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    Thread: Reality Shifting / Dimension Jumping

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      Reality Shifting / Dimension Jumping

      So, apparently a whole bunch of people are spreading the really exciting, but also quite bonkers, idea that you can reality shift from one dimension to another. Essentially, multiverse theory meets Rick and Morty - only behaving is if that's reality and not fiction.

      I thought I'd throw a challenge out there to those who believe in such things, so here's an overview of the topic and a challenge to believers...

      REALITY SHIFTING, Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cUz78LEsNI

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      So anybody who try Reality Shifting, will become a RealityShifter and have superpowers
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      I have plenty of these kinds of dreams about theorizing, multiverse theory for the best possible outcomes, in my dreams of course, and even teaching people in the dream characters about Quantum Physics.
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