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    MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.


    This journal will account my many dreams!!! yay! Anyway, I have had so much amazing synchronistic occurrences around dreams. I have helped myself and a few others through my dreams! I am doing my best to find out how to live my life by my dreams.

    Main entities:

    Asuka: My dream wife. I am purely convinced that she's not another aspect of my mind. She exists separate from me. Lately I have been running into people similar to her in waking life. She's sweet, very kind, and has a strange sense of humor. She has a yellow aura.

    Nomad: The guy that got me into shared dreaming. He doesn't show up in dreams as often... but back in the day we dream shared lots. He got me into the dream lover thing and also has experience with meeting their twinners on the waking plane.

    Raven: My other dream sharing friend. She helps me and asuka a lot. I wish I could recall her more.

    Data: He maintains the shields in my inner world.

    Victor: My dream guide... though he hasn't shown up lately.

    Shawna: A soul that shared a body with a woman named Aeona, Raven's guide Q appointed me guardian of Shawna when she was separated from Aeona.

    Other dream children: Two babies between me and asuka and also two other orphans that now reside in my inner world. We are all like a dream family... Aren't I creepy?

    The dream plane:

    I look at dreams as a separate plane of existence. Our waking realities are dense energy that give the illusion of solidity. Next is the Astral plane that is just outside of our waking perception. The dream plane vibrates at a light frequency and consits of bubbles. Every person when not traveling out of body dream in their inner world. Anyone can shape what they want their inner world to look like, and also use it as a focus point for the law of attraction. You can invited other dream entities to stay in your inner world... but be careful, it may attract demons. Dream sharing can take place inside your inner world or the inner world of someone else. other dream places are bubbles made of less dense energy.

    1. Nice

      by , 02-01-2021 at 10:14 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      In my inner world house. Jamie is Asuka. Or they are merged. Asuka use to merge with other dreamers long ago. I can see the jamie part not looking at me but Asuka is. In the background Asuka has one of her homemade CD's on. She use to record singing CDs. I am singing along with the song playing and I walk by Asuka who's merged with Jamie. I can see Jamie's eyes being vacant like i'm not there. But Asuka is smiling.

      Harry potter.

      Been a long time since I've had an HP dream. Years... I am in the basement of hogwarts. A bunch of Bad wizards has the entire basement on lockdown. I'm with some girl in a cafeteria hiding. There is a snake man with the kind of looks of voldermort. But he's one of the good students. He's taken a potion that makes him look like one of the bad guys. I follow him up and down hallways trying not to be seen by the bad wizards. There's bulletins on the wall, there are pictures on them that move. It's one thing to see that on the movies, it's another to see it right in front of you. It's like the pictures are really really alive. We use magic to transform into small creatures, and we have small brooms and fly out of a window to the top of a circular tower. We fly in through a window and Mrs. mcgonagall is there and she is a bit startled to see us. Pretty sure that actress died recently... RIP. Wake up after that.
    2. Demon possesion.

      by , 10-02-2017 at 11:06 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I'm on a beach where a sick man is crawling around. He hands me a pair of guns and says he can't use them in his condition. They look like ancient guns, dusty as if they had been just dug up from a thousand years ago. They seem light in my hands however. My memory fades here.


      This dream jumped around a lot. In some scenes I'm with a sick woman with black hair I forget what we are talking about.

      one scene shifts and I'm outside of Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine We are reading The marauder's map. We are tracking someone with a strange name, whenever we go to his apparent location he isn't there physically even though the map says he is. We wind up in a graveyard and I see a transparent undead man dig himself out from the grave. I check the map and it confirms that this is the man we were looking for.

      Shifts again. I'm visiting a house I use to live in. I'm outside and there is a steep ladder. I contemplate jumping down, but struggle to climb down instead. I follow a woman and a boy into the house and tell them not to be alarmed... I used to live here and am Just checking it out. I wind up in a dark basement room and lay down. I feel the presence of a demon and it is terrifying. It tried to negotiate with me saying that if it inhabits me, it can do things for me that I can't will myself to do. Like i'd take a backseat in my mind and let the demon drive. It somehow takes over me.
    3. Asuka is such a sweetie!

      by , 12-19-2010 at 04:21 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Harry Potter wants to watch some Harry Potter

      Me Nomad and Harry are in some field. We decide to take Harry to watch a harry potter movie from another dimension. We teleport to a theater and I am all excited. "I can't wait to see this again" I say, but i am distracted by seeing someone i know.

