this place? We were ambushed and I jumped out the window.

    It said Bless, I'm forget if I blessed someone or used some sort of priestly magic against the monster. On the terrace rooftop I ran and monsters were looking for me. I ran away jumped into a chimney like a Santa.

    It was pretty hot in here. Inside there was a small room and sort of vertical opening that was like an elevator path without an elevator. There were meat being cooked nearby from the heart of the furnace that was below this opening on the floor. I thought about how I could infliterate though this hole but it was too hot.

    An orc or goblin like creature showed up. It the cook here to check on the meat. It attacked me. I barely made it.
    Ethran kohenk

    Not sure what it means but something said that word while I was drifting in between the last couple of dreams. Doing my best to recall those.

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