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    What is norm

    by , 03-27-2019 at 07:54 PM (291 Views)
    So i don't think I had a dream today, had a tiny AP though.

    I was in my bed and felt that "feeling" when you know you can push yourself out. I got myself out, bedroom, things were clearer this time, no darkness. I rubbed my hands to stabilize or clear, but the experience ended soon.

    Things I shuld take note are:

    Yes it seems Ld experience every 2 days is the norm now, no doubt about it. Ld everyday is close... tomorrow! hehee, then every dream. Then focus will be on lengthening. Perhaps should begin that now.

    I might be rem depraved, probably will have extra dreams if I nap or next time I sleep.

    I shouldn't focus on stablization. Focusing so that might be a subconscious fear of things coming apart.

    My idea is to master the art of Teleportation. So I can leave this environment. Being in the bedroom might make you focus on your physical body and that gets you there.

    The teleport technique i been conceptualizing is to create a black hole, then transform that into a portal that people can walk in. I've previously tried teleporting by spinning but it doesn't work half the time and usually has side effects. Could also try closing eyes and visualizing.

    Lack of rem might be from gravity RC, it's making me really aware. It's working too well. I'm catching hypnogogic states immediately and getting too excited. RELAX MORE next time. Maybe not too much, need to find the perfect balance, like an acrobat on a rope. The rope being LD. I recall previous counts of people getting less recall from GRC initially--I believe this might be caused by this too much increase in awareness. Perhaps more SWS forced by the body from the workout.

    AND I got super advice from skipper regarding MILD. Now my MILD is unstoppable! I'll post what he said if I he says it's OK so that could help everyone who's working on mild. Shadow work!

    I'll add more in comments if I nap and dream or receive insights.

    Unstoppable like the force of nature yet rem depraved Lucid dreamin' Lucid dreamer

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    1. ZenLD's Avatar
      I tried napping when I had a chance. Felt rested but no dreams. I also meditated while adding gravity rc to it.

      Here's some insights I got:

      Gravity rc is similar to one meditation I made up, where I just let go and let the body sway. Feeling my neck or head sway especially. All I had to do was connect that experience with gravity rc, trying to also feel my feet hitting the ground while walking or my butt while sitting.

      The lack of dreams are something I get if I meditate too long before sleep. So while I focused the gravity on my body laying against the bed, I may have entered a sort of meditative state.

      So while not certain, it's quite interesting and I hypothesize a few things :

      First is that the gravity rc may naturally put you into a meditate states. It's like meditation, but very deadly efficient. Much like how Tibetan monks would meditate to prepare for dream yoga, gravity rc may do the same thing. (maybe it's just me though)

      Second, perhaps the lack of rem caused by either practice puts you in a rem depravation. Where your brain or body notices you are too aware initially and prevents you from entering rem stage.

      Finally. This rem depravation builds up over time until it reaches a critical point; where your body just says "oh, my, God! I can't take this anymore we don't get enough rem!" and rewrites the part of your brain that may say "do not dream unless this person is unconscious" into "just start dreaming whenever I don't care anymore im tired"

      And voila permanent lucidity.

      But that's just a theory. A dream theory!
    2. ZenLD's Avatar
      Hmm the rem or overall sleep depravation from low hour polyphasic sleep schedule also makes people lucid. In long term it may do the exact same thing just via different means.