      A friend from high school is being chased around by a short woman holding onto him. He frantically wants her to go away. He runs outside and then walks in a moment later hand in hand with a different girl... his proper gf.

      A man walks into the lobby and stares at me. I walk over to him and he hands me a stone. He says "go back to Spencer," As I wake up. (the woman, who tells EVERYONE that she likes me, but when I am around she ignores me and acts too cool for me when I talk to her.)

      Asuka Barn... lol

      I'm in a large field in my inner world with Asuka. I want to stay with her but she orders me to look inside the barn. I ask why she won't go with me. She says Just go in and I'll understand.

      I go in and find it's a place that me and Asuka use to go to a lot. on the higher up parts all my clothes are neatly folded. I see she found my missing shoe and placed it there! I find a tape playing machine. I press play... and It's asuka singing to a kind of anime rock/pop backing. The songs are about me and her, and our love. I started welling up in tears... not sad.. but happy ones. she put this together for me so that i could remember something nice about her, which hasn't been happening much lately.

      More Asuka singing

      i'm drifting off again and I hear Asuka singing in my dream. She's saying "keep holding on, keep holding on,"

      many thanks asuka
    4. dreams

      by , 12-08-2010 at 01:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Me and Asuka get called into Snape's office at hogwarts. He starts giving us a lecture about innapropriate display of affection in the hallways. (all we were doing was holding hands... pfft). I wasn't listening though.. I wastoo busy fantasising a scenario that would just pisss Snape off. That me and Asuka should do the dirty deeds in the hallway right by his office... and for everyone to see. The only bigger pleasure than doing the deed itself is what Snapes face will look like if he sees us!

      In the middle of his lecture, his office door opens by itself. Snape says loudly "Harry potter," in his typical dry tone. I look behind me and see harry running behind a shelf while he fumbles with his invisibility cloak which I see him dissapear behind. I then notice a small head statue of JS bach on one of the shelves... Oh well at least me and snape have something in common.


      I remember a small fox that jumped into my arms. I was petting it... no other memory... It was Pablo no doubt.


      I remember hearing a piece of music and playing it on the guitar. I remembered one melody line clearly upon awakening... unfortunately I was too drowsy to get up and forgot it when I ell back asleep.

      Slughorn's house.

      Dumble dore sends me to Slughorn's house for something I can't remember (Dumbledore is helping me cheat like the other participants?!?!?).

      I enter the house and each door leads to a different room. I backtrack when not finding slughorn and notice that the rooms change around on the house. Walms enters the house but I ignore him. He goes through one door. and I go through the other... but we both wind up in the same room a moment later??? WTF. Walm's does something to the wall and a matters and pillow appears leaning against the wall. We knock the mattress over and it reveals a hidden room where Prof Slughorn is sleeping in a bed, He awakens and is all like "huh wha? hmm? Who are you?" but my memory fades here.
    5. More Harry Potterness!

      by , 12-07-2010 at 02:37 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      New guitar vid

      flying doesn't equal lucid...

      I'm with Asuka, HP and crew on a hill... our hangout it seems. Asuka tells me to RC. I float up a bit and then down. "I do that all the time... it's not a dream" Asuka facepalms. Ron taps me on the shoulder, he seems to be avoiding harry.

      "Hey... Tell harry I said blah blah blah blah" Ron says.

      "Grow some cojones and tell him yourself... it's not his fault his name was pulled from the goblet.. It's not what you think."

      More HP stuff.

      I remember vaguely being with Harry and hermoine in some room with a large table it was a supper for the three of us because we are the gryffendor participants in the tri wizard tournament. We are discussion strategies and what not. I seem tog et along with Harry well. I made him laugh somehow but I forget.


      I was in some weird music hall. I was given an ibanez bass to play. I was fingering a fairly difficult bassline from vivaldi's Folia. (the line is impossible to play on guitar unless you finger pick it.). anyway I was finger picking the line pretty tightly. Some guy said I should jam along with the what the other guys were playing.

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    6. low recall again

      by , 11-28-2010 at 03:46 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Harry Potterness

      I remember walking through some weird catacombs with Asuka and Ron from harry potter. When we neared the exit Ron gave us strange shirts to wear so that we could blend in. Ron told us that we couldn't travel to hogwarts by magic train because we had traveled back in time so we had to buy a plane ticket. We left the catacombs and I noticed that we were in a Nazi Germany setting. I walked straight ahead and didn't make eye contact with anyone. I walked into the airport and was waiting in line to buy a ticket. Asuka was ahead of me. I wondered if I still had enough money to buy a ticket... when it was my turn to go up and pay for my ticket... I woke up